Eminem Defends Former Lyrics Against "Recovery"

In an interview with The New York Times, a reporter challenges Eminem's new messages against Slim Shady's.

Published Monday June 14, The New York Times asked Eminem about his June 21 release Recovery. The Detroit superstar's latest album is led by empowering messages, heard in the Boi-1da-produced "Not Afraid" . However, writer Deborah Solomon wanted to asked Em how this theme stacked against his Slim Shady alter-ego, which endorsed drug use and misogyny.

"There was so much stuff like that off [Relapse] that I felt like I was starting to run it into the ground. I think consciously I went in a different direction with this record," explained Eminem, noting that "Slim Shady" still exists.

On the subject of misogynistic lyrics within Eminem's catalog, the rapper noted, "Anything I’ve ever said, I certainly was feeling at the time. But I think I’ve calmed down a bit. My overall look on things is a lot more mature than it used to be." Further pressed about his previous gay-bashing or homophobic lyrics, Eminem said that at 37 years old, he considers himself tolerant.

Read the full New York Times Eminem interview here.




    Slim Shady is dead and we have to accept that Eminem will never be as hot as he use to be.only die hard fans will stick to listening to him.He fell off just like 50 cent and all his counter-parts...and besides he still rapping that all women are whores no respect for his daughters

  • Bennie Walters

    its not a black white issue dope is dope and that eminem is. I mean need not to say cause the music speaks for its self, some people just dont understand growth and those people who are usually the ones who feel like they have no growing to do. but if your a true music lover be sure to check this kid out he's pretty dope www.myspace.com/darealmook


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  • Pifff

    Em is not that nigga no more.. Time to pass the torch.

    • Pifff

      LMFAO ^^^ Ooo How angry nigga. Sensitive ass homo. Ma opinion ma bitch hop off ma dick.

    • nasistheillest

      STFU go listen to despicable, or eminem F slaughterhouse the brand new shit better yet listen to him destroy everyone on "forever"... all the fuckin bs was erased with that one song... killed drake, kanye and wayne in one verse... and this not afraid shit is the shit anyways

  • lEatHerFace

    fuck anybody who got anything bad to say bout relapse! that shit was his craziest album yet! ill bump that shit all day! as for recovery... shits hot! def went in a diff direction wit it, but a good 1. Em cant b stopped or topped Haters, keep hatin!

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  • Mr.Crackee

    i didnt care for the album too much. it was alright.might cop it down the road

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  • gaymeeee

    just looking for that HUNGER FOR MORE 2 album lloyd banks killin 2010!!!!!! recovery aint much.. em is a legend but recovery n relapse is wack as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blackangel

      ehhh and ur highh recovery was hot relapse didnt suck it was jus gud not great encore was da album dat sucked i only agree wit u on da banks shit yea banks goes da fuck in

  • lilweezyana2112

    I dont understand what there is to argue, even whack rappers agree eminem is one of the greatest. One of the, not the. Jigga Snoop Weezy TI and _____(your favorite rapper) would agree. End of conversation

    • Ultime Fan

      Eminem is the greatest rapper alive currently. His lyrical prowess is simply unmatched he can rap abstract methapors, real life stories with brilliant wordplay and ride a beat better than MOST. I am die hard rap fan and dont really mess with Eminem I didnt like his first albums because I thought they were too explicit and 'crude' but even then he was just applying his sick skills and having fun with it. Modern Eminem has already showed he can do anything, any record powerful songs about his life, inspirational down to classic disses. Everyone who considers himself the GREATEST OF ALL TIME is scared of Em.

  • eLfRoZo613

    Em is hands down best rapper in the game, lyrically, statistically, one word to describe him legendary

  • Drake Bodied!!!

    Drake getting bodied on his own ish... http://www.reverbnation.com/devinecaramaky

  • Gunn Starr

    Em-stop rapping already, u have been mediocre since the marshal mathers album

    • lilweezyana2112

      like David Carradine fuck yourself and just die..! rofl

    • Magnum Opus

      Seriously. It's just sad how completely he's fallen off. And before you Stans start defending him, just remember how amazing you claimed Relapse was, and now Em himself admits that it was garbage.

