Immortal Technique Returns From Haiti With Letter

The Harlem emcee recently return from a relief mission in Haiti and has penned his experiences while there.

Immortal Technique recently returned from Haiti after a visit to aid relief efforts and show moral support for the people and Haitian hip-hop. In conjunction with aid groups Arms Around Haiti and Hip-Hop For Haiti, Cormega, Styles P and Immortal Tech gave a performance tp show moral support and connect with the victims of the disaster. Upon his return, Tech took it upon himself to pen his experiences and provide his perspective on the surrent situation in the earthquake-ravaged country.

"While I was [in Haiti], I worked in a few aspects of the relief effort including a solidarity mission to aid the earthquake survivor," he began. "In addition to all of this myself, Cormega and Styles P participated in a show to support Haitian Hip Hop and rebuild the community. I would like to thank Arms Around Haiti and Hip-Hop for Haiti for inviting me to be a part of this movement. While I was there I saw both devastation and rebuilding efforts. I also broke bread with people who had lost their entire family. Literally, everyone but them was deceased. Then there were those whose grief centered around losing a mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter as a direct result of what happened."

He continued, "I saw so many different things as I walked through the slums and rode around Port-Au-Prince (as well as the area surrounding it.) I met mayors, townspeople, and the Arms around Haiti (Sobs staff) introduced me to several visionary Haitians with good ideas to rebuild the country that I am seriously considering investing my time into."




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  • pairoftwelves

    Props to immortal doing his thing. The only i'm aware of that still ACTUALLY freestyles on interviews on the radio and such.

  • goony goo-goo

    come on tech, im waiting for that middle passage 2 drop.

  • MightyMike27

    So thaaaatttss where he's been.. C'mon Tech, it's time for a new album son. You can always count on Tech to come out with some good hardcore hip hop

  • LUV2LAF2010

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  • bkzcarter

    I believe Immortal is one of the best MC's ever and is one of the few people who cares most about what is actually going on in the world....Alot of people give you fanatises, some people give you reality but only a pinky-finger last milli-meter of people give you actually and part of that pinky-finger last milli-meter of people is Immortal Techique

  • lo godfather

    Tech always gives you the painfull truth when he raps..good looking out!

  • xz

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  • rickreserve

    it aint to many niggas that can fuck with this nigga spittin.never heard nothin wack from glad this brother is back,living his life,doing big things,puting the truth out in the world.hes on my top ten mcs list.if i had to pick a rapper who speaks with substance in his music its him and nas.i think immortal got him on the topics he raps about cause he seems to touch every basis.i didnt say he was better i just think he has more relevant opinion thou.keep spittin my brother

  • asa

    immortal tech is dat nigga!!!

  • moh112

    cat needs to drop another album

  • Yap

    I always thought that Immortal Tech was a different kind of Emcee...and this right here proves my point. This is Hip-Hop in the purest form... One

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