Beanie Sigel Disses Drake, More Words For Jay-Z

The Broad Bully may be living up to his reputation, saying Jay-Z's subliminally dissing him, and Drake is guilty by association.

From the new Halfway House DVD, footage just leaked of South Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel speaking briefly about his Roc-A-Fella Records tenure. Now reportedly signed to Universal Fontana, where the State Property front-man will release his album, The Closure, Sigel was outspoken about perceived beef with Roc factions, The Diplomats. "Juelz Santana was at every court date I had [in the early '00s], when I was on trial for attempted murder. He was in court more than [Jay-Z]." In a passionate testimony, Beanie continues, saying, "The only thing I regret about that Roc-A-Fella [Records tenure] was [beefing with Jadakiss], and I did that for [Jay-Z]. [He] was scared. [He] knew 'Kiss would've bit that ass."

In the late '90s, Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss had a war of words that would later end with a collaborative "Problem" from DJ Khaled's 2006 album debut, Listennnn...The Album.

In a strange move, Beanie Sigel further alluded that he felt his former boss and mentor was speaking subliminally about him on a verse from Drake's "Light Up" , from last week's Thank Me Later. Speaking as if talking directly to Jay, he said, "I know that faggot-shit you poppin' on them Drake records, them lil' slurs. I'ma tell you niggas somethin': [if you feature artists who diss me] on your records, I'ma start comin' at y'all, lil' niggas." Beanie Sigel stated that by virtue of association, he had a problem with the Young Money Rap sensation. "[I will] smack the shit outta Drake's bitch ass, all y'all niggas. This the Broad Street Bully. I have no problem seein' anybody on site."


  • Anonymous

    Obviously Mr. Bully hasn't learned much during his last stint. 1, Do not unnecessarily burn bridges. Especially with Hov. If anyone, you should know what happens to people that talk shit about him. You will just get black balled and stay irrelevant. So stop talking out of anger. 2. You went to war with Kiss because you were his soldier at the time and you did your job. So don't try that "he couldn't handle Kiss" garbage. We all know he has chewed and spit folks with way more sharper sword than Kiss. Trust me Siegel, it's not too late to shut the f up and observe until you have figured out what your next move will be and how it will help you. These types of angry statements may get dummies like those ^ all riled up for a day or two but then what?

  • Anonymous

    He's mad because he's not as smart as them.

  • Anonymous

    The reason why alot of ya'll muffuckas don't no about Beanie is because ya'll was fuckin babys when he was out! that nigga the fuckin truth ask about EM IN THE HOOD! ANY REAL NIGGA THAT WAS FROM AROUND THAT TIME NO ABOUT BEANZ! No i aint sayin jayz or drake is garbage lyrically but the shit Beanz spit is real that nigga would leav ya'll lil niggaz in a PINE BOX!

  • Earl Junx

    i do not know of anybody's view by me and Young Money this days are big pals, but i do know Bini is good but drake is the best i ever heard. Am even dying to meet him or sing/rap like him. just know that me and the whole Young Money/Cash Money Crew are just 1-heart-beaters

  • alanah

    'm a 16 year old girl, obviously i'm into drake/jay-z more so than i would ever be into beanie sigel. i hadn't even heard of him until this drawn out little "rant" of his became somewhat public. sigel, you look quite dumbfounded, bewildered perhaps. it seems as though you can't decide whether its jay-z or drake you'd like to fancy, considering the fact that you're attacking the beautiful and dirty rich for absolutely no reason. take some responsibility for your asinine behavior, you are CLEARLY of age to know that you can do so, grow up. maybe you're upset that your let down of a "threat" got you absolutely nowhere but these blogs...hows that working out for ya? (; you are completely disappointing, lacking in originality, and overall inadequate in life. who exactly are those synthetic and pathetic excuse for thugs you have there boosting your low self-esteem in that video? are they there to help you continue this cute little argument you think you've started? do you think you're fucking cool? lol you look like the little bitch-made high school boys i attend class with. this video has done nothing but reveal the fact that you are an attention seeker, your arguments are inconsistent and barely the fact of the matter is you've become repetitive and boring, how can jay-z and drake argue with someone who is angry, argues about nothing, and doesn't have a more creative thought process? how about you try to spearhead a new movement to the world of hip-hop/rap and quit blaming everyone for your foolish mistakes, you're a fucking moke. jay-z and drake have the spotlight and clearly the spotlight makes you nervous, you crack under pressure and fire back as a female would. the younger stars are out clubbing, being whined and dined, and praised for the simple fact that they're alive and beautiful...while you sit back, watch, and make an ass of yourself time and time again...i'm 16 and i'm laughing at you, hysterically. its clear you've let the way of the world get you and have inadvertently shattered your individuality. grow up baby, because if you haven't noticed...everyone around you has done so in a timely manner...hehehe by the way...who are you? (: ahahahahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      So many idiots in here. I am black and I personally know some white folks that are more hip hop than you are. Pure hip hop and not the garbage you call hip hop either. What a stupid comment some of you make. Think through before you hit the keyboard.

    • alanahhhh

      lol im not white, im black and puerto rican...jus sayin. and i can make comments entitled to my opinion just as you're entitled to yours. if you dont like mine i dont care...we're all gona die one day anyway so why not say whatever you want...where ever you want. i just dont like that the beanie guy is bothering drake it just makes him look jealous whether he is or isnt...that is all

    • Chris Atkins

      wait, a 16 year old caucasian girl commenting on hip hop....hmm....well i suppose anything is possible...

    • dre

      If you never heard of Beanie Sigel before this then obviously you don't need to make any comments about HIP-HOP. Do your research yungunn......

  • life

    beanie is decent but i like drake style he dont b tryin to act something hes not he didn grew up n da hood but he admits it

  • killamovez

    fuck dat cocksucker aubrey drake! gotta be gay wift a name like dat! haaaaaaaaaaa! little bitch needs to go sing to dem little White girls back on DEGRASSI! his shit is wack as hell! drake's a real product of canada......a motherfuckin moose! ugly-ass piece of shit! everyone knows dat da real oldskool hip hop rulez!

  • likesilver

    Jay Z never visited dude in jail...that is pretty fucked up for dudes who are supposed to be the head honchos in the dynasty.

    • Anonymous

      Why the fuck would he visit someone that is talking shit about him. Don't forget Siegel did diss Hov before he went back to the Pen. I wouldn't visit him either.

  • Reesha

    "Real Rick Rossin" by Freshaun aka K-Gritty K.o.s.-M.o. aka King of DMV (Promotional Single)

  • B.D.

    Man ya are forgetting how hip hop started. Go watch the beef series or some shit. Cyphers and battles is how you used to come up. You want to see who's better you release some tracks at each other weather it be more shot 'em up type disses or more personal that's how you did it. But I guess it's all about radio spins and catchy hooks now-a-days man fuck this new hip hop movement shit really makes me sick.

  • noivad12

    say mann fuck this ugly ass nigga man drake aint did shit to nobody or said nothin to nobody thats pure hate towards drakes success i remember when beanies bitch ass called kanye gay for no fuckin reason so fuck beanie sigel if you a beanie fan good for you but fuck this dude mann fo real..gon say imma smack drake thats lame str8 up hate shit mann ol ugly ass non hit makin nigga fuck you you aint gon be shit now hahahahah stay mad bitch

  • $tr8ght $outh

    Cheap shot goin in on Drake, man. If anyone needs to grow up it's Beans.And I'm sure 50 got him up to go after these hot artists so Beans can have a reason to be

  • itslantz

    man beans would fuck drake up hahah thats the truth!!!! dude talkin below me says beans would get merked hahaha chi town got some nice music so how u stickin up for a bunch of kids with mohawks n tight pants u makin the chi look bad wat up lupe common no i.d hahahaahahaha

  • Headache313rd


  • Kelly Powell

    What a sad fat piece of shit..Herez a few things 2 consider, since he is such a street nigga, MF's dont fight anymore, they settle their shit wth guns, and if he slapped anyone of those niggas, he wld go 2 jail, let alone, killed...Especially Young Money! Take your broke ass sumwhere in philly and let them niggas ride the bac of u, Im from chi-town and u sound cake, and ova here cakes get smashed!

