J. Cole Says Debut Due For October Release

The Fayetteville emcee says he's almost done with his first album, 'Cole World,' and that Roc Nation founder Jay-Z is "impressed" with it.

Last week, North Carolina native J. Cole gave some details to radio personality Jenny Boom about his anticipated debut album, Cole World.

"I'm practically, almost finished," he said laughing. "Every song that's on my album is there now. It's just about tying up the loose ends. One song needs like two verses, [another] song still needs some instruments. But I do finally have all the songs that are going to be on my album. I was missing, like, two songs before."

The Roc Nation artist has released two mixtapes, both critically successful, and said he hopes audience will enjoy his debut. He added that Roc Nation founder Jay-Z was impressed with tracks he's listened to, as well as Cole's initiative to produce songs on his own.

"[Jay-Z] is super impressed. I think he's more so impressed with the fact that I kind of just did this on my own. I got in [the studio] with No I.D., but a lot of the stuff has been coming from me. So I feel like [Jay] looks at me like, 'Yo, he can really produce.'

It's been a little over a year since J. Cole released his second mixtape, The Warm Up, but he said his first LP will drop in October if not sooner.

"[The label] says October 26th. I say it'll be before that."


  • Shane

    J. Cole is gonna be that immensely talented rapper thats respected by everyone and considered one of the GOATs but is probably gonna stay in those hip hop circles where real fans will buy his albums, but he'll get mostly overlooked by the pop music crowd with the exception of one or two songs that were made specifically for radio. My Top of All Time: Eminem Tech N9ne J. Cole Lil Wayne I listen to these the most...idc much about Tupac and Biggie so don't hate me for not including them and including Lil Wayne...they were good and all n two of the best but i like these more.

  • KicKinKNowLedge4

    I been wanting this J. Cole album to come out since the last year of august. Fan since the come-up, I can't wait for it!!! I hope he lives up to the hype of it being a classic album. Hopefully the release will be sooner than October 26. Hurry J.!

  • ChrisTG

    I can't wait for this album to come out, 2010 is a great year already had Nas & Damian Marley, and if J. Cole delivers his album this year, along with Lupe, and AZ... On J. Cole though, I hope he don't feature anybody 1 or 2 at most and who he does it better be somebody legit, like Lupe or maybe Em, that'd be nice. Not nobody from Young Money, PLEASE.

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  • mayonesebenz

    Jay Z will teach J Cole to be commercial on the next hit single. Jim Jonsin with J Cole? I smell a hit record... hope it's poppin



  • @classicmaterial

    can't wait to hear this album in 2011

  • bswift77

    Looking forward to the album. I didn't know he was in the studio with No I.D. That should be good for him to be with an experienced producer like No I.D. Please J. Cole just tone down soo many N word references and Bitch and Ho references. You're a talented emcee and college graduate don't dumb down the content for nobody!!!! St. Louis Stand Up!! Holla!!

  • Mark Seven

    Should be good. But havin features is a part of Hip Hop, especially the good ole posse cut. Grab sum of the best and brightest emcees and do one good banger together.

    • flakiito

      i have to concur with you but maybe sprinkle it through out the album with some new dudes. Cole definately needs to put Wale in there. A track with B.O.B. would be cool and maybe Nipsey on a banger like he did on the Killers track with Drake. Cole will probably have Jay on there but I want to see him come out with someone like Common or Lupe on a track. Shit...maybe Nas. He needs to stay away from going too too commercial. The Roc Nation mixtape is serious.

  • BLACK_Kiing

    I heard this guy and he isn't all that impressive in my book. The Jay-Z co sign means nothing, because Jay-Z has never had an artist of his go platinum. Cam'ron already had a name in the game before he came to Roc a Fella and Memphis Bleek never blew (even though i think he nice), so this J Cole kid will probably do Kid Cudi numbers. Besides that fact, when them hateful, living in the past New Yorkers realize he from North Carolina, they are going to salt him anyway. I agree with only one thing, don't put more than 2 features on your debut album. Drake had way too many features and way too many executive producers on his debut. I hope the young boy does well, but he from North Carolina, so let the hate begin.

