50 Cent Hosts "Forever Young" Event for Youth In Queens

In an attempt to help kids beat the street and obesity, the G-Unit general is hosting "Forever Young Day" in Queens, New York.

Having a son had a more profound effect on 50 Cent's life than getting shot. According to the Jamaica, Queens emcee, this has given him the insight that is needed to work with youth in positive ways and that's just what he plans on doing this weekend when he goes back home to speak on the impact of avoiding the street life.

"It wasn't getting shot," he told the New York Daily News, about how he turned his life around. "It was my son and creating a stable life for him."

Now, his experience is allowing him to speak to others of the life he's lived and a life they should avoid.

"I want to be able to go and talk to them and [have] them really feel what my experience has been," he added. 

His aim is also to keep kids active, something he said is missing.

Technology is keeping them still," he noted, sharing that he used to play basketball and box as a kid. "You don't see that anymore."

With that, he's hosting "Forever Young Day" in Baisley Park, an event that will promote healthy living.

50 will not perform, however, in light of security concerns.



  • gargle

    50 cent seems to have grown,before he said the only kid i care for is my own aimed @Nas. Congradulations to 50 for helping the kids and not just laying up treasures!

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  • HollaLeujah

    Can he not do something good for the community, and people appreciate it? Lol you guys are funny

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  • slizzow

    and we know dis is a phil collins song but 50 would have never came up wit dat name for his event if jay hadnt brought it back..b real.... it iz good for da kidz but still 50 doin it to get his shine back all of a sudden he wants to b goody goody..lol.. come on kids stay healthy have a positive attitude later on makin songs blast u in ur fukin head cut u in ur fukin face pls.....im not buyin dat at all..... if u want to look at it jay went to africa and helped out brought it back to our essence...

  • slizzow

    50 on jayz dick forever young day...he just doin dat cuz no 1 aint checkin 50 no more 50 is a bum.. he might have bread but he is a bum in da music industry now fuck 50.... he tlks jayz dis jay z dat but he throwin an event in the name of jay z's song..lol.... 50 lookz up to hov



  • ChuppsD

    Daaamn, haters r pathetic sometimes. This is just someone who made it, giving back & helping the community. There's absolutely nothing to hate on but haters seem to have a unique super power that allows them to avoid the subject completely and just hate on a person for want of a motive in their life.



  • rickreserve

    jesse james is on something.i know the kids are miss guided and theres more to blame then rap.it plays its part but the rappers shouldnt raise the kids the parents should.talkin side ways doesnt work in your favor my duke you soundin more like a hater then anything.you have a point to a degree,but on some shit you really are buggin.

  • guai

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  • Big P 1

    Positivity still creates negativity, at least in the bloggosphere. Most of these hate comments are just mindless and pointless.

  • jessejames

    people are still dyin in this world(mostly are babys if you consider them ares)looking up to these fake motherfuckers and you blind ass motherfuckers never get the point.if you have a child and you try your best to bring them up right in the world the way you thought it should be or god or your mother or whoever.you couldnt do negative shit or say negative shit to them cause it will have long term effects,so you would have to lead by the best example and lets say that one day the child sees something you wouldnt want it to see or you say something a kid shouldnt be listening to.do you think its ok to hear it from the world first or to hear it from there mother or father whats right from wrong.i know people grow up differently then others,some kids wanna be like these cats its getin out of control really.reality hasnt sunk in yet,but do we wait tell they in the casket to tell them the truth or in prison or so loc'ed out they dont wanna listen to or respect people before them.if you say its ok cause its just music but you want your favorite artist to be so real then your twisted and fucked up in the head cause it cant be both cause they aint the ones raising your kids .either its just entertainment or its real.and while the babys die thinking its real and arent able to be thought no better by somebody with some since cause there fathers or there mothers may not be around,motherfuckers sit around and glorify these rappers lives and most of them have a twisted message in there music to leave people confused from start to stop.some people are subject to a certain environment were all that goes on is justification for evil doing against the next so its not hard to see why some niggas are the way they are.no fathers to lead,but its ok lets let the blind lead are kids and culture into the 22 centry good lords will with stupid ass fucked up mentalitys on life from a industry of bad intention and nothin in more in stake but there bottom line.if your music doesnt advance from record to record showing your growth as a human being then you shouldnt be doin it ,cause all there doing is playing with minds with only one thing at stake a corperate interest at stake.they need to know they can be more then just a rapper or athlete.theres all kinds of fields instead there lives are lead by listening to a rapper all day more then they do there family.so whos gonna have more of a influence if they dont here you but here them all the time and the exaggerated lifestyles and killings and dope dealing thats what they are gonna follow by not somebody they barely here. give me a brake with this just music .if you rap about killen and all this glorifying then you cant be at a school the next week tellin people to say no to drugs or violence cause thats all they hear you rap about then the one time they do get to see you its stop the violence or say no to drugs or you shouldnt do wrong but your music says different its a mixed message its fake its soft and there not real most of them.