    • S.A.G. entertainment

      Man whatever check out Kilo Slim on Facebook and go to add S.A.G. Ent fan page. Let us know how you like the music.

  • m dottt

    whats the song thats playing in the back ground towards the end of the video? i like that jam a lot , anyone know??

  • m dottt

    whats the song thats playing in the back ground towards the end of the video? i like that jam a lot

  • Potato w/ Jive

    Its sad man. All this rough poppin. Cmon man. Be a grown ass man. It MUSIC yall. Putting words together on a SONG? Why the animosity? Only people that enjoy this are snot nosed high schoolers who don't know any better. Wannabe tough guys. Same wannabes that are quick to call out gay or fag. Hip hop is becoming a joke yall. and its largely due to the attention we give these beef talkers. 50 Cents, the Beanies. Grow the F up you scubs.

    • Anonymous

      On point! The problem lies on these so called hip hop websites that give these rappers a whole lot of attention when they act ignorant and talk that plastic violence. I don't blame these puppets in here because they have long stopped thinking for themselves.

  • icebergmikey

    I'm not sure if anybody remembers when Beans first got hot with RocaFella and jay-z had the MTV Diary episode. He said on there that he was trying his hardest to get Beanie to stop being so much of a thug and transition. But did Beanie listen...NOOOOO!. Who do you see on the show fighting bamas and what not....BEANIE!!...I bet he wished he would have listened to jay now and stop being a loud mouth. You dont hear much about Memphis Bleek getting into trouble and what did Jay say.."As long as I'm alive, he's a Millionaire!"



  • Sensaye253

    Kids, this is what happens to people who are still trying to be gangsters after the age of 23. They get fat, their clothes don't look right on them anymore, they're mad at everyone, they're broke, they sweat a lot, girls don't find them attractive, they can't get a job, and nobody cares about them, and they want to kill anyone who is doing better than them. Any questions? the real world, it doesn't matter how "thug" you are, 'cause nobody of any relevance gives a fuck. Beans, you're a dope MC. Just be that. Spit your bars, tell your story, get off that DUST, because it's painfully obvious that you're a wet-head, and move on with your life. Oh, and take a bath. Being street is one thing, being filthy is another, you look gross.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahaha funny as hell but true. Kids, he ain't lying. If you are 25 and are still acting and trying to prove to people that you are a're pretty much a dummy that is stuck and is not progressing (growing).

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    This is what I don't understand, where has the rest of Young Money been while Drake has been embroiled in these feuds? I haven't heard Wayne, Nicki, or Baby say anything in Drake's defense. I think Young Money is wack (that isn't new though) and are scared to get involved because they aren't a strong enough unit. Drake is ok, but no where near the top echelon of rappers, I think he is a little below average actually. He is high on his horse because a whole bunch of fickle, emotionally driven women are fainting at his shows; I don't know any male that actually has or felt his album-the main criticism was that it sounded like a damn R&B album. You young bucks that are hanggliding off his nuts need to grow up, become men, stop following behind him like groupies, and once more if I may be redundant, act like men and not fickles as hoes.

    • Anonymous

      Not true. Wayne did respond to Pusha T. Even though it was lame. Still...

    • Thirdcoastborn

      Wayne never reponds when he is dissed.50 dissed him, he said nothing back, so if Beans speak on him or Drake do you think he will respond. I am with Beans on this one, he was loyal from day one, beefing with real niggas like D block for J. D-Block and Beans is street rap, real niggas who i think did not sell thereselves to come up. The realest shit i heard was "Look at these niggas they all hatin, they all satan, they go both ways, they all dating."

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    This is what I don't understand, where has the rest of Young Money been while Drake has been embroiled in these feuds? I haven't heard Wayne, Nicki, or Baby say anything in Drake's defense. I think Young Money is wack (that isn't new though) and are scared to get involved because they aren't a strong enough unit. Drake is ok, but no where near the top echelon of rappers, I think he is a little below average actually. He is high on his horse because a whole bunch of fickle, emotionally driven women are fainting at his shows; I don't know any male that actually has or felt his album-the main criticism was that it sounded like a damn R&B album. You young bucks that are hanggliding off his nuts need to grow up, become men, stop following behind him like groupies, and once more if I may be redundant, act like men and not fickles ass hoes.

  • problemz327

    no one ever has questioned Beans gangsta but son is ridiculous..of course juelz was at every court date...son had nothing else to do!!! Hov is fortune 500 and juelz was Cams errand could u compare?Beans is bitter...he wasn't complaining when he was in Hov's circle...Beans fucked himself up getting hemmed up by cops left and right..if he would have focused on his business instead of trying to be super gangster he wouldn't be where he is now...

  • Mines

    Beans act like him and Jay were in a relationship and Jay didn't want him anymore, Beans - hello the relationship is over, stop acting like a scorned b***********. Peace!

  • me005

    Beans need to grow up. And called the NYPD and turned his black behind in for threatening people he could be locked up just for this, isn't he on parole? He is so dumb!

  • curbstompa

    Beans needs to make a group. here it is: Beans Sean Price DMX Styles P ...if i had to pick a 5th real quick it'd probly be Ransom. or Game. or Ruste Juxx. call it "The Group That Makes Soft Rappers Piss Their Pants" or some shit.

  • hampton

    that was fucked my wife doesnt even bitch at me this much, cryin like a bitch in some parking lot with some dudes that probably have drakes cd in they car..... shut the fuck up beanie.... your flow hasnt changed since we first heard your ass

  • Magnum Opus

    Beans= actual hip-hop artist. Drake= manufactured industry plaything. Whether or not you like Beans he at least deserves respect as an artist that never compromised his beliefs and only put the truth down on wax. Songs like What Cha Life Like or Where Have You Been are more heartfelt and honest than any pre-fabricated radio song Drake will ever make. Girls like Drake because he makes catchy songs they don't have to think to enjoy. Men like Beans because he's introspective and real, plus he spits what he feels, not what he thinks the radio will play. And only faggots quote sales when arguing about an emcee's quality. If sales meant shit then Puffy, Hammer, and Vanilla Ice would have to be iller than most cats out now.

  • Powernupe

    Dude is bitter. He wants it to be all about him, and it never will be.

  • WTF

    Im glad somone going at this cat!! You see drake going at luda saying he stole his flow then admitts he stole it from some other cat. Drake is wack and there is nothing original about him.

  • iBar

    Meditation music and inspirational music that inspired Eminem's change in creative direction on Recovery.

  • Lee-Frizzle

    these rap catz are real tough guys!!!! ha ha ha

  • sdot12

    You see how they narrowed the viewers sight when Beanie was talking halfway through the video. Look closely they are trying to hide the fact there is cop cars behind him. Why? I don't know. Just putting it out there.

  • slizzow

    damn dat nucca beans iz thirsty..... yall seen how much dat nucca was dat nucca looked dusted up in dat he was kind of movin fruity 2..... i wouldnt put it passed beans dat he got his manhood takin from dats wat happens when u wanna b a jailbird u fukin


    beanie been doing his thing on the mic.i like beans he know he has to get his shit togethor cause he geting to worked up over that old shit.get back to work dog he dropped some gems on the game and lyrically is better then jayz.its just some personal shit between him and jayz feels like its to small to address cause he moved on but damn he cant talk to the man,he damn near help jayz stay in the game lyrically cause it seemed like he stepped his game up when beanie came.i like them both i hope they can just come to a resolve. beanie you better then this bitter on the internet and magazines shit.your a true talent

  • gargle

    Atleast beanie bothered to give you a run down of what happened to Rockafella. Beanz, if standing up for what you believe in means you gotta act a certain way then so be it. Till ya soul will permitt you to let it rest do what you gotta do in this crazy world. Nobody else put them selves on the line, or really even knows Jay Z. So if it's war, it is just that.... period!!


