DJ Khaled Hopes For Eminem Collaboration

DJ Khaled has lofty plans for a collaboration with Slim Shady.

Rick Ross isn't the only one with grandiose plans for future collaborations, as DJ Khaled has voiced his hopes to work with Eminem.

In speaking with VIBE magazine, the Terror Squad deejay spoke at great lengths about how a collaboration between him and the Detroit lyricist would sound. "When I do get in the studio with him, I promise you, we gon’ make something so fucking crazy. I’m telling Eminem right now, if we get in the studio I know that I’m going to get the best out of Eminem, and he’s going to write the most incredible verse that he’s ever written in his life, and it’s going to be the biggest fucking anthem in the streets and it’s going to be the biggest anthem when we get together, and I know this for a fact, and God willing, it’s going to happen."

Khaled indicated that the track would be much like his other well-knwon songs: a high-profile track comprised of a veritable who's who of Hip Hop artists. "I already have some people in mind, that’s something I want to discuss with him first. It’s definitely going to be a collabo track, but it’s going to be the great ones. But the thing is, I just gotta get with Em. I just gotta get with Em in the studio to present the concept and then from there, he’s going to say, 'Khaled, turn the mic on.' And I’m going to say, 'Of course I am.'"

Khaled added, "It’s going to be anthematic. It’s going to be the biggest anthem in the world. I’ma find a way, don’t worry."



  • NoNamez

    wow a eminem & dj khaled collaboration?!?!?! no thanks i don't want eminem work with officer ricky or other khaled faggot's fuck dj khaled fuck officer ricky

  • Heat-357

    I knew it would happen.... I mean em is the only one who hasn't... but if rick ross is #1 tomorrow I'm gonna puke.. lol...

  • Betmen

    I really hope to se em collabs with twista...i think that would be really an anthem,even without kahled...?

  • Taylor Karras

    Man, what the fuck has this world come to. DJ Khaled has got to be the worst DJ around, he is commercializing rap and promoting these whack ass rappers as geniuses in the game. He don't know shit about the hood, all he knows is making these "bigger then life" collaborations; I mean DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West and T-Pain, he's doing collaborations that have been done on the artists own fucking album, and only rarely does he have any unique collaborations. I don't know if Fat Joe was on his commercial grind at the time but he made a horrible choice by making him a Terror Squad DJ. Rappers from Miami are commercial and can't rap for shit except Trina and Trick Daddy. All the other rappers are fakes, phonies and people who care only about money and not about the quality of the work, I mean they're tarnishing rapper's legacies. I mean calling Ricky the next Biggie; how the fuck is he the next biggie when he still relies on gimmicks and has not lived a single day in the streets. Screw the "music is just entertainment." Most music is entertainment but music has been mainly regarded as an art form, don't forget about that. I swear if I see something bigger then life I'll crush it down to size.

  • yerrrrrrrr

    go head EM jump on the song and murder the so called high skilled artist he is planning to put u with. That is EMs new way to break MCs, get on a track w em and renegade them like hes already done with Lil Wayne, Drake etc

  • fresh22

    "Why the Fuck would I join 'em when I beat 'em"


      Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?

    • Chris S

      yes indeed. plus people would end up giving DJ Kahled for the collabo and everything...and that's the last thing we need. but it would be kinda interesting though...

  • motive3

    theres no need to prove ne thing if you know about music u know why em woudnt back down to this .

  • sg1323

    u rappers are all garbage like the packers wen they lost farve its , pathetic, as i sit here with an head itch, confused on how yous could be amused with bars that need a medic, as u stare into the stars schemein out ur dream, it beams in that shit just aint what it seems.u lear at my verse an teers start to disperse, it hurts, well, the dark is where i learched, in hell, now im held by this curse.

  • d0pe

    DJ Khaled - Fukk the game up f/ Luda n Eminem...thats what im hopin for...i know he gon try n put Drake or Weezy on it too tho, plus maybe Kanye

  • i'm at work and bored

    Oh man, I can't wait. Eminem and Ace Hood trading verses, that would be sick son! ahahahaha, the fuck outta here.

  • mhunke

    brand new SLIM THUG, BUN B & KANYE WEST In The Streets - [ ]

  • fukwethebest

    Man fuc we the best look at my screen name that nigga trying to blow off Em dont fucc wit him now just a few years ago this fake ass nigga was talkin shit the only reason Em would do this trac is to destroy who evers on the trac with him

  • c rted

    i bet he goin to try and get em and ross on a track together that would be fire though


    yall always bitchn about something or someone i cant see it being a wack song


    Dj Khaled smells like onions and b.o. Fuck that poser

  • Ceazar

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    • sg1323

      ha ya both fukin suk. 1st grade rhyme schemes an shit

    • Ceazar

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  • Ceazar

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  • Padrothebankrolldiamond

    Fuck that nigga i practice that Lloyd Banks Life.

