Congress Votes To Amend Reagan's Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986

A mandatory minimum sentencing law challenged by the likes of Russell Simmons and the NAACP due to its racial disparities may be reduced.

The law responsible for the 100-to-1 disparity between crack and powder cocaine arrests may be history, after congress voted to reduce the penalties enforced under the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 on Wednesday afternoon. The statute, which was approved by then president Ronald Reagan, charged anyone possessing five grams of crack cocaine with a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison. Conversely, offenders had to be in possession of at least one kilogram of heroin or 500 grams of powdered cocaine to be charged with the same mandatory sentence of five years in prison.

Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) estimated that the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine contributed to the imprisonment of African Americans at six times the rate of whites in the United States.

"There are so many people locked up doing 10-15 years for doing non-violent crimes behind those laws," Saigon told HipHopDX, when speaking on mandatory minimum sentencing last year. "This is for selling like $30 of crack cocaine. Those are some of the worst laws to ever fucking hit the black community."

Russell Simmons, Jim Jones and others have spoken out against mandatory minimum sentencing, which also includes New York's currently active Rockerfeller Laws. Pending President Obama's approval, Wednesday's proposed new law will change the threshold to crack cocaine to 28 grams; the level for powdered cocaine will not change.



    way to go russle, crack dealers everywhere salute you

  • who who


  • word up

    the only reason they are changing it is because it costs too much to keep these people in jail...gotta take care of the tax payers

  • JoeM

    YEAH BOI! Ron Paul is doing it! His next agenda: End the war on drugs completely! Then: Bring the troops home! Finally: Legalize and regulate Marijuana! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT BITCHES! 2012


    I love how right wingers really love to throw the word socialist around, how they love to say, " If you're poor that's you're fault, get a job and work for what you want," how they love to say that someone who is in favor of reforming out-dated laws is a "Bleeding Heart Retard". Listen to me Dj 101, you fucking piece of shit, as if they're aren't single moms out there busting their asses at 3 minimum wage jobs, just trying to cover the basics and to feed their families. While these mom's are working their asses off, who's watching their kids? The middle class in the United states are extremely underpaid and their benefits are lacking. You mean to tell me that WAL-MART isn't taking out life insurrance policies on their employees without them being aware of it, while making sure that the majority of people that they hire are women in their late 40's, because statistically they are more likely die young? You really mean to tell me that the way that capitalism is run in the states is really democracy? Health Care reform is the best thing to happen to the people of the US in 30 years, and greedy bastards like you claim that Obama's directly attacking the free market, and that he's a socialist. This an attack that had to happen, but it wasn't on the free market, it was on the insurrance industry. In order for a society to thrive, and in order for the population to succeed, there are social concepts that have to be put into place. We can't have middle class families losing their homes, in order to pay for their child's kemo theropy. That leads to poverty, poverty leads to crime. When people are desperate, they resort to doing things that they shouldn't do. An easy dollar is an easy dollar, and if Dj 101, and Dj NO NAME, who are obviosly the same dude, weren't a couple of spoon fed, ignorant suburbanites, they might actually have a clue, as to what's going on in the other part of town. Locking up a drug dealer for 20 years doesn't teach him a lesson. By the time he gets out, he's right back into poverty and right back into a desperate situation. People of color, who are obviously the majority of lower class people in the states, (WAKE UP!), have been held back. And if none of you realise that there is racial segregation in America, you're the fucking retards. Wake the fuck up

    • who who

      Fuck teaching a drug dealer a lesson. If you sell crack you get locked up. Thats how the game works. If you want to move up in life than sell crack and invest your money. If you are poor, stop bitching and make some money, hustle. I cannot stop bitchassness. And fuck giving poor people money, they sound work for it. If your a girl and poor than sell some ass, dont expect a hard working person to give you a check each month.

  • EpoK

    Never needed weed or crack and grew up in the projects, music ( Jazz, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, and House) has always been my "high".......

  • JonnyBlaze8888

    It dont really matter the real drug game is ran by the boys in the tie and suits like the CIA. Everybody else is just petty pushers who have hand me down product to sell for the bigger fish. You shouldnt worry when laws are being cut down.. you should worry when laws are being put in to place and certain drugs are being secluded because those are the ones they are trying to push unto the people. Is called reverse psychology.. tell a 3 yr old not to do something and watch as soon as you turn around he does it. Its the same with everyone else but in a massive scale.

