Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Of 7/11/2010

Big Boi gets a Top 3 debut, while Juvenile fails to crack the Top 50. Is Kelis' Interscope debut a bust? And Young Money crosses the 500,000 mark a week before "So Far Gone" will do the same.

Eminem's Recovery and Drake's Thank Me Later held rank for a third straight week at #1 and #2 respectively. Em may see 1.5 million units cleared by next week, while his Toronto collaborator marches towards his first million-selling work. Further down the charts, Drake's So Far Gone retail mixtape from 2009 sits within 3,000 units of crossing the 500,000 mark. Expect to see that next week in a summer that could see the former Degrassi actor take his proper debut to platinum, while his calling card to the industry reaches gold.

Outkast's Big Boi garnered a strong #3 debut. The Atlanta Hip Hop pioneer sold over 60,000 units of his critically-acclaimed Def Jam debut, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The release features artists such as T.I., Gucci Mane and Too Short, with production from Organized Noize, Scott Storch and Lil Jon. Big Boi's new label-mate, The-Dream, fell eight units to #12 with Love-King. 

Usher's Raymond v. Raymond slid to #17. The veteran Pop entertainer's "divorce album" is marching its way to a platinum plaque for Mr. Raymond and his longtime backer, LaFace Records. 

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
1 Eminem Recovery
229,000 1,287,000
2 Drake Thank Me Later
74,000 783,000
3 Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
62,000 63,000
12 The-Dream Love King 23,000 82,000
17 Usher Raymond v. Raymond
19,000 918,000


The Roots maintained a Top 25 spot with their latest, How I Got Over. The album is their third with Def Jam Records, and shows the group's first "Jimmy Fallon-era" recordings, garnering critical acclaim.

While southern Rap veteran Big Boi returned to the charts on a high note, New Orleans' Juvenile's Beast Mode failed to debut in the Top 50. The Hot Boys member's latest E1 album features guests and producers new to the scene. Another curious debut on the charts came courtesy of Kelis. The singer's Interscope Records debut, Flesh Tone, has been worked on by will.i.am, a producer and performer noted for chart success. The ex-wife of Nas debuted at #46, with her fifth overall album largely pulling from a European club influence.

As was the forecast last week, Young Money's We Are Young Money compilation album crossed the 500,000 mark. The 2009 release served as a large introduction to Lil Wayne's label roster, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jae Millz and Gudda Gudda.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
25 The Roots How I Got Over
14,000 86,000
46 Kelis Flesh Tone
7,800 7,900
55 Juvenile Beast Mode
6,400 6,600
92 Young Money We Are Young Money
4,600 504,000
127 Drake
So Far Gone
3,700 497,000

Will Curren$y soar with Pilot Talk? Can Capone-N-Noreaga recreate some late '90s first week numbers with their '97 sequel? Will Stat Quo see patient fan support? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.


  • Bruce Banner

    HOV can rap M&M out of hard coated candy shell! what else should you do to these candy ass wrappers! "hard coated on the outside" being the key phrase here! HOV can rap his ass down to size and call it "shrink rap"! M&M? "do you wanna see me stick 9 inch nails thru each one of my eyelids?" WTF? you cant be serious! By the way, if all the other music is "garbage", how hard would it be to be #1? at one point in time Soljah boi was #1! dont tell me you think "Soljah boi tellem" is the truth?! do you?! GTFOH!

  • Anonymous

    HOV can rap M&M out of his hard coated candy shell! "hard coated on the outside" being the key phrase here! rap his ass down to size and call it "shrink rap"! M&M? stick 9 inch nails thru each one of my eyelids?! WTF? I'd rather that! you cant be serious!

  • ShortFuse_BKS1Radio


  • mr felon


  • truthenola

    good looking out drake,. solid album. Em is tight , but juss goes to show white people still buy albums.

  • Mrnoluv

    Only kids don't think sales matter, when you grow up you will learn it does trust me. That's like saying championship rings don't make you a great player, LOL! Lebron is just as good as Kobe, yea right. It's all about numbers.

  • DJ Game

    @ EmFAN Only the first fact that you had was actually a fact, the rest of them are opinions. to each their own, but don't say they are facts when clearly its your opinion. no need to go hard at each other as well. this is the internet, none of us know each other so there is no reason to go hard at someone because nothing except trash talk will come out of it. grow up and live your lives. damn!!

  • lankaistai

    Nas won, that gold digging bitch kelis lost Eminem won.................all his haters lost!!!!!!!!

