Freeway Ricky Ross Speaks On Rick Ross, Biopic

The legal woes continue between "The Boss" and Freeway Ricky Ross, while his biopic may be created in the near future.

Freeway Ricky Ross, not to be confused with the rapper Rick Ross, has been out of jail and working on new deals. It seems he's finally secured a deal for his biopic, one that will get assistance from screenwriter Nick Cassavetes, who also happened to work on the film Blow. During a recent interview with Chicago's WGCI, he spoke on this and more.

Aside from the biopic, he has been involved in a legal feud with Rick Ross, the Miami rapper, for the use of his name.

"I don't want y'all to think that I'm doing the wrong thing or nothing like that. I feel like, if someone stole your car, and you saw them riding around every day, would you not want it back?"

He added that many people confuse the two and it has become something he's had to explain.

"I don't get offended by it but I don't feel that I should have to explain who I am. It's my property."

He went on to say that it's not personal but it's a matter of principle. He noted that he has no problem with the rapper Freeway, who also derived his name from Freeway Ricky Ross. He said that he views Freeway as a friend and that the two have been in contact since he was in prison. He added that he tried to speak with Rick Ross at the same time but said, "he didn't treat me friendly."

Still, he maintained that he has no problems with him as a person or as an artist.

"I love his music. I think he's great. I think he's going to do good even when he becomes William Roberts."

Even so, he added a final dig.

"I know he don't have any money. I mean, he don't have the kind of money that I'm getting ready to have," he said. 

In related news, Slim da Mobster, Freeway Ricky Ross' nephew, recently spoke to us about how his family feels disrespected by the Teflon Don.


  • tc_wintonterrace

    Back in the day "Luke Skyywalker" of 2 Live Crew got sued by Star Wars creator George Lucas. Lucas won and Luke dropped the "Skyywalker" part. I think that this is the same thing. The rapper is profiting off the man's name and story. The truth is the rapper Rick was as C.O. in the Florida prison system, before the music. I think in civil cases that the burden of proof is far less, than in criminal court. It shouldn't be hard to draw parallels between the rapper and the real person.

  • Heather

    I think Ricky Ross has no place for suing Rick Ross. What about the thousand & thousand of deaths he is responsible for indirectly or direct from his past history? If he does win his case I think the money he gets should go back to those families who really deserve it! He's pullin a get rich money quick scheme!

    • Anonymous

      I Love your comment GOD is going to Richly Bless YOU for your KNOWLEDGE its peoples suffering today with no eyes and using colosomy bags keep commenting HONEY THANK you so much for your expert Insight. E

    • tc_wintonterrace

      wtf?? the rapper stole his identity!!!!! and about "the thousand & thousand of deaths he is responsible for indirectly or direct from his past history" He was just released from jail, dumb ass. In America you do the crime, then you do the time. It's called due process and when they issue you prison time, you do the time to pay your dues. He didnt escape prison. He was released. So he paid his due in full.

  • Gucci Manes

    Shout out to da bawse teflon don,dat nicca freeway ricky ros better shut up before i spit some wacka flocka flames on em......GUCCI

  • VAking757

    this guy has absolutely no case, he's ridiculous..he need to just make his biopic and stfu


      what if you were in his position?... some next man gettin rich off somethin u created... wouldnt u be pissed? now fink before u speak

  • Toppdogg908

    I bet if it was Freeway pushing units and not Ross than the tables would be turned, and didnt 50 also stole someones elses name and its been proven that 50 is a snitch

    • reel_nukka

      Using someone's GOVERNMENT NAME that they were given at birth, is different from using someone's NICKNAME.


    no case

  • keno swain

    that shit is fucked up though ...the rapper stole the trappers name and went public...that fake rapper aint really pushin them kilo's ,,,he rappin the real rick ross (trapper) life ....if i was the trapper the real deal i wouldnt want no fake ass joe rappin my life story about what i did..u feel me...i will sue the shit outta that joe ...cause everything that he has ..he made off rappin my life thats my money.....but shit he can still rapp and use my name as long as i get all the profits ... "TRAPPER vs RAPPER

    • keno swain

      wtf are u talking about u are confused....just like most of these character ass rappers.....all they do is rap about trappers thats on the street getting it in 24-7 ...tthese fake rappers portray images and lifestyles that they wish they had and everbody wanna be a drug dealer,,,,yeah its true fucking entertainment fake as shit....all im saying is keep it real....i wake up everyday and im the same person i was the day before...thats the reason the feds, dea, atf all in the streets.....cause these fake ass rappers talking kill yo self


      lmao... that dont even make sense. u might wanna do your research on freeway rickys life and then listen to the raps of rapper rick ross. ross lyrics are no more different than any other rapper who claims to have sold a lot of drugs. it used to be known by all that hip hop was the soundtrack for something(in this case the streets), nowadays, fans believe everything that comes out of the mouth of these rappers lips. get ya mind right, this is ENTERTAINMENT, rappers aint trappers, and trappers aint rappers