  • edubb1977


  • J3

    On Sum Real Shit...Jus Think About It..Da Government Control Wut Goes In & Out Da Country..They Wanna Focus On Crack Cause Mostly Black PPl Smoke Dat Shit!!..Wut About Meth...Dats Da White Drug!!!..But They Dont Care Bout Dat Tho...Yall Should Google BILDERBERG!!! And Find OUT How They Tryin 2 Depopulate The Earth!!

    • word up

      you moron... meth is a bigger offense than crack..if you get caught making meth you go to jail for LIFEEE! its worst than the crack epidemic because you could sniff snort it shoot it smoke it...dont matter...meth is a more dangerous drug than crack will ever be..crackheads look like super models compared to meth addicts

  • ODizzle the Oman

    I am impressed with all of the intelligent discussion that is going here with this topic. That being said, although I grew up idolizing Eazy E, 50 cent, TI, and DMX, who all admitted to selling dope (DMX might of just used it). I can't ignore that drugs destroy people's lives and steal their souls. However, people that take drugs are fucking retarded. Selling drugs is fun and can get you money + power, but you gotta have no conciense like Marlo and just be evil. I aint evil so I guess I can't sell dope, but if I grew up in the hood I guess I could see myself falling into it. Life is nuts and I'll just end with that.

    • nmryda

      Tell me you didn't just say "selling drugs is fun"?!?!?! I DARE you to come to Chicago and try to sell drugs here. TRUST ME, after all the police harassment, gang wars, prison systems and court cases, you will NOT have that same opinion!!!! That said, I agree yet disagree wit' DJ_NONAME. On one hand, I agree that they should just keep the crack laws the same and change the powder laws to match the crack laws. However, on the other hand, it wouldn't really SOLVE anything, it would just mean more people in jail, including black people. I don't know which is better but, honestly, they should just legalize weed so we all can smoke and get high off some good ass natural shit LOL!!!

  • dj_noname

    instead of raising the ammount of rock you can have they should lower the ammount of powder it takes to get the same charge

    • Aziz

      Agreed, that would make so much more sense, i dont know why they dont do that, that would seem like the smarter solution, but i guess they have to monitor the amount of people going to jail seeing as how prisons are become overfilled with people committing petty crime harmless crimes to dangerous felonies. But to me the first step into winning this so called war on drugs would be to do as you said, Lower the amount of powder, come down harder on the things that destroy peoples lives, not lighten up the charge, this isnt just a black and white thing is Human lives.

  • JonnyBlazeTha3rd

    fuck that shit. i love my crack and no one gunna take it from me

  • The REAL German Chocolate


  • The-Influence

    Most of you young'n's don't understand how Crack was destroying the Urban community in the 80's.... The difference in penalty/jail time was something that made total sense in an attempt to have a 'War against Crack' in America. Some can debate that times aren't the same anymore, so the law should be changed. I think it should be changed once people are more concerned about Crack in their community than they are with what the sentencing for selling crack is.

    • asa

      i think the only way to discourage an addict is treating them before they even attempt to start using. Education as well as vital resources in our communities may be the only solution to the problem. incarceration of the desolate only reinforces the brutal cycle of drug supply and demand.

  • Ceazar

    Yall listen 2 this song Young Jeezy-We Luv Ya, this how i feel 4 life.

  • asa

    all drugs should be legalized! lets take a look at Amsterdam where the usage of drugs is not criminally pursued and their economy is doing alright! point blank the penitentiary system is PROFITABLE. It is crucial for blood sucking capitalists to incarcerate the poor in the means to generate the $$$ in stocks!! is fucking sad! like one nigga once said, "You mean these drugs were cultivated, moved through countries on boats and planes crossed through our borders and yet you are unable to find it until it reaches my pocket!?" thats some shit!!!

  • dog101

    You guys are retarded this is not racial segregation. This is actually helping the streets, drugs are not good at all. Drugs do not help a community they destroy it. Stupid liberals have given african americans the victim mentality which hurt you more than help you. If drug dealers are locked up the streets are going to have less drug dealers.

