Dr. Dre Releases Statement On "Under Pressure" Leak

After yesterday's leak of his Jay-Z collaboration, Dre says the version that hit the Internet is "unfinished and old."

Dr. Dre's Detox album has been in the works for the better part of a decade. And the anticipation for what many believe will be the legendary producer's swan song only grew when, in April, Dre told CNBC's Maria Baltiromo, "we'll be releasing ['Under Pressure'] in the next two weeks or so." When an NMC tagged version of the song leaked Wednesday, opinions on it were mixed. As of this writing, "Under Pressure" has been streamed 16,675 times on HipHopDX, with the average user rating it as a 2.5 out of a possible five rating. Having been made aware of the leak, Dr. Dre released the following statement via his Web site, aftermathmusic.com.

"I want to set the record straight for everybody who's been waiting to hear my music. The song that's on the internet [sic] is an incomplete song that I'm still working on. When it's ready, you'll be hearing from me."

This is not the first time tracks rumored to be included on Detox have been leaked. Three T.I. reference tracks, tentatively titled "Topless," (also featuring Nas) "Shit Popped Off" and "This Is Detox" were leaked last year. The former was incorporated into a Dr. Pepper commercial featuring Dr. Dre.


  • Audi

    I dont know what everyone is hating on I love this song and it isnt even done.. This song bumps. This song is awesome I have been a dre head since 91 and I liked the beat the first time i heard it..people stop hating and let the track come to U...Another Dre Day...



  • Megan fox lover

    Lil boosie goin to be executed before detox ever coming out. Damn.

  • aKa 213 O.G

    big disappointment!!!! no nate no g-funk, right?!

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  • esf

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  • byrdgang80

    for yall u niggas out there hatin on dre shit....yall niggas need to relax and pump ur breaks. Shit gonna be tight.

  • beantwn

    jay wrote still dre

  • Seany

    you ever heard watch me by jay-z,dre they both killed it. so quit sayin that jay doesent fit in with dre beats.

    • dcollin4444

      Nice call Mark...that was a Irv beat and the hook by Dre was written by Jay-Z, Dre just rapped it. Dre didn't kill anything other than the hook. That song was fire though. This "Under Pressure" song is crap.

    • mark quiz

      that is not a Dre beat. It is a Irv Gotti beat. Do your homework or read the damn Liner notes FOOL!

  • iBar

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  • $

    Yeah we know its not finished problem is you need to dump the whole entire concept shit is wack..Jay-Z is GOD to me and he sounds like he did that shit while sitting on a lounge chair on some island and Dre sounds like he has not tried to rap in 10 yrs

  • webslinga

    umm marketing ploy..?

  • 305ilovemia

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  • I'm at work and bored

    Poor Dre, I bet he's about to fire some people in his camp over some bull shit trance/house/techno crap that leaked nobody is feeling.

  • esf

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  • 305ilovemia

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  • Assassin221

    The track's not mind-blowing but really, anything people have been waiting a decade for is pretty much guaranteed to be a disappointment the way I see it. The bar is just too damn high now. 2001 wouldn't have sounded that tight if it had been hyped up for a decade.

    • Athanasios

      I, disagree about 2001. It is and it had been the tightest shit in the rap game - hyped or not.

    • illbrizzil

      Exactly, he painted himself in to a corner now...maybe this weak track is a way to take down expectations a notch. Pz.

  • 6packmoe

    nico3 you could not have said it better dude! he could give a shit about the people who have paid for everything he own's (his fans). im sure x-million poeple will buy his album anyway....

  • Gunn Starr

    Dre largely sucks as can be seen in his productions for others and I would suggest he not release underpressure as it is wack and detox isn't a classic impending. Lol-wheres Dan the Automator

  • Icandoitall

    I want to slap the ape who's calling the shots regarding the singles/final songs... HARD. As mentioned, Topless & the Luda joint were great, but this trash is straight laughable. I ain't laughing though, as my #1 most anticipated record just went from i-cant-wait-to-hear-more to i-cant-stand-to-hear more.. from gangsta to Technotronic. Fuck this sound with all my heart. Never in a million years did I think it would get this bad, but whatever. Must be something in the tap water in the US? American rap has fallen the fuck back, we're ahead of your sad asses in Europe right now it seems... by, like, 15 years. For reals. Stop counting the fucking dollars and step up your fucking game, you've dropped the ball like a eunuch right now, bitches!