  • ewer

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  • queenkitty12

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  • ibar


    why the fucks everyone giving fake ross a pass, the real ross is the real one fuck niggas do you undaaaaaastand that, he was the one that was in jail for doing that shit fake ross claiiiiiimed to do, whlie fake ross was out there being a cop THIS SHIT IS ALL BACKWARDS WHAT THE FUCK YALL

  • CharlieBlack

    Okay a couple of things 1. If you think Rick Ross of Miami is some real shit...You're a fucking idiot...Dude was a c/o 2. Freeway from Philly is the shit and if anybody says different...You're a fucking idiot 3. This Freeway Rick Ross guy is a fucking idiot...When the c/o came out with the Rick Ross shit you should've chosen a better more gangster name 4. For some of you cats saying you don't like drug rap...Get off of Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah's dicks..I bet yall the same muthafuckas who call that shit ill becuase it's more underground then someone like 50 or game talking about drugs. 5. Hip-Hop is filled with a bunch of punk bitch listeners who wants every other MC to sound like Common or Sage Francis(got no prob with Com/Fuck Sage) and you're scared of where this music came from, and what it has the ability to speak on...Rick Ross is a fake, but don't hate on coke/crack rap. Cause you were pumpin Raekwon earlier today Peace

    • tray010

      thank you for your comment...You just said everything i wanted to say in that 5. comment, but i couldn't word it right. Just because a nigga don't sound like lupe, common, big brother, doesn't mean they suck. Hiphop is a form of expressing yourself with words and rhyming. If a nigga feel like about hoes, let that nigga rap about hoes, if a nigga talking that street shit let them rap that street shit. They don't suck. and plus why would you want a whole bunch of niggas sounding the same anyway, that shit stupid. If everybody was this lyrical ass rapper we won't have any variety. you don't have to be lyrical to be cold

    • Search

      "3. This Freeway Rick Ross guy is a fucking idiot...When the c/o came out with the Rick Ross shit you should've chosen a better more gangster name" your an idiot... do you even know who Freeway Rick Ross is? Why would he come up with a "Better, more gangster name" because a rapper stole his name? Rick Ross is the name he was given at birth dumb ass

    • CharlieBlack

      oh yeah...and I'm a fucking idiot becuase I didnt look at the story right hahahaha....Rick Ross the original is aight in my book. But every other point I made I stick by...I blame it on the drank. Sorry

  • KlassyKris1

    Its sad..Hiphop is backwards..It stress on realism yet we give rick false a pass for lyin about his whole criminal history and call the real rick ross a bum. I dont like to glorify violence but if you want to be real , be real.

  • really come on now

    who gives a fuck about a bunch of these fuckin niggers

  • cleezy

    first of all, how you goin to steal somebodies name in the first place? what kinda fake hoe ass shit is that? artists are supposd to be creative. this is whats wrong with music. every artist reflects themselves in hiphop and thats what make them all different. if you copy someone elses persona than that obviously makes you a fraud. i hope the real rick ross fucks him up. he is obviously a homo anyway, i mean he rolls with diddy for cryin out loud..

  • K.O. King

    half of you muthafuckers believe most of the bullshyt that you read on line & don't really know this man's story which has be documented & told on American Gangsta. He was the man back in the 80's but for all the wrong reasons. He introduced southern Cal. To crack cocaine....& from there it spread across the U.S. Anyway...i understand wanting your name but fuck trying to knock another's hustle bcause he ain't " be friendly" to your ass. Fuck nigga...u riding with Mayweather while he dissing & talking sideways , what the fuck you expect ? Nigga trying to get paid of rapper Ross....fuck it....he should just change his name to The Boss....he's established a fan base....& his music speaks for itself. Give the nigga his

  • wef

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  • MsOfficer

    Rick Ross on Rick Ross? Pause.

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    look at this fat ass c.o everybody are bullying him from his wife to 50 snitch game now real ross... u know why?cuz he's not a gangsta and ain't got nobody to defend him...who's gonna stand by this nigga?gay z?i don't think a studio gangsta could help ricky... birdman is a bigger drug dealer than freeway rick ross and dem feds don't wanna fuck with him cuz he got bloods on his back... u know who the goat is...