    • Aziz

      I think its time we stop throwing everything under the guise of racial segregation and discrimination and such, yes there may be a small racial connotation in this particular issue but its just a detail of the bigger picture, as blacks we should stop claiming to be victims of circumstance even if we are cus quite frankly we are more victims of ourselves than anything else. Rather than saying drug dealers shouldn't get slammed with the book, we should tell government officials to make laws that allow felons on the road to rehabilitation to get legal jobs, so they can break up the cycle of drug dealing. This is a Humanitarian issue, making every issue a remnant of racial woes is part of what cripples our society. Race is an important factor in our society and a real discussion on it does need to take place in our communities (everyone's, Black,white,red,yellow whoever), but that has yet to happen, every time there is a discussion on race its just find people to blame a point the finger nothing constructive, like this particular issue here.

    • asa

      At one point in the US all drug were legal. Cocaine use to be a doc prescribed drug. The first draft of the US was written on hemp(mary j). IT wasnt until our white counterparts started associating these drugs to "the mis-behaviors of the thought to be inferior races" did these drugs become illegal. ***cocaine was often given and encouraged to working blacks to increase working potential but was soon restricted after rumors of uncontrollable sexual black men out to rape white woman. ***mary jane or hemp was thought to be a resourceful cash crop but became seen as wrongful when rumors of mexicans smoking "the devils plant" So in the begging it was a racial issue! but beyond a racial issue it's become more of a classism, it just so happens the majority of the poor are youth of color. You cant look into the problem of drugs so easily in black in white there is a vast amount of grey area that is unspoken of!!! and Bonkeira although i do not believe that a 19 yr old should be locked up so harshly for the irresponsibility of society i greatly disagree w/ all your other non-sense learn to speak a well thought out opinoin not anyone that is not a liberal is a tea partier ps/ liberals and conservatives only divide they are irrelevant to an issue of REAL social issues

    • dj_noname

      ^^^ This guy is just another bleeding heart retard that wants everything given to them by the government instead of goin out an earning a living and taking care of yourself. Yes 19 year olf getting busted with rock should be thrown in jail for a long ass time. he obviouslly isnt adding to the economy by selling crack instead of having a job. ohh I forgot only losers in the hood get jobs the real Gs are the ones "slanging dem thangs". and you clearly dont know what you're talking about by calling 1 kid a tea-partier, fox news Glen Beck-ite. If you werent so ignorant you could develop your own opinion instead of repeating whats been told to you bt BET or NBC


      And dog 101, i really hope your not from the states dissing liberals, i really hope you're from canada, because if you are from the states, you must be a tea-party supporter and a fox news watcher. What about health care? What about the fact that up until now 31 million people in the us were refused health insurance? How the fuck do you figure that it's not about racial segregation? You sound like glen beck's faggot ass


      What do you guys think the racial segregation is based on? its based on keeping certain people in a certain economic situation and in a certain part of town. Poverty leads people to turn to crime and leads them into death or jail. Look a little deaper into the situation. Don't sit there and tell me that a 19 year-old dude who get's caught slangin' some rocks deserves life in jail, and don't tell me that racial segregation didn't get him there. You never heard of the projects? you mutherfuckers talk about who runs the streets and who's more gangster, but what the fuck do you know about the streets? Absolutely nothing, only what rap videos show you

    • omar.burgess

      Nobody's disputing the fact that cocaine hurts people and communities. But there is no logic behind giving a criminal more prison time for rock cocaine than powder. And issuing mandatory minimums removes a judge's ability to look at each case individually. But you're right that this is not racial segregation. Poor people can afford crack more easily than powder, so it's more of an economic issue.

  • Taliban5

    Somebody really said they didn't know people still sell crack. Where are you guys from????

  • highguuuy

    nigguh please...


    the point is that there's too many men in the states serving life sentances for posession and trafficking of narcotics, they really shouldn't serve more than a year for that shit, even if it's a repeat offense. The laws are brutal, a young dude makes a mistake and pays for it for the rest of his life, it's just plain old racial segregation, and that's what america was built on