  • blusty

    why DRAKE released NINE A.M. in DALLAS after thank me later dat should of been in the album it felt like come back season

  • swiper

    doesnt matter if you think em is a fag do you think he cares about YOU look at his sales you might say sales dont mean anything but it does mean something if you dont sell your label drops you then what back to the corner or something

  • Nico 3

    Record Sales Don't Matter - Sales matter. If nobody generated the most money, there wouldn't be a need for a top ten in music or movies. Everything would just come out without any financial goal in mind, I'll agree that alot of the best music came from before, but unless you want to keep bumping the same albums from the late 90's, then you need to learn to just turn your brain off and enjoy some of today's music. It's not that bad. Look at the Drake album. It's not for everyone's taste, but if you're non biased and picked it up for $9.99, you could do alot worse. I respect The Roots, but let's face it. Nobody bumps "thought provoking" rap, mostly because they don't come with good enough beats, and rap about boring shit. Supply and demand is why Drake and Eminem are ruling the charts right now.

  • Twinblades

    Andrew is Eminems #1 dick rider hahahhahahahahahahah

  • Twinblades

    Eminem sucks dick fuck him he'll never be hip hop go cop that new ke$ha shit it's great.

  • Keheley andrew

    You all can eat out a rotten asshole if you don't like eminem

  • guccigotti

    eminem is a great rapper but most of his albums are bought by white people

  • Reality1111

    "You are the definition of a HATER " HAHAHAHAA!!! Keep taking in seriously. Keep getting played.

  • Reality1111

    "YOU are the one calling him a faggot" And look at the reaction I'm getting. This is awesome. Look I posted another line Eminem isn't good. Now showcase your ball slurping abilities. Prove how strong one faggott's love is to another. No matter how tight your jeans are.

  • tdcchaos

    get that pilot talk niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jet life

  • Bill87

    I'm one of the biggest eminem fan out there by far but man this em #1 fan kid sounds so ignorant. Other people are good also! Big boi shouldve sold way more! He shouldve debuted at #1 to be honest.

  • JasonCTown

    @EMFAN#1... Fact vs. Opinion.....big difference.

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  • Reality1111

    Eminem is crap. Welcome to my wheelhouse.

  • Record Sales don't mean S...

    Record Sales don't mean shit these days. Drake sold well but his album sucked. The Roots sold pretty lousy and their album was really good. As well as Big Boi's album sold bad is good. And Eminem just an mediocre album sold good. So record sales don't mean shit these days, record sales says nothing about the quality of an album. But now a days most of the people only want music to party too or just to dance too. They don't want to be moved by music anymore. They don't want to feel like you are listening to something special that it sounds like people spended time on it just as long till it was perfect. And that is what we miss in Hip-Hop and Music today. I am only 17 so i am not going to go that far to say everything was better in the past. But the music sure was I wish we could just have 50% of the good music from the golden age of hip hop in this time.

    • asa


    • asa

      @emfan u need learn a lesson of quality always comes b4 quantity! 2nd of all i can give a fuck what corporations want to spend their money on because good music tends to come from independent labels. Major record labels arent in the business of producing talent. They are in business of MAKING MONEY! so thy work side by side w/ radio/mtv/social medias to mke you think that the record is hot when ll it is, is intricately and very well thought out hype because THERES ONE THING PPL WHO SELL PRODUCTS KNOW IS THAT YOU ARE ONE OF THE HERD AND YOU WILL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING NOT TO BE AN OUTCAST, EVEN IF IT MEANS BUYING CRAP MUSIC!!!!!!

    • Reality1111

      I don't have a favorite rapper. Stop wasting people's time with your advertisements.

    • Em Fan #1

      Of course sales mean something. Think about why your favorite rapper's album takes forever to release. Record companies are scared they're wasting money on some washed up nobody from the 90s or some new guy nobody gives a shit about.

    • Reality1111

      You are 100% correct. Today is wack. In 1993 when Onyx came out with Slam we celebrated. Now, all I'm watchin is faggots with high voices.

  • itsKgosi

    looks like Kelis' milkshakes are hanging

  • Reality1111

    Noteworthy advice to all: Stop sucking industry cock.

  • Reality1111

    EM Fan #1 is part of a marketing machine, isn't even a real fan. Just a spamming advertiser. Like I said. Fuck Eminem. I want the bitch himself to answer. Welcome to my wheelhouse.

    • Angeezy

      SHUT YO BITCH ASS UP!! Internet gangsta.... gangbanging on the net is for pussies!

    • Reality1111

      "Eminem doesn't even know you exist" Because he doesn't know shit about hip hop. Can't logon to a website for 1 minute. That's his fault.

    • Em Fan #1

      Eminem doesn't even know you exist. How are you gonna challenge someone who doesn't even know this comment exist? YOU are the biggest faggot on HHDX. YOU are wasting your time "calling out" a famous rapper who spends his time doing something with his life YOU are the one who chooses to get pissed off at my comments just because I'm a big fan of his YOU are the one calling Em out his name for something HE DIDN'T EVEN DO. All he did was make a great album, he didn't beat your mom or nothing yet YOU are the one calling him a faggot for NO FUCKING REASON You are the definition of a HATER

    • Reality1111

      Your'e wrong. Emimem is the faggot. And if he doesn't respond, he proves it. You responding proves nothing. I don't want you. I want to hear from the bitch himself. Stop wasting my time. You're a middle man, nothing more nothing less. I'm the real deal. And I want to crack this bitch.

