Lil Wayne Says He Wants To Work With Tech N9ne, Andre 3000

Weezy F. calls into Funkmaster Flex's radio show from Rikers and talks the support he's received from fans and how he wants to work with 3 Stacks and Tech N9ne.

Last week, Lil Wayne called in to Funkmaster Flex's radio show live from Rikers Island prison. The two talked about Wayne's experiences behind bars and the amount of support he's received from fans and family. The New Orleans rapper said that even after over a decade and a half in the game, the support he's gotten from his Young Money has been astounding.

"[The amount of support I've been receiving has] been more than amazing," he said. "I promise, I can't explain the love and support I've been getting from my fans. I never it was like...the way it is, and I've been doing this for what, 16 years now. I never knew it is what it is. I promise, man, it's breathtaking."

Wayne also told Flex that he only listens to sports in jail given that he only ever listened to his own music. Despite his current situation, it hasn't stopped him from planning who he wants to record with when he's released in November. He says that after he's out, he hopes to get in the studio with the likes of Andre 3000, Tech N9ne and of course, himself.

"I'll be very honest with you, I don't listen to know music on Rikers," he explained. "All I listen to all day, if I am listening to anything, it's sports...but that's just because of the simple fact that I never listen any other music but my own. Since I'm not able to do that up in here, I don't listen to anything. I don't listen to nothing but my sports...I am a sports fanatic."

He added, "I've been saying to myself that I really want to do a song with either Andre 3000 or my man...Tech N9ne," he said. "Other than that, I've been really trying to do a song with this little dude, this boy Weezy. That boy Weezy, he's stupid [laughs]."

Weezy also explained how he plans to handle his life after his release. He says that his time in Rikers has given him time to reflect on his actions, but ultimately, he will only be able to fully realize the reason for his incarceration upon his release.

"[When I'm released], I will definitely mover more carefully," he said. "I will definitely take heed to my situation and my status...everybody says that you're here for a reason, and so I promise you, Flex, I try to find out that reason everyday. I search for that reason, and I think when I get out, that'll be the only time I really know the answer." 

Below are parts one and two of Funk Flex's interview with Lil Wayne. Fans can write to him at his website WeezyThanxYou.

Part One

Part Two



  • justin

    this whole lil wayne and tech thing i like because AS SOON as tech gets on the radio or mtv then he will blow up even bigger than he already is, #1 independent record for the third time in a row, lil wayne is no good he a fake go back to the old day and check out how he was reppin the blue flags, now he swoopin??? bull crap i think tech will see how fake he is when wayne has someone else write for him hhaha just like gillie the kid used to. VOTE TECH N9NE FOR HIP HOP PRESIDENT 2011 HE WONT LET YOU DOWN CUZ HE HAS NO RECORD LABEL TELLING HIM WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT.

  • Loco

    Tech's my favorite rapper. But fuck wayne. If tech does music wit that fool then i cant wait to see when tech makes lil wayne realize whos on top haha

  • Jake

    I hope Tech agrees and goes along with Waynes song, but then on a later track just diss' Wayne completely

  • Truth

    You guy's who hate on Mr. carter are some lame ass fucks you hate him cause he is more famous than your fav rapper and its just sad because you guys act like babys sooooo fuckin stupid always crying waaaa wayne is on top and my fav rapper is not.... booo who wtf lame fucks..... Its young money mutha fuckas and if you not runnin with us your running from us nuff said!!!!!!!! Also my fav indie rapper is tech n9ne Mainstream- Eminem and weezy and jay-z also like brotha lynch hung, x-raided, big l, common, ice cube, nwa, old snoop dogg, older bone thugs, jay rock, nipsey hussle, jadakiss, yo gotti, eazy-e, and lots more so i listen to all type of rap it come's in diffrent forms

    • Anonymous

      dude, waynes in it for the money. techs in it for the fans. i like wayne and tech, and i think that it would be tight if they did stuff together, but i dont think it will happen. itll be sick if they do though.

  • sdfghdfhdfh

    "All I listen to all day, if I am listening to anything, it's sports...but that's just because of the simple fact that I never listen any other music but my own. Since I'm not able to do that up in here, I don't listen to anything. I don't listen to nothing but my sports...I am a sports fanatic." am i the only one who was disgusted by this..

    • Tyler

      Tech is miles ahead of lil Wayne, difference is this: Tech didn't get picked up by a mainstream company so he said fuck them, went indie and look now. Number one Independent rapper in the world. Wayne, if you read this article, you will find he is a self-centered, money oriented fuck-bag. Personally, I want to see Tech and Lil Wayne on a song together, so Tech can clown the shit out of anyone on that!

    • Anonymous

      lol ya, he basically said that hes better than everyone else and his stuff is the best. that kinda changed my veiw on him. but it would be tight if tech and wayne got together.

  • Jacob

    This is sickening news, don't do it Tech, you're my boy!

  • Ozzie

    i hope Tech doesn't lower himself to rap with Lil Wayne. That would be so awful. Tech N9ne is a great rapper. if he does do this many people including me will be very disappointed.

  • mark123

    new D.STEPHENS & ROSA ACOSTA video-

  • Y.C.

    lol dawg ya'll hatin ass niggaz need to listen to Wiz Khalifa's "If I Were A Lame" cuz ya'll hatin a pkerfectly GREAT rapper who's gettin money while he's in PkRISON, and ur bkroke ass fucc commentin on everything dat has his name on it lol dumbk fuccs...

