Kanye West Sued For Stealing "Stronger"

Kanye West is accused for stealing one of the biggest hits of his career.

Rapper Kanye West now has more to worry about than just being sued by Suge Knight: the rapper now faces a suit that alleges he stole the lyrics from his 2007 hit single, "Stronger."

According to myfoxchicago.com, Virginia rapper Vincent "Vince P." Peters claims that he sent a copy of his version of "Stronger" to  John Monopoly, West's manager, in hopes that Monopoly would be an executive producer on his project.

Seven months later, West released his single, "Stronger," on his album Graduation. Meanwhile, Peters' record deal fell through.

The suit alleges that West's verison “copies significant and important parts of Peters’ lyrics identically or almost identically."

Both versions use the phrases, “that which does not kill me makes me stronger,” “can’t wait much longer,” the corrupted word "wronger," and reference to Kate Moss.

Defendants named in the suit are Roc-a-fella Records, a New York record label and UMG Recordings. The suit clames one count of copyright infringement, and asks that West and the record labels be prohibited from selling, distributing or performing the allegedly copyrighted song, and that they destroy all copies they have of the single. The suit also seeks an unspecified amount in damages.

More on this as it develops.


  • Micah Mickles

    song was dope. but i would be pissed if he bit something of mine and didnt attribute my name or anything. you all would be too.

  • Gabby Flo-res

    fuck that shit!! Kanye rocked that shit "stronger"!! only reason dude's shit fell threw is cuz kanye did it better!((:


    i loved that beat shit hit hard

  • Draztik99

    @the51zer0 DUDE you way too emotional, that was a joke! of course i cant sue for that, anyway what im saying is if you look at music that people stole from artists in era of early black rock and roll/ blues whatever, years went by but the artists still sued, Fat boys sued Beach boys, even Metallica got sued a couple of million for music they took from way back. Now "Statue of limitations" is debatable with music, as is proven with previous copyright music law suits. think about it. If for instance we apply "Statue of Limitations" as an example where in some cases in other poorer countries Sometimes you have a guy who writes a song, doesnt understand the legal business and someone steals their song and exploits it. 50 years you see cases where people sue and win!! you gotta look at all the facts circumstances surrounding this case, right now most of this is just speculation!!

  • Asafo (Warrior Scholar) Ahmad

    lol do any of yall even know the process of suing someone? Cause it sure doesn't seem like it with this "it took him three years so he must be lyin" shit.

  • Kolw

    Why is this nigga taking this long to sue? three YEARS? How can you defend Three years, Stronger wasn't some bullshit single that after alot of advertisements took a while for people to get into, shit had like millions of views after ONE year.probably less than that. Kanye's about to have 2 albums since then lmao who is this clown. I'm not denying that maybe 'Ye heard it and was like, "yo i could sample daft punk too but in a diff. way" but let's be real, i mean look at the lyrics ye allegedly "stole" SMH atleast give something distinct.

  • HtM_Exclusive

    I believe he stole dude's song - it aint the first time he pulled this type of shit. Check "Never Change" by Payroll... Kanye sold the same exact beat to Jay-Z knowing full well it was supposed to be Payroll's single, and then had the balls to rap the got damn hook word for word like he was the one who wrote it. If he can do some shit like that to a nigga from his own hood, then I'm quite sure he'd do it Vince fucking P with no hesitation.

    • STFU

      STFU Ali, and read what he said you dumbass. He said he originally did it for Payroll, and THEN sold the same beat to Jay-Z. KILL YOURSELF!

    • Ali

      Fuckin idiot. Kanye produced that song for Payroll himself. Then he decided to sell it to Payroll. He didn't jack the idea he produced the original. Find your facts.

  • C-Arson

    If this guy isn't lying then Kanye should throw him a million. Hell he paid Amber Rose like fucking 10!

  • JGrizzlie

    has this guy been in a hole wit Osama? i mean damn homie....if it was yours for real you woulda sued a long ass time ago, this dude is a clown

    • Fantastic

      No it takes about 2 or 3 years for the "suing" process to complete, you have the internet...use it, ignorant fools.

    • sonik420

      Please do a little research on the legal process and how lengthy of a time it takes to get an actual lawsuit through the system. It takes very long and like someone said before lawyers wait longer because the more money the song makes over that time the more damages they can sue for. You only sound very ignorant saying that just because it took him three years to sue means he must be lying...please educate yourselves internet world...its all at your finger tips and you still don't know what your talking about...