    • jonesin

      i mean actually talkin to some folks down in NO, apparently birdman actually did move some weight. not hundreds of kilos like he says, but he actually pushed a couple. and then he started sucking wayne off

    • Dre Guevara


    • MalcolmLittle

      Damn Handdddyyyyyyyy you actually halfass had a point this time, this a moment in DX history right here! LOL Up until you injected that bullshit about Birdman of course, but we all know what that's about. Props on the real shit you said, but later for the troll shit.

  • jogrind

    The Boss stole your car and he traded it in for a fortune 500 car my nigga. Get money!!! Bossssssss! If you are a man you would take the name back.

  • nice...

    you guys are a bunch of wierdos. the majority of come on here idolising gangsta rap every day but when real gangsta speaks on some shit you might be interested (i.e possibly two of your fav rappers who within their lyrics emulate him and past lifestyle) you start to act all holier than thou like you above him. yall niggas listen to gangsta rap on a day to day basis, what exactly makes you better than him. and as far as i know he's coming to speak out against his former lifestyle. so what is it exactly about him that you find so low down and un-respectable? and i can't respect the rapper ross the fact that he came out public and said some bullshit bout he didn't know who the real rick ross was. muh'fucker how'd you get your name i the first place. I CAN'T RESPECT ANYONE WHO DON'T EVEN RESPECT THEIR NAMESAKE.



  • Bawse 4 Eva Boy

    Rawse the muthafuckin Bawse. Hatas catch a lawse. Bawse.

    • jonesin

      jump off a cliff and die. you are idolizing a correctional officer. there is nothing wrong with being a correctional officer... unless you claim to be a rapper who has pushed a ton of coke and crack. the # of bricks william is talking about should not have coerced him into wanting to rap. dealing a solid amount of drugs gets you paid way more than less than a dollar a cd.

  • dj_noname

    why do they keep posting stories about this guy??? he's not a musician, he's not a producer. he hasnt done shit for the culture of hiphop. all this does is glorify criminal life. grow up DX

    • Nike Champ 718

      Freeway Rick Ross doesn't glorify the criminal lifestyle. He did what he did, served his time, and is trying to do right. He doesn't want his name being associated with Officer Ricky who DOES glorify a life he's never lived.

    • wtfnj

      Well you see... Rapper Rick Ross is the one ho glorifies criminal life. Freeway Ricky Ross is a criminal, and he's mentioned in all of these stories because his name was taken by a rapper (musician) which makes it perfectly relevant.

    • Damn Right..

      U couldnt be serious? The article is relevant to Hip Hop because one of Hip Hop's stars has used a man's name and persona to generate millions of dollars. Dont be a fuck head.. THIS doesnt glorify criminal life! Hip Hop music glorifies criminal life all the time and I dont hear you complaining.... Honestly just dont say anything if u dont have something to say that makes sense.. U only make yourself look stupid.

  • Franco

    Last time I saw freeway he was in a car with floyd mayweather who was dissing ross.

  • Yesssssir

    What a bum ass criminal At least the rapping Rick Ross has a legit job, fucking scumbag Sell more drugs. Cause that shit is so cool

    • Nike Champ 718

      @ Guerilla Jones--Get your history and facts up. He had a tennis scholarship, but how far could he have gone with that if he couldn't read? And to add to that, he was being raised by a single mother in a really low income household. Yeah, there are other avenues, but soem people make the wrong choices in life. He made what he THOUGHT was the right choice by selling drugs, and he later paid the price for it. Besides, he was being backed by the US government of all organizations. His story is deeper than some fat ni99a who fantasized about knowing Manuel Norieaga.

    • aliciasw

      I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What's kind of relationship do you want? ;) ;)

    • jonesin

      he is also trying to start a label focused on signing artists that rap about a positive message. so yeah, he is trying to make up for his negative actions.

    • gurilla jones

      agreed yessssir,this dude had a scholarship for tennis,so he had other avenues,he didn't have to be a criminal,he choose to.This rap world is backwards,he doesn't mind freeway using his name but ross cant?if it wasn't for hiphopdx who would care?loser ass clown.drug fucks deserve no respect!!

    • ziggy2121

      @DJ_NONAME - Listen, The REAL RICK ROSS USED to be a drug dealer, he was sent to prison, did his time and is now OUT! He has stopped doing what he did before. If you're going to call him a "Loser drugdealer" or whatever, look what Rapper Rick Ross raps about on ALL of his albums. Get a fucking life DJ NO NAME, this is relevant to hip hop as Rapper Rick Ross and Freeway are involved! God i wish people on these hip hop comments werent so FUCKING IGNORANT

    • dj_noname

      No shit. these articles are fucking ridiculous. why not do a story about someone who isnt a piece of shit thug criminal

    • imbiber

      I hope that was sarcasm........ if not, you my friend are a complete jackass.

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