  • Icandoitall

    Fuck everyone who's defending this weak ass track, I love Dr Dre as much as the next guy and he's a legend in my book, but the shit i heard the other day just broke my heart.. that how Detox is supposed to sound, simple as fucking that. Three six mafia made that gay ass 90's eurodance song with Tiestö, which got big laughs from us OG heads in the Europe, and now Dre is making shit even worse than that techno & dance bullshit? I've been waiting for this album for 10 fucking years, 10 YEARS, but the track was a god damned catastrophe - go back to the lab, Dr. Ain't no one want to hear 1995 eurodance on your Detox record!!! Get it together and bring us something FRESH that's GANGSTA; the chronic 2000 westcoast sound upgraded to 2010, not this weak ass garbage. No offense to you my hero, but I shit better beats than this trash. And I ain't even a producer!!! No matter what these homo ass Drakes and Weezys and Bobs tell u, this ain't the fucking future, it's the FUCKING PAST!!! We've grown over this trash 15 years ago in Europe, so put more effort into your craft, a LOT more!!! I never thought in a million years I'd say this, but STEP YOUR FUCKING GAME UP DRE!!! This was hella weak, you're supposed to lead the pack, not follow these fruity ass lames with their gay 90's techno fad. NOW, Topless and the Luda track we're tight as fuck, but this definitely ain't what we've been waiting for!!! Ditch the wack eurodance shit and go back to the REAL HIP HOP, that's what we've been waiting for and need. This sound has been wack & tired for years, whereas Still DRE still sounds fresh!!!! Think about that for a minute with your headphones. And just for the record, I ain't tryina hate, I like Dre and just want to see Detox succeed!!!

    • illbrizzil

      @ Sensaye252 , interesting info but i wonder, how do you know this? I thought dre was playing drums and everything but what you say makes sense, I was thinking the same about the beats on relapse even though one or two beats was classics its just not as good as ten years ago. PZ.

    • Sensaye252

      When niggas aren't around the street anymore, it's hard to make street shit. When they're poppin' bottles in Polynesia with Anthony Bourdain and shit it's gonna effect the music. I'm not defending it. I don't think the track is as bad as you do, but it was definitely a disappointment. Another thing that needs to be considered is that Dre used to have a team of producers and musicians with him that he doesn't have anymore. You used to hear live instruments in his beats, now it's just straight keyboard because Dre doesn't know how to play any instruments. He used to have Scott Storch and a dude named Glove, and a shit load of other co-producers that were heavy contributors to his tracks. Dre doesn't have the stacks any more to pay them, he's already in the middle of some pending lawsuits from not paying them before, so now he's kinda fucked. This isn't to say Dre is incapable of puttin' out some fire, because he definitely is, but it's not gonna be on the level that everyone is thinking. Listen to Eminem "Relapse", that's where Dre's beats are right now, good but not GREAT. Even Eminem knows it, that's why he's fuckin' with other producers this time around.

  • koolseanmusic

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  • Nico 3

    Sadly, when Detox does drop it'll sell like crazy. Come on. 10 years? It's safe to assume the album is done. They can release anything and call it a single. The key is the release date. If it doesn't come out and sell millions out the gate, his legacy could be impacted. This is 100% about money. Both for him and for the label.

  • DoYourResearch

    Come on man what's up with the sloppy writing in this article?? AFTERMATHMUSIC.COM is not DR. DRE's WEBSITE! That website=an independent blog by an Aftermath fan in europe. "Shit Popped Off" was the one on the Dr. Pepper commercial.

  • VenomTalk

    Timbaland sneezes beats like this, took you 10 years for this Dre?

