Jay-Z To Perform On Letterman Rooftop With Eminem

The two rap legends make a concert in New York happen despite previous difficulties.

Despite having his show canceled just days earlier, Jay-Z was able to find a way to perform after appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman - and he's bringing Eminem with him.

By the end of this early morning's show, Jay-Z will have performed with surprise guest Eminem on the rooftop the building where Letterman's show is taped, according to Gothamist.com.

Photos of the two rap legends rehearsing on the rooftop were taken, confirming what is sure to be a highly-anticipated performance.

This marks another instance of recent and frequent collaborations between the two artists, who worked together to contribute content for the DJ Hero video game, and will perform in at the Detroit Tigers' and New York Yankees' stadiums on September 2 and September 13, respectively.



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  • Twinblades

    Man I ain't the best writer but this is stupid hhdx needs to stop smokin the ganja and write there shit better damn lol!

  • Atl2Trill

    Em and Jay have been performin alot together lately. IDGAF actually. But this keeps the casual commercial rap fan and EM/Jigga stans happy.

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  • nice...

    "Jay-Z, Eminem To Perform On Letterman Rooftop With Eminem" WTF? you guys are high aren't you. i could only imagine what the hell goes on in those offices

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i don't care there're 20 eminems or not i just hope that faggot nigga gay z won't do that lap dance on that eminem's cock and say his ahh ahhh shit.... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters


    interesting how the money talks.. fif can take shots at jay all day.. em knows where the money is and dre is working with game.. is it safe to say that fifty's done? or was it safe to say it two years ago, when a few were saying it, that actually knew their a$$ from their elbow, and the young ones denied it, thinking fifty could salvage himself.. dre and em brought him in, and now they are hard to be seen together.. em's backing slaughter house and extra cool with jay-z.. would love to hear a eminem j.cole song in the future.. the new movement is artistry.. b.o.b., cudi, j.cole, wale..

    • WHO CARES?

      @graysonapollo. . . Then they can make a duo group with Jay-Z feat. Tony Yayo and call themselves '40/40'. Both of them cats are old as shyt!

    • graysonapollo

      good thoughts, but 50 tryin to sign gunit with roca fella

    • khordkutta

      Good Ish DOOM

    • mf doom

      damn homie in 2002 you was the man homie,the fuck happen to you?

    • JasonCTown

      Fif dug his own grave a while ago, thinking he was bigger/better than he actually is. Around here, ppl aint feelin his shit anymore. Dude isnt a blip on a horses ass around NYC.

    • nice...

      i think by now dre and em realised fif is an idiot. he can do whatever the hell he wants as long as they stay out of it and keep their names clean.

  • T.I. IS BACK!!!!!!

    2 eminems that would be crazy haha

  • Megan fox lover

    Are there 2 eminems?

  • Dab

    It's not a surprise if we know Em is gonna be there

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  • ZachP


  • Jos

    Jay Z and eminem to perform with eminem? Huh? Get some proof readers..

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