    • Em Fan #1

      My God reality you're the single most delusional person ever. First off if someone disagrees with you he's a "faggot" then you can Eminem a faggot because one of his fans is on the internet talking about him. But NO Mr. 1995 won't sit back and let that slide he's gotta call people out of their names. Who's the faggot now...oh I see Reality1111

    • Reality1111

      If Eminem doesn't have the time then fuck em he's a faggot. He's not real hip hop if he can't go on the internet for 1 minute. Plain and simple. "call out" No, he is the one getting called out. This is my domain. Fuck Eminem.

    • Em Fan #1

      Okay so you think Eminem has the time to go on a random hip hop website and...call out some nobody who doesn't even buy albums but thinks his opinions of 1995 mean something to people in the real world

    • Reality1111

      I don't want you. Where's the bitch himself. I don't want no middle man. You're worthless. I'm tellin Eminem to fuck off, not you. Don't respond industry spammer.

    • Em Fan #1

      Swing and a miss. I'm no industry nothing. Just a fan of rap music. Unlike you. It just so happens that Eminem is better then everything else in rap

  • Reality1111

    Fuck Eminem. I want the man himself to answer my comment. Cut out the middle man.

    • CLIPZO

      LOL are u jealous or something if u dont like eminem then dont listen to him go listen to drizzy! or something let people have there opinion an trust me u sound like u might be 13 so you'll find other thigns to stress about in the future buddy

    • Reality1111

      who cares what name you pick. this is a webiste, nothing more nothing less.

    • Heat-357

      Haha dudes name is reality... But hes completely out of touch with reality... What made him pick that name?....

    • Reality1111

      Stop responding you imposter. Where's Mr. 160lb toothpick himself. Crack him like peanut brittle.

    • Em Fan #1

      Aww did I get to you? Now you gotta hate on Eminem Real hater man. Real hater

  • Reality1111

    Fact. Eminem is the highest selling rapper EVER Cock sucking opinion. Eminem has dominated Hip Hop over the last 12 years Cock sucking opinion. The rap game was boring as fuck without Eminem Cock sucking opinion. Eminem is the only rapper to sell well over the last 2 years Cock sucking opinion. Relapse was better then 99% of Hip Hop today Cock sucking opinion. Recovery is better then 100% of Hip Hop today Cock sucking opinion. MOST people would consider Em the greatest rapper ever Cock sucking opinion. Eminem has the best flow, lyrics & storytelling abilities Cock sucking opinion. Anyone who works with Em becomes very popular Cock sucking opinion. Being white has nothing to do with Eminem's sucess Cock sucking opinion. Eminem is WAY more relatable then other rappers Cock sucking opinion. Stan is the greatest rap song ever Cock sucking opinion. MMLP is the greatest rap album EVER. Cock sucking opinion. Eminem can rap about taking a shit an it'll be better then Cock sucking opinion. Black people are jealous of Eminem's success Cock sucking opinion. Eminem is the greatest rapper alive Cock sucking opinion. If Hip Hop were to die tomorrow, Eminem would be the face Cock sucking opinion. All of Eminem's albums were with 5 of them being classics Cock sucking opinion. Sales mean alot, its proof that a rapper is popular and good at what he does because it means people wants to hear him

  • guccigotti

    fuck eminem only white people buying that bullshit



    • asa

      well white folks are the majority not to throw racism in it but the industry caters to this demographic because its where the $$$ is at. teenagers especially are susceptible to the whole sheep follows the herd concept! i am willing to bet that the majority of popularized hip hop is followed by white counterpart teens w/ a few other races sprinkled here and there but this will soon change as the latino population is on the comeup! im sure u have noticed a sudden change in advertisement all lil more ethnic in the mix

    • Reality1111

      6 billion>80 million. Wrong, not everyone. That's not even 0.01%

    • Em Fan #1

      Highest selling rapper in the WORLD by a LARGE MARGIN means that EVERYONE listens to Eminem

  • Indo

    also being the best right now or the best selling now don't mean shit, that's like being the best player in the WNBA (Nobody Cares) Em was cool back in the late 90's on the slim shady shit but know his shit is kinda old and lame

    • Em Fan #1

      Except you cared enough to comment. You're on this site looking up shit about rap music. Don't give me that. You're just hiding your insecurities bitch

  • Indo

    I bet that Em shit is garbage, I haven't listened to a hip hop album since Rae's OB4CL2 y'all fools know this rap shit now sucks badly

    • Reality1111

      HAHAHAHA!! I'm playing with you Em Fan #1. Want to watch how nasty and crazy you get. Yeah that's right I said it Fuck Eminem. Now lets see you take it seriously.

    • Em Fan #1

      Wow Reality1111 your hating is amazing. So what defines "real people"? Since when did you know every single person who's bought an Eminem album? Dude your hate for Eminem is disgusting. You come here ever week to bash Eminem for no fucking reason. at least I spread facts about Em, you're a delusional asshole who can't get past 95.