    • DR Jam

      I agree with JGrizzlie, anybody that takes this long t sue is getting no sympathy from me, at all.

    • Huey

      not necessarily...lawyers will wait a two or three years. they'll get more money...

  • ekhem

    who the fack is Vince P? never heard of him. This guy just want to get money from Kanye, in fact only Daft Punk have the right to sue anybody



  • bashhh

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  • Avramel

    like kanye would need some wack-ass rapper to write his lyrics... seriously, in america, everybody sues everybody for anything...

    • Its envy

      "MF DOOM" - you're an idiot, Kanye didn't "steal" the song from daft punk, it's called sampling.

    • mf doom

      too bad he basically stole that whole song from daft punk anyway i wouldnt be suprised if janye ripped off a rip off haahahaha


    Vince P who the fuck is this that nigga just wake up from a 3 years sleep i mean youre nowhere and everybody talk the same language so if a nigga said a word probably you will heard 30 more nigga use the same word fuckin asshole just die slowly please

  • DefJeff

    You guys are missing the main point. He sent his copy to Kanye's producer. If somebody randomly thought of the same lines that Kanye did that is a different story. However this guy sent Kanye his song.... and Kanye makes an almost identical song. The kate Moss reference is also big, becuase people do not reference her in every song lol. However even though I do think that he stole the song idea, because he is greedy... very talented...but greedy.... I do not think this guy will win the case.

  • Micah!

    I mean if he felt like he stole it then he should sue, 3 years or 10 years it doesnt matter, drake gettin sued for the sampling on best i ever had, its up to the judge now. personally i dont think its that far-fetched for this to happen

  • adrienne23

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  • bloghappy

    For all the people defending this, did you actually read the two lines that they are complaining to be "stolen"? "that which does not kill me makes me stronger" "can't wait much longer" Dude has no case whatsoever.

  • Philly CeLeB

    I would wait too and see how much money it generates n then take my cut. If he did it when the single dropped b4 the cd came out then the only thing he could of done was file a suit to get it taken off of the graduation n theres no money in that lol

  • Dj NZA

    what cheap asses... pay the guy his damn royalties.. u rich as a mo-fucker anyways

  • jamezy

    hey suge get yo head checked. why do you sue yeezy 3 years later if he really did stole the lyrics. youre just jealous cause youre a broke ass rapper.

  • Draztik99

    If you stole some shit 3 YEARS AGO, you still stole some shit!!!! time dont change what you did!!! so if it only came out now so what!!! he can get compensation for it!!! ei (slavery, we still want compensation 400 years later!) i'm filing a law suit right now!!!

    • sonik420

      To Franco... Statute of Limitations refers to criminal court, its called "periods of prescription" in civil court, which is where lawsuits are held...once again someone trying to sound smart when they are not...sad

    • SuperDopetastic

      to a reply to this.cases don't just happen in a an instant,they take a couple years to actually go to court.

    • doughboi89

      he wants compensation for some shit that he did. aint no way we can get compensation for some shit our great great great great grandparents did homie. now if i actually was a slave and still alive then yea i culd understand gettin compensation.

    • the51zer0

      Are you stupid? First off, it's i.e. not ei, second slavery was conducted in a different time, with a different generation of people, why should someone's great great grandson have to pay your ignorant ass for something his great great grandfather did 200+ years ago? You didn't go through any of the repercussions due to slavery so stop pretending you did. You make the people who were in slavery cry in heaven.

    • franco

      Waiting 3 years makes people question your motives and the actual seriousness of the alleged crime. If it was truly that serious to you you would have dealt with it in a timely manner... not hung around for 3 years. Again that makes people question your motives. That's why there is such a thing as "Statute of limitations" look it up.

  • Draztik99

    If you stole some shit 3 YEARS AGO, you still stole some shit!!!! time dont change what you did!!! so if it only came out now so what!!! he can get compensation for it!!! ei (slavery, we still want compensation 400 years later!) i'm filing a law suit right now!!!

    • ballzmalone

      okay well go sue your ancestors cuz they the ones that sold u to the white man...even some wealthy black ppl owned slaves back then...smh...yall need to get ya history right.

