Dr. Dre Says Detox Coming, "Under Pressure" Unfinished

Dr. Dre talks his long-awaited album, and its most recent leaked track.

In a recent, brief video interview with Hard Knock Television, Dr. Dre spoke about his upcoming project, Detox, and its much-discussed leaked track, "Under Pressure."

Dre, who was interviewed at the 23rd ASCAP Awards, spoke on his oft-delayed album. "Absolutely, I'm leaving this event and heading right to the studio. I'm getting it crackin' and trying to put it out by the end of the fall. I'm trying to give everyone what they've been waiting for and make sure they're not disappointed. This it, that's all I'm doing."

Dre then spoke on "Under Pressue," which was met with lukewarm reception. "[The leaked 'Under Pressure' was] absolutely not [real]," said Dre of the cut, which features Jay-Z.

Dre went on to describe the leak's shortcomings, and the internet's impact on music security. "I didn't get a chance to finish the record, the vocals are real rough, it's not blended right and there's not even a hook on the song. It's not done, the music's not done, it's just one of those things we have to deal with today in this business because of technology and all of that. It's real easy for somebody to steal your shit so what can you do?"



  • Conversation Chamber

    Not interested anymore. Murmerings of this album go back to 2001; who the hell takes a damn decade to complete an album of 10-14 songs. Detox should have been followed up by two or three albums by now. Dre works at a snails pace. If that album ever does see the light of day, I wouldn't be at all surprised if it underperformed commercially. Strike while the iron is HOT. The buzz is gone.

  • connect macbook to tv

    you know he's slow when new futurama episodes air between his album releases.

  • aKa 213 O.G

    Dre said on TV! the song was ready to come out in like 2 weeks. two MONTHS later it is still not finished????? Stop bitching Dre!!!! AND CHECK IT - NO NATE, NO G-FUNK ON THAT ALBUM!!

  • johnblaze1234232

    I have a better idea for Detox. How about Dre becomes a man and releases a 20 disc super album of all the potentially banging tracks (culled down from the 750+ he has reportedly created) and just retire on that note. According to wikipedia here is a list of all the people who have been linked to Detox since it's original intended release year of 2002: 50 cent, Ice Cube, Snoop, Drake, Boi-1da, ludacris, T.I, lil wayne, jay-z, nas, redman, kokane, Game, Lloyd Banks, Knoc-turn'al, Nate Dogg, Devin, Busta Rhymes, Warren G, fergie, Lady Gaga, Ashanti, Common, Raekwon, R.Kelly, eminem, bishop lamont, DJ Quik. That's half the fucken industry. I wish someone fucken kidnaps all his kids and his wife and demands the masters to every single track he's made for Detox and all the other artists he's shelved and then leaks it all on the net and blows Dre's head off.

    • johnblaze1234232

      Yeah you're right I have no life plus I'm maniacal. No need to bet homie.

    • DUBB PK

      Wow, you need to release some of that built up stress dude. If a fuckin album gets you this worked up you must have real fuckin issues or no life. I'm betting on the no life bit...

  • Jack Dha Ripper

    detox 2020

  • GDSR

    He shouldnt even call it DetoX, he should call it Chronic 2012

    • RushRecklezz

      Em drops Relapse and now Recovery, Dre's album is Detox. Im sensing a trend. The album will drop within a year. We were complaining about the gap btwn the Chronic and Chronic 2001. The album will be good, I'm sure.

  • smuggler

    yo this detox album better be the shit we real hip hop fan's out hear been wating for this album for a long ass time and when i heard under pressure it was shit it sound like something lil weezy would trash so when he drop's the album ill listen to it first befor i go out and waste any of my money on that shit oh yeah fuck handy weezy aint shit son

  • edubb1977


  • tu_madre

    If dre was a real dr. his patients would have died a long ass time ago!!!

  • kdmfsl

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  • BrianSen

    all you haters gotta realize that this man has put out mad beats within the past 2 years, all while dealing with the death of his son. Do you even realize how hard it has to be for this guy? I don't think anyone can blame him for a delay with that happening...he wants to make it perfect and it will be, the fuckin chronic and chronic 2000 all have songs that still play in clubs to this day...how many albums from 10 years ago are still being bumped in clubs today? ill wait. the man has proven he can do it for a long time now, and he'll do it again.

