Common's "Resurrection" To Be Re-Released As 2CD Collector's Edition

Large Pro's remixes come to life on August 31, as Common and No I.D. do 24 pages of lost liner notes with Brian Coleman, on the '94 LP's re-release.

Within his extensive catalog, many Rap fans consider Common's sophomore 1994 album Resurrection to be his best work. The album, released on the new defunct Relativity Records, acknowledged Hip Hop's decline "I Used To Love H.E.R.," as well as toured Chicago in "Nuthin' To Do." With sample-driven production by No I.D., the album remains cherished by underground and mainstream Rap fans alike.

It has been announced that Get On Down will be re-releasing Resurrection complete with a bonus disc on August 31. That disc will contain two rare remixes by Large Professor, as well as instrumental and acapella versions of "Communism" and "I Used To Love H.E.R."

The packaging will also include a 24-page booklet chronicling the album. Common and No I.D. sat down with author Brian Coleman to go in-depth about the album's making and context. Coleman wrote Rakim Told Me: Hip Hop's Lost Liner Notes several years ago. A fold out poster is also included.

Get On Down will be launching a series of Rap re-releases, stay tuned to


  • Jake D

    The Way ppl hate is comical to me, especially on Em (if you hate on Common you just don't know hip hop)...Yes he's white and yes he's gone commercial, but how can anyone deny his FULL catelog? google quotes by the all time greats like Kool G Rap, Rakim, Nas, Andre 3000, Jada, Mos, Talib, Jay-Z, Common and even underground cats like Tonedeff, Canibus(yes he's admitted Em was dope), Diabolic (says he was arguably best ever during 97-2002 time frame, but hates him now, but as much as i love Bolic he's kinda a hater on everything not underground/raw sounding....don't get me wrong i prefer this also, but you can't deny Em kills the radio rap in 2010 even if it's not the glory days Slim we all knew and loved, the non haters atleast), Ill Bill, Chino Xl, Louis Logic, Elzhi, Crooked I, Royce, Buddens, Oritz, One Be Lo, Slug, Brother Ali to name a few....They've all said Em is dope as fuck or at least was for a long period of time and still is today when he brings his A game (On Fire, Going Through Changes, Seduction, No Love Verse, Spacebound, Almost Famous, even though a little loud, 25 to Life, Love the Way you Lie as a 2010 radio hip hop song, Untitled Forever verse, The Warning Diss to Mariah, Drop the World verse, ALCHEMIST WESTWOOD freestyle in UK a year ago when he KILLS IT, Dispicable, etc).... Rakim has said "If dude was black we'd be calling him the Ali of this shit" (look it up), Kool G Rap calls him "incredible" (look it up on an interview when he played a word association game, they said Em: and he responded either incredible or phenomenal as jay-z he said the other), you already got that Common Co-Sign quote I put, Jigga has him in his top 5 living, as does Nas, Crooked I, Buddens, Royce, Elzhi, I mean what else do we want...Stop the hate

  • Jake D

    There are some idiot Stans out there (PS you gotta admit it's kinda hot, one of Em's classic joints is now basically a given word/slang on hip hop message boards and even out of other dope lyricists mouth...Pretty impressive) who don't know REAL HIP HOP, like myself...They like the garbage on the radio today... Trust me I'm as real of a hip hop head as you'll find PERIOD and anyone who says Resurection sucked is the definition of an Idiot...Again Common is a God Emcee and an amazing all time great lyricist...Who Co-Signed him? Ummm Jay-Z, who again in my opinion is overrated in terms of ppl saying best ever or even top 5, although still very influential to the rap game & when he brings his A game on the Mic he can kill it, but he say's "Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense. I did 5 mil, I ain't been rhyming like Common Sense." Again basically says yea I sold out, but again nearly every great commercial emcee EVER HAS (Nas to lesser extent, but still has and he's prob my favorite along with Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Pac, Elzhi, Big L, Em, Common, Biggie, Andre 3000 with Talib/Mos/Black Thought, Percee-P, Canibus, Diabolic, Crooked I (and rest of Slaughterhouse) ILL Bill, Jadakiss, Juice (underground Legend), Louis Logic (unreal emcee who reminds me of 97-2003 Em) RA The Rugged Man, Apathy, Brother Ali, Wu, Sean Price, Skyzoo, Planet Asia, Blu, Fashawn, Immortal Techique (liked him more 5-7 years ago and now I think Diablic is cutting him) Redman, PHAROAHE MONCH (grossly underrated and prob my top 10-15 actually), ONE BE LO (amazing underground SUPER SICK lyricist from the D just like Elzhi, Em, Royce which is an UNREAL foursome...wish shady would get Elzhi and One Be Lo to join them along with Black Milk as a producer/emcee who can be a rich man's Kanye as a package imho...Fuck D-12, Cashis garbage, bring in Slaughter along with Elzhi/One Be Lo/Black Milk to Shady...Would be SOOOO SICK) Am I missing anyone? I love lyricists and ANYONE you ask will agree when these 2 dudes bring their A+ game they're some of the best ever...I like Recovery in a 2010, Hip Hop is watered down kind of way. Is it as good as his first three CLASSICS!?!? Of course not, but unless you're a blind/deaf hater, you have to agree lyrically those albums are phenomenal...Just like Resurrection, Like Water for Chocolate, Be are all classics...I like Finding Forever alot also, but universal mind control, electric circus are flops for me, but dude was experimenting so I can't hate to much, just like Em with Relapse...solid beats, dope lyrics, but high pitch voice experimentation didn't work...They both have 3, possibly 4 classics, but 3 at a minimum...Not many emcees ever can say that they have 3 SOLO classic albums. Nas, Em, Common, 2pac, Jay-Z if you count Blueprint which I think was overrated somewhat in terms of being a "Classic" (PS top 2 track, along with Hola Hovito, was Renegade, produced and starred Em, who had 2 GREAT verses), maybe Black Thought, but again technically a group...As a Group Outkast obviously, Organized Konfusion's first 2 together with Monch's solo debut Internal Affairs would quasi count, Mos/Talib if you take Blackstar and their debut LPs and 2nd best records... Not many folks...They're both legends, stop hating jesus

