Raekwon Reveals Guest Spots On "Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang"

The Chef reveals a few of the guests on his next released - as well as an artist who won't be contributing.

Although he's traditionally waited years in between solo releases, Wu-Tang's Raekwon is wasting no time releasing the follow-up to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. II.

According to Vibe.com, the Shaolin lyricist is eager to continue his musical output. “Right now, being that everyone respected what I did on the last album, I don’t want to have people feeling that I’m going to be away again for a long period of time,” said Rae. “For me, I try to stay hands-on with my hardcore base of fans and let them know, ‘Yo, I’m not going to be doing those disappearing acts like that anymore.’”

Raekwon provided some significant revelations in terms of guest spots for Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, which was first conceived in 2007 as a response to disagreements regarding the musical direction of Wu-Tang's 8 Diagrams album.

“Method Man, Ghostface, Inspectah Deck, and GZA all appear on the album,” said Rae. “At the same time I got some other guys involved like [The Roots’] Black Thought—I love his talent. I think that when it comes to him delivering what level I wanted to go he was the perfect man. I also have Raheem DeVaughn who sounds like Curtis Mayfield over a Shaolin track.”

One frequent collaborator, however, will not be contributing to the album.  “RZA doesn’t have to be on every album,” revealed Raekwon, who stressed it wasn't about disrespect. “I wanted to give some other producers a chance. It’s not about beef. We can stand on our own.”



    come on Rae u gotta give ATLEAST 1 song to the RZA New WU and Black Mozart were sikkkk... would love to hear some more Dr Dre, his production on OB4CL2 was sikkk... gotta have Nas, DMX and Busta in on the album

  • Cinavenom

    I hope that Madlib and DOOM produce a couple of tracks

  • Geahhh

    Looking forward to that Black Thought collabo w/ Rae. When Black was on that Catalina performance on that late night show, holy shit it made that track that much better. I don't see this touching OB4CLII success at all though, I hope I'm wrong, but let's be realistic. No RZA? Damn shame homeBoI!


    I agree with rae's intentions on this joint. Rza dropped the ball on 8 diagrams, and the members of the wu, along with the fans were not satisfied. Ghost and rae allways manage to have amazing production on their albums and mix tapes. So why not let them choose the beats for a change. Rza needs to go back to the style that made him a legond and not try to be experimental all the time. I guarantee shaolin vs. wu-tang will definately be banger

  • ptone814


  • lo godfather

    Good job on putting GzA on this...but this is a good time now for RZA to do his thing with the chef directing it.

  • AxeMurder

    Good fucking god...this album sounded good until he said "NO RZA". I'm not hating, I just remember how fucking garbage Immobilarity and Lex Diamond Story are. And don't think he will pull of a production list as varied as he did on OB4CL2...he worked on that album for 5 years. He's rushing this Shaolin vs Wu-Tang album out and will definitely not be able to branch out like he last did. This will probably be dope rhymes x wack beats from no name producers yet again

    • horse D

      rza only produced like 2 songs on cuban linx 2 and that shit was classico...

    • Geahhh

      Dude Immobilarity was a pretty dope album, not classic, but it was cool overall. Lex Diamond definitely got taken back to the record store for trade (when they existed).

  • illestydoc

    Black Thought feat is dope news he's one of the dopest of all time and happy to see Deck will be there too, dudes slept on plus Meth n Ghost meanin this shit should be dope...

    • illestydoc

      the no RZA is a bit suspect, he should mos def be on some production for this based purely off the title of the album, I agree all members dont need to be involved but when you title it like that, the Wu's head producer should have a beat on it.

  • bk...