  • Bom 919

    ok beanie in case u didnt notice yet you have no chance in the music industry anymore you whiney lil bitch. why would you go after drake....o yea bc hes successful and your far from it. Jay dropped your ass probly cause he was tired of you bitchin about somethin all the time. Pathetic ass mother fucker Drake and Jay would lyrically murk you. and its funny 50s not even fuckin with you anymore.


    this is a clear reason why beanie sigel will never stay out of jail, maintain success, or achieve much of anything.. he's gonna smack some one on site.. go to jail.. house somebody.. go to jail.. kill somebody.. go to jail.. and who cares if juelz was at the court dates.. all them dudes weak minded individuals.. you live by the sword, you die by the sword, you know beans, you spat it on your first album.. the only reason beans is alive is cause jay told the sniper not to shoot.. peep the title i always right under.. whoshotcam.. u get the picture.. throwing roc signs outside of your coupe.. don't act like hov done something wrong to him, he just took what belonged to him.. until next time


      who shot cam u sound like a dry snitch fuk off beans official

  • BigNoxx

    Yo, you cats keep talking bout whos "relevant" .... :c'm on son" get the fuck outta here with dat bullshit, what you call relevant only means kids and then maybe girls like it. Dude real rap never needed raido play, the hot shit was on the street. Nigga too short didn't get no play, but to short went world wide, scar face never got play but went world wide... Niggas in the hood aint make Drake hot, 12 year old girls did. Drake aint shit but A Brittany Spears, a pretty bitch that can sing a little bit. truth is drake dont even have a style, this dude raps JUST LIKE Wayne without the funny voice and laugh between every punchline. success should not be judged by your ability to cross over to pop star. That aint hiphop if it was left to you brain dead cats rap would have never been, because radio didn't play it 500,000 first 12 year old white girls were buying it......Dummys, Vanilla Ice went all kinds of platinum so hes better then beans too right? Fools

    • mrnoluv

      I don't know how old you are but I'm in my 30's and was there when hip hop first came out! Sales do mean something, but it's who is buying it! EPMD/PE/NWA/RUN DMC...the list goes on and on, sold records and changed the game while doing it. If you aren't selling records, you aren't doing it right! It means no one thinks you are hot or not enough think you are hot enough to spend money on you! The reason why cats can't sell these days is simply because most of the suck! If someone came out with a new style, new beats that was sick, trust me it would sell millions. Just because an artist sells records doesn't mean he sellsout, that's just plain dumb thinking. Drake isn't anything special to me, but I see a lot of young cats trying to defend whack MC's that can't sell! If you cant get a million to buy your shit, that's means you ain't as good as you thought! Back in the 80's and 90's when hip hop was still alive, hardcore artist sure didn't have problems selling, I wonder why? Maybe becuase their style was new and creative?

    • m.kool

      na dog... beans isnt relevant... tell me how he is still relevant in tha game... u think tha closure is ever gna sell as much as his previous albums... hiphop as evolved my nigga.. its not juss gangsta rap no more... half tha niggaz that rap like they be bangin and slangin... dnt do so... drake done got cosigned by jay... nas... bun... em... on top of otha niggaz... n AS A ROC FAN... beans is no longer relevant... once he dissed hov... that was tha end of his career.... headlines like this is how we are gna see beans from now on...

    • Yaowa Stallion

      cosign that shit allllll day

  • PreciseKnowingTheLedge

    This is like mega lame.....cats looking real corny....*falls back..takes a toke...and chill while gettin' a dark ceasar....Brooklyn style*

  • killla

    i just dont understand why hes do mad the nigga jay-z did all what he could do for u!!What u mad because he aint giving u kno bread?enough with the tuff guy shit get out and do u!!Niggas kno u can spit nigga go for yours stop being mad at jay u know he aint gonna respond!!So at the end of the day its like ur talking to ur self...

  • metal2death

    broad street bullies keepin in real. come at that pussy bitch, i cant stand drake. he's the artist of the decade? how can you be artist of the year when you come from a teen nick tv show and little 15 year old girls sing your songs?

  • KMX

    This nigga first of all needs to brush his teeth and eat a cooked meal, cos he looking straight nasty - secondly Jay aint ever gonna respond so get over it and concentrate on getting your money up. Lastly I think Drake is a bitch but dissing him is pointless you have no history with him so that is just a bitch move hoping he disses you back to promote your pointless album. Go eat a can of beans; Beans hobo looking ass nigga

  • indicaman

    beanie quit your whining..honestly Drake sux, that shit ain't hiphop....and f*ck jay-z too, tha nigga ain't rep NY right for a decade...

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Beans sit yo ass down, your threats down mean nothing to niggas who worth millions. U might can whoop their ass, who knows, but really do you think you gone even get that close to a nigga with Jay status. So really your tough talk don't mean shit. Only niggas who probably take heave to your words are them niggas u run with or just the average cat like the niggas who on ur dick on this site. It's killas every where and it's niggas who never killed but when pushed will lay yo ass down where u stand. Beans reminds me of that ugly nigga in the hood, who faught damn near every nigga in the projects, and got his at whip 75% of the time.. Ugly niggas always result to fightn!! Beans that nigga in the hood who get clowned on or beat up but instead of beaten the niggas ass who did the clowning or beat his ass, he go after the niggas who was laughn at em LOL!! All Jay gotta do is keep taking subliminal shots without saying a name and he react just like a hit dog will holla when he hurt. Just like a ugly nigga, look at the clip, a typical ugly nigga response. Lyrically Jay will destroy him and 50 and in the rap game, that's all you gotta be able to do to win.. cause rap niggas hardly ever get a chance to get close to another nigga in the game!! Beans u outta there!! "REALESTNIGGA-NDA-ROOM 239/404"

  • jessejames

    beanie sigel aint takin care of his self .teeth yellow lookin like he needs a underwear change.its over dirty.i mean musty,i mean stankass i mean has been,i mean shitdraws.jayz is to pussy to have any body real around him thats why he got memphis bitch around and beanie come on man you look like you had that shirt on for the past two days undershirt lookin like he sleep in it.he blew his money fuckin with the rest of the dumbasses he associates with now he mad a jay.i regret going at jadakiss,why you meant what you said he was once a shiney suit rapper a puffy up broads in heat pussy,no longer the broad street bully i got his new name now.

  • Cultures Clothing Co.

    Once again, just stopping by to clear some things up: 1) I believe there is some truth in what Beanie Siegel is saying about Jay, but he's coming off like an angry, bitter-ass old man. You spoke about it and touched on this subject already...just let it go man and just make music. By the way, the words that Beans said on the track after he finished his verses were way more powerful than the diss-track itself, which was mediocre. 2) Yes, Siegel and Jay-Z would both lose in a rap battle to Eminem, but EM is no where near the rapper that he used to be. His style got better (outside of the faux swedish accent thing that he was doing on, but his lyrics have gone way downhill. I'm not saying that he's not still good for a clever line or two, but if you just look at the lyric sheets for the songs that he's been putting out lately, he's not saying anything terribly profound, when compared to songs like "Any Man" that he did before. 3) Em may have said that he would destroy any rapper that comes at him, but what about the Canibus situation? Canibus dissed him on a bait track that came out this year, and Em didn't respond. More than likely, Em heard the recent Canibus tracks like "Post Traumatic War Lab Stress", "Only Slaves D.R.E.A.M.", "Kriminal Kindness", etc., and decided that it was too risky to diss back because Bis is back to form. He'll diss Brooke Hogan and Mariah Carey all willy-nilly, but he didn't respond to Bis...he picks and chooses his battles. I'm not saying that Em is scared, but he's a business man now, and the risk assesment of taking on an angry back-to-form Canibus probably showed him that it wasn't really a good idea. Better to ignore it. 4) I'm so bored with rap beef and back and forth. Either get into the ring and have a freetyle battle to determine the winner, or squash it. Peace Alloyius Mcilwaine Cultures Clothing Co.

