Drake Sued By Playboy

Drake is served papers from the house Hugh Hefner built - but why?

Lil Wayne isn't the only one in the Young Money camp with legal troubles, as Drake is now being sued by Playboy Enterprises.

According to misstilaomg.com, the suit accuses Drake, Cash Money, and Universal of Copyright Infringement. Specifically, the song sampled at the beginning of Drake's hit song, "Best I Ever Had," is allegedly property of Playboy Music, Inc. and Playboy Enterprises.

The song in question is "Fallin' In Love," by Hamilton, Joe Frank and Dennison/Reynolds. The suit claims that the defendants “knew or should have reasonably known, that the sound recording was protected by copyright…” and that “each Defendant continues to infringe upon Plaintiff’s rights in and to the copyrighted sound recording.”

The goal of the suit is to get the court to issue an injunction, which mean the defendants would be forced to stop selling/distributing the song, and to stop profiting from it. In addition, the Drake and the others would be required to account for all profits, gains and advantages made from the song, and pay costs and attorney's fees.

More on this as it develops.


  • Anonymous

    fuck shit bitch dick ass

  • K.T. The O

    Its ABOUT TIME somebody started calling them. Young Money has made a LARGE PORTION of their money, from jacking beats, jacking verses, and other BS. All I can say is "About Time..." NOW KEEP IT COMING!

  • ShortFuse_BKS1Radio

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  • Smooth Thompson

    Play - Go Sell gala for Mortuary

  • RIOT

    I keep hearing over and over again that YM dont have their business straight. Jackin producers for beats, Fail to clear samples, artist dont get paid, dad accounting! Thats how u shoot urself in the knee in this business. See how Playboy will rape Drake for all money made off Best I ever had! They shouldve cleared it as soon they made the first dime off it!

  • Crate Mayne

    y'all are funkin retarded defending Drake lol...Y'all actin like you got money snatched from you. It's how business works and if you aren't playin by the rules, you lost. If the sample was cleared they could have worked a deal for 5% (etc) royalties for the sample...But since they didn't clear it...UH OH Playboy jackin for full 100% now. Imagine playin the song knowin full well you ain't gettin shiiiit from it haha Gay Money! I love it how average rappers are praised as gods nowadays

  • Rusty Scars

    hell yea get it P.B....easy money..thank god for complete fuckin morons

  • reeL Talk

    for those who have never heard the intro, it was a simple flip of the sample. Here is the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap4WjizDpx4 So it was an EASY find. It's a blow to Drake but a BIGGER blow to Boi1da. ESPECIALLY if he dun went and got a pub deal and all kinds of money from "owning" the publishing. Boi1da could get sued by his OWN PUB company doe falsely claiming to own the rights to a song and excepting a deal, advance. Thats IF he has a pub deal.

  • Nate dawg

    Damn people need to smarten the fuck up and start clearing their samples

  • rickreserve

    the music industry is a cold game.its fucked up cause he just getin his feet wet and all of a sudden a powerhouse company like playboy hits you with a suit.And the shit doesnt go away cause its like a domino affect one comes then the other ones come out the wood works,talkin about what u stole or what not.if this man was low level rappin, little to no fame you wouldnt hear about it.but hes making a name for his self in the entertainment industry,this shit wont be the last.niggas been comin at top selling artist for years based of the fact of were the single or album sits at on the charts or how much it sold.in most cases if not all they have every right to benefit from the music that they licensed.i dont think drake can be upset cause he should of did his home work,but this is like the third time i heard a story about drake in this kind of fashion over the last couple months.good rapper,making good money,seems like a ok dude.but he should just step his homework about music game up lol.

  • Toronto1987

    big blow to the bankroll!!!!!!!!! Musical Arrangements http://www.soundclick.com/mystifyingdiverseley

  • ShowTimeNY

    There getting sued for the intro to the beat..Thats what it sound like to me.

  • cvghdfghdf

    wow could Drake really have never cleared this sample? How is that possible?

  • angeldep

    Well he could've said it was released on a mixtape and not a commercial album but he went and created that EP and added the song as a bonus track to Thank Me Later in some countries. If anything, the producer should be liable here.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    damn, cum money/trash money iz havin' bad luck left and right. 1st, lil gayne getz sued 4 he'z so sweet i wanna lick da rappa and mr. officer and then flake getz sued for best dick i eva had. notice da trend? there all gay songz. playboy'z suin' flake cuz they ain't down wit gayz. dat'z da real reason there suin' flake'z pussy azz. next up, nickgay minaj-a-tois iz gonna get sued 4 1 of her lesbian wet dream songz. cum money shuld've gotten it by now. NO MORE GAY PORN MUSIC! FUCK CUM MONEY!