  • eminemmmmm

    should of just put relapse refill and recovery into a double cd fuckin wulda been nuts with Slim on one disk and Eminem on the other

  • T.I. IS BACK!!!!!!

    em is the greatest to ever do it and i think black people just get mad cuz its true that hes one of the greatest ever and hes white oh well tho the fact will remain the same hes one of the greatest if not the greatest

    • WHO CARES?

      also, GRERODGERS & i share the same surname. l.o.l. Who the fugg talks like that and types periods between LOL? Ol' Carlton Banks sounding @$$ n!cc@

    • insanemacbeth

      cosign ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^GREGRODGERS. RAKIM is the greatest. he is THE GOD EMCEE. also, GRERODGERS & i share the same surname. l.o.l.

    • GregRodgers

      Naw son...I am black...I cosign. Em is ONE of the best to do it...(not gonna say he's the best....I still think that title is owned by Rakim) I don't care if you are black, white, hispanic or asian...(what up Jin?) As long as you elevate the game.I don't care what color you are..its all good!!

  • therisingsun


  • james8685

    lmfao bobo r u fucking serious? u said crackers and im not racist in the same sentence lol. thats like me saying u fucking niggers oh wait im not racist at all i have a black friend. dude ur whole statement contridicts itself. u r hilarious, wright something else for us to laugh at!

  • tdot1987

    This article is hilarious! Is it not right to be honest anymore? Fuck the pretentiousness and fake shit. If you are a drug addict you glorify drugs because it justifies your own behavior. case closed. This chick just doesn't like true emotion because she is probably incapable of being honest. No dickridin here, Recovery is bonkers!

    • tdot1987

      I swear the majority of people in this world are fucking lost, including myself. Why does everybody want to be a life coach? Prideful motherfuckers hahahaha

  • BO-BO214

    first off em can go in he's dope on the mic. but you cracker ass white ppl saying he's the best are far from knowing anything about real hip hop remember. we invented rap and white ppl hated rap when it first came out.you hated over ten yrs of its birth. em himself said the relapse CD was so so. but you crackers still supported that BS. and sucked em's d*ck just because he's white. now his first 2 CD's were on point. but if it was not for the legendary dr dre co-signing em. do you really believe em would be where he is today. the marketing behind his first CD. pictured a persons figure standing far away standing on a peer. you could'nt tell if he was white or black. then u have a guy rapping about my "bun is on your lips" if a black guy would said that then he would have been banned from rap for life. but nooooooo white people seemed to have found that very entertaining along with talking about pop stars( that we can't relate too) raping his own mother.( real hip hoppers love their mom's white people hate thier moms so we can't relate) allowing a flaming f*ggot to put his nekked ass in your face on national TV. not real hip hop. dressing like a girl in your videos.( not real hip-hop) if a black or hispanic rapper would have done that..... banned for life. but u guys seem to find that gay sh*t entertaining, so there for he's the most succesful saleing rapper to date. please excuse the typos but im typing extremly fast. and this is not about race but you crackers seem to make it about race everytime em is mentioned. i know you'll probably spazz out when you read this,to bad but the truth hurts. and you can't do sh*t about it. it is what it is. remember this is not about race. some of my best friends are white ppl.

    • MddlFingaUp

      Listen 2 Biggie's (R.I.P) lyrics on "Dead Wrong", and tell me he didn't say some fucked up shit too. People that don't conform to the record label's demands, say what ever they want on record. Let's not forget DMX's rape line from "X is coming". Only a small few, actually show some balls now a days. By the way...my mother's awsome.

