DJ Premier & Pete Rock Unite On New Project

The Chocolate Boy Wonder and former Gang Starr producer team up for an album together.

Over the years, DJ Premier and Pete Rock have become two of the most critically acclaimed producers within the scope of Hip Hop. In fact, many would say they are two of the most influential icons of production in the genre after crafting work for years with various artists including Nas, CL Smooth and Guru, among others. Now, it seems the two will join forces to create an album together.

The news comes from Pete Rock's Twitter account, with no finalized date set.

"also premeire and PR are making an album together,u heard right!!! Pete Rock Vs. Premeire! Hip Hop @ its best!! OOOHHH BOY!! I'm goin in!!"

DX will have more on this as it develops.


  • G'

    If this happens....oooooooweeeeeeee. Though Im not going to get too excited since that Nas/Primo project never got put out

  • DJ Kool Curt

    Grown man hip hop at its finest!!

  • Chicasal

    Don't play with me like this....

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  • xz

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  • OOPS...

    ....I just CAME IN MY PANTS!!

  • cold 187

    Sounds like the hip hop hype is a thousand time's better than the music actually is..Do you know how many fantastic future venture's i hear about? I'll believe this when i hear it....even though it's pete rock and premier and you 100% garenteed that they will give you a master peice, well we know absolutely nothing about this project or who they will be working with.. Just being open minded, even though it's good news, but still early days yet

    • HEMZ

      how the fuck are you being openminded??? youre open to the fact it MIGHT NOT happen?? thats the opposite... you're being pessamistic dummy!! Big up PR & PRIMO... make it happen, fuck these CLOWNS!

  • rickreserve

    two legends in the game period.these two niggas are what a producer should mold there career after.i love hearing about shit like this

  • Yeeeeeeah, f*ck it, I sai

    This news is so fucking amazing I had to post again.... ........Petestrumentals STAYS on my playlist

  • asa

    wreck, wreka. wreky. RECOGNIZE

  • GraZ`

    Have been a DJ Premier fan from the very beginning and always will be to the death but I will believe it when I see it...Unfortunately, all these dudes do is talk and make announcements that always come off skeptical and uncertain just to get the fans excited over something they feel that will happen and then like always it either never gets fried in the frying pan or it just barely gets fried in the frying pan and then they completely scrap the idea and go back to the drawing board of working on other promised projects they already have in the works that they know will get released...I'll give you a prime example: NAS/DJ Premier album and DJ Premier's Compilation album and Pete Rock/Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx album...No disrespect but where are those albums? It's just like asking Dr.Dre where the fuck is Detox already or like Lebron toying with the media by debating which NBA team he's going to sign to...I respect these dudes whole heartedly but I'll never be naive enough again to be stuck on their words or promises whenever they decide to come out and announce a project that we all know could be the most amazing and mesmerizing thing ever heard if they would just stay completely committed to what they say to the general public...The day I believe this will happen is the day I come on the internet and see a CD/Album cover that says Pete Rock and DJ Premier on it with a list of the most lyrical crazy ill rap artists written across it and then that's when I'll know it's finalized and written in stone...I'm sorry but after seeing the Scratch Magazine with DJ Premier and NAS on the front cover in 2006 and they both announced that they were doing a full album together which wound being turned into chit-chatter exciting talk that completely mislead and disappointed the fans, that was probably the last time I stopped listening to these guys words...Pete can say and announce whatever he wants on Twitter but until I can hear a certified original track produced together between these two and I can visually see a full album in stores I'm just gonna look at it as all hype and talk to me...Whatever happened to just doing shit without telling people and then surprisingly saying " Yeah we just finished an album together ." ?

  • Brick City Has

    Yo this shit is gonna be ridiculous for real!! This is what hip hop is about, the best gettin together and makin history. Fuck all that bickering beef! Real MEN stand up!


    DOPE! And it's about competition...I love it. Send a message... HIP HOP NEVER DIED.

  • bswift77

    Are you kidding me!!!! This is a dream album. This album will contain the hottest beats of the year!!! I assume they will have a slew of guest emcees blessing the beats. Man I'm soo excited over this!!!!! OMG

  • Reesha

    "Real Rick Rossin" by Freshaun aka K-Gritty K.o.s.-M.o. aka King of DMV (Promotional Single)

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  • 36 Chambers = best album ever

    I CANNOT FUCKIN WAIT TO HEAR THIS SHIT!!! WOW! 2 of the best producers OF ALL TIME on an album together! I am praying that this shit actually comes out

  • nickelnine

    Heard about this yesterday. Haven't stopped thinking bout it yet. Shit's finna be crazy!

  • Bauce

    I think my pants just exploded

  • F-one

    When this comes out,all heaven will break loose. I can't wait for this.

  • AMAru

    this is one of the most anticipated hip hop, no, MUSIC albums of all time, i dunno how many times i've been beggin for a preem/PR album, im gonna cop it like 13 times!!!

  • J-23

    You'd think Pete would know how to spell the man's name

  • alexdruck

    so....whos gonna rap on this?

    • alexdruck

      i don't think wayne will be on this....don't worry hoping for some roc marciano, someone from the wu, all the heads statik selecktah produces for,and more lol.....

    • JasonCTown

      Does it matter? No, in all honesty, Im sure they'll line up some Vets and a list of the new blood that can spit. Just please, please, please keep Wayne of this project. Double disc too?? Where do you even start with this?

  • Dj Ns

    (Looks Up In The Sky Choir Sings)

  • Articulate1

    That's what Im talking about...Two production legends linking up to shit on the newbies.

  • Yeeeeeeah, f*ck it, I sai

    Maybe there is a God after all........

  • D.D.410wutup

    This would shit on Detox.

  • xz

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