Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Big Sean To Drop Albums September 14?

Three G.O.O.D. artists may be dropping their highly-anticipated albums on the same day.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Big Sean may be dropping their respective albums on the same day - September 14.

The news came from Andre Harrell's Twitter account [@iamAndreHarrell], as the music executive wrote, "went to kanye['s] new soho [lair] to here [sic] his album,the college drop out has graduated n [sic] To full grown rap star. black strong .Sept 14 yazee!!!"

Minutes later, Harrell added that Cudi's follow-up to Man on the Moon would join Kanye's Good Ass Job in dropping on the aforementioned date. "I herd [sic] kid cudi modern abstract funky Moon man 2 album also due sept 14thHe's [sic] bringing funky groove music backHey ho! hey ho!"

Upcoming DXNext artist Big Sean later confirmed the release dates on his Twitter account [@Big_Sean], adding that his own album would drop as well.

"September 14, 2010 My album Finally Famous x Kanye West album Good Ass Job x Kid Cudi album Man on the Moon pt 2 RT #GOODMUSIC," wrote the young rapper.


  • gdsr

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  • Jody02JoSo

    Coppin all 3..Ye shyt should be great az expected..hope Cudi will rap a lil bit more otha den singin on his shyt but i still fuck wit em.. big sean shyt iz da sleeper outta da 3 his shyt could be da best if he keep workin.. but he need 2 drop dat FF mixtape tho...

  • FutureRapper

    Don't really listen to Big Sean (is he even good?). But I'll be buying Kid Cudi's and Kanye West's album.



  • William Munnerlyn

    imma buy all three...

  • JTG

    G.o.o.D Music!!!!!!!!! I'll be gettin all three albums.

  • dlp23602

    u don't drop three affiliated albums on the same day..Man Kanye and these label execs are morons!!



  • Gosp

    September 14 gonna be another bad day for real hiphop

    • juke

      What's with this "real hip hop" talk??? Hip Hop is Hip Hop, Sugar Hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five were two different sounds but yet they both helped put Hip Hop on the map. Since "Rapper's Delight" was a song to dance to it's not "real" hip hop? Hip Hop can be a message, a dance song, or integrate pop, funk, blues, and rock it doesn't matter.

  • 305ilovemia

    I Love M I A Music And Ent. Presents $WonDough$ No Image No Gimmicks Just Banging Ass Music Raw And Uncut http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia

  • Twinblades

    All be coppin that good ass job and man on the moon prt2. Also LMMFAO at the wiki comment!!

  • Megan fox lover

    Im chekin for Kanye west only, tho his album title (good ass job) could affect his sales. Its too cocky and inappropriate (there goes ur entire white-female fanbase) kid cudi is gay n i dont bump fag music. Big sean=illegal download music

    • nd

      cudi is the shit ur a fag and magan fox is a hore and cant act love that peace

    • r.pgh

      don't think it'll affect his sales much. Goes in the same format of College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation - after graduation you get a job. He got a good ass one.

  • Htt20

    They should make a tripple package, would probably help record sales for Big Sean considerably.. Big Sean is meh to me to, I have high hopes for Kanye's, will check Cudi, but he's a terrible rapper.. Hopefully he has worked on his flow.

  • aassda

    banks probably droppin september aswell!! HUNGER FOR MORE 2 bettr come out this year

  • Grizzle

    Who is Andre Harrell? He writes like a homosexual. Also, how long has Big Sean been signed to Kanye's label? He's just now dropping an album and Kudi is already about to release his softmore effort.

    • HoodGrown

      Andre Harrell ran Uptown Records which was responsible for acts like Mary J. Blidge, Jodeci, Boy 2 Men, etc. P. Diddy used to be an intern at Uptown Records until Harrell fired him and he went and started Bad Boy. He moved on to Motown and the unleashed this big advertising campaign that "Andre Harrell" was at Motown. Posters over all the Subways of NYC. Well he didn't produce any hits while he was there and was let go. Eventually Harrell wound up working for Puffy for a while. That's revenge for your ass. Having the boss who fired you working for you. He must have recently left Bad Boy...

    • Anon1

      Lmao @ the wikipedia comment. You ever heard of this rapper named Big L? Idk his wikipedia page is just a couple paragraphs longer than Andre Harrell so I guess he hasn't contributed much. I'd check him out though but like I said don't expect too much based on his wikipedia page. Same with some dude named DJ Premier and Jam Master Jay (who?!). And I stumbled on this dude named Just Blaze who has like 100 words on his. Some no name producer making his own page. Like my entire music catalog is based on the length of a rapper's wikipedia page. Get out of here my man!!!

    • Grizzle

      Nah son, I skimmed his wikipedia page and it was only like one paragraph. This nigga ain't done anything worth mentioning.

    • TruFan

      If You Don't Know Who Andre Harrell Is You Don't Know Hip-Hop. Diddy, Mary J, Jodeci, Craig Mack, Biggie.

  • joshchrome

    this would be the best day in history. my only issue is that 1. delays probably will probably throw this off and 2. most people are too stingy to buy three cd's in one day, might affect sales of one or all three

  • John Book

    Another day to go broke, but since this is hip-hop, one cay say "hey, we'll download the leak and never go broke again." Out of the three, I'm interested in hearing what Kanye has to offer, but will give an ear out for Kid Cudi's new one. I like the [sic] of Harrell's Twitter errors, BTW.

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