    • shanepeters13@msn.com

      and rihanna....lol...and everyone dat knows who j. cole is knows hes from north carolina. he mentions it in almost every song in one way or another. n yea the album will be a classic. i really want an eminem collabo but it doesn't have to be on his album, it could just be any random song.

    • Brandon

      Kanye west idiot.

    • Super*

      Seriously? have u listened to the warm up? And I mean "listened" or did u just skim through it! smh Cole is real, and obviously over your head..

  • Sinatra

    “Ain’t nobody talking while I’m talking, so shut the f*ck up! My name is Uncle Ruckus and I will be nigga-sitting you two until your grandfather returns. Your granddad had picked me cause I am a licensed zoologist. I have studied a variety of wild animals and the African male, if by far, is the most savagely cunning. This is an opportunity to observe you niggas in your natural habitat and collect data. But be warned, whatever nigga trickery you got up your sleeve does not affect me!”

  • 305ilovemia

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  • Holier than thou

    Let's be real. He's a new artist. Which means his debut is gonna be like 100,000. Like other talented new comers (Kid Cudi, Asher Roth, B.o.B.) I can't see him doing well. Truth be told unless he gets Drake type hype by October don't expect him to sell to well. New comers don't appeal to this generation apparently

  • militarydater

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  • allyallstupid

    hopefully he ends up like joe budden, underground, lows sales, but quality work. labels suck and jay-z sucks. drake sucks also. at least we got j-cole coming in august & the great escape coming from joey.

  • c/gaddic

    Nigga need them hits to sell it's a pity that jigga will have to drop him soon if he doesn't score big in the record sales department It's a pity J.cole is fucking nice-real lyrical talent! Easily the best new rapper since Lupe hopefully the major he's on doesn't screw him over too soon The music industry is really fucked Why couldn't J.cole have drake's buzz? He more than desrves it

    • reeL Talk

      He can have Drake's buzz. Roc Nation just has to pay for it. Thats exactly what Drake did. He PAID for radio, videos, etc.

  • Megan fox lover

    This is excellent news indeed. J cole is the truth bringing that East coast back hard!!! I still get the chills everytime i hear "Who dat"

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  • Love4thereal

    This the kind of album I'mma be in the stores goin' ham for if they sold out Somebody ass gettin' slapped if they don't carry the album period Major label=Major retail(right?)

  • lordy

    This will def be one of the best albums of the year. The Come Up was fire. If you dont have it get it.


    On the real though dude has zero buzz among the people who BUY albums. Yeah he does have a lil buzz on the net but Distant Relatives proves that a internet buzz doesn't give you record sales, internet fans don't buy albums like that. I guess he'll do like 50-60k first week and probably end up at around 150k in total. People say "record sales don't matter on debut album" which is total bullshit. He is on a major record label, record sales ALWAYS matter.

  • Whiterthanmost

    Blow up but don't go pop j. As long as that happens...skys the limit

  • xz

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  • ChuppsD

    Good news, hope it's a good album. He's got classic potential but the pasts proven not to expect classic or you'll be disappointed most of the time. Good that he's got no features or keeping the features real low, introduction to the game should be you alone standing on your own two feet showing the world what you can do. Sales won't be big but a debut aint about that, it's about the respect it gains.


    Damn, I'm just now watching Simba on You Tube. J.Cole...bring that FIRE back to hip hop! I dig that Drake album when I'm in chill mode but I need that head nod shit!

  • rbrown

    Yea good look for Cole even thou summer would be a better look but the label has better plans so all we can do is wait and see what happens and I wouldn't really care about sales right out the gate cuz of course his real fans will buy it n some late bangwagoners but the casual hip-hop fans who just buy the so called what's popular or what they here all the time on the radio music they won't buy his record unless he unfortunately makes a radio friendly song ie B.o.B.but as history proves classic music always outshines what's popular in the long run

