"Fela!" Wins At Tony Awards, Jay-Z & Will Smith On Hand

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith co-produced "Fela!," which took home three awards and 11 nominations.

Based on the life of Afro Beat musician Fela Kuti, the Broadway musical Fela! has taken theater culture by storm for the last six months. At last night's Tony Awards, Rap stars Jay-Z and Will Smith were on hand with respective celebrity companions Beyonce and Jada Pinkett-Smith to support the work which the couples co-produced.

Fela! was nominated for 11 Tony's, including "Best Musical" and "Best Leading Actor In A Musical." The Tony Awards were handed to Fela! for "Best Costume Design," "Best Sound Design" and "Best Choreography."

The work was directed by Bill T. Jones and appeared at the Eugene O'Neil Theater.

Read HipHopDX's review of Fela! here.


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  • ibar

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  • Rakim H

    On to the next one. Why hate on the brothers, just because he started as a rapper it doesnt mean he has to die a rapper. What about progress? Read a book, before you make a comment next time. Peace


    CJROCKER before you come on here writing this foolishness, you should go look up fela kuti, then maybe you might understand why it was a big deal for Jay & Will to produce a broadway musical about the life of a controversial African man. Fela Kuti is one of the biggest african artist of all-time(singer, songwriter, musician, activist, MARTYR)......DONT JUST MAKE COMMENTS UNDERSTAND THE ARTICLE FIRST.....After reading this I hope you check Fela Kuti out, it may help you out some

  • wakeflow

    damn y'all some haters... congrats my black people. doing something different. very inspired by this.

  • cjrocker

    Who here has heard of this Fela before? Anybody? Didn't think so.

    • Spirit

      I haven't seen the musical but I have heard of him before and also have heard of his son who is carrying on his Father's musical legacy. Your comment is proof of Chris Rocks statement: "If you want to hide something from a Nigga, put it in a book, because Nigga's don't read". Ignorant...

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