    • Indiemuzik

      @RealTalk100 Dude can you atleast try and make it seem like you put some effort into formulating your beliefs. Here's a few points I want to make: The tea party is an astroturf movement The public education system's sole purpose isn't to indoctrinate our youth into mindless drones of the democratic party (it's what you were implying). The Teachers union varies in different parts of the US and isn't the source of all problems in public education. Ie The south has very little union influence and their schools are subpar by US standards. The New Deal DID get us out of the Great Depression because by 1936 economic conditions weren't nearly severe enough to be considered a depression. And the double dip recession that happened in 1937 was the result of cutting back appropriations for New Deal programs. So there you go, pumping capital into the economy during a severe economic downturn is a confirmed success. Well if conservatives were informed then they wouldn't call themselves "conservatives", which is a title that confirms a person's beliefs which lie decidedly to the RIGHT. George W. Bush and his cohorts have done reprehensibly evil sh*t and for you to push that all aside is f*cked up. But that's a seperate discussion that would overshadow anything else I would have to say (here's a few key words to describe the Bush regime though: 1 million dead Iraqi's, twice as many terrorists, agressive/illegal war, trillions of wasted dollars, more mamed soldiers than the cival war, empowered Iran, outted a CIA agent, attempted to politicize the Justice department, Hurricane Katrina, didn't read Osama memos in august 2001, gave bloated contracts to politically connected associates, geopolitical damages that'll take decades to repair, etc) And guess what, local governments that preside over f*cked up neighborhoods don't have a large enough budget for total atonomy over legislation. Like the contractors who build project houses that bribe politicians for favorable conditions. Or having to deal with a governor from the opposition party. And many of the machinations that exist in local government would be less of a problem if it weren't for Ronald Reagan pushing extra resposibility for government programs to state and local governments where the results are lack of benefits for poor neighborhoods. And it's not about's about fringe rightists who'll hopefully go down as the antithesis in historical discussions about democracy, while FDR on the other hand will go down as an exalted figure in the same breath as the Athenians and Enlightment thinkers.

    • asa

      both democrats and republicans are wrong identities stop disassociating yourself from others based on a political party people please democrats and republicans are just the ILLUSION OF AN OPTION! learn to address issues on an individual basis to formulate a true opinion free from you're parties agenda FUCK THESE NIGGAS IN WASHINGTON learn to speak for yourself

    • RealTalk100

      I'm a Republican, and I support the Tea Party movement. I'm not black, but nearly all my friends are black, and my girl is black. I grew up in a black neighborhood. Please do not believe the spin: conservatives, Republicans, and people at Tea Party rallies are not racists. I live in Jersey, so nearly everyone I know family, friends consider themselves Democrats. You were taught in government run schools by government paid members of the Democrat-supporting teachers union I'm sure, just like most of us, it's called public school. You know the story as well I do: Republicans and conservatives are a bunch of religious nuts and racists, the New Deal got us out of the Depression, most Americans that agree with conservatives just aren't educated or informed, and don't forget everything George W Bush ever did was either evil or stupid. Republicans are the evil status quo that we all have to fight against. Let me ask a few questions that may change your mind a little: 1) What party was running Congress when this racist anti Drug act was passed in 1986 and what party drafted this law? Answer: The Democrats were running Congress and voted this into law as well. Democrat Jame C Wright first introduced it. 2) What party has been running Congress since the 1930's? Answer: the Democrats. Except for 1953, and 1995-2007. (Almost) 10 out of the last 18 years have had a Democrat President. 3) What party has ruled the major American cities since the 1930's? Look at any city near you where shit is fucked up for minorities. Answer: You'll find that the city counsel and the mayor have been Democrats 95% of the time. So the people who are the "status quo" are not Republicans.

  • sfasfda

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  • hannibal2

    who needs coke when there's weed?? weed = God's special gift to humanity

    • Obama Lover

      amen to that... GENESIS 1:12 "And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good"

    • hannibal2

      not bashing coke or anything bc every time i've done it, i've enjoyed it... but damn i couldnt do that shit on a regular basis; i'll smoke weed couple times a day and i do just fine in life, work, and relationships legalize!!!

  • mj5897

    no matter what black people will always be 6-1 times greater then going to jail of white's they just stupid i think next child support should be changed because its forcing alot more white people to pay because black men dont have jobs damn that nigger president


    didnt know people still sale crack

  • BostonBadassBoy

    Crack aint even that bad, they make it out to be horrible. Its the next step from weed. you should get a ticket if caught

    • JHydro

      as a weed smoker, your ignorrance astounds me. Being a pothead is nothing like being the walking energetic zombie that crack smoking brings. Check ya facts pimp, in facte watch this documentary: "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High"...simp

    • Swamp Thang sound like a f**kin' moron.


      you dont believe that

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