  • foday b

    really anticpating cole world...might be album of the year

  • aroy dollar$

    check out my music Adrian Royston, known by the stage name aroy Dollar$ is an aspiring rapper out of South Central Los Angeles. He was born on January 2, 1992, making him now 18 years of age and primed to enter the industry. Dollar$ spent most of his young life on the hardwood, while in the background honing rap skills. He is a westcoast artist with a bit of an east-coast swagger. His first complete work, The Prequel (the pretape to the mixtape; Arrogantly Ignorant) debuted on April 7th, 2010 not the highest quality work but purposeful. He is now in the process of dropping his first mixtape Arrogantly Ignorant which will arrive sometime this summer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATfRULbFqrQ

  • wtfhappenedgame?310

    problem is dude is on 106 and park talkin about he aint got no features on the akbum.I gotta admit that dude is nice.Last rapper i remember to do some shit like that was Canibus.And then again just cause jay z gives the thumbs up dont make it a good album.He did that to Lupe Fiascos first album and it sold wood.smh

    • haha

      lupes album had 900,000 from the leak he remade the album and dropped it in a few months....im pretty sure thats not bad numbers

    • Love4thereal

      Lupe shit really did push gold my nigga Cole and Lupe the type of rappers that had to catch on w/ a lotta people 'cause them niggas came outta nowhere w/skills in a time where skills don't matter too much Not 2 me, of course, cause my 1st listen 2 both of them was an experience

    • HHFAN

      Food and Liquor is one of the best rap albums of the last 10 years.

    • D.D.410wutup

      Yeah Lupe's first album wasn't a huge hit..... Commercially. I still call that album a classic in my book. Food & Liquor will stand the test of time.

  • 2dope

    i think he can get hiphop back on its feet. i really think he would get lupe more attention. Pretty soon it will be him vs. lupe hopefully cuz i think theyre the nicest in the game. They are both nice lyrically i still think lupe is better but they also have that crowd pleasing sound to them.


    I did laugh when I saw he got the God's approval, but he is under his umbrella -- so... That's good though, I like J Cole.. I hope his debut is better produced then his mixtapes. I wanna see this kid blow up, and Drake flopped his debut in my opinion. So, good way to make some noise over Drake's loss. I know Drake had good numbers, but his production seriously lacked on his debut.. So fuck the numbers. I'm putting money on Cole's album being better.

  • MightyMike27

    A New MVP Of The Game. Move over Drake and Weezy, it's time for Real Hip Hop to take over once again. Maybe he'll make people open their eyes and dismiss this whole Young Money movement. Then Asher will come up, Cudi, Blu, Jay Electronica, Kanye's coming out with new shyt, Com.... Lupe and J.Cole will be at the top of the game. Young Money will be 6feetDeep... But that's a Perfect World. Too much ignorance in this Country for it to be that way. "Cole World" should be the name of the album, hellz yeah


    j.cole eclipse the majority of rappers careers with the warm up.. of course its a cole world.. the absence of heat.. the flames reside with j.cole.. he's crushed every opportunity to prove himself.. every day a star is born

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    yeah, u cum money dickridaz betta b scared now. u faggotz betta b lucky dat cole'z givin' u guyz a headz up warnin'. huricane cole iz gonna wipe cum money off there fuckin' feet and twirl them and flood them 2 death. so i sugest flake betta run back home 2 canada so hiz mommy can tuck him in wit hiz pink blanket and nickgay minaj-a-tois lock herself wit her lesbian barbie crew in a basment cuz diz iz gonna be a looooooooooong storm. all da otha background dancerz in cum money will b so clueless on wut 2 do that theyll just die in da storm. lil gayne won't even no wut hit him when he getz outta prison wit a bigger azzhole. cum money out, roc nation in BITCHEZ! it'z gonna b a cole world muthafuckaz!

  • reggietm103

    been waiting on this i think it going to be a classic like the mixtape.cole world will be better than that wack ass thank me later

  • ADP

    Cole World !!!!! True quality is bound to shine. Lets see if he can tight rope walk marketability and lyrical skill the way jay has for so long....

  • Bauce

    Gonna get this the day it comes out and I almost never say that about an album

  • FutureRapper

    YES. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS. So many good albums coming out. J. Cole finally coming out with his album. Its going to be so lyrical.

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