  • John-Boy

    The comments below are just ridiculous. Regardless of how you feel about 50 or his music, the man is doing something positive for his community. He is addressing two important factors in the ghetto and that is violence and obesity. He should applauded for for trying to make an impact that no other rappers are attempting. The comments dissing him in light of this article are just sad and shows just how ignorant the commentators on this site truely are.

  • jessejames

    50 cent is a bitch and a phony ass nigga.so is gayz,lil wayne,baby,beanie sigel,ti,rick ross is the phony of them all.a real scared too tell what my life was really like ass nigga rich or not you will still be a mill ticket to any motherfucker who see you rolling with your shit on flossing like you biggie ha ha.these are the suckers of hip hop straight bitch niggas with money.i bet these fake beefs these niggas got are all fixed while they sit down and play with each others ass.these niggas is blinding people with the tv shit and the cars and money.really man any nigga can get his head blown off with 500 niggas around them.i hope rick ross gets his fake shit togethor and come with the real story.if you think that a man can talk about selling kilos and get past the feds how they watchin the game and lyrics and everything then all you are is a lost little bitch your self.remember before he got rich he told the police he was scared for his life and know he got money he isnt anymore.hes a pussy with either the police or some hood niggas on pay roll to protect his ass when he go out in the streets.news flash thats why they make sniper rifles to shoot faggots with no notice.what a bitch

    • fuck gayz

      so u basically against every rapper get the fuck outta here then pussy

    • smitty39

      u need to stop leaving false comments and use the one god given talent u have and thats penis sucking, broke ass internet reporter all of your facts are wrong and whats up with the hate on a story like this faggot

    • KiD Mizzes

      You say that all these dudes are fake and i can see the reasoning for some of em. But 50??? how can you say he's a fake dude. He lived what he writes about and now he's got millions and millions of $ so all that small drama bullshit, he lets others take care of it. And he's the one who's always talkin shit to other rappers but they don't have the balls to talk it back. Think about it, who has dissed 50 and actually came out victorious?? he ended ja's career, smashed on some of d-block, and jay-z is just too scared to handle 50 himself

    • jessejames

      thanks for the comment bitch.and made it to what.helping destroying are peoples minds with there corrupt thinking and perpetuation of lives that 99 percent of these motherfuckers didnt live.your the blind one for believing that your making it by being a suckerass nigga who puts out the violence but doesnt want it directed at him but even if they do want it directed at them its gonna come your way regardless cause what you say out your mouth you have to live up to and die by in some places in the world,but yeah in a fake niggas world like your self it cool cause there millionaires and they got all this bull shit material but the people that look up to them dont know they dont give a fuck and its just entertainment or a tax write off ,or a good look in the publics eye.wake up bitch

    • Terrence13

      LMAO hater to the fullest damn i'm no dickrider 50 make good music but damn lol u sound like he beat you up or fucked a chick you was in love with man get a life and live life to the fullest and stop hatin on dese niggaz cause they made it

  • William Munnerlyn

    Queens represent! this iz a great example of puttin on for ur city, go 50

  • miguel Guttierres

    Kinda weird that 50 Cent is hosting an event named after a Jay-Z song.

    • miguel Guttierres

      For real? I learn something new every day. But I agree. 50 should be doing more things like this than being Mr. Look-At-Me and trying to beef with every rapper in the game.

    • wtfnj

      yea i had the same reaction, but it's actually a Phil Collins song. At least he is doing something positive

  • Mr_Maja

    Good to see 50 talking to kids about getting active and against obesity..but dude's a steroid abusing nigga..I hope he'll not tell them to do that in order to beef up.


    This is what 50 should be focusing his time and energy on, not pointless rap beefs. Make a difference in the community & give back whenever you can.

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