    Personally, I feel the album should be true to the title " Shaolin vs Wu-Tang and have RZA produce the A-side of the album and other top producers do the B-side. Make the album like a live battle, in your face, hardcore, amp music type of feel. I mean just picture seven RZA heaters followed by tracks by Alchemist, Premo, Pete Rock, Kanye..... laced by verses from Ghost, Deck, GZA........classic


    Tru be told .... We in Napels bumpin that Nas Mobb deep , Wu ... of course Big Pun and the old Fat Joe shit, old Redman..D-Block....off course Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill and Eminem And yes Rza do needs to be on every album if u ask many hardcore Wu fans..... Rae Callin it Wu vs Shoalin it would be nicer to see the whole crew on it... if u choose a title like that. O and by the way Rae already reached out to Em to do a track. And wy the fuck not you really must be def dump and blind to think that Em is wack.

    • STFU

      Raes NEVER had a mainstream career non of his albums have done a mill n that's what he wants that's why he's now puttin in major work with self marketin and 36 chambers isn't a Rae album fool not too mention when it dropped the majority of it's attention was focused as far as MCs on Meth NOT Rae. I'm a Rae fan it's how I notice the change in his attitude last year and anyone who has followed his career knows I'm right, a mainstream career equals high level mainstream sucess SOLO n Rae hasn't yet OB4CL is a Hip Hop classic but it didn't do well mainstream jus like illmatic is a Hip Hop clasic but flopped mainstream Nas later achieved mainstream success Rae hasn't

    • IgnorantMuthafukaz

      @ STFU, ,,, You need to STFU, lol nuff said

    • Yaowa Stallion

      Desperate to blow up his mainstream career? I'm not sure if you know this or not but Rae had a mainstream career before Em dropped an album. How does the 36 Chamber and OB4CLP1 not count as a career... two classic albums ya ignorant fuck.

    • stfu

      fuck outta here, Em spits fuckin 70% filler the dudes carried by flow usin bullshit lines like "ill kill a koala" jus to keep a rhyme scheme goin. Rae reached out to him based off his name nothin more, dudes been desperate to blow up his mainstream career since he caught heat with OB4CL2 its why for the first time ever hes now puttin in extra work marketin himself.

  • inkone

    mother fucker that said method man is a steady disappointed must be smoking crack, meth is the one who made wu massacre replayable and did you hear 421 the day after, that shit was ill, i cant wait for his next shit to release, to bad he got caught up by uncle sam, niga got to high to remember to pay them taxes, but im not gona lie the blackout 2 was a disappointment, crystal meth would be the shit though, and masta killa is droppin soon and he always delivers..... i just wish rza was still makin beats for the wu fam and not fuckin kill bill kung fu movies n shit, but that afro samurai shit was too ill so cant even hate


    Yo I agree with SENSAYE .... I from Napels where we love the Wu with a passion. But we would like to see the Wu gettin that banging sound like OB4QL I&II that we understand. Or like Ghost his albums , he really got a good ear. But many wu and wu related albums after wu tang 4ever missed that hardcore street sound that made the wu big in the 1st place. Artist need creativity but also need to understand what made them in the 1st place and try to recreate new chambers. I am totally down with the RZA and I can't wait 4 him and Gza to put out Liquid swords II. Rae is on fire right now and I do hope that he picks his beats like he did on OB4QL II and not like on Immobilarity or the lex daimond story those beats did not fit his lyrical ability. And yes I am tired of hearing al these same sounding Dr. Dre beats they were the weakest on the album ....real talk

  • Steels

    If Rza ain't on the album it won't be as good. I was the biggest Rae fan way back in the 90's but since Wu-Forever his flow been lazy! Back on OB4CL1 he had that hungry energy, now he just mumble on tracks. He's done far as I see it

  • NY

    RZA wasn't really on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 too much, he was on one song and I think produced one or two. I would like to see the whole clan make appearances on the album to be a real shaolin vs. wu-tang. Also it should be only staten island rappers for the shaolin part.