    • ASEE

      I'm a 'Bis fan--I picked up MM on the first day it was released--but come on man, there's no way that Bis is back in form. MM is a mediocre album at best and Eminem didn't respond because he knows that all Bis wants is attention; he didn't want to give it to him. In a sense, I think it required more courage for Em to *not* respond than it would have to fire back. Plus that Airstrike track was wack as fuck.


      eminem didint want it with canabis he ducked him early this year. he dissin popstars cause canibis ready for him . canibis dis record at em is crazy

    • Tracer_ONE

      The Canibus tracks was released before the Recovery album. Tell Canibus to try to diss him again and he'll have his ass handed to him.



  • IllyKay

    he better threaten to fight ppl, cuz his music isn't hot right now...

  • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY*****

    Beans shoots at Jay. What about Young Gunnaz, Freeway??? Who next Tony Yayo and Banks??? FUCK G-UNIT AND BEANS.

  • ****TEXAS DRUG MONEY*****

    Beans is washed up, Jay's flow has been on point, clever and too slick. This nigga said anybody that got Jay on the track he going at them. What about Eminem, Kanye, Nas, or J.Cole??? Them kats will really end his career. 50 Cent has really turned against Hov and is using beans for this big rap war thats about to go down. If any war against Hova i believe he will end BEANS AND 50 CENT CAREERS, period. Jay- Z IS THE KING OF RAP........................

  • WizeEarEartotheWize

    LMAO! This old corny bitter ass dude Beans should just just look like a straight hater. And Jay murdered him on Light Up.....'WATCH FOR THE TRAITORS'

  • Spirit

    Go at Eminem then Beans! Idiot!

  • TKB

    What is wrong with Beenie, he's acting in and un-human fashion all because a man didn't co-sign for a grown man to be release under his care. Why in the hell would you vouch for a man who can't even get to the studio on time, let alone when going out on tour you don't know if he was going to make it or not - because he was too busy doing dumb things to land in jail. I hope Drake does exactly what his words say in his music, If you did mis will never hear a reply from me ...this is one ignorant dude. He's really made a Jay Z for not addressing him. He put hisself in the situation, getting in trouble for things a young thug would do. I can understand a young fool but and old fool. come on Beenie grow up and the men that are standing behind you cosigning looks like old *ss men like yourself, you men are too old...too old for this sh*t.

  • vargo05

    I think it's funny how all you clown Jay-Z dick riders choose to ignore the fact of how much of a hypocrite this fool is. I'm no Jay hater, I actually think he is a hell of an MC. However, the man is a straight up hypocrite. What kind of fool makes a song like "DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)" and then jumps on tracks with auto-tune clowns like Drake? He just a straight up phonie. Talk your shit about auto-tune and then get on a track with this auto-tune singing fool Drake? Total bullshit.

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      U make it seem like Jay did auto tune.. He said on the song he might send it to the mixtape weezy and he did and weezy killed it. If I remember he did mention somethn about Drake to.. Hypocrite do the same shit they call other niggas out for doing.. He didn't say he wasn't fuckn with them niggas.. Come on lil buddy, you reachn...

  • DA BIZNESS nigga killed me wit the land o lakes comment..thats fucked up.....LMAO

  • Tracer_ONE

    Let's see if he would go at Eminem because Em and Jay's been going together for the past few days. They even have a concert coming. If you've listened to Eminem's Recovery album he said "anybody that will diss him will get slaughtered". I think Beans will have his ass handed to him if he'll gonna go at Eminem. Nobody could touch Eminem right now.

  • jessejames

    i knew beanie sigel had ways like a bitch.still talkin about that old roc a fella jay shit and its still playing with his emotions like it would a bitch.he got a lot of female in him .the broad street pussy.hes right he is actin like a broad.know that your washed up and used nigga were do you go from here flippin dollar menu burgers at wendys.he looks pittyfull and burlington shirt wearing ass nigga you should of been a rich nigga with this kinda of bullshit not even in the the drama cause there aint none he realized you were dead weight and you cant even move on past rap you not getin checked on by nobody if they told you that you were going to be good and tookin care of they lied to you its the music industry jayz is a gay phony and so is beanie fag

  • I'm Doin Me

    Hey YO BEANS! Make a hit record, it worked for Drake. See how much attention he's getting from Hov. "I know way too many people right now that I didn't know last year - WHO FUCK ARE YAWL"


    beans my kind of nigga! you fuck boys dont understand what goes on in the mind of a beast! It pleasures a beast to slap the shit out of a pussy like yourselves on here making rude comments on a nigga you know cant fuck with! you internet dudes stay on jay-z nuts when almost every hit he has made was a biggie smalls bite off! Get serious........... beans a beast bottom line.........

  • jessejames

    beanie sigel got fucked in the ass while he was locked up thats why he came out so bitter.he needs to vent.jayz is his only option to rap about cause he felt feminely offended by the letter jayz wrote him.get over it your a grown man faggot its over bitch your talent been discovered but not by you yet.some body get this this fat broke ass nigga lookin for a life line the fuck out the game shoot this ape ass nigga in the face somebody

    • jessejamessuckdick

      jessejames ur a poof u got fuck up da ass talkin about gay mother fukaz like ur self u aint no gangsta u r a wanksta straight internet poof talk that shit in da street u get hit by the back of steel bitch ass now suck my dick

    • jessejames

      j1= ho ass dick observer just soft as fuck and weird like this cat.numerous albums 2 movies,record label,clothing line nigga should be up there with jay instead of trying to bring him back down to fuck in the ass again.leave him alone him and em and dre are fucking with no holdbacks.beanies took that pump in the ass in jail like he took that letter from jayz like a little feminen bitch like yourself.

    • J1DABOSS

      fuck boy!!!!!!!!!! the realist nigga u know wouldn't get beans!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m.kool

    as a Rocafella fan... this whole beans issue is starting to not only becomin more and more sad... it also is beginning to show how weak beans realli is now. We kno that beans is tha broad st. bully... we kno that he put in work... and NONE OF US KNO WHAT REALLI HAPPENED BETWEEN JAY N BEANS... but what we do kno... aka FACTS (sumthan alotta you niggaz seem to overlook alot) that beans was doing pretty good for a person who didnt have alotta commercial success. As much as niggaz wish it wasnt true... JAY IS BETTER THAN BEANS... and without JAY there is NO ROC.. which means.. NO DAME... NO BEANS... NO BLEEK... none of them niggaz. We kno that beans was DEAD WEIGHT. He cant make a record... all he is is muscle... sum one to flex... dnt get me wrong... beans is nice wit tha bars... but he will never be relevant in tha music game anymore. Tha issue between him and jay are on a level that none of us will ever be able to understand bc these two niggaz was tight like brothers for a long time. However Beans goin at Drake is one... not going anywhere cuz drake's not gna respond... but it shows how desperate my nigga is to get his name out there... Its sad to see a gangsta in they last days... juss a sad... angry dude... reaching out for any life line to revamp they relevancy...

    • Spirit

      I agree M.Kool. That meat head gangsta rap is played out. This is 2010. Too many people are making legal money to still have to be seeing a big grown ass man being a gangsta. He should actually take a page out of Drake's book and actually make an album. And I am not a Drake fan and I didn't buy his album. PS. Why doesn't Beans take a shot at Eminem as he is standing right next to Jay Z right now. Drake is such an easy target.