  • Ceazar

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  • Ceazar

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  • PadrotheBankrollDiamond

    Nigga Fuck u Ceazar I got a song 4 u Lloyd Banks -Bomb First.

    • PadrotheBankrollDiamond

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  • Ceazar

    Padro i want 2 dedicate this song 2 u Lloyd Banks- On My Way

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  • Megan fox lover

    In other news, Im gonna do an album with eminem, 50, kanye west n weezy. We call ourselves 'The Triple Beam Team' track list: 1.Intro 2.Spaz wit da pen (eminem,weezy,me) 3.The high life (50, kanye ft.swizz beatz) 4.Talk 2 dem (50, eminem, weezy ft. Vybez cartel) 5.Guess who's back (eminem, kanye, weezy ft. Ti, xzibit, eve) 6.Uzi muzik (weezy, 50, eminem, kanye, me) 7.Live from mars (weezy, eminem ft. Muse) 8.Take her there (weezy, kanye, 50 ft. Rihanna) 9.Spanish girl (kanye, 50, eminem, weezy ft. Nina sky, nicki minaj) 10.Officer 187 (50, me ft. Bishop lamont) 11.Don't do it (weezy, eminem, 50 ft. Young money) 12.Chasin paper (kanye, weezy ft. Lloyd banks, drake) 13.Welfare cheks (eminem, weezy, kanye ft. Luda, katt williams) 14.Who's the boss? (50, kanye, weezy, eminem) 15.Forever pt.2 (kanye, weezy, eminem, 50 ft. Drake, slaughter house) 16.Murder men (50, eminem, weezy ft. Raekwon, slaughter house) 17.Legends (eminem, kanye, 50, weezy ft. Jay-z, nas) 18.Outro (shout outs to the gods of the game)

  • Damn Right..

    You guys stupid if u dont think Khaled could pull this off... Right now with the mode Em is in he wouldnt turn down a chance to shit on other rappers with a good verse on a Khaled track.. U dumb f*cks are the same ones who thought Em wouldnt get on a track with Drake and Wayne and then he did..... then u guys went crazy over his verse. U will do the same thing when he gets on a song with Khaled.. so keep your mouth shut if you dont understand the game. Right now Khaled and Dj Drama are the biggest DJ's down south but Khaled has had more commercial success than Drama.... So in Em's eyes why would he NOT get on a track with Khaled? Like somebody else already noted, Khaled makes CLUB MUSIC so if Em got on the track at least he would get a song in the club and a chance to shit on some other rappers... All it would do is help Em solidify his greatness just a little bit more and I dont think Em would turn that down. Its all about marketing and Em fucking up a Khaled track right now markets him to the South hard and marketing wise that makes sense.... Plus Khaled said the greats would be on that track so u know it aint no Waka Flaka, Gucci or Soulja boy bullsh*t... its gonna be lyricists and Em... Khaled knows what he is doing so I actually think it would be a banger..

  • Gl1tch

    Everyone wants to work with Eminem. He's the artist of the decade, it's an honor to be able to work with him.

  • eminem/raekwon/khaled



    lol it wont happen i think ems gunna lay off with music for a while now hes gunna promote recovery then get away for a while till its time for that d12 album besides imo khaleds pretty gay

  • ignorance spotter

    wasnt ross tryna battle him and calling him names a few months back? he lost his mind if thinksthis will happen

  • erocx23

    leave khaled alone damn. just cuz he makes club music ya'll hate him as a person at least i know he knows good music if he wants to make a song with eminem and thinks it would be the biggest song ever

  • d0ubled0wn

    FUCK THAT!...but just in case it did happen (which it wouldn't): EMINEM TECH N9NE IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE SLAUGHTERHOUSE ...I dont know thats alot already, what do you guys think, who would you put? now THEY the best man!

  • Tyeman64

    No one nor would I allow DJ Fat$hit to disgrace Eminem by trying to get on a song with him. DJ Fat$hit you contribute nothing but screaming into a mic on a record. You dont rap and you don't sing so shut up. 50 would take you for trying to record with Em and Ross out for talking about recording with Dre.

  • Kareem team

    Keep dreaming khaled.

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