    • lay

      lol! News flash Eminem is 37/38yrs old

    • Reality1111

      Homosexual faggots would agree MMLP>OB4CL1. Real people know OB4CL1>MMLP. Last time I checked faggots are guys who like guys AND losers who buy music. "Which people DO for Eminem" We know all about it.

    • Em Fan #1

      the reason I talk about OB4CL2 is because INDO mentioned it. Your delusion ass stuck all the way back in 95 who can't let go of the fucking past can't see that. And like I said most people would agree that MMLP>>>>OB4CL1 & 2 I know I won the argument because your only response is calling random people who bought the album "faggots" Last time I checked faggots are guys who like guys not people who buy music. Which people DO for Eminem not for Raekwon

    • Reality1111

      Sales by who? Sales by faggotts? Exactly keep talking about 2. 1 is the real deal end of story.

    • Em Fan #1

      Um no. Sales would prove that MMLP>OB4CL1 And OB4CL2 which is what I commented on is old rehashed bullshit from a 40 year old rapper only 12 people from NY care about. Hence the low sales

    • Reality1111

      OB4CL1>Anything Eminem ever did in his life.

    • Em Fan #1

      When you listen to Recovey you gonna throw OB4CL2 in the trash Raekwon is a 40 year old dude rapping about the same shit he did 15 years ago. Eminem showed the evolution of a man in a brilliant album

  • Em Fan #1

    Fact. Eminem is the highest selling rapper EVER Fact. Eminem has dominated Hip Hop over the last 12 years Fact. The rap game was boring as fuck without Eminem Fact. Eminem is the only rapper to sell well over the last 2 years Fact. Relapse was better then 99% of Hip Hop today Fact. Recovery is better then 100% of Hip Hop today Fact. MOST people would consider Em the greatest rapper ever Fact. Eminem has the best flow, lyrics & storytelling abilities Fact. Anyone who works with Em becomes very popular Fact. Being white has nothing to do with Eminem's sucess Fact. Eminem is WAY more relatable then other rappers Fact. Stan is the greatest rap song ever Fact. MMLP is the greatest rap album EVER. Yes even over Illmatic Fact. Eminem can rap about taking a shit an it'll be better then 99% of rappers Fact. Black people are jealous of Eminem's success Fact. Eminem is the greatest rapper alive and he doesn't even have to mention it Fact. If Hip Hop were to die tomorrow, Eminem would be the face of rap Fact. All of Eminem's albums were with 5 of them being straight classics Fact. Sales mean alot, its proof that a rapper is popular and good at what he does because it means people wants to hear him

    • DJ Game

      Only the first fact that you had was actually a fact, the rest of them are opinions. to each their own, but don't say they are facts when clearly its your opinion. no need to go hard at each other as well. this is the internet, none of us know each other so there is no reason to go hard at someone because nothing except trash talk will come out of it. grow up and live your lives. damn!

    • DJ Game

      Only the first fact that you had was actually a fact, the rest of them are opinions. to each their own, but don't say they are facts when clearly its your opinion. no need to go hard at each other as well. this is the internet, none of us know each other so there is no reason to go hard at someone because nothing except trash talk will come out of it. grow up and live your lives. damn.

    • Adamsfam

      I hate to say it but your buggin with those so called facts....his race has somewhat of and impact but it's about hids lyricall ability...you can not say anything about hte greatest because if B.I.G. was still living he would crush EM...as far as OBFCL is certified street classic which is now prob platinum....white people know that Em's the great whit hope in hip-hop he has the backing and support from his lables unlike many artist old or new so he will always be able to sell beacause he has support like no other who else could put out some garbage and still sell records like him.....Jay,Nas,biggie even pac would never sell this many albums because of their color...you mean to tell me Em has had or put out better singles than alot of other artist...hell no...Em has prob had only 1 or 2 number 1 singles...By the way ILLMATIC IS THE GREATEST ALBUM PERIOD THEN REASONABLE DOUBT..LIFE AFTER DEATH AND SO ....YOU CAN CHECK ALL THE STATS YOU WANT BUT IS COLOR IS A MAJOR ROLE IN HIS SUCCESS NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY.PEACE!

    • JasonCTown

      EMFAN, pump your brakes for one minute...just for a second, look in the dictionary and tell all of us the difference between fact and opinion. You seem to have no clue that there is a MAJOR difference between the 2......either that or you got a Barry Bonds thick-ass head. People are CLOWNING you because you talk out of your ass and think it makes perfect sense. Maybe to you it does, but honestly you're comments are just ridiculously misled.

    • Reality1111

      I literally took a shit on your face.

    • Reality1111

      The first one is a fact, the rest of them are opinions.