    • BigNoxx

      Yo, you cats keep talking bout whos "relevant" .... :c'm on son" get the fuck outta here with dat bullshit, what you call relevant only means kids and then maybe girls like it. Dude real rap never needed raido play, the hot shit was on the street. Nigga too short didn't get no play, but to short went world wide, scar face never got play but went world wide... Niggas in the hood aint make Drake hot, 12 year old girls did. Drake aint shit but A Brittany Spears, a pretty bitch that can sing a little bit. truth is drake dont even have a style, this dude raps JUST LIKE Wayne without the funny voice and laugh between every punchline. success should not be judged by your ability to cross over to pop star. That aint hiphop if it was left to you brain dead cats rap would have never been, because radio didn't play it 500,000 first 12 year old white girls were buying it......Dummys, Vanilla Ice went all kinds of platinum so hes better then beans too right? Fools

  • Jones75

    Bottom Line....Beans just needs to grow the fuck up..




    LOL! Jay needed you to go after Jada. LIKE U can handle KISS. This delusional ass nigga is funnier than Ron Artest.

  • OK Stop It

    Yawl want a rap beef between Beans and Jay but it probably won't happen because Beans is taking things TOO personal, like he always does. He wasn't caught up in a murder rap for nothing. Stay clear of fools like this who will LITERALLY destroy their own lives just to make a point. AND leave Drake alone you big bully!

  • Come On

    Yo thats Soft Beanie Sigel you would go after Drake I agree with DOITRIGHT thats lame that you would drag him into this no he has nothing to do with that Old school as beef the only reason you went after him was to sell records LIke the cool kids say: "Same old movie just put the butter on that popcorn"

  • LOL At this Nigga

    Jay = PHAT Beans = FAT

  • OK Beans

    One ENTIRE year later this dude is still trying to get on by dissing Jay. He's so NICE that 50 STILL hasn't signed this nigga a year later. You gone smack the shit out of Drake?? Oh how impressive. How about you smack Jay or 50 Cent, you know, dudes your own size. You ARE BORING dude, don't you get it. Work out, learn how to dress, learn how to be PROFESSIONAL so someone like Jay or a label can take your ghetto ass somewhere decent.

  • BigCell10

    Why did we come to the point in the game that the more successful u are the more respect you get. It wasnt always about money. Let that dollar bill go down to nothing. wats jay going to be worth. Jay can hide behind the riches all he want. lyrically he isnt in my top 25. We all know Eminem would slaughter jay in a battle.

    • m. kool

      niggaz is killin me wit this jayz.. illuminati... worship tha devil type shit... yall niggaz seen shit on youtube... tha same youtube that ANYONE CAN PUT A VIDEO ON... thats not credible evidence... secondly NONE OF YOU NIGGAZ kno jay-z... ever hung around tha nigga to even kno wether or not he is connected with the illuminati. STOP IT PPL... believe wateva tha fuck u see on tv or tha internet.... as far as tha comment BIGCELL10 made... jay may not be in ur top 25... but overall he is a LEGEND in the rap game..IT GOES BIG JAY NAS n PAC... (in no specific order)... lastly Em is talented... however i disagree that he should even be considered better than JAY NAS BIG PAC...not to mention raekwon... common... rakim... scarface... andre 3000... im juss sayin...

    • rakim maan

      or black ball the shit out of you?

    • dmize-one

      lol at this nigga- i feel you on most of that, but that part about the devil and the roc sign is kinda buggin me... jay DOES have mason( ILLUMINATI) ties, and it doesnt have nething to do with the devil... they worship money, which is almost as bad.. dont get me wrong jay is one of the best to bless a mic, but at the same time, dude aint right within hisself...

    • LOL At this Nigga

      Eminem? STFU about Em. That's Jay's boy anyway. No amount of money can buy talent, JAY IS ILL and his catalog proves it you fake ass rap fan. WHAT'S STOPPING RAP NIGGAS FROM GETTING AT JAY IF HE SUCK SO BAD? Oh wait I know, he can conjure up the devil buy holding up the Roc sign. Super stupid kids today. Go outside and get some sense beat back into you.

  • DoItRight

    MAN I would NEVER let another man see me sweat. Fuck OUTTA here Beans. AND on top of everything you take a shot at the kid coming up that in NO WAY has anything to do with this. You weak as fuck duke.

  • Nico 3

    How much you want to bet Lil Wayne pays project thugs to be a part of Drake's armed security entourage? I doubt Sigel could get halfway up Drake's driveway much less up to his face to smack the shit out of it. Nobody respects a hater. Step your own game up.

  • MalcolmLittle

    So this don't have a thing to do with the story, but I think I'm about done with DX. Real shit. I come here to read articles, interviews, album reviews, and to occasionally hear some new music...and the crazy ass c-section of course. LOL I DON'T come here to be redirected to that bullshit DX shop 15 times before I'm even done readin the articles/comments. What I look like spendin ANY of my hard-earned bread on any of your shitty t-shirts with even shittier Hip-Pop non-quotables?! The hell outta here. The shit wouldn't be so bad if y'all wasn't tryin to shove it down our damn throat...if you're gonna redirect me, send me to some REAL shit and not that bullshit shop! "Read between the lines, and question EVERYTHING." -- MalcolmLittle

    • ryandinho

      hahaaha that DX store is wack as shit!! What the hell would I look like wearing a corny ass drake line?

  • L.A. Eddie

    Bottom line...its all about who has the ca$h....obviously Jay-Z made it, somehow, someway, but made it. Only broke, jealous and envious people would hate on anyone who don't have that money flowing in, like Beanie Siegel. Beanie had a chance to make something out of himself when he was with Jay-Z. He failed, so now, for the best interests of Jay-Z and his cash flow he moved on. If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense. Live with it.

  • Twi

    like cindy from boondocks said, BEANS WILL GO TO WAR!!! lol



    • DoItRight

      Co-Sign. They'll know what's good when they grow up and realize their so-called BFF is no where to be found when the shit gets tough.

  • miguel Guttierres

    Beanie Sigel, the next 50 Cent...


    Jealousy is a week emotion, he's hating on Drakes success

  • nice...

    i'm going at the haters ont this one. next to em jay is the biggest hiphop star in the world. so just by the numbers (people that support him) alone haters lose. on the building blocks of hiphop lyrics and skill you favourite rapper dont want it jay.haters lose. in terms of success thoughout his career he's the most successful hiphop personailty in the world-hater's lose in terms being a gifted business man and having a real street/hustlers pedigree, he proved it time and time again. haters lose rappers try to get him caught up in stupid rap beefs. he's a business man about to reach his first billion, why would he entertain something so petty as rap beef (niggas need to smarten up and THINK) haters lose people say their are better artist all around (this is true) but why aren't they winning (niggas need to THINK) haters lose oh let's not forget the illuminati shit - fuck it's let's be truthful, however he did it he raped the game and got filthy rich. and niggas still playin catch-up JAY HIMSELF SAID IT, EITHER LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE. if you dont like him get off his dick. stop catching feelings and support your favourite rapper fuck sigel, get off jay dick and go make some music.

    • miguel Guttierres

      Didn't Brand Nubian say love me or leave me alone first? But I agree with the rest of your post though.


    Beans needs to grow his ass up, nigga in his 40's and still holding on to the bully image, he should channel that energy on trying to be a good example for his kids, and try to make himself relevant by making some good music, aint no way J was talking about his paranoid ass in Light it up

    • dmize-one

      i kinda feel what your tryin to say but not everyone needs to make feel good music for the kids... theres still a (rapidly shrinking) market for that gritty, gangster shit.. i need some gritty music to ride to a lot of the time.. and regardless of that beef with jay, beans is stil better than your average rapper...

