Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 6/6/2010

Distant Relatives fall out of the Top 10, while B.o.B. gains ground, and will Drake get two gold plaques this summer?

There were no new Rap releases entering the Top 200 this past week. If anything, last week's numbers were nearly repeated, though some of the rankings shifted. The top of the charts were held by singer/songwriter Jack Johnson and his To The Sea album. Hip Hop fans may know Johnson from his work with Prince Paul and Dan The Automator's second Handsome Boy Modeling School album, White People.  Usher's Raymond v. Raymond held the #5 spot for a second straight week. The veteran Pop entertainer's "divorce album" is marching its way to a platinum plaque for Mr. Raymond and his longtime backer, LaFace Records.

B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray returned to its #13 spot from two weeks ago. The Rebel Rock sensation cleared 200,000 units, making him the most successful Atlantic Records Rap release in over six months. Damian Marley & Nas' Distant Relatives fell nine spots to #18. The Universal Republic/Def Jam Records collaborative release has garnered huge critical acclaim in the Rap community for its rich commentary on the parallel relationship between Hip Hop and Reggae. Lil Wayne, K'Naan, Dennis Brown and Joss Stone appear on the work produced by Damian and brother Stephen.

Just ahead of Nas and Jr. Gong, The Black Eyed Peas and their nearly year-old E.N.D. were at #17, and remain a potential consistent climber in this sales drought. Another 2009 release, Alicia Keys' Element of Freedom was included with the top five Rap/R&B sellers at #29. It was announced last week that the songstress and Swizz Beatz will be having their first child.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
5 Usher Raymond v. Raymond
35,000 791,000
13 B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray 20,000 210,000
17 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. 17,000 2,569,000
18 Damian Marley & Nas Distant Relatives
17,000 100,000
25 Alicia Keys Element of Freedom 13,000 1,305,00

Ludacris climbed four spots to #32 with Battle of the Sexes. The DTP/Def Jam album remains the imprint's most successful 2010 album to date, and carries itself towards a gold plaque, possibly due by mid-summer. With Thank Me Later coming to the charts in two weeks, it's to be noted that Drake's mixtape-turned-retail album So Far Gone is on the cusp of going gold. With artists like T.I. and Lupe Fiasco having catalog album sales climb during new releases, Drake may garner two gold plaques this summer.

Trina's Pop-inspired album, Amazin'  sold less than 5,000 units last week, still remaining in the top half of the charts. The Diamond Princess' independent release boasts backing by EMI Records, similar to releases by Raekwon and Twista last year. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal's Revolutions Per Minute fell to #104 in its third week on shelves. Despite some high critical praise, the decade-anticipated reunion album still sits short of 35,000 units sold. 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
28 Ludacris Battle of the Sexes
12,000 441,000
82 Drake So Far Gone
5,000 474,000
97 Trina Amazin'
4,700 59,000
104 Reflection Eternal Revolutions Per Minute
4,700 33,000
162 Gucci Mane
The State vs. Radric Davis
2,900 369,000

Will Rhymefest's El Che bring revolution to the stagnant charts? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to see...



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  • Drucifer1983

    At least the next 2 weeks will have a couple of albums doing big numbers I'm not a drake fan but someone needs to breathe life into the charts, better him then no one...........And Eminem, I am a fan and Honestly, I think his new album is alot better then anything he's released in years, his shit is always guaranteed to sell well and this album actually deserves the support...... Somebody needs to put hip hop back at the top of the charts and these 2 are pretty much the only hope, if these guys underperform its gonna be really bad for the hip hop buisness, expect alot of cats to lose their deals, Record Industry is already on life support, if 2 Artist with this much buzz fail to deliver, its gonna get ugly

  • Ed0n

    Who the hell is even copping Black Eyed Peaces' albums anymore? I mean like, they are so last year--the album came out like at the same time with Relapse--and the album sucks. Who is buying that shit? If you taught about copping that, please do not do it--I'm sick of seeing their whack asses every single week on the selling list or whatever it's called.

    • Drucifer1983

      Hate on it if you want, but the Black Eyed peas found an audience that will actually pay for their music, cant blame them for making the kind of music they do, If they were still underground doing songs like "Joints and Jams" they'd be living together splitting Wic Checks and Going Half on rent every month.....They did what they had to, while everyone else struggles, they found a white girl to Piggy Back off of, maybe if real hip hop fans bought stuff instead of Stealing it they'd of had other options

  • The.Watcher

    I should stop checking these sales reports out, it makes me incredibly sad to see that Reflection moved 33 K and Nas 100K while Drake got 400K off of a fuckin' mixtape that was released for FREE! This is the reason why I'm in the underground now...fuck this mainstream nonsense.

  • MikeDub469

    Support the following: Devin The Dude "Suite 420", Ludacris "Battle Of The Sexes", ANYTHING from Z-RO, Young Money's album was slept on but its a banga, oh yeah and "Thank Me Later" in stores June 15th. YOUNG MOOLAH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY!!!

  • DJJ

    The Roots "How I Got Over" is coming out on June 22nd. SUPPORT THAT!