  • QwarterZ

    Drake did sell Best I Ever Had on his RE-RELEASE of So Far Gone with a majority of the album cut, either way take it how you want.....

  • ReallyDoe

    this is actually kinda pointless. best i ever had has been out for a while & now there's suddenly a lawsuit after drake finally releases an album (which doesnt even have that song on there lol). The song was on a FREE mixtape so the profits from that r nonexistent. the only profits that he did get were from radio play & shows that he performed. He wouldve been doing tours/performances anyway & radio stations basically get to choose what they wanna play so that song isnt a big factor. If drake's smart, he'll jus settle outside of court bcuz a trial will b a waste of time

    • ReallyDoe

      @Sepa: it def didnt start out as an album; maybe the ppl that caught on late had to pay but i damn sure got it as a free mixtape. Hence drake's line in forever; dropped a mixtape, that shit sounded like an album. It was album quality due to the fact that the songs were mastered but all in all, it was made as a mixtape. @Pugz: that's pretty interesting that they did that in Australia bcuz that song's really old in the US lol @Reel Talk: I didnt kno it was released commercially but in my opinion, whoever bought it is a sucker bcuz me & everyone i kno got it for free. The only mixtapes (yes i said MIXTAPE again lmao) that i kno drake made money off of were the autographed ones that he sold on octobersveryown.com. So i guess im wrong & he released So Far Gone as an EP but if that's the case, where's Kanye in all of this bcuz drake used the Say you will instrumental completely? O & im sure it would take a lot mor than 100,000 to pay off hef cuz his old ass is the ultimate pimp hahahaa

    • reeL Talk

      What are you talking about. So Far Gone was released COMMERCIALLY in America and to date has sold around 450,000 copies. In addition to that, it has officially charted again since he released his new album. So it is about to be a GOLD album. The term is EP. And it's not pointless. If YOU or ME take "Successful" and sample it then sell 500,000 copies, please believe that Drake and his lawyers are coming for us as well. At the end of the day, someone dropped the ball by not clearing that sample. I just hope Boi1da did'nt lie and say that it wasn't a sample, LOL. I find it hard to believe that Drake didn't have that song cleared. If thats the case, guess what? ALL of that publishing money PLUS damages are going to be collected. And since the owner of the copyright is PLAYBOY (for some reason) this is NOT a good look. A no-name producer may take a $100,000 settlement. Playboy is about to collect MILLIONS!!!

    • PUGZ

      i don't know about in the US or other countries but in Australia best i ever had is featured as a bonus track on the album so there you go.

    • SEPA


  • gdsr

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  • nastynas4life

    id rather see chicks showing off their tits and pussies on a magazine than having to hear that gay ass fake drake sing. FUCK GAY MONEY!!!

    • coachpeter

      uhh... fuckin hopefully nigga what tha fuck? you sound gay as shit. and fuck drake and cash money and birdman and weezy and all that shit. fuck what hip hop has become. Less drake, more DOOM. end of fuckin story.

  • zackg

    Its funny as hell that they waited so long to sue only so long as the profits continued to grow. If they were really worried they wouldve sued a minute ago but they get some real money now.

  • D3ent

    Who cares about playboy ????? Who still cops these mags the Internet has made playboy useless now???? Why look at playboy to get off when I can watch a 30 men on 1 girl Gangbang on the net ?? And brazil Fart Porn ? And Asian cartoon vomit porn

  • caligreen805

    lol. fuck drake!! seems lik everyone now a days is violating copyirhgt laws. or stealign some shit.

  • 305ilovemia

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  • problemz327

    Fair is fair..if u sample something u should credit the original writers and producers...u acting like hefner produced the song they sampled..it was other struggling musicians...and cash money got a history of jerking artists and not paying royalties and jerking producers..dudes on here act like they protecting their wifeys when they talk about Drake..calm the fuck down...smh...

  • Dj NZA

    honoustly FUCK Playboy and hugh hef

    • fuck dj nzutts

      u r a true piece of shit asshole

    • S-K-I

      eww Nigga you gay....fuck Drake ill take Titties over Drake any day. If the nigga sampled and didn't pay...then he needs to...heres another boondocks quote "pay what he owe"

  • Guttaque

    I'm going to tell you why this shit is stupid...that lil sample Playboy sueing for only lasted 10 seconds...nigga didn't take an entire song...that lil sample doesn't make the song...and if I'm not mistaking, that shit first came out on a mixtape...niggaz don't make money off mixtapes like that...that shit is just free music used for promotion...I'm like KahSoBarz, that shit really been out for bout 2 years now, so then comes the lawsuit...let that lil nigga eat...he might not be your cup of tea but look at the real rappers in the game that are still relevant...Eminem, Bone, Jadakiss, Bun B, I can name many many more, but they not puttin shit out on a consistent basis so you better do like me and play the old shit and just club to the new shit...