  • BigCell10

    Jay-Z is a smart business man. bUT WHO KNOWS THE WICKED WAYS HE GOT HIS ASS TO THE TOP. All these rappers today are puppets. Organized rappers doing watever it takes to sell. I know u cant dwell on the past but one thing about hiphop back than it didnt sell its soul for riches. Rappers sold because we demanded a certain style. But fans today already F-Up in the head and thinks its about power,fame and money. so the corporate fucks just feed us wit it. It we stop buying records and supporting the bullshit they would have to give us back the realness from the past. Beanie need to grow up. but im glad he didnt sell himself. If he want to end it all just expose the truth about Jay-z. Wake all these dick riders up.

    • BigCell10

      and if its all controlled by the illuminati. than theose whos sell there soul wen it all goes down wit have to answer for that shit. For the conscious we will just have to revolt and go down fighting. F



    • wwhaaaa

      nigga what is you smokin on nigga?????? im all witchu about murkin that funny ass nigga drake but slow down son. lmao, damn, cuzz

  • The Professional

    1. Everybody go listen to BEANIE FT. JAY-Z THINK ITS A GAME, jay killed the whole song. 2. Beans ft Jay-Z GUTTED...............Jay killed him again. 3. Jay responds to Beans on the drake track and Hov killed the track 4. Rick Ross ft Jay-z....Maybach Music pt.2 Jay-z unreleased verse killed everybody on the song including Kanye and wayne. Jay can lyrically outbox beans, his wordplay is too clever.

  • The Professional

    Read this Carefully................ Beans had his shot to be a star, but he choose to be in and out of jail. That fuck up his career, i dont care how mad beans get, he cant fuck with JAY-Z. Lookin at the lyrically stand point Jay is too clever, too slick, and crafty for Beans. I remember joints with Jay and beans on it and Jay overshadowed him. Fuck what the judge said niggas aint gon babysit GROWN MEN, JAY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OF BEANS. SO TO ALL BEANS FANS OR STREET NIGGAS.................GROW THE FUCK UP OR GET SHIP OUT.

  • Jwill313

    This nigga out of line. Beans my nigga and all but he's shouldnt be throwing ahots at drake as though he had something to do with it. He need to fall back and concentrate on reviving his career and managing his money better. He talks about how jay wasnt there during the trial but yet when he got out he went with jay against dame and been by his side since until now and if all the things he said was true about what was going on while on roc a fella he why did he stay then?


    Beanie Siegel is a BROKE RAPPER trying to diss people and talk shit before his album comes out so he can sell enough records to buy more TALL tees. Drake will be better than he ever dreamed of being. His lame ass fed off Jay-Z until Jay couldn't take it anymore. This sorry ass dude needs to go sit his ass down some where because no one CARES ABOUT HIM ANYMORE. AHHHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ROC-NATION/G.O.O.D. MUSIC/YUNG MONEY! BITCH!

  • czcxx

    3 W – Interracial C -O- M}) Interracial is not a problem there, but a great merit to cherish! You are guaranteed to be your r the one of them.

  • atl homie

    chyea sigel.. smack drake bitch ass.. and that 5 oclock shadow dude got..hahaha

  • Javito_1

    Lmao Jay-z was scared to get at jada!!!! Hey I believe his ass, I can see Jada gettin' at the roc while jay hidin' behind his desk callin out for beans lmao.... He shoulda got beans to get @ nas too, so it would've been beans who got ethered instead of his bitch ass!! Drake aint even worth gettin' at he'd be the first rapper to come with an Rnb diss record lol....

  • Guttaque

    Gotta post this because there are just too many stans in the world: 1. If a judge tells your homeboy that he would release you if you can someway be responsible for him, if your homeboy says no, how the hell would you feel...that shit probably shook the judge that Jay Z said no 2. On 50 cent documentary, didn't 50 get mad with Game because Game didn't go at rappers 50 had beef with...they said Game wasn't loyal...well how loyal does Beans have to be to Jay-Z, because you know every battle Jay tried to go in on, he got his ass ate the fuck up something bad 3. Most of yall are Jay stans just because...real niggaz can respect his hustle and his business minded aspect, but on a rapper standpoint...just ask yourselves where would Jay be if Big and Pac was still...Pac was bout to end this nigga career before he got killed... and it would've never started if Big was alive due to Jay not being able to steal that nigga lyrics 4. Real niggaz that actually listens to lyrics knows when Beans say he will give it to anyone on sight, knows that it's true...someone said what about Eminem...last time I checked Beans was still a real street nigga, which means by street law - anybody can get it, he would lose but he would still give it to him the best way he know how 5. is it me or alot of niggaz that are somewhat pioneers in the game don't really respect Jay Z like these lil up and comers because they know the truth behind all these niggaz who bought their way to the top...Beans has a valid gripe for everything he says because he was really the only in the trenches for Jay back in the day, and Jay hung him out to dry and kept that flunkie ass Memphis Bleek, niggaz get real...Dipset back together now, everybody mending fences that Jay tried to break down...real niggaz recognize real nigga shit

    • Sensaye253

      Beans would "give it to him on sight"?, who fuckin' cares? what are we in 8th grade where being a tough guy actually means something? I know a lot of cats that would "give it to him on sight", you know why they would do that? because they're fuckin' losers with nothing to live for who can't find any real meaning to their life other than to get props from ignorant dudes like you who are still impressed with someone that will "give it to you on sight". You and Beans both have some maturing to do. While you clowns are giving it to someone on sight and running from the police, the rest of us will be enjoying the comforts of not having to be a knucklehead in order to get some attention and respect. Grow up, have some decency, gain some knowledge, get some pussy, be a man, enjoy life. It's better, trust me. And your family will respect you more.

    • m.kool

      son... i understand your frustration wit those "stans" that you are talking bout... but at tha same time... u sound like nuthan but a fuckin HATER is u ask me... 1st of all i doubt pac would have ended this nigga jay's career cuz he couldnt end anyones career... (mobb Deep for example)... i have yet to hear any rap pioneer say anything but great things about jay... as a businessman and as a rapper... Then u said sumthin about Jay stealing Big's rhymes... first of all niggaz borrow niggaz lines ALL THA TIME... BIG did it.. Pac did it... EVERY RAPPER DOES IT.. 2ndly BIG and JAY have recorded some great songs together... tha judge arguement is a pretty good one... other than tha fact tht... Beans was in and out of trouble... now if ur man was constantly getting into trouble... even when he had no reasons really to still be involved with tha shit to put him in and out of jail... and he was starting to become a liability on you, your business, and your brand, you would honestly continue to put up wit tha constant bullshit? im sry my nigga if you was on tha verge of blowing up and becoming sumthan as major as jay and your nigga was holdin you back from reaching your full potential... its in your best interest to DO YOU... its beans fault he is in tha position he is in... and he will never be anything but a street nigga for tha rest of his life.. i guess thats cool to alotta u niggaz... but i thought tha goal was to get outta tha hood and that thug life type shit... and finally it doesnt make you a real nigga because you can punch sumone in tha face for no reason... a real nigga doesnt bitch about what anutha nigga coulda did for him... by beans slappin or punchin drake or jay or any nigga... what is it gna prove? if anything this nigga will slap drake and go back to jail... to leave his kids without their father for anutha couple yrs... THATS BEING A REAL NIGGA?

    • quis*

      Rakim, who is one of the greats in hiphop shows nothing but respect for Jay. So for you to say the pioneers dont respect Jay is absurd. The fact is that Beans was in jail at the height of his career. He wasnt a biggest enough star, so by the time he was released from jail he couldnt get that buzz back. Beans couldnt transition from the streets to the fame and it hurt his career.

    • 12willy

      The only reason anyone even knows who Beanie Siegel is, outside of Philly, is BECAUSE of Jay. So essentially Beanie made his "career" out of "hanging on Jays nuts." The only reason Siegel is even in this DVD to make these comments is BECAUSE of Jay. Ungrateful. "How dare he not come to court for me." I know I don't expect my friends to sit through my court appearances. WTF?

    • joe moms

      where would beans be if Pac and Big was still alive?