  • Megan fox lover

    I also write songs. So should i sue every artist with the words "baby i love you" "youre the only one" ...and a Halle Berry reference?

  • Twinblades

    This is the deffintion of bullshit like realy this nigga gonna sue after all this time?! Look if I was in his place yeah I'd sue but what would it get me a few thou? The nigga will most likly blow the money at a gay strip club anyway. Maybe the guys dope but stuff like this is a bitch move. I expect this from a woman not a dude just sayin....

  • 112

    Obviously this dude had realized he ain't gone be shit and wants to get some publicity and attempt to get some money out of kanye GTFO no one believes this fake ass crapper

  • Jammie

    If that man's allegations are indeed true, it is possible that he delayed litigation to see how much "Stronger" was capable of generating. This is because the payout is likely to be much greater than if he had complained early on. Three yeas later, the song has generated massive worldwide airplay and has been sold across the board for multiple uses in the media. If this is the case, and that man actually wins in court...mission accomplished! Conversly, what I would have done is demanded that my name be added to "stronger's" writing credit. If that man were to have done this, he would be sitting on millions as we speak! But.he did not. Can't wait to hear more regarding this!

  • heree

    hope the dude gets a big pay check for this shit.. artist pull this stunt all the time stealing other peoples shit!!!! LLOYD BANKS IS A REAL ARTIST CHECK HIS NEW TRACK ANY GIRL FEAT LLOYD hot banger

  • Dub_Es

    so...why did it take three years for this guy to trying suing 'Ye? has been living under a rock for that time? get the fuck outta here

  • tha620hawk

    Honestly though, who cares? Kayne sucks now. He went so commercial that even Justin Beiber is lookin underground. This guy Vince P wants credit for a track that was lame to begin with? I know it made alot of money, but come on man. Hip hop is going to a bad direction because of shit like this. Everyone has a lawsuit, and it's not about helping out one another anymore to make good music. It's about me me me me. It's sad I tell you.

  • 305ilovemia

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  • guddaguddaburga

    ....and a Kate Moss reference. I love HHDX. Its the Coldplay-Joe Satriani lawsuit all over again.

  • Ed0n

    I'm sick of Suge Knight. Why everybody is fucking scared of that fat motherfucker? That fat fuck didn't have nothing else to do but just to sue Kanye over stupid shit. I mean, c'mon man. That's whack as hell. You need another Ferrari or Lambo? Get a fucking job you dumbfuck!!

  • ben frank

    there is a video of him makin the beat on youtube

  • reeL Talk

    Yo i see why Hip Hop is in the state that it's in. Its not JUST the fake artists. It's also the IDIOT fans. EVERYTIME there is a story about someone getting sued for STEALING, DUMB fans like some of yall make comments like, "why he wait so long" or "dude just hating", yata yata yata. That just shows how much an an IDIOT you are. You dont sue AS SOON as you realized that you got got. You try and reach out and at least make something happen. You try to contact their people and get credit, compensation, etc. That usually takes a MINUTE once you get jerked around. And then once you find a lawyer to take your case, you have to build a case. And THAT takes time as well. And most importantly, you have to be suing for something. You cant just sue if someone steals your song. They have to make income on it. THATS the def of copyright infringement. So why would you sue ASAP and get NOTHING. Why the heck would I do KANYE a favor and sue him as soon as the song drops when he STOLE IT from me? Nah, Im going to build my case and get ALL that I can. If yall cant understand that, then you are just sorry. Yall more interested in insulting the person who got got and not the person who took advantage of a ca just trying to get out there. SMH.

    • fodadough

      Reel Talk is pretty much right. It takes a whillle for this type of stuff to happen. Yall must understand that out legal system takes forever to get anything done. Also, it is advisable to not speak on a case till you have everything completely figured out.

    • 12willy

      Do you know for a FACT that he stole the song? Common lyrics happen all the time. It's part of the music industry. That being said. If IIIIIIIII was stolen from... I would want it to be known IMMEDIATELY! Not 3 years down the road. It's OBVIOUS that the dude is after money. Because he couldn't make it on his own merit.