  • dalai lama

    Seriously, I have been supporting Dre so far but this has gone on too far. There was a time when people saying that "you will cop the album when it drops anyway" would have worked. But not anymore. The anticipation level is just too high now. And Dre has NOONE to blame but himself. He has gone out on numerous occassions and said "detox is coming". He said it at the MTV VMA 2007 and said it so many times before and since. Dre should just release it and move on. You did not see him make a big fuss about the Aftermath album after it bombed. He went on and made 2001. The more he builds up this album, the harder it may fall. Honestly, Dre would have to come up with an album that has songs like Gin and Juice, California Love, Nothin but a G Thang, Deep Cover, Still Dre, Forgot about Dre, Li'l Ghetto Boy, Let Me Ride, In Da Club, Family Affairs and so on. Now do you really expect Dre to drop sa even two tracks as good as the ones named above? Dr. Dre. You have noone to blame but yourself.

  • J-FAB

    all I gotta say is that when u been promisin an album for about 10 years now, it better be hot wit all that time to work on it. I had high expectations for this album but when I heard him and Jay on a track I was a lil skeptical cuz I knew that it would turn out to be a pop club record. Sure enough it is, so im gunna guarantee this dont live up to the hype. Even eminems new album isnt all that hot and I dont care about record sales because he is eminem and can sell diareah wrapped in plastic. If lil wayne or drake or rihanna is on this album its gunna suck. If he gets cube, game, xibit, or snoop on deck then it should be hot. The minute I see a rap pop artist like lil wayne on this shit, then i aint even gunna give a listen. Dre needs to bring it back to the streets and stay off the club, and female records because its a cop out....

  • trilly-

    its been pushed back way toooooo much> people will hate on it for any reason.

  • curbstompa

    Detox cannot live up the the hype/expectations. it just can't. impossible.

  • cleezy

    i dont even care when it comes out.. it was supposed to come out 5 falls ago and every summer and spring in between. i have no respect for an artist who doesnt give his fans music, and then calls himself the greatest.. when his competition is guys who put out 8 9 albums when it takes him 10 years to put out one. i wont buy it or supprt him when it comes out

  • w4r

    yeah and he also forgot to actually make it hiphop and put that G-funk touch on it... If its from Dre and aint G-Funk then its trash.

  • adrienne23

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  • Dab

    How to explain Detox in two word: Posthumous Album

  • Chivz 86'em

    As for the Delays - I'd put that down to getting the right mix together - now u may think he's spent the last 8 years or whatever trying to do this but give the man a break has he not been putting bangers out all that time anyway, so i say wait don't get pissed off about it - just be happy when it does come - As for the early leak of under pressure if that's not a sign of something on the way - then i'll be a monkeys uncle.

  • brizza

    Show me and I'll believe you.

  • Twinblades

    Oh oh god!! Honey it's finaly here!!!! ( Gose to nearest book store with wife. Look detox is here and we only had to wait three decades. Yeahhhhhh!!

  • The.Watcher

    Fuck Detox, I gave up on that shit 2 years ago.

  • Fuck Detox

    Detox is stil being worked on? Fuck nigga what kind of wack ass dr. are you?

    • YupSon

      Co Sign. Dre talks like the spot light is still on him. I dont give a fuck anymore when detox is coming out. Everytime Dre opens his mouth about Detox, garbage comes out. What, huh? Maybe probably possibly hopefully by the end of the fall? Putting the final touches on Detox- for reals this time. Yea its about to probably come out. But he needs to ask his dad the coke head Jimmy Iovine when its ok to release it.. And he will say put it out in time for christmas... thats if enough niggaz have sent in finished verses for dre to rap

  • Cuzzin Pete

    Detox 2016. He'll put it out when Barack is leaving office so he can help inspire and pursuade voters for the next President.

  • heree

    dre doesnt write none of his shit n doesnt produce none of his shit its a fact!!!!! n after hearing under pressure finished or not that was trash! this album wont be up to the chronic cause dre gonna put lames all on the album...

  • Powernupe

    This album better be dope for all the delays and nonsense.

  • honestly

    dre's a fraud. Just cant believe we give a pass to someone who doesnt write their own rymes. He probablly doesnt even produce half the tracks that he stamps his name on since he has a "team".