  • Sensaye252

    I understand that Dre is a perfectionist and all, but it's not like he's painting the fuckin' ceiling of the Vatican. It's been 10 years since his last album, it's not like he's got some thriving movie career that's taking up all his time or something. I think he's hiding an addiction, straight up. Either that, or he's caught up in some real gangster shit where someone is suppressing his music. It's gotten to the point now where no matter what he puts out it's not gonna be good enough because it's ten years in the making. He's waited so long that he's rendered himself almost irrelevant to anyone under the age of 25. If it wasn't for Eminem and Fifty keeping his legend alive by mentioning his name all the time, who would even know Dre was an active musician?


    Dr Dre like all Americans have the right to say and do as they please but as a highly respected artist with MILLIONS of fans he's flat out wrong in the way he's handling this. HE is the one that keeps building the anticipation with false release dates and multiple "maybes". Why did he say anything at all about Detox if he was so unsure of the finishing date. I think dude is doubting himself these days not his fans. It has nothing to do with 50 Cent or Eminem's new albums taking up his time. And speaking of those albums there was nothing INNOVATIVE beat wise in any of those albums either.

  • fresh222

    dre is losing a lot of respect these days, he needs to step his game up or get out while he's ahead

  • MrTreez

    You have to have some form of retardation if you actually think this is the completed version.... Look in the mirror, because when you do your looking at someone who's fucking stuuuupid. And shit.. what's with all the crying, sobbing babies getting all worked up because he hasn't released Detox yet....? Some how the delay has comprehended your logic... If your interested in his music,....you'll want to listen to it when it finally releases... Don't tell me you don't have other artists to listen to during the meantime.... If your pays delayed are suddenly not interested in getting it.....? Get the fuck outta here..... Anyways,....I like the beat. It flows, it's bumping...obviously something for the club/ radio, but none of that Miley Cyrus shit.

    • MrTreez

      There's nothing wrong with the beat, just not your style. Everything lands on point. The clap and the double snare are perfectly placed. The kick hits at a fast enough rate to move this track right in the club, and I guarantee it's gonna get to the club making the ladies shake everything we want them to shake. It's not the end all to be all of beats, but it's put together well. You're gonna here remixes of this beat that take it to another direction, gangster or whatever. You can do a lot with this beat. And you're right, there's nothing special when it comes to lyrics being laid out on this, but then again it's unfinished.

    • dlp23602

      that shit sucks dude....the beat, the rhymes, everything...

    • dlp23602

      that shit sucks dude....the beat, the rhymes, everything...

    • dlp23602

      that shit sucks dude....the beat, the rhymes, everything...

  • Russ Tafari

    I wouldn't pay $350 for headphones made out of solid gold. I've heard these things and they are not worth $350. Your paying for a name. As far as his album it will never live up to the hype he waited too long and now it's going to have the same results as Guns and Roses did after waiting so long to put the album out. Check out my link for Kill The Captain 187 TV for the most up to date rap, video game, horror, and weed news!

  • kush nap

    HAHAHAHA how the fuck is the record still incomplete? fuck is dre doing up there? definitely isnt working, thats for sure. dre needs to just fall back and hustle headphones if he gonna half ass it, cuz the song sucks, and theres no reason it shouldnt be "finished" by now. nigga announced it months ago, and the record still isnt even complete? im used to dre working at a snails pace, but i dont think hes working AT ALL. whoever leaked the record, leak all of his records, and force dres hand, he sitting on turds just get on with it already. dre set himself up, detox is chinese democracy status. either drop detox, drop something else, or fade away. half foot in half foot out, not gonna cut it. niggas sick of waiting, jimmy iovine gotta be feelin sick, he cant get dre to do shit.

  • Joe-Momma

    The pressure track is whack as fuck and it sounds like T.I.'s shit.. And fuck those $300 headphones.. those shits are garbage.. I got myself some Sony MDR XB 700's for just $130.. those shits are banging with 50mm Neodymium Long Stroke drivers.