    • Em Fan #1

      SMH at the haters here. How am I dick riding? I'm just stating facts. if anything ya'll just plain haters. So keep on hating while Em count that money ya HEARD

    • Kato3000

      Em Stan #1 how bigger of a cock rider do u have to be to write all that... I hope eminem sends you a letter or his dirty drawers in the mail or something so your life can fulfilled

    • Em Fan #1

      Dab Damn nigga why you hating? You even admit you will your favorite rapper was selling like Eminem. What a fucking hater. And yes an album does suck if it doesn't sell well. That means that the people don't want to hear that preachy bullshit, or mindless mumbling those lame ass rappers seem to do. Look if people wanted to be confused by Lupe, or bored to death by Nas, or listen to non-sense from Big Boi then they'd actually go out an buy albums

    • Dab

      First off, will people stop with that "better than 90% of hip hop" bullshit. Unless you listen to Hip Hop 24/7 there is no way possible you can even hear 90% of rappers. Hell it'll take a long ass time to listen to 90% of mainstream rappers. So cut that shit. So any album that doesn't go platinum sucks now? Is this what the post Jay-Z "I have mention how great I am every time" era has become. Look I'm all for sales. I would love if Big Boi, Roots, Lupe Fiasco etc. to be selling like Eminem. But they're albums don't suck BECAUSE it didn't sale. That doesn't make any logical sense. You don't read people's opinions on albums saying "well it didn't sale well so it sucks" if anything you read "that album was fire go buy it"

  • ShowTimeNY

    I dont Hate Em but I loathe his overzealous fans. Em running rap. GTFO! Yeah, I know his sales. But Wayne is at the top. And im not a big Wayne fan either. Poor Rock album sales or not. Wayne is still Number one as far as Popularity, Influence, and Impact. Em, Jay, Kanye, Ti and Drake are closely behind. On some real shit when is the last time you heard Em's music blasting out of somebody car? Really? I have never heard Em's blasting out of anyones car ever. Not once. Second, For ppl saying if race is propelling em to high sales why.. Paul Wall and Lil Whyte arent doing the same thing? 1. Em is better 2. I believe Paul's first album went Platinum. 3. They both dont have the MACHINE behind them. 4. Lil Whyte are Fucking serious? Now lets examine number 3. How is that Not Afraid was the number 1 single on Billboard, approximately 7 days after it leaked? The Machine. Interscope threw a lot of money at MTV,Marketing, Promotion and the Radio. Em just like every other white Person has certain Privileges that other Races dont have. Thats just a fact. The majority of Ppl that purchase Rap Music are White. Thats just a Fact. Em is an exceptional rapper without question but to say that he would be as commercially viable, Talking about Serial Killing, Homo sexual Incest, And Dissing his mother, etc if he was black, latin, Chinese or any other race but white is ludicrous. Now that I said that. I can say this, Im Glad he's doing Numbers its good for him and possibly ultimately good for Hip Hop. Click the name for Music!

  • itsthesmokekid

    props to Em!!!! real talk recovery is ill! some songs kind of pop but who doesnt have those!!! Its dope to see people buy n support their artists still the Roots cd is 10/10 too!!!! yall here stat quo's cd yet????? pretty sik

  • tarcy''vanilla'' sky

    do you all think it's all about numbers? well thats why hiphop sucks! no more talent or creativity just the same old recycled shit . i blame radio for brain washing these kids into thinking whats out now is hot. when did hiphop become sexy? when did niggaz decide it was cool to call themselves pretty? the whole culture is destroyed. some dudes where jeans tighter than mine!! wtf!! RAPPERS AND MC'S ARE TWO DIFFRENT THINGS. WACKO FLAKO F.LAME=RAPPER RAKIM=M.C.

    • khordkutta

      ayo gat, you come off real insecure

    • vanilla sky

      umm.. im from florida mr.tuffy... miami to be exact and im sure we are all waitng for wacko flako to drop his album. just like were waiting for solja boy's shit to come out. u didck ryder!!~



  • Olivier

    Big Boi selling 63,000 in the first week, is that really what you would call a strong debut? The album is excellent. But I guess to sell rap albums these days, you gotta make pop songs with lame auto-tune vocals and Rihanna guest spots. Sad

  • Nico 3

    If more rappers put away the weed and turned off the Madden, they might be selling like Em. Or at least be going gold. Unfortunately, for every Em, Jay or Wayne, there are half a hundred more who simply don't care. If they manage to get an album or mixtape into stores, or on-line, they feel like they're the shit.

  • SutterKane

    Haters keep hating while Em keeps winning. Thats the best part about the internet Elitest who say Ems fan base is all white and Dont know anything about hip hop, I could care less if it were a Nation full of Blue Haired Grandmas, his fans seem to be the only onesd who can find a way to Best Buy, lol, Rather have them as fans then ya'll, no offense Shame bout Big Boi, Outkast has been putting up consistent numbers since ATLiens, good album too, Surprised he aint sell nuthin. Wonder what Andre's thinkin right now about his upcoming release?? Congrats to Drake too, I dont like his music but he's the only other rapper besides Em right now thats got peoples attention. Hopefully he gets his platinum Plaque soon. When Kanye and T.I comin Out??