    • Jay Jay 2001

      Sir I shake my head at you, yeah so if someone stole your song (well its really more so a couple of "common' lyrics that you can probably find in any other song) wouldn't you let it be known to people that this is person stole your lyrics, you don't need file a law suit for that. Put that shit youtube or something to at least provide a convincing argument for yourself and no it doesn't take three years to do that! I'm not a kanye dickrider but according your facts, why would it take that long when kanye has pretty much successful career? And I have to say those lyrics are too common to sue over, that like me suing BECK because I wrote a song with words "I'm a loser baby, why don't kill me",there probably a ton of songs with lyrics like that, its fucking stupid!

  • WTF

    Hope that shit's not true!! Just imagine if 50 had known that back when they clashed sales might have gone the other way....well maybe!!

  • UltraKid

    Plus Daft Punk sample themselves plus at least Kanye is more creative with his samples.

  • UltraKid

    You guys know that Daft Punk let Kanye sample their song plus Busy P recommeded the song to Kanye plus the actors from Electroma who played Daft Punk are in the video for Stronger plus Kanye perfomed the song with Daft Punk at the Grammys.

  • gdsr

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  • Piffnagle

    "prohibited from selling, distributing or performing the allegedly copyrighted song, and that they destroy all copies they have of the single." So... do I need to pay this guy when I sing it also? Nietzche is spinning in his grave over this shiz.

  • Stop Hatin

    brizza ur stupid and kanye is not a lil bitch u are, so stop googling kanye and get off his nuts he wud beat ur @ss



  • B-reezy

    homie shut the fuck up....kanye aint stealing nothing but the mic from taylor swifts hands, thats it

  • Cuzzin Pete

    Virginia niggaz got that talent mane. Yeah it's a lil late in the game but Ye' done made all tha money he could off of that song so he's lookin 2 cash in big (which makes sense). DMV Niggaz are the most known unknown talenteers in the game and alwayz have been... timbaland, jodeci, missy, skillz, clipse, the neptunes, ginuwine, wale, chrissette michelle, backyard band, and so on. Y'all be sleep but wide awoke jammin at tha same time.

    • Cuzzin Pete

      nigga, the nigga Chris Brown from VA. I'm tellin' u, we got all the talent in the DMV. Hell, that nigga BossMan might make it big too.

    • Cuzzin Pete

      The nigga DeVante Swing is from Hampton (and of course his brother) and I think we all know about the nigga DeVante. Some niggaz swear they know everything mane, it's crazy. VA niggaz made/make some of the best music known to the world, FACT.

    • MarloW.

      The Sean W Nigga Need To Shut The Fuck Up When He Dont Know What The Fuck He Talkin About

    • Cuzzin Pete

      wow... two of them niggaz from Jodeci is from Hampton http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jodeci now go shoot urself in the ear.

    • jpilk293

      he said dmv...wales from the dmv

    • sean w

      Wale is from Washington DC...Jodeci is from one of the Carolina states....now that you stand corrected go get yourself a shot of Pine Sol and chase it with Clorox and Sprite...fuckin retard.

  • flyer31

    Okay, it took him 3 years to file a suit. 3 YEARS?! GTFO!

    • reeL Talk

      If you sue him as soon as the song comes out, what are you suing for? Yall are stupid. You are SUPPOSED to sue when there is something to recover. Also, the lawsuit is the LAST resort. How do yall know that dude wasnt trying to contact, negotiate SOMETHING for the last few years and finally had to sue. The FIRST thing you do when you get got is try to work something out. After they ignore you or egg you on, YOU SUE! Until yall know what it feels like to get stolen from, you need to go sit down somewhere.

    • MookBibbs

      No bullshit why niggas wanna wait to somebody at their prime to try and take 'em down...

  • INOA

    Judge dismissin earllyyyy

    • Mike Loves Music

      Judge won't dismiss it the altered word 'wronger' along with the Kate Moss reference raise this beyond simply being two people thinking about the same topic...the lyrics are novel and unique enough to warrant a trial.

  • 305ilovemia

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  • SDRider

    LOL. If anyone should sue it's Daft Punk,, co-sign brizza

  • brizza

    if anything, Daft Punk should sue THIS guy

  • smithparker

    just now going to sue him he probabbly lying

    • DREAM ON

      this ass-hole is definately just trying ta get some money out of him. and to the other guys, HE GOT THEIR PERMISSION TO SAMPLE THEIR SONG.

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