    • The.Watcher

      @80K Jesus, your grammar is so bad that I can't even understand what you're talking about. Why is it so popular now-a-days to act as it you're illiterate?

    • 80zProduKT

      hes doesnt mike alonzo n scott storch do all dre's beats. n his producer focus did a lot too b4 he left the label

  • ghghgh

    Not buying it..2nd time already hes dropped a single(of course with hov) for detox then said it wasnt complete blah blah blah and still no detox and wait how was under pressure leaked....didnt dre and jay announce that at a ball game?

  • Ya_Bumbaclot

    yall just watch dre push it back to late 2010, then late winter, then late summer 2011, and finally a late 2011 release

  • 305ilovemia

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    • Badmofo

      No gimmicks even though you are bein a whore on another webpage. You are a fuckin fag & you get no respect at all. "Raw And Uncut" dont you mean "Raw & Cut in the butt"



  • G-Sus

    He s trying to finish it for fall... that shit aint dropping before next summer. Fuck it.

  • Nico 3

    It may not have been 100% fine tuned, but come on. Your Dre. One, if not the most popular record producer ever. You want people to believe you had no idea a song off one of the most anticipated albums of the last how many years was going to be leaked across the net? That said. It's only one song. I'm sure he's got a few bangers lined up.

  • gdsr

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  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    why i wanna buy this wack ass detox shit while i still got that real street shit c3 in my car,only fools listen to this tranny chaser..... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • Rapfan

      you listen to guy who kisses his daddy on the lips and is to scared to beef with anyone cause he would have his ass handed to him. Not to menching most his earlier shit was written for him greatest of all time my ass

    • chase m

      lil wayne is the bunkest rapper out there, fuck him and fuck you born in a bunk ass community that thinks real hip hop is produced by lil wayne he has two decent songs and thats only cause of the beat otherwise fuck that nigga

  • YM/CM

    Fuck this nigga dre and eminem. Souljah Boy would lyrically crush Em & Dre & any other rapper. YOUNG MONEY ALL DAY EVERYDAY MOTHAFUCKAS!!!

  • The BiGG Pat

    Is it me or this article about Dr Dre looks like a Deja vu

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    That "Under Pressure" track sounds 90% complete in my opinion. Dre just needs to stop with the bullshit because the track is awful. Bottom line.

  • Bartty

    Dre needs 2 shut the fuck up, and then release it whenever he decides to, instead of saying DeTox is coming

  • 305ilovemia

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  • HustlinSinceThe80'sBaby

    Detox???? I totally erased that word from my memory! Dr. Dre??? No, my Dr.'s name is Tom. Anybody need triple bypass? **

  • tiddimilk

    what?......detox co....ming...............this............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • verbs

    Several months ago you said a fortinite then the track will be relrased. Asuming when this statement was said the track would have obviously been finished. I guess thats not the case with Dre these days.! some crabwhole music politics!

  • C-Swagg

    Just like errrbody else, I too have been patiently been waiting for dat Detox shit to drop for what seems like an eternity!!!! But don't get it twisted, when dat shit do drop it's gonna be some quality music. Ya'll be killin me actin like Dre washed up and aint gonna have some dope ass shit!!!! LOL...Ya'lls hate is like ya'lls ejaculation PREMATURE!!!! LOL...GTFOH

  • Jiggababy

    Dr. Dre just stop lying. # 1 liar in the game I tell you... does anyone remember when Dre was on CNN and said the song was ready to come out in like 2 weeks at that time. And it never came Then This song comes out leaked, and he says its not done. CMON SON. NO MORE LIES!

    • Badmofo

      I cant wait til my grandkids get a chance to hear "Detox" (Sidenote: I dont even have kids yet). He only is sayin that "Under Pressue" isnt done because he leaked it to see what people would say. They said "we waited 100 years for this techno crap??? That song blows ass." He has over hyped the album so anything short of the best album in music history will be a total let down. I said "He has over hyped the album so anything short of the best album in music history will be a total let down!!!!!"

    • FU32

      and then remember when Dre said Eminem was the reason for the delay of Under Pressure because Em decided to release his first single I'm Not Afraid?

    • yunos

      i totally agree with u, he said that 2 months ago but still no 'under pressure' I really don't get the rap game, I mean he cant be that much of a perfectionist

  • Pauldupthehoops


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