    • RuiCosta

      I co sign that shit dawg thas the truth....too many niggas hanging off jays nuts


    Sigel must gotta album comin out if you talkin again lol RAP THE NEW WWE......

  • natherson 1

    fuck all these rappers today, fucking queer industry bitches with scarfs around they neck!!!

  • VIBE218

    Beans knew it was about business with he and Jay he said it himself when he decided he was going to sign with Dame, He was also looking into signing with G-unit back then as well, so we are suppose to believe that he was loyal to Jay, NO. He continued working with Jay not out of loyalty but because he could have a clothing line and a label, do you think 50 was going to allow that. Now we find out that dudes was used to ballin on their budget money for their albums, and had to go to Jay for more as stated by Peedi., so these cats weren't getting any money because they owed all the time, so at what point do you cut people off. Beanies reminds of a kid learning to ride a bike as long as Jay was running beside him holding him up he pedalled away, when Jay let go so he could pedal on his own he fell and started crying.

  • Sensaye252

    Beans is a ill MC, and a pathetic human being. He'll be back in prison before long, and he can stab Jay-Z posters with his jail-floor sharpened tooth brush. Grow the fuck up. You're in your 30's. Spend time with your kids, make records, and shut the fuck up. Get over yourself.

    • 1980

      Couldn't have said it any better one of the best spitters ever in my opinion but homie need to let that shit ride get in the booth and kill these niggas with success

    • 1980

      Couldn't have said it any better one of the best spitters ever in my opinion but homie need to let that shit ride get in the booth and kill these niggas with success

    • Global

      FInally a smart comment.

  • killah_casp

    yer man that is jay z style he wudnt say shit to your face or mention u on the track hed pussy out and hint stuff beanie speaking like a man hear fuk roca-fella all the real mofos have left or been kicked of the label jay z a phoney the real dame dash,dipset beanie bleek tru and many more have all been loyal and tht ugly ass greedy motherfuka has fuked them over.roca fella is all about gay music from n dubz to kanye to the rest of tht garbage i hope beaie does slap drake THESE BITCHS NEED A WAKE UP CALL U CANT TALK SHIT IF U CNT BACK IT UP

  • Global

    People are sad saying that sigel is real and living and blah blah blah... If he is so real and can touch people wouldn't Jay be dead... Rappers are studio gangsters they won't do anything I ain't got a scar yet so fucking around with me and my dogs are far-fetched... People that diss Jay at this point are purely haters or trying to get on Rather you like it or not Jay is carrying Hip Hop around the world he is what is allowing tons of people to accept hip hop. How could you diss someone thats paving the way for you? Thats like Obama dissing Nelson Mandela just would be insane. For Africans Amercians to supposedly care so much about money why don't they get out of the mentality that it takes to make money? You can't be a business man and a thug it doesn't work Jay knew that and you see where he is.

    • Global

      Thats a foolish mentality, why would I respond to you if I am jay. I don't understand how a punk means not responding to some? If I am Jay why would I respond? Only the Beatles nobody ahead of me... Do you understand the power of that? If Jay took the time out of his day to respond to all these rappers he would spend all day in the booth. He already had a beef thing why would he have one with Sigel. And are you in Jay's camp what exactly do you know that hes done? You just hear people that aren't on talk about him. The people that come at Jay always are talking about what he didn't do for them. A men is suppose to take responsibility for themselves. All the people dissing him were perfectly fine when that chain was around their neck and they were making money. It wasn't until things turned south until people start complaining. You don't know what went on in that situation but you do know that Sigel is talking about 2000's its 2010. If Jay was so bad why was he around him for so long? If I'm the KING of NEW YORK why would I respond to this guy thats mad at me for him not making it?

    • ishawn

      Global , the worst thing i dislike about people is the fact that when they type they don't take the time out to think about what they wanna say or know about what their saying ... i'm a born and raised new yorker and a big fan of jay , but everyone knows there's a lot of dirty ways to jay ..too many subliminals , and dirty tactics you talk about if siegel was real jay would be dead ...siegel already said on an interview this wasn't a street beef ..siegel did his thing for jay and jay treated that dude wrong , how you not gonna go see your man at court but the dudes you considered enemies gonna go see you ...?. too many people have come at jay because of the dirty shit he's done ..and honestly speaking he is sacred of siegel cause he knows siegel knows a lot of shit about jay ..that's why he don't say shit ... jay z let me down ..if you the king of new york , i'm sorry but sooner or later you gotta step to plate and respond back ..cause to me he's a punk

  • Bennie Walters

    Wow! This guy is really angry this shit is crazy, If I was Jay-Z and had the same power as Jay I wouldn't do any diss records or respond in any interviews either. I'd just blackball his bum ass but he'll get his. If your a true music lover be sure to check this kid out yo son is dope

    • ishawn

      jay couldn't black ball siegel cause siegel has a name already also there's a lot of people who dislike jay so it would be useless

  • HoVa094

    ps.. cassidy is comin back for you old man, yah i remember it, i havent forgot about that battle when he lit you up in philly. haha

  • HoVa094

    ahhhh hahahahahaha beanie talkin like he gon do something on the reals.. you sell no records, you get no listens, and the radio dj's dont even wanna play your records. you have no chance goin against drake.. let alone jay-z hahahha faggot

    • ffickkkk

      Be a sheep? That is stupid to say. The Rap game is like any other game. The team with the most success has the most different with Jay he has obvoiusly had more success than beanine who has never gone platium! Fuck u mean yall ride niggaz cocks that make no noise in the game. Thats like supporting the nets when its the playoffs and they already got cut just like beanie nothing he can do but try next year.......But its been years since we heard some REAL shit from beanie. We will c with that shit the closure though otherwise yall stop hating on the Lakers (a.k.a Jay) just bc he out winning championships hating ass niggas!!!!!

    • Ralph2

      Word JDBNJKFBFKDBDFKM !!! Don't be a sheep fuck tha album sales and radio play just give me the real hardcore shit. All they play on the radio is bitch music. Jay-Z has been getting tried since 2Pac but most of this kids won't know about that.

    • killah_casp



      your just a sheep that follows tha herd. dont matter about no radio plays or shit gettin sold. real hip hop is real hip hop and beanie sigel delivers real hip hop. drake and jay z are pop. there getting controlled by the illuminati. all the songs your hear from your favorite mainstream artists have been written by the illuminati to brain wash your retarded heads. grow up. open your eyes and see tha muthafukin truth!!!

  • Swiper

    this guy just wants attention i mean i dont blame him he's a nobody now he wants to be recognize again but i never thought he was that good to begin with but thats just me

    • 1980

      Go listen to the truth,the reason and his classic the becoming don't get me wrong I fux with hov but beans was n his ass on the dynasty album also

  • Matias

    I get on any beat.

  • William Munnerlyn

    Beanie sit yo tired fat ass down, this nigga iz a attention whore.

  • G.O.A.T

    what i don't understand is Jay and Beans done made songs AFTER his release..... so why is not showing up in court a problem... was beens being fake about it being cool?.... A lot of people are wrong'd... you can't drop everything and whine for ever. You dust yourself off and move on.. Jay was building an empire, no way he could associate him self with a nucca shooting people in the streets. Beanie is a crab in the barrel, all his antics would have pulled down Jay.... Jay made the best decision. Anybody who thinks different will probably never amount to anything because they have the wrong mentality. A mentality that does not align itself with discipline and success.

  • wtfnj

    i think beans is doing what em said he almost did. commuting career suicide. He might be real, but real people don't pay for shit they take it. Beans will stay having no hype and no $ and so maybe we will respect his street thug attitue cuz it's real. But why the fuck would he want a whole lotta respect and noting at all to show for it. Not to mention.. Jay and Drake are well respected, whether it's deserved or not... that means beans might just be left with nada

  • B-reezy

    fuck weanie sigel

  • B-reezy

    this is all I heard: "please, someone care about me and buy my records????" sit down beanie nobody likes your fat ass anyways

  • gargle

    I like sigel, he just too dam real for this generation of hip hoper's...the only nigga up there.... that still keeps it 100....