    • cracker

      shut up nigger

    • i agree

      i think you right idk wat they tlkn bout

    • mf doom

      he'd be running it more faggot,the industry tells you what to do the way they want and he realized this on his new cd

    • BO-BO214 is a moron

      your a racist, and race has nothing to do with this, your preaching about hip hop but you dont have a clue what it is oviously, on top of the fact he is a ill lyrisist he sold so many of his records becuse of his image of hating his mother, doing drugs and controversy in his video's and personal life. so read between the line before you start bashing white people, Id rather listnen to tom green that some young african american rapping about cars, selling drgs and how much money he has... really original stuff. Im not going to sit here and tell you what I think real hip hop is becuse it's different. to everybody, if it's dope it dope and if it's wack, some one probally thinks it's dope so next time shut the fuck up. and saying " remember. we invented rap and white ppl hated rap when it first came out" that was over 20 years ago so why is this relevent in an artical about emeinem defending his lyrics, get a fucking life buddy oh and remember this is not about race. some of my best friends are black people

    • KGR

      Yo shut the fuck up, Eminem is one of the greatest of all time, flat out undeniable there is crazy lyrical evidence stop hating, and as far as white ppl supporting the fucked up shit eminem raps about think about all the fuced up shit big pun and big L and biggie used to rap about (may they rest in peace no disrespect), and they had crazy hispanic and black support obviously so chill son

  • rocklee916

    honestly, F the haters. However for those of you who simply do not enjoy Em, that's cool as well. In my own humble opinion however, the dude spits straight fire. he's a beast. Love the new track.

    • Blackangel

      who da fuck cares Eminem = G.O.A.T Alive.... Pac = G.O.A.T Dead and im black so wats gud...my opinion all his albums were gud cept encore n even dat was better then da average album dat had dropped around his it just sucked cuz em has lyrical standards dat he didnt fulfill on encore 9/10 MMSLP 8.5 EMSH 8/10 SSLP=RECOVERY 8/10 REFILL 7.9 RELAPSE 7/10 INFINITE 5/10 ENCORE ....MY RATIN MY OPINION SO DONT GO RESPONDIN LIKE OHHH NAAA DAT AINT RITE NA MY FUCKIN OPINION

  • b haze

    people that say relapse was wack, are wack. stay wide awake was one of the best songs by eminem. not saying it was his best album but there were good songs. stay wide awake, must be the ganga, deja vu, beautiful, my darling, and underground are the best on the cd, the rest just eminem. thats him, you liked it before, so why not now. i still listen to relapse, i skip over the played out songs but otherwise i listen right through. also, shut up about the accent, not like it's that much different from his regular voice.

    • jesterdx

      3 a.m. same song & dance medicine ball stay wide awake must be the ganja deja vu beautiful underground my darling forever elevator drop the bomb on 'em i can listen to em over & over again

  • bob0923

    yah I'll admit i was kind of a stan when relapse came out. I skip over a lot of the songs now when they come up on my ipod. Only ones I still listen to are stay wide awake, deja vu, and beautiful. Recovery on the other hand....I've had it on replay like every day since it leaked. Can't wait to go out and support em, hope he does big numbers, he deserves it for this album.

  • gaetarick

    Wow, his finally maturing ... Now if he can get rid of that annoying accent and get back to spittin' hot rhymes ...

    • Canomad

      his album leaked almost 2 weeks ago ive listened to it multiple times there is not one single accent on that whole entire album.

  • larry j

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      either ur a dumb white boy or ur a gay black dude..maybe all the above, who knows

    • KIngPing

      I was about to defend eminem until illness decided to use the word "nigger" and the "er" shows that he is white,you're a pussy man,I like eminem but hate his fuckin racist fans

    • mangina

      lil wayne got a laptop in his cell aparently

    • jesterdx

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    • Anon1

      I know it's ironic but I'm gonna say it. Why do people respond to this guy's comments? You know he's not serious.

    • yourahater

      fuck you you dumb fuck your just mad that a white boy is on top of the game .....eat a dick your probly a closet homo yourself and just mad that he wont fuck you ... wayne is garbage he is the worst rapper alive him and drake .... neither one of them could even come close to em ....

