Drake Postpones European Tour Due To Mother's Illness

Drake eschews the European leg of his tour to take care of his mother.

Young Money rapper Drake announced Thursday (July 1) that he will be postponing the European portion of his Away From Home Tour, which was set to begin Friday, in order to take care of his sick mother.

The rapper's mother is currently fighting an arthritic condition, and an illness that leaves her extremely fatigued.

"Despite my best hopes, it is apparent that my mother will need surgery earlier than anticipated," said Drake in a released statement. "In light of this news, I have made the difficult decision to cancel my European tour in order to support her during her recovery, just as she supported me through the years. I cannot thank my European fans enough and look forward to performing abroad soon. I ask everyone to please respect my family's privacy during this time."

The rapper has rescheduled shows in Paris, Amsterdam and London for November 2010. However, several of his European stops were festivals, which means the rapper will not be able to make them up.

Drake will be back on tour July 16 for the Canadian portion of the tour, which includes stops in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.


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  • elirootz

    Much respect to taking care of family before business. Although some of these comments are ridiculous, ok ok, i know its your opinion, but your opinion is not based off enough information, your missing out on alot of music if you think Drake is anywhere near the best or is gonna be on top for the next 10 years. Matter fact, with the way todays society is going, the massive amounts of stupidity thats being seen, it very well could be that he stays on top, who knows. The only music i appreciated of Drake's was "So Far Gone" before he got with lil wayne The Worst Rapper Alive

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  • ci

    drake is one of the best rappers out and in 10 years i see im hel still be doing on/ fuc all that hate man its about fun and music yeaa!!

  • Me002

    Handle your business Drake with taking care of your mom. This is what it's all about. Who cares how many records you sell? Family is very important and if someone is on the blog saying anything negative about your situation, they MUST hate the woman who gave them birth. I'm proud of you as a young man to know that you love your mom. God Bless-

  • mad x

    drake is cool sory to hear about his mom an to the guy saying hes evil?if hes so evil why is postponeing his show to be with his sick mother? seems like your the evil one evil people try to make it seem like good people are evil when their not thats sick and twisted bro

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  • ma$$ MAniac

    I hate Drake but I dont hate anyone's mother except maybe Diddys but I hope everything ends well .,

  • losssa

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    Please in respect to his mother,no hate,spam,or evil comments,just on a respect level you know


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  • ADK

    Take care of your mom bro.. I respect a man who puts his family first. Come back and kill it!

  • Gill aka Haze

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  • badguy

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      Go to hell,stop that illuminati stuff,shes obviously been kind of ill for a little while,shes older,there you go jackass

  • Quon

    good take care of your moms. not many people know who you are over hear

  • andrewnmartinez

    God Bless You Drizzy. Go take care of your mother. everyone can wait but life doesn't. @Tarik Mad Respect to you.normally people who are not Drake fans or are haters would blast at him but not you, so i salute you


      k fag u wanna suck his dick too?!? i thought i was about to be on some queer eye for the straight guy shit after reading ur post


    Rule #1: Mom always come first.

  • tarik

    Though it would be a lie to say I'm a Drake fan, big respect for making that decision. Heaven lays under your mother's feet.

  • Leino

    Fuck! I was looking forward to seeing him rock at T in the Park next saturday. Aw well can't be helped. Stay up Drizzy

  • Megan fox lover

    My prayers go out to Drizzy drake, his mom and their fam. Get well soon. Peace

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  • rickreserve

    in this life if it aint one thing its another.god bless everybody who has health problems in the world not just drakes mom,all are people.hope the best for everybody going thru there trials in life.hope you see the light keep the faith.one love.

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