Will.i.am Against New Michael Jackson Album, Wins BMI Award

The B.E.P. producer explains why a potential MJ album shouldn't be released, and also receives nods from BMI.

Recent reports have confirmed that a Michael Jackson album will release at the end of the year. The album will include unreleased material that the late musician had not yet finished, and will be compiled by brothers Jackie and Marlon. According to Billboard, Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am is no thrilled about the idea.

"I don't think that should ever come out," he said. "That's bad. He was a perfectionist and he wouldn't have wanted it that way. How you gonna release Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson ain't here to bless it?"

He went on to call the move distasteful, even with the public demand for Michael Jackson's music. "What's wrong with what he already contributed to the world...You don't disrespect someone when they're gone…How much can you suck from his energy?…Freaking parasites!"

Although will.i.am is decidedly angry about the decision to release unfinished MJ music, good news came on Thursday when BMI announced that it would be honoring him at its annual Urban Awards ceremony.

Taking place on September 10 in Hollywood, the organization will present the artist and producer with the BMI President's award for his contribution to the music industry as well as his humanitarian efforts. The event will include a live performance tribute to his career.

Other BMI honorees include Willie Nelson, Taylor Swift, and Juanes.


  • andrea

    iam a michael jackson fan and iam looking forward to hearing mjs new songs hurray up november.

  • gaetarick

    The public is demanding for Michael Jackson's music ?????

  • Anonymous

    propaganda for sure! why is it important for a random musician's opinion on another over sensationalized artist to be addressed? come on ppl get it together!!!

  • Ay To Z

    fuck I don't care if its unfinished, a fuckn album of unfinished MJ songs would still be an epic and sell millions of millions of millions of albums and supply us with some music from the king

  • Blackbond

    I completely agree with Will. That's like you have some children and you raise them to the best of your ability, and you pass away while you don't get to see them fully mature, and the state takes custody of your kids, and some illegitimate person takes your kids and doesn't raise them the way that YOU would have continued to raised them. If Michael had finish those songs and he felt they were perfect enough to HIS liking to release, then by all means release them. But for all artist that have passed away from MJ, to Pac, Biggie, Marley, etc, stop living off dead peoples name.

    • zillz82

      I've just got to say man...[inhales]...THAT IS THE DUMBEST SHIT I'VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you mean to tell me that none of MJ's unreleased music should be released? An artist of his caliber's music should just be left on a shelf to rot? EAT BABY DUCK SHIT!!!!

  • ryder6

    Michael Jackson's non-finished work is still 1,000 times better then other music artist greatest finished material so what difference does it make??...we all wanna hear his unreleased tracks...considering that he's been making music since he was a kid up until he became 50...i'm sure he has vaults full of unreleased music...were still hearing no Tupac songs and he was only around for like 10 years...they will be releasing michael jackson songs probably for the next 30-40 years...

  • zillz82

    Fuck Will.I.am! MJ is dead, so no matter what, the tracks will never be finished the way MJ would have wanted. The fans want to hear this stuff and MJ was all about the fans. So, being that he's not here anymore, his children can live off his music for the rest of their lives + some. I can't wait to hear some MJ outtakes , so Will.I.am, like I said....EAT A DICK WIT EBOLA ON THE TIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ye thats right dont release this album

  • floppydisk559

    this sell out needs to know his role and shut his mouth, he doesn't talk for Michael Jackson.

  • Its Um

    I know the same with tupac, he have recorded a hundred songs but that didn't mean you can keep releasing albums after albums years after he's gone. Then have the nerve to let people he didn't like join him in a song? WTF? Anyway they somewhat have the right to do one unrelease tracks for an album but after that like musical fans make a tribute album and do a few remixes.


    Who gives a flying fuck?

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