  • kato3000

    its because hes white and good....you cant say race doesnt factor because it does...Paul Wall and and Lil Whyte and others dont sell a ton because they arent as good as eminem....but his skin color certainly does help his sales....he has a huge white and black fan base....some of you act blind to real life facts....no one is saying eminem isnt good because he is...but he also benefits from being white and good ...which is extremely rare.....

    • jerryg14

      Nicely said. I just wonder now why more rappers dont start rapping for both white and black people then maybe more rappers can sell more cds. If i owned a wal mart and i only advertised to one race then my store wouldnt run so well or make as much money as the other wal marts that sell to everyone. ya know

  • JdotPIPE

    when i first downloaded that recovery i told niggas that all they other cds will get dusty once they listen to it. all my nigga was rocking to drake and put that shit down a week later. i told them that his shit was not making it to plat and niggas lol now im loling


    Let's face it, Eminem shitting on Niggas right now. and so is Drake. But let's also face this. well.. hold on, before i begin- for all da haters, i'm not dissing em- he is at the top of my list and is part of the reason why i lstarted listening to rap.. back to the real talk I highly doubt that eminem would be selling as much as he does if he was black. and it really has nothing to do with race, it's moreso with his content, as well as his lyricism. content: what black rapper do you know would be accepted and sell millions of record with some of the homosexul antics that eminem does on his album and writes in his raps. not necessarily the gay bashing, but the homosexual acts he often discuss in his lyrics. and what black rapper do you know can talk about fucking his own mother and get away with it. and what black rapper do you know would have gotten away with a majority of the content that was on the marshall mathers lp. NONE. even em says it- listen to WHITE AMERICA (THE EMINEM SHOW) lyricism: lets just face it, you have people like cannibus, royce da 5'9, and big pun who could and has always had as many play on words as eminem. now em is by far better than these cats- but he bit his style from royce. point. blank. period.. none of the three i named could ever make as great of an impression as em has. royce gets some knocks, cause nigga know, but he dont sell records- and i dont think he ever will. pun is a legend. point. blank. period. niggas know. my point, off lyricism and content alone, eminem would not do the numbers he does if his was black, but its not as simple as skin color. we just have to look at the culture of hip hop along with the facts of race. anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • I'm at work and bored

    Kelis: (ring ring ring) Nas: (click) What's the deal Dun? Kelis: hey Nas! It's me, Kelis Nas: What the hell do you want now? I'm in the studio WORKING. Kelis: Um yeah... my album only sold 7 copies because the label only shipped 7,800 copies to the store and... anyways I'm gonna need that back child support payment right away now because Will.I.Am just dropped me and my Mansion is about to go into foreclosure and I need to buy some new GOLD and DIAMOND MILK SHAKE BOTTLE and... Nas: Oh, you mean the HOUSE that I, NASIR BOUGHT and you ended up kicking me out of? Kelis: Ummm Yeah, that house Umm so... give me my money. yeh? Nas: How about you go suck off Pharrell and get the money from him instead Kelis: Well, I did that already before. How the hell do you think I got signed to Star Trak in the first place? Besides, currently he's too busy getting head from THE GAME. Nas: Well, that too bad Dunny. my answer is no bitch. If you don't mind, i have to get back to work. Because my albums actually generate income so I can feed my kids. Braaaaaaaaaaaave Heaaaaaaart!

  • nastynas4life

    so i just listened to Em's Recovery album for the 3rd time, and ima be real honest, some of his songs on there are bangin but the other tracks are just not lyrical...they sound too popish. I'm not hating or anything, im just saying. And thats good that he's sold over a million already..at least this "so-called-rap" is top #1 of chart...but we all prefer to listen to the good stuff; not that mainstream garbage.

  • noivad12

    damn juvenile sells is garbage..lmao eminem been movin numbers like this wayne wasnt the first to go platinum in a week eminem sold a millie in a week with them Marshall mathers lp and the Eminem Show..check the records shady is the highest selling artist in rap..lmao he even got a plaque for it highest rap selling artist of the decade i kno somebodys pissed off now o well..when a mutha fucka constantly sells like this that automatically means their the shit..nelly moved stupid good numbers with country grammar but as you see he fell off..persistence following years shows you whos the shit really or how many ppl are feeling them..obviously em is still on it and will go down as 1 of them greats period..

  • Ceazar

    Now for u stupid muthafuckas up North i would love 2 share a little secret with u about Rap, aka Hip-hop, look up a man by the man of Joe Tex and refresh yall memory.


    Tell Kelis Karma is a bitch,

  • jerryg14

    Fuck all the haters! Eminem has sold more records than anyone in the game for tha past 12 years. So keep hatin and he is gonna just keep selling. sucks when a white boy running this rap shit doesnt it. Hurts tha hatin racists so much ha ha ha ha

    • H.N.I.C

      OMG Really ?Relapse only sold because it was his comeback.im pretty sure if pac came back to life with a shitty ass album he'd still sell millions. why?cause mothafucking 2pac came back to life.Key word:Come back & eminem truly has a solid fan base so that helps too & Shut the fuck up bout hes white. that nigga is fucking black just ina white body.