  • Sensaye252

    The problem these days is that artists record albums all over the place. They use 12 different studios, 15 different engineers, 10 different producers, and it's being backed financially by 5 different labels who don't look at it as a top priority. There's no vibe anymore. There's no vision. Now don't get me wrong, Raekwon is a fuckin' deadly MC. To me, he's one of the swiftest niggas of all time. I like OBFCL2. I don't think I'd call it a classic, but I'd call it a very dope album. I thought the Dre tracks were kinda weak to be honest. Of course it would be nice for Rza to produce the album, but The Rza doesn't get down like that anymore. He's just on some different shit now. He can throw someone a track here and there but he can't sit in the studio like he used to and design the feel of the album. He's just not hungry like that anymore, and he's around a lot of fast-talking hollywood agents and druggies. That Wu Massacre album was a money-grab. I listened to it once and put it on the shelf. It's just a compilation album of songs that weren't good enough to make the albums they were initially supposed to be on. The Wu has the most die hard fans in the world, and I'm one of 'em. They shouldn't take advantage of their fans by throwin' 'em junk though.

  • BostonBadassBoy

    need rza on that, garbage without the rza recta. raekwon aint a snippett without rza, only bobby digital is in the track then i buy it but witout diggimon it aint a true wutang collabo, just a cheap imitation for our amusement yall, dont you understand you need the 12 components of the wu to make voltron. i guees you havent studied your wu bible you suckers

  • lastpoet

    "In the jungle Bumpin Nas, Mobb Deep and Wu"

  • How I Got Over

    Black Thought and Wu-Tang?? Fuck yes!!

  • bhbholla

    Put NAS and EM...

  • cocolover111

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  • davidlove

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    Need an EM and Wu Tang collab

    • ptone814

      EM fuckin sucks loser fuck

    • Malmoe88

      What's wack is thinking you need emenim on a track to make you official. There's mad people out there just as nice and nicer than eminem. That's not a diss in no way towards em but let's get off of this idea that just because em jumps on a track that's gonna make the rapper/producer official. People are nice with or without his involvement. He's just gonna get you known to more people. That's it.

    • Htt20

      Em and Wu? WTF? Why on earth would anyone want Wu-Tang collabing with fucking Eminem?

  • disconnectedxxx

    i wish this album sounded as good as it should/could. you know its gonna sound like the last 10 solo albums, and everything after wu tang forever, just a bunch of freestyle free for all over a bunch of boring beats that all sound the same, horrible structure, and no replayability. if all the members arent on it, its not a wu album. stop beefing, sit down as a group and write 10 great songs (songs, not verses thrown together), and put out another legendary album.

    • Frank Low

      As much as i love WU, i really have to agree with you 110% The problem is everyone is older now and has kids and their own thing going on. You know how hard it would be to get all 8 together...


    Wu tang is forever u faggots.....wu massacre was dope......& only built 4 cuban linx 2= Modern classic

  • the last guy who posted is a fag

    this album is going to be the shit. wu tang is forever. a mediocre wu-tang album is better than most modern rap, so suck a dick

  • wu tang is over, quit living in the past

    so the Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang album will basically be the Meth, Ghost and Rae album that came out this year, only with worse beats? That album was horrendous... I used to love Wu Tang, they were my favorite group next to A Tribe Called Quest, but c'mon now, they haven't done anything great in a while...solo or in a group...Ghostface is the only consistent artist...Raekwon's OB4CL2 was okay at best...it would be great if it came out in 1995...Meth is a steady disappointment...RZA is bat-shit nuts...U God? next...I don't even want to get into the other 78 members... and no, I don't listen to Lil Wayne, I'm not a Kanye fanatic, I don't think Waka Flocka is worth the air he breathes...I'm not 18 and into all the new artists...I just hate when the people I rocked with for years can't get their shit together long enough to make a great album and live up to their legendary status...us fans should demand more from our favorite artists and instead we buy their music off of their legacy alone and continue to allow their egos to outshine their talent...

  • sheshouldveabordedyyou

    the chef is back on his shit.i always liked raekwon cause he keep it funky on every level so big ups to the wu tang clan for real.keep bringin that fire like OB4CL2.


    Black Thought on a Raekwon album? I couldn't ask for anything else.....


    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.... -----10/10 Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. 2 ---- 8.5/10 Shalin Vs Wu-Tang ------ ????/10

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