  • Mylie

    why is hip hop dx posting news on this corny dude everyday. smh

  • KahsoBarZ

    How long that track came out nd been doin numbers now da album drop and all of a sudden "I want whats owed to me" gtfoh

    • limpdicc

      CO-SIGN! He should pay what he owes the owners of the original track, but why now they want to paid, the song is a year old. its not even played much anymore!

    • MalcolmEcks

      It's cuz you don't sue someone if it's not a hit man. Think. If it's not gonna pay your lawyer it's not worth it to sue.

    • youmakenosense

      here is what you fail to realize. it doesn't make sense to sue right away. if they did that, there is no money to be made off it. now they get a big payday. besides drake stole 'forever' from kardinal official.drake has no talent. he cant sing without autotune and if it wasnt for his tv show in canada and his father who was in the industry, drake would not exist in hip-pop. not hate. just facts. and 'doin numbers' is not what i would call it. real hip-hop fans don't buy drake albums. 12 year old girls do. i grew up with boot camp clik, wu, redman, epmd, and big. your generation should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Bobby Ray

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  • tek

    LOL you know that if your getting sued by playboy that means they have a case,

  • bobby flay

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  • emril

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  • Twinblades

    Alright man I love comin on hiphopdx and seeing news about rappers gettin sued!

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    niggaz when lil wayne! comes out he'll kill all these playboy niggaz,damn couple of monthes that's all it takes..... drake is a peaceful warrior he doesn't wanna use violence against these soft ass playboy he watches em as bitchz..... but lil wayne! as the leader of bloods he can't have these kind of emotions he'll kill all dem wack playboy fags one by one.... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters....

    • SeanySean

      @lilwayneisafag, don't wish death upon Lil Wayne, no matter how much you may dislike him, wishing him dead is wrong. Besides if Lil Wayne were to die today, all these dick riders would be claiming he's the best ever. Lil Wayne doesn't deserve the title of best anything.

    • lilwayneisafag

      lil wayne is a fag some1 shld kill tht nigga fa real need to keep kissin his man baby an stop makin cds

    • Maniac85

      Lil Shame? G.O.A.T?????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, I have not laughed like that ever since some 1 told me that Souljas Toy was G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!! Handy, take that nigga asshole out ya mouth and stop playing wit that niggas balls. U is a dick licking faggot who loves the attention.

    • SeanySean

      LMAO, your post is full of fail. Lil Wayne greatest of all time, not even close. Lil Wayne sucks.

    • Rapfan

      Blood please wayne was fed with a silver spoon and we only hate him cause he is fake just like drake

    • foodstamp313

      Lil Wayne, leader of the bloods? lmao...that lil prick been in a recording studio since he was 12, and before that chedda bob shootin' himself in his momma's crib...you fuckin' clown...

  • TKB

    Just like crabs in the bucket. NEXT!

  • 305ilovemia

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  • freshyboi

    LA the Darkman samples the same song, i hear it on Aphilliates radio every week but cant find it on the net, anyone know the name?

  • GOtcha!oohOH

    Also remember, it was rinced on radio=royalties. Sold on itunes etc. More than likely Playboy wants some of that change broken off.

  • first post

    man, to much B*tch shit happening to artists now days... everyone wants to gain from others success... CREATE YOUR OWN


    yo wtf best I ever had was a mixtape single right? the nigga didn't even ink a deal when he made that, and wasn't that prod. by boi1da?

    • I_Am_Beast

      Right, Playboy's suit is against the retail version of So Far Gone and the profits made in regards to the song's placement on that disc, as well as the music video. Up until then it didn't matter. You really think Hugh Hefner knows a goddamn thing about Hip-Hop or how mixtapes work??? FUCK NO! He's 1,000 years old. One of his lawyers stumbled across the EP or the music video somehow and brought it to The Cryptkeeper's attention

    • Micah!

      it was mixtape till they dropped the mixtape as a album

  • Micah!

    yeah its very clear that part is a directly from "fallin in love" time to pay up

  • RedontheMP

    Damn I thought Young Money cleared that sample. I mean it's not like that song isn't well known or popular. You sample a famous tune they way they did and you're probably gonna get sued. Unless you flip it on some "I gotta listen to this upside down to hear the sample source" shit.

    • YEP YEP

      At that point, what's the reason to even sample something? A huge part of sampling is done cause the tune has a nostalgic connect to the listener. Obviously not all the time, but many times the samples are very recognizable.. If you gonna jack a sample and make it totally unknown what's the point of doing it? You're just making yourself a target for a lawsuit and nobody even knows you sampled the track, lose-lose situation.

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