    • Canomad

      sounds like you got a problem with white people...... anyways wayne is the greatest of all time???? i suggest you listen to every song eminem and wayne have done together. eminem outshines wayne on every track -forever -drop the world -no love em kills waynes verses on all these songs, and everyone knows it

    • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    • staqz2high

      do u ever have any facts to back up anything u say handyyy? well ur a faggot and i actually have proof of that anyone can look around at sum of the last few weeks of articles around dis site scroll down and sure enough youll find this homo talking bout how much he wants wayne and his sperm n wut not....... by the way why the fuck is ur homosexual idol begging this guy to do songs with him if hes so garbage?

    • Heat-357

      @illness_personified.... Its obvious that he is white and he is acting black but he is just making an ass out of his self... Now he has you using the N word and you look like 2 hateful white guys using the N word and hating on artists.... Dont stoop to his level...

    • BJAB

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    • hahahaha

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    • illness_personified

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    • staqz2high

      aww dis bill guys illiterate, its sad dat u come onto an eminem titled article and cant copy and paste let alone read his name once..... wait.. unless............. u think ur being clever dont u? u thought td be o so funny to claim ur on a hiphop website and dont kno who eminem is(fake laughs to entertain dis dumb fuck) that wus really good how u dont know one of the last great lyricist in this game greatest battle rapper of all time and highest selling artist of the last 10 years. But seriously go shoot urself ur jus wasting oxygen that belongs to all the smart people out there

    • jonross

      you're an idiot.

  • Drucifer1983

    This album is so far the best I've heard all year, always liked Em more for his serious side then anything else anyway so these songs resonate alot more with me then the ones on "Relapse", even though I thought that album was entertaining it didnt last long, I can see myself playing this album for a minute, like The Eminem Show, I still throw that in 8 years later from time to time

    • jesterdx

      I'm gonna 3rd that what let Relapse down was the voice & alot of the concepts!

    • Dab

      I second that. I also like Em's more serious nature then the Slim Shady alter-ego. I admit I hated Relapse for the content and voice. But what I heard so far from Recovery has been great.

    • slim fela


  • thelastkoopa.bandcamp.com

    What an awful interview! I think there's a difference between some immaturity/hate and intolerance. The mark of maturity was not to go off on this bitch.

  • dgbvd

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    • WHO CARES?

      Please chill with the false advertisements. . . as if ugly mah fuggahs can not sign up for accounts too! GTFOH!!!


    Em put together an incredible album..2 CLASSICS drop this month..Recovery and Thank Me Later are must buys.........

    • E1221

      Fuck Drake, he's a bitch. Anybody who thinks hes talented knows nothing about rap. Recovery is what I expected from a 37 year old Em. He's matured a lot, which is good. The choruses are poppy and not too great but his verses are the best since the Eminem Show. Good stuff from the greatest rapper EVER. 1. Em 2. Biggie 3. Nas 4. Tupac 5. Outkast 5 best rappers ever, nobody will ever touch em, especially fucking Drake

    • Matt513

      You mean Recovery and The Pursuit of Nappiness.

    • Indiemuzik

      Eminem Recovery>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Drake Thank me Later Not even close! The only classic that drops this month is Recovery.......................and maybe Vinnie Paz's Season of the Assassin......and maybe that new Roots album....and hopefully Joell Ortiz's Free Agent.

  • jesterdx

    marshall jus can't win can he if he stix to shady ppl say he too sick, he's old enough to let go off tha funny shit but wen he flips it then its em tryin to hard, oh he's lost his ability to b sick & funny wiv rhymes... we will get both on d12s nex joint!

    • jesterdx

      Marshall just can't win can he, if he sticks to Shady people say "he's too sick, he's old enough to let go off that funny shit." But when he flips it then it's Em trying to hard "oh he's lost his ability to be sick & funny with his rhymes." We will get both sides of Mathers on D12's next joint! Is that better MOTHERFUCKER!


      ?!?!?...english muthafucka...do you speak it!!!

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