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    who wanna listen to this wack album or that recovery shit or anything from aftermath\shady\gay unit clique while we got that CARTER 3 in our cars in our computers in our houses... nigga don't waste ur fucking beats give it lil wayne! he'll use it properly if there's an album people of united states waiting on it it should be CARTER 4 not some wack ass producer's album.... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

  • yaboymal

    yall can believe that bullshit bout it being incomplete if you want to.he saw that first reaction to the track and it fucked him up



  • William Munnerlyn

    Im honestly gettin' tired of waiting for Detox, itz ridiculous how long we've all been waiting for this album, hurry up DRE!

  • Its Um

    Hell there's better music out there, Black Milk Album of the year (summer), Nas/Damian (in stores now), reflection Eternal (in stores now), and many more in stores or coming soon. To be waiting for one album is not just stupid it's ridiculous.

  • southflint souljha

    I been overly sick with this DETOX album,I mD ean i been over gettin all amped ova a possible DETOX leak!!!!!! I been listenin to rap fa the last 28yrs of my life of which ova a GOT DAYUM DECADE I BEEN WAITIN,man this is beyond PATIENTLY WAITING !!!Dis mo like PENITENTIARY W AITING!!!! CMON DRE AND DROP THE GOT DAYUM CD B4 ALL THE GOOD WEED GONE MY BRODDIE!!!!shaMON

  • The main attraction

    Prediction: Detox 1st week 40k tops!! With leak or no leak People are fed up of waiting, but guess what - so am I! Go cope the new Game album in July.

    • The main attraction

      @ 617soboston go feed your mother purina pig food moron... Oink oink

    • 617soboston

      games album drops in august jack ass

    • southflint souljha

      Now u know u buggin the fuck out riiight? 40 k ? SERIOUSLY!!!!! NAH NAH NAH homey regardless of whn it drop ,regardless of how mad we get @ him plz believe whn he do drop it my state alone gon give a smoooth QTR MILL in sales wit 15-20 stacks sold here the 1st week!!!!!! STOP IT

  • freshyboi

    dr dre is best friends with a 60 year old white record executive

  • nice...

    i put some blame on these dumb ass sites who should at least informed the people that it was incomplete, i mean thats obvious but you see how these dumb niggas reacted. that and i'm astounded at the amount of jay hate goin around

    • Dab

      I'm glad its incomplete because the version we heard was wack as wack can be. Lazy lyrics, horrible production. I was with everyone who said "We waited 11 years for this?" I understand Detox probably won't live up to the hype but that single is just bad,

  • Grizzle

    Also Jay-Z does not mix will Dre beats, bad choice to put him on the lead single.

  • Grizzle

    Nigga wouldn't have to worry about a leak if he would just go ahead and release some shit officially.

  • 305ilovemia

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    • Grizzle

      smh, you really think this is the way to get on? No rapper who has a name right now started out this way. Even that lame nigga Soulja Boi who got his buzz off youtube didn't go around posting links to his shit in the comments of random hip hop news articles. Step your hustle game up.

  • dgbvd

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  • Really?

    Who is actually still waiting on this album to drop? Dre is 45 years old dude cant put out good shit anymore. he needs to stay behind the music producing shit. making an album for over a decade get the fuck outta here.

    • nuc

      hiphops chinese democracy,, probably will come out with the same quality. not really expecting anything,, but a long long wait,

  • dontgiveafuck.


    • dontgiveafuck.

      you really think a second he didnt hear about the critics on this so-called "unfinished" track ?? Stat quo also stated when he left aftermath that Dre used to check the reception of his works on hip-hop websites and social networks to see if his music is still on so shut the fuck up and mind your own opinions faggot


      yeah, cause he has so much time on his hand and nothing else to do but read reviews from lame's who dont make music and prob dont buy music. i'll take dre's word on this one and i dont care how long folks have been waiting on detox. get a life

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  • J.M.

    Imagine dr. Dre is a woman and Detox is sex. Guess what playa? Your ass is never getting any. 10 years puts your desperate ass squarely in the 'friend zone.'

  • C-Arson

    hey Dr. Dre! Can I buy your album? I have 10 bucks.


    just drop the album already dre!

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