  • metal2death

    im a long time tech n9ne fan and this is horrible news. the way n9nes been shifting his approach towards the game isnt pleasing. too mainstream..BUT that shit is soo much better than "lick you like a lolli pop". i know tech wants weezy in a track and so its gonna happen unfortunatly. i hope that this song is a huge single on techs album and he slaughters him on it, and continues to mogul over these candy beats and ringtone rappers. watch how many more fans this guy gets after one bs track with wayne..... number 1 independant label in the country= STRANGE MUSIC....where bullshit aint nothin

    • burn1

      honestly bruh its a business these doods aint doin this ish for free or to maintain some kind of underground respect, if he didnt have those face painted freaks sucking his dick inside out on that icp cult train, you would have seen tech collabs like this a long time ago, proly would have gotten alot better music out of him 2. no disrepect to tech hes got mad skills but id love to see him if you will " get out more"


    yall dont like wayne so damn much yall telling dude who i never heard of dont work with one of the hottest rappers out..that shit can help him alot put wayne fans on him shit like that you know it dont have shit to do with going mainstream...this can help tech nine out cause who the fuck is he?

    • elweezy50

      joe fudgepacker.... why dont you take all the cock out of your mouth and go listen to real music. to the guy who said "waynes proven to be a nice mc" where? when? cus i havent seen it. dudes wack. and probably gettin butt fucked in jail right now. tech n9ne will make lil wanye look like fuckin solja boy if they get on a track together. wayne aint nice, get off your knees you faggot

    • Honor

      The hate from Weezy is fueled by the fact everyone likes him. He's proven to be a nice MC over and over.. Truthfully he's what hip hop needs at this point because people are starting to disown the genre. Tech9ne is nice and thats why Wayne respects him. Quite sideline hatin bonkeira


      He's an underground legond. Who the fuck is weezy? Face it, hiphop aint about sales, it's about skill, talent and originality, all of which, weezy doesn't have. Tech makes mad loot touring and his sales are decent too. He's got a cult following and he beat out fatjoe's record sales, so that should tell you something, people are listening to him even though he aint on tv and radio. That's something to be proud of. Fuck Weezy, he's a pop star, not an mc

  • Shutup

    Tech and Wayne relate in a pretty ill way in their music, a collab would be dope. Except weezy will get killlled by Tech. I hope tech dont water it down to help wayne save face. i want a 6 minute mega track with 3000, tech, and wayne


    I'm really hoping that Tech doesn't throw weezy this bone because I'm sick and tired of people actually giving weezy credit for being lyrical. Weezy is dogshit and Tech is a juggernot, and just because you collab with certain dudes, doesn't mean that you're good at what you do

  • John-Boy

    I guess Wayne likes getting murdered on his on shit. Both Tech and 3000 are going to make Wayne look like... Well they will be him look like Wayne. The most over rated rapper in hiphop history. I highly recommend he steer clear of both these collabo's. Better get some Gucci, OJ, and Waka Flaka on there.

  • Rachael Misek

    Reasons...Tech N9ne...good choice...

  • gw

    weezy and tecca would make a wicked song

  • Maccaveli

    He only listens to his own music? Well that explains a lot...

  • G-sus

    "I don't listen to KNOW music on Rikers" really DX ? Where is your grammar at ? RE READ youselves before you post...


      It's YOURSELVES not YOUSELVES, hypocrite, and WHERE IS YOUR GRAMMAR AT? isn't really the perfect example of literacy. Just read the article and shut the fuck up. Spell check nerds in chat forums are homos

  • G'

    Tech9ne, eh? He going for that white audience too since those folks support him hard. Weezy come back with some No Ceilings ish on his new LP folks will look foolish for saying he "Subpar"


    Hold up, this dumb ass coon must still be on drugs. How does he not know why he's in the pokie. He's whats hot, huh? Idiot. May the limo he gets picked up in be in a one car accident and only the driver survives(unless one of his kids is in the car). Ignorance should die and it should be with him.

  • Huey Freeman

    3K is one of the goats. Tech n9ne is a good mc. Wayne is subpar and should stop rapping. I can tell he only listens to his own shit.

  • jinternational

    Tight weezy wants to work with andre and tech n9ne to great artists it shows he really has ambition to create and work with and like the best. But how the fuck does he know whats goin on if he only listens to his own music??? kinda arrogant. p.s. this article was rushed had a lot of mistakes.

  • Rusty Scars

    how bout just 3000 and tech n9ne just do something....

  • McG

    Tech N9ne isn't going mainstream, mainstream is going Tech N9ne. So huge.

  • Anonymous

    If I were Tech9 I would refuse to collab w/this overrated p.o.s.rapper. Although I won't be surprised if him and Andre do make a track w/Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is just going to get murked on his own shit again.

    • burn1

      real talk have none of yall heard the no cielings tape or any of waynes mixtapes, tech's nice but i cant stand that lil icp following he has. whats wrong with perfectly good artists callobing ? personally id love to just see a new oukast album come out

    • ATL 770

      Wayne already collaborated with Andre on Hollywood Divorce. And to all you people who believe Wayne is a subpar rapper, its obvious that you've never listed to Dedication I & II, Drought 3, Prefix, Suffix, Carter I & II, etc.

  • E.S.S. Hip Hop

    If he collabs with Andre and Tech, he'll get murdered on his own shit...again.

  • R.Pgh

    if he only ever listens to his own music, then how does he know what 3stacks and tech9 sound like?

  • freshyboi

    i always hear dudes like curren$y talk about they never listen to their own music and then this guys comes out and says he doesnt listen to anything but his own shit???? LOLOLOL


    dude been off that c3 shit you didnt see nino brown 2 dvd...the lil nig back on that hard shit C4

  • turftalka

    A Weezy x Tech Nina x 3 Stacks collabo would be sick hopefully he's outta that Carter III & Rebirth stage and can go back to his Carter, Carter II & his mixtape shit.

  • Sica

    TECH N9NE... thats gunna be the illest..

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