New York City Settles Sean Bell Civil Suit

New York City settles a civil suit over the 2006 shooting of Sean Bell for $7 million.

Tuesday, the city of New York agreed to settle a civil lawsuit stemming from a 2006 shooting which killed Sean Bell and injured Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield. The Associated Press reports the settlement was filed in Brooklyn and will award $3.35 million to the estate of Bell, $3 million to Guzman and $900,000 to Benefield. Police opened fire on the three men outside of a Queens strip club while they were leaving Bell's bachelor party.

After his killing, artists such as Game, ?uestlove, Papoose, David Banner and many others took up Bell's cause. Bell's widow, Nicole Paultre-Bell was also featured in a Rocawear advertisement.

"We hope that all parties can find some measure of closure by this settlement," city attorney, Michael A. Cardozo, said in a written statement.

In 2008 the involved officers, Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora and Marc Cooper, were acquitted of manslaughter and other charges. There were also no civil rights charged raised against the officers, and they currently remain on modified duty and face departmental charges.


  • tyrone jameson

    rest in peace. i was still living in brooklyn when it happened. when it comes to the police in nyc shit is real. this is why newyork is the way it is. the cops will gun a nigga down. im out here in orlando fl, and shit that niggaz do down here would have got them shot. it aint where u from its where you at and as young black men in america we are targets. they know it but most of us dont. even when it comes to these hiphop web sites. im telling yall they watching us and laughing at us. history will repeat its it's self..

  • imgonnagetyousucka

    Rascism??? There were no white cops involved cmon....its a pig thang/power struggle

  • lambogreenjoeyb

    Shawn Carter, Shawn Bell What's the difference do tell 50 Shots, or 50 Mill Ain't No difference, go to hell

  • ShortFuse_BKS1Radio

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  • mattep507

    my bad, 2 black cops and 1 white cop, he looked hispanic

    • bg44

      yo wat u talkin bout SUMDUDE is right there are blacks whove been turned against their own ppl...dude makes a whole lot of sense.

  • sumdude

    ima educate yall. the police, the justice system, and the government is all one gang. they dont care about blacks and they against us. the justice system is not for us blacks so if u still believe in it u need to change that. we aint meant to survive here and the police (most of em) are really KKK just now instead of burnin crosses wit white sheets on they harrass, kill and throw us in jail legally because that badge that the government gave em gives them the right to do so. i aint finna get into dis 2 deep. but if u interested in learnin more comment in ill give my email address. aside from all dat, the bell incident and case was fucked up.

    • mattep507

      thanks for the educational tutorial and understanding of how law enforcement and govt really works. too bad there aren't more like you

  • Yung Rich

    Aquitted..... fuck these racist cops. Man this really chokes me up and pisses me off!! And it's a damn shame people on this site care more about album sales than shit like this.

  • WhatThaFudge

    WTF! Acquitted?!? then how the hell did those cops justify discharging their firearms?

  • Swamp Thang

    F*CK DEM RACIST AZZ CRACKAS!!! 3.35 mil ain't bringing Sean's life back. Them hoe ass cops should've been put UNDER the jail.

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