Dorrough Plans Sophomore Album "Get Big" For September 7

The E1 Entertainment roster of Slim Thug, Ray J, Jim Jones will support the Dallas sensation, along with Yo Gotti.

Nominated for a 2009 BET Award for "Best New Hip Hop Artist," Dallas' Dorrough returns for a new album, as one of E1 Entertainment's homegrown artists.

On the heels of last year's "Ice Cream Paint Job" single success, Dorrough prepares for Get Big, his follow-up. This project features label-mates Jim Jones, Ray J and Slim Thug, along with a Yo Gotti. The rapper will begin the project with a single of the same name, and video courtesy of director Dr. Teeth.

“When my last album dropped, I shocked many people by convincing them that I would be a career artist. I immediately started working on this album right after my last one with the one goal of making it even better," said Dorrough in a statement. "I spent a lot of time perfecting each song and unlike most artists, I give the consumer what they deserve." Get Big includes 15 songs, with 3 bonus cuts.


  • not feeling it

    couldnt listen to but 15 seconds...was that the hook? horrible.....can see him doing good i guess but you got to have that smash hook at least to go with over synthed out keys production that is all over radio these days...


    THANK YOU JEEZUS!! all that persperation that be coming off my drinks is really fuckin up my tables! someone stole my dorrough music coaster last month and ive been meaning to re up on a new one. but ill hold off on that now till this one comes out. hopefully it will save my tables from damage as much as his debut album did

  • Bauce

    Another sorry non-rappin ass nigga who need to disappear

  • Cuttboy

    I like the "Get Big" single...BUT can he keep my attention for 14 more tracks and 3 bonus?? I already have the mixtape with Get Big on it.Need to hear another banger before I give up my $10!

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