    • jerryg14

      Eminem is the best rapper out right now and for the past 12 years since he stepped into the game. hate it or love it. He has sold more albums than anyone. so doesnt that make him the best rapper alive. YES! He put that album together in months. Recovery! Maybe relapse wasnt his best work but its not gonna sell as well as recovery will. Because its a fire ass album. And relapse wasnt up to shadys standerds but it was still shittin on 90 percent of the other albums that come out last year

    • truheart

      Paul Wall doesn't sell because he's hot garbage. Eminem sells partially because he's white and partially because he can rap better then most. Quality sells and that's why Recovery is going to outdo Relapse. The same people saying he is mediocre are the same people listening to Rick Ross and that hot garbage he spits on every song. Are there underground rappers who are better then Eminem? Of course there are. That argument is no different then the argument that there is a basketball player in jail who can beat Michael Jordan. Who cares? The fact is that he is on top and they are not. Rap is weak as hell right now and I'm glad that Eminem is having a success with a CD that is talking about something besides selling drug, how many women you got, or syrup. Maybe he can spark the brain of the next greatest rapper.

    • STFU

      Paul wall doesn't sell n co coz they don't have millions to spend on marketin or make corny fuckin songs like ass like that or run around dissin lil girls n pop stars to get attention n they also don't have cosigns n production from Dre with additional snoop co signs at the beginnin of their career, they also don't talk about the same bullshit drugs n rape on every song to impress the intellectually stunted children in the suburbs but keep worshippin his over rated ass all you like. dudes mediocre period with 70% filler jus to maintain a rhyme scheme

    • jones87

      hahaha he can rap good? you sound like a 2nd grader. he sells so much because he used to be good and has solid fan base. relapse sold just as much and it sucked camel dick.

    • jerryg14

      If eminem only sells because he is white like a bunch of people say and post. Then why doesnt paul wall sell alot of albums, why doesnt haystack sell alot of cds, why doesnt asher roth sell 1.5 million in 3 weeks. Its not cause hes white u morons. Its because he can rap good. His cds are like storybooks of his life and everyone wants to hear whats happening in his life now. So u go suck a dick stanleyj and stop hatin

    • jerryg14

      i see u must be a mad hater to. i love it

    • stanleyJ

      go suck a dick

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    1. Recovery 1a. Sir Luscious Left Foot

  • Negro withan Ego - (NWE)

    lets blaze the kush niggas

  • BigBossManSouth

    Big Boi has one of the best CD’s in the past 10 yrs! M & M likes to have men’s ass in his face dude is so lame!! M & M is so played out Big Boi has been in the game for 15 yrs let’s see what rehab M &M will be in 15 yrs! M& M is the new 50 cent! lol

  • miguel Guttierres

    Kelis lost, Nas won!

  • Em Fan #1

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA What did I say? What the fuck did I say? You stupid ass Hip Hop fans think Big Boi's album compares to Eminem's? HAHA dumbasses, NOTHING compares to Recovery and the public agrees. It's so funny looking as these failure of rappers. Drake can barely go platinum even with the hype. Big Boi is getting high ratings from every review but can't sell for shit. Yeah keep on hating on Em. Each and every album he continues to prove he's the greatest. Recovery was another classic. No debate. Perfect lyrics, storytelling, flow and beats. You can't ask for more. And the fans think so too

    • Reality1111

      Noteworthy Advice: Stop sucking industry cock

    • khordkutta

      I thought you said he Big Boi wouldnt clear 50gs, oops

    • JasonCTown

      How much cock does one have to suck to get close to his idol?? Ask EmFan#1

    • BO-BO214 UGK-4-LIFE

      fuck you man. you're the same cracker that said relapse was a classic. em himself said that it was garbage. so fuck ur dickriding ass

    • YungSuny

      I'm sure any rapper would sell like eminem if they made angsty hip-pop that middle class white kids love/relate to.


      Sir luscious leftfoot>recovery. you fucking faggot go fuck yo 2 dads

    • lay

      correction: restraining order

    • dmize-one

      personally big-boi's album was on par with eminems... two different styles, but both are dope albums either way.. you are obviously wayyy too biased with eminems penis down your throat to listen to music and fairly judge so i wont even bother trying to argue with you.... you make me embarassed to be an em fan.. smh

    • lay

      Eminem hates you... If see saw your post, he'd get a restraining against you!

  • khordkutta

    my theort... most folks who would buy big boi and the roots, have mortgages and kids, em and drake not so much

  • wouzi


  • lay

    Kanye will do big numbers......