  • Jake D

    You guys STOP bickering...Common AND Em are 2 of the best lyrical dope emcees EVER, point period (both in my top 10 even though a top 10 is hard to make...When they bring their A+ game they're to of the best ever PERIOD and both have had sell out moments...Common with JONAS BROTHERS, Universal Mind Control, Em with 5 or 6 songs on Encore just being GOD AWFUL although if you relace them with We As Americans, Love You more that album turns to a B album from a C-, Just Lose it, Fack, Big Weenie, etc) Below is the following from MTV's top 10 emcees of all time a couple years back where they they had Em 9 (FYI obv this poll means absolutely NOTHING, but it's to show a Common Co-Sign...Jay-Z number 1 is comical over Nas, Big, Pun, Big L, Pac, Em, Kool G Rap, Common, Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Elzhi, Crooked I, Louis Logic, Juice, Jada, Talib, Mos, Andre 3000, One Be Lo to name a few...Jay-Z is in somewhere b/w 10-20 for me personally) Co-Signer: Common "Eminem is the essence of an MC. He can get on any subject matter and rock it, and ... he's coming from his heart. He can get onstage and have a presence. His patterns are real good: He can flow like an instrument. He rides them beats right and says clever stuff. MCing, to me, is when you hear a dude say something and you tell your homie, 'You heard what he said?' Eminem has that 'Oooh, you heard what he said?' That's somebody you gotta step up with your game before [challenging]. He's an MC by heart. You know it. He's eating it, breathing it."


    check out the debut video for D.STEPHENS- Another Life starring ROSA ACOSTA! Also download his mixtape Glory Road Pt. 2 for FREE at


    check out the debut video for D.STEPHENS- Another Life starring ROSA ACOSTA! Also download his mixtape Glory Road Pt. 2 for FREE at NYC IS IN THE BUILDING -D.STEPHENS

  • The.Watcher

    @Em Fan U a obvious troll.

  • ac38

    em fan enough with that eminem god mc crap recovery was wack an u are not a true hip hop fan

    • miguel Guttierres

      Em Fan, you're so gullible. "It's a proven fact that Recovery is the best rap album in the past five years." Where's the proof for that? What website did you find it on? I mean Recovery is a dope album but there have been better rap albums than that in the past five years: Distant Relatives, Cuban Linx 2, Food & Liquor, The Cool, Untitled, Hip Hop Is Dead, The Renaissance, Late Registration, Graduation, Be, etc. Quit being so biased and LISTEN to other rappers besides Eminem. He's not the only great rapper out there. There's plenty of other greats.

    • AC38

      EM FAN #1 IF YOU were a true hip hop fan you wouldve never said "em blows pac and biggie out of the water" or"pac is irrelevant to rap"

    • derty_rhymer

      aye emfan, be real. We talkin real hip hop, the way of life they way you walk, talk, live. Thats what resurrection is about, real hip hop. and if you a real hip hop fan, you wouldnt be comparing two mc's, youd be appreciating both of their works. stop hatin and show love. thats all i could say. be cool.

    • Em fan #1

      Um no, its a proven fact that Recovery is the best rap album in the last 5 years. You can ask anyone. If you asked people if Be was a good album thay'ed call Common a sell out. However everyone LOVES Recovery and the sales prove that. Name one person other then Kanye to co-sign a Common album or song?

    • Aw Sheit

      "I am a real hip hop fan. That's why I'm on HHDX everyday" Umm, anyone see the irony in that? DX has been on a steep decline since 2006-7, half of their reviews are as whack as your taste. "you do know everyon thinks Common is boring as shit right?" If by everyone you mean ignorant-ass teenage stans, then yes. Common is far less than boring, check yourself little homie. By the way, Be shits on anything that's come off Aftermath in the last ten years.

    • BAM12393

      @ac38 Thanks. @Em fan #1 Go jerk off to the Recovery liner notes. Eminem's album was WEAK. Only teenage girls and pop fans like it.

    • Em fan #1

      Your wrong. I AM a real hip hop fan. That's why I'm on HHDX everyday. That's why I actually buy music. It just so happens that Eminem is the only rapper worth paying for, you do know everyon thinks Common is boring as shit right?

  • Em fan #1

    Who cares Ressurection was weak. It's not the god MC Eminem so it doesn't matter

    • Nunya

      There Is only One God Mc Thats Rakim Not Em You F***** Hump!! Ya Little F*** Dont Know Shit About Hip Hop! I Was Born In The Borough That Mother This Shit Pay Homage Payaso!!!! LK

    • Dave

      Em fan, common is far more superior than Eminem and since when did record sales reflect quality. YOUR ARE AN IDIOT

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