  • DL Dub

    Sigel's so fuckin stupid these days. He's walkin around with all these chains and diamonds and watches and shit, and still manages to look like a dirty bum. You seen the niggas teeth? There's less yellow at a land o lakes factory. Dude you need to start takin care of yourself. Stop bein out here whinin about who did what to whom. Muh fucka you aint in jail no more, get out of that prison mentality. Do work son. Jay aint goin at it with you, there's no point. He'll still have more money than you. Soundin more and more like a nigger every time you make one of these videos. Quit makin us look bad and do somethin with your life


      DL DUB...Ur funny as a point tho..

    • sean w

      I couldn't of said it any better! DL is right on the money! Beans is indeed a talented artist, he do spit hard, but his problem nowadays is he's looking back too much, digging in this beef shit with someone who looking way past him...after all Jay done for him (helped him with a record label, clothing line, promos, etc) and he mad cuz he wasn't as successful as Jay, but had the same access to the success, just like Kanye did, except Kanye was smart bout his shit. Beans in his 30s still tryna be a bully...smh.

  • sb4050

    all i can do is think of the boodocks episode (fundraiser) when i see this clip lol

  • Divine1-2

    Oh dam, that was some bitch shit. Hov shoulda' recorded a diss track for Beans; that indirect shit was some sucka shit, though. Divine, PEACE!

  • Kato3000

    The music biZ has become a catty sissy high school fight for attention

    • jinternational

      i agree with that. you know a nigga is broke when all he can talk about is how some other man messed up his life. Take responsibility for ur own shit homo.

  • PE

    Tell em why you mad Son? lol @ Weani Segiel Holla Fu$K Haaaaandy

  • OTAY

    This dude is still making appearances on these cheap DVD's? Still talking about the 90's and early millenium....WOOOWWWWW Subliminal disses are way more personal because the person being dissed is the only one that's listening haha

  • ill responser

    Beanie needs to battle Drake Live on stage.

    • 80 lbs. balls

      why so drake can read his rhyme from his blackberry?? I think not

    • sean w

      why? it's pointless...EVERYONE that listens to or heard Drake knows he ain't no battle rapper...get da fuck outta here with senseless comments like yours! Go back to your room, get your ice cream cones with sprinkles, and listen to your Black Eyed Peas cds

  • cannon_23

    wayne , birdman & slim a beat his ass he fuck wit drake.

  • 100

    Who really want it wit Sig? That nigga's a MONSTER... but Jay is untouchable.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Hahahaha "[He] was scared. [He] knew 'Kiss would've bit that ass." this is almost as gay as Canibus telling LL, "u aint got the heart to eat a niggaz ass like me". Seriously tho, Beanie Sigel is a fat, ugly criminal who's desperate for attention because he cant sell records anymore and will probably end up dead or in jail soon. But best of luck to him!

    • Ronnie Guess?

      He is a fake ass rapper, actor, and listen to him rap? listen to his voice? its fuckin fake. his accent is fake as hell!! str8 fake! fuck you very much:)

    • gamegame

      how is drake fake?? its not like he says he used to be a gang banger or anything....retard..

    • Ronnie Guess?

      If your going to quote something Canibus said in one of the illest diss tracks ever (2nd round k.o) then get the words right you fuckin idiot!!! Canibus said '' you aint got the ''skills'' (not heart) to eat a niggas ass like me''!!! God i hate dumb people!!! and for the record Beanie doesnt give a fuck about sellin records!! that dude is street hop!!! real rap!! he lived in the dirt and is really living what he is rappin!!! Drake is a fake ass t.v star who is making a fool out of rap music!!! I cant, and never will respect someone like Drake!! p.s im not even a big beanie fan but i give respect where its due!! oh and by the way.... Canibus is one of the illest emcees ever and i dont look at record sales.. i listen to music!!

  • powerhouse21312

    Nobody cares anymore about Beanie... R.I.P. Sigel...


    mad rapper

  • nasnage

    whether you like Jay or not, how can you possibly support this dudes skilled as he is lyrically, he spends more time suckin' on lemons then gettin' his ish long has it been since he was on the Roc? it's been long enough to have something other than a series of youtube-ish bitter beer face diss fests..."Juelz Santana was at every court date I had..." AND??? obviously he had time to do so and looking at where Jay is now, MAYBE HE DIDN'T!!! it's time to grow up and be responsible for your got beef with Jay, that's fine, you ain't gotta like the dude but channel the energy into yourself instead of someone you dislike so much

    • edubb1977


    • Dave Herril

      like that bro

  • box

    can yall please detach yall mouths from jayz's scrotum, i mean damn this equal rode for that equal,all y'all do is sit behind the net and talk about him hahahaha,this dude know how jay gets down, jay always get on others shit and drop sublims yet when he get bacc at em y'all got a problem,if he get at drake so fucc'n what,man you new fans is making this hip hop shit softer then the disney channel yell

  • blactrs78

    is he saying he hates drake bc jay dissed him on drake's song or is he thinking both jay and drake dissed him? either way he too old for dis ish but thats really a bytch move to dislike another nigga jus bc someone featured on his song dissed you. alot of upstate cats are real sensitive. i know its sensitive dudes everywhere but yall stay puttin yall ralph tresvant ways on least keep it undercover

  • kush nap



    He's right Fuck Drake. Why must Beanie Segal respect him when he's one of the thousands thats better than him. gtfo

  • krime

    I fuck with Beans all day but I'm tired of niggaz doin that rapper ass shit... Beefin is for hoe ass niggaz... Get up on your on toes Beans!

  • Sean Juan

    Very sad. Another rapper that can't stand on his own two, so he's gotta blame somebody else. Sigel's got a lot of skill. Too bad he's overshadowing it with all this bullshit instead of concentrating on putting together a great album (of which he has none).

  • Lima

    i was giving this dude the benefit of the doubt but right now he sounds like a real idiot. Everyone's worked with Jay-Z. Is he gonna start beefin with everyone in the industry? fucking dumb ass

    • Ronnie Guess?

      lol@ LIMA!!! haha OK NOW!!!! @ 12WILLY listen man, drake has no clue about wtf beanie is talkin about or feeling because drake has zero sreet smarts in him.. he doesnt understand that this shit is real.. its more then music to these emcees from the streets.. little drake aka drizzy (gay) is from a cute little town that nobody has ever been to and he was on a teen t.v show already paid and born into money.. so now he wants to make albums because its the '' HIP THING TO DO ''... SO HE TALKS TO HIS RICH FAMILY AND GETS HIS AGENT TO DO ALL THE WORK FOR HIM. HE WRITE A FEW SONGS TO SOME BEATS AND NEXT THING YOU KNOW HE IS MAKING SONGS WITH EVERY EMCEE IN THE WORLD.. FUCK OUTTA HERE MAAAAAAN!! DRAKE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO WHAT SOMEONE ELSE IS RAPPIN ABOUT ON HIS TRACK.. BEANIE REALLY TAKES A LISTEN TO MUSIC.. DRAKE JUST EXPLOITS IT!!! NUFF SAID!!

    • 12willy

      That's exactly how 50 Cent acts. It's retarded. It's not like Drake wrote Jays verse. Fuckin' pathetic man.

    • Lima

      LOL point taken

    • Ronnie Guess?

      Thats not what he said.... he said since drake had jay on a song dissing him he is taking that as they both dissed him! think about it..... if you and me make a song together and your part of the song is saying some shit about that black kid right there on the side of this screen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> that black kid is gonna be pissed at not only you but me as well because im on the track with you Co signing that shit!!!

  • j8ailey

    Sigel....sour grapes?

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