    • miguel Guttierres

      I agree with Dimze. Kanye thought himself over during his short break and is getting back to his old self again which is a great thing to see. That "Power" song is mad nice. And to Tek, have you been reading the details on the album? DJ Premier, RZA, Pete Rock, Q-Tip and Madlib are all helping out Kanye on his album. How can you pass on that?! Can't wait until Good Ass Job is released along with Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon 2 on the same day (Sept 14).

    • dmize-one

      ok, 808's wasnt my cup of tea either.. but at the same time, all of his hip-hop (i dont consider 808's hip-hop) albums were damn nice through classic (my opinon).... but kanye will mos def do big numbers.. hes gettin back on that spittin shit, plus you always know that production on his joints will be crazy nice...

    • lay

      He'll probably get a lot of radio play. Which makes all the difference....

    • Toppdogg908

      it wont be like 808's and Heartbreak it will be more like College Dropout days

    • tek

      no he wont, hes last album was horrible... everyone knows that

  • ts5000

    i wonder who were the 6,000 people that bought beast mode u bought the worst album of 2010 so far lol

    • truheart

      No joke, that's the worst shit I've heard in a long time and that's saying alot with the garbage that's out. Juvenile sounds tired on that CD.

  • erocx23

    man juvie used to be a superstar wtf has the music industry come to its fuckin sickening. kelis on the other hand serves the bitch right i guess that means she'll be demandin more money from nas, gold diggin bitch. shouts out to em tho doin damn good

  • Noize

    Bullshit......Im truly disappointed in album sales. The Roots haven't broke 100,000 yet c'mon now. So Far Gone is a mixtape and it's sold a shit load. All I can say is good luck to all other artist out there. Congrats to Big Boi for real I didn't see him selling that much...it's nice to see him get some love.

  • Bauce

    Big Boi did better than I thought



  • Dont Matter

    LOL Im not an artist and i did not sell anything but if youre a artist in the industry, you should be able to sell hundreds of thousands...and umm kelis and juvenile didnt do it. lololol K-FED'S ALBUM SOLD 6,500, HAHAHA AND JUVENILE IS AT HIS LEVEL...THATS FUNNY

  • nice...


  • KGdaArtist

    Awww yeaH that's what i'm talkin bout!!!! Big Boi is still the man. I got a deluxe version as well as the regular copy. That cd is in beast mode at all times round here. Can't wait til Dre get his stuff out. *Side Note* Can't wait til Ice Cube album and Mike Bigga's I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 3 comes out as well

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Someone either at Def Jam or in Big Boi's camp isn't doing their job in terms of marketing. There is no way an album this good only moves 60,000 units in the first week. It's the best album of the year.

    • dmize-one

      how is he an idiot for stating his opinon?? havent heard the roots yet, but while a dope ass album, distant relatives isnt as good as big boi's album.. thats my opinon and not a fact.. your opinon about roots and distant relatives being better isnt a fact either...

    • rakim maan

      idiot..def not the best album of the year..both the roots and nas/damians albums are better


    man that big boi is fire from start to finish (no bootleg) pilot talk should be at the crib 2mar cant wait to see what sound like (no bootleg) YM gold thats whats up


    Don't worry, kelis got mad room in her vagina for all the records that she doesn't sell

  • Your Mother

    How is Drake outselling Big Boi...music is twiligiht zonin'

    • dmize-one

      actually john-boy your the fooking idiot... the rankings go off of only last weeks record sales (one-week period), and as far as last weeks sales goes drake outsold big boi... so your point about giving away money for two months, or two weeks is mute.. as you should be...

    • John-Boy

      Well lets see. Drakes album came out nearly two months ago and Big Boi album came out last week So lets say I gave you a dollar a day for two months and I gave you buddy a dollar a day for two weeks. Which one would have more money?? P.S. You are a fooking idiot.

    • freshyboi

      cause drake appeals to little girls whos daddys have money to buy cds

    • Swamp Thang

      Because Drake released his weeks before Big Boi, Slow Azz.

  • mrnoluv

    LOL, look at Juvey, time to retire. Wow Big Boi 60K??? Man I tell you, Em, Wayne and Jay are the only cats in Hip Hop history that have been able to stay in the game and still sell for a long period of time. DAYUM, Em in his second week sold more than all the other hip hop acts combined? EM THE MONSTER.

  • heyyouovetherertete


  • itsKgosi

    HAAAA!!!!! Thank you cruel music industry for killing off Kelis. Although this can only mean one thing.....she is gonna want more child support money

  • Hip Hop junkie

    Kelis is a bitch.. but she can dome me up LOL

  • lonelylawyer

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  • wouzi


  • slim fela


  • Megan fox lover

    Damn! 7,600 dick holes are down with Kelis lol thats 2 neighbourhoods only bitch aint even city-wide!!!

  • Ceazar

    And FYi i been tapped all the phones and cell phones, i been looking at u dumb muthafuckas for over 6 months,playing games and I got a special request for yall Notorious B.I.G.-Life after death- Your Nobody till somebody kills u.



  • slim fela


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