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  • royce

    lil wayne is gay n has dirty musty dreads....jay z looks like joe camel,n has bigger lips then beyonces pussy jay>>>>wayne..... tho c3=gay bp3=overrated

  • militarydater

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  • lo godfather

    Cop yourselves Distant Relatives!!

  • Rapha

    i wonder what that Goon Affiliated gonna do next week. I got him sellin more than Ross, and Jeezy. but Em, Ye, and drake gonna be close. @Kush Nap Drake has a worldwide following, but is gonna flop in the urban market

  • biggrease

    All I wanna say is fuck Handy and Mandy...thank you. p.s. record sales don't mean shit. please remember that people. If it did Vanilla Ice and Hammer would be top 5 dead or alive remember that.

    • NJ Lou

      @biggrease - I've been sayin that for years.

    • Cuzzin Pete

      people LOVE to say that when their favorite ain't movin em like they believe they should. but you are right tho, numbers don't mean EVERYTHING, but they do give u a sense of what's going on out here. Record labels buy back their albums in bulk too so sometimes if a nigga is platinum the Record Label may have brought 200k-300k

  • Bones Buck

    I hope El Che does numbers next week.... Dope album

  • C.

    we dont have all the sales figures for Reflection Eternal. They have sold a lot overseas & im sure there have been plenty of individual downloads. but the more important factor, THE ALBUM IS AMAZING, GREAT MUSIC.

  • handddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hahaha distant flunkies...100k.......looooooooooooool these 2 fags could'nt push lil wayne's! rebirth album and won't.... there's no way to compare these 2 and their faggot album to C3,it's even a sin.......... niggaz where yo favorite rapper at?tell me where yo favorite rapper at?show me where yo favorite rapper at?ha?common show me...nigga u can't.. ur favorite rapper and his favorite rapper won't sell 500k for next 50 years...nigga it's officialy true that lil wayne! has shitted on u and ur favorite rapper.... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • czza

      yo handyyy shut ur fuckin mouth wayne is the best of all time first of all thats 2pacs postion best of all time and eminem is next in fuckin line sonn fuck 500k my boy em will do a milllly first week u watch and see faggot lil wayne got murderd on all 3 songs em has been on with him dont even run ur bitch mouth leave ur lil 13 year o.ld comments to your self punk go bump your soulja boyyy CRANK IT

    • marley

      haha handy, I doubt that he's believing in what he says, just a normal trouble guy, but whatever he did cause some controversial lol

    • iamnewhiphop

      Man Wayne Is Hot No Doubt But Lyrically He Can Be Inconsistent At Times.

    • Hip Hop is on Life Support

      And fam, Handy, whateva ya name is Lil Wayne is the greatest? Really? If that is the case then what is ya life about? You a blood? You a goon? A duffle bag boy? A D-boy? You got bad chicks around the world have'n ya seeds? You caked up? That's pretty much all he raps about, and he's the greatest, if you look at your favorite rapper, he's on Distant Relatives speaking about positive stuff, that's the Lil Wayne I mess with, and the Carter 2 is the best album he ever did, but it's still speculation that Gillie wrote that and Da Drought 3, and you keep talk'n bout C3, smh.

    • Hip Hop is on Life Support

      That comment wasn't for NY cus he knows what he talk'n bout. (Jers)

    • Hip Hop is on Life Support

      I'ma take it that both ya'll must not be 80's babies, and I'm assume'n you must not know much about hip hop. I don't know why I even look at this post sometimes, I guess it's for humor. Let me put it like this, who cares what Lil Wayne or Jay-Z sells, they don't care if you buy it or not, let's not get it twisted, Jay is one of my favorite rappers, but he is not the greatest. If you think you're great simply because of the amount of money, business deals, or records you sell, then you're sadly mistaken, and no nothing about the culture of hip hop. Distant Relatives and Revolutions Per Minute are by far some of the best purchases that I have made in a while, they talk about something, make you feel something, none of us can relate to anything Wayne or Jay says, cus if that was the case you'd be ball'n, or too many beautiful women around you to even waste your time looking at this page. But if you try'n to make it in this music game or just in life, you'd listen to the gems that are being dropped by some of Hip Hop most influential people. I know Jay and Wayne are influential with they swagg and all that, but believe you me, they gonn' think it's pretty fagalicious for you to see them out some where and you got the whole wanna be hip/rock start or the all black everything look. You should pick up one of those albums and learn something. And one more thing, album sales don't make them money geniuses, tours do, so at the end of the day who cares about an album sale, I'm just say'n.

    • NY

      sales don't mean shit, look at the list, ludacris, drake, gucci mane. They're on that list and their albums were bad, so stop talking sales because that doesn't make it a good cd. Wu-renaissance

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      hey reality check handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! lil gayne may have sold mo than naz and damian garbagely wit c3, but gayne will neva sell az much as jay-z! jay! killed faggot gayne on hiz own album and gayne wuz stealin' lyricz from lucky me. if i wuz jay! i wuldve bitch-slapped dat fool across da face for doin' dat shit. matta of fact, jay!'z verse on dat song killed all da otha lame azz songz on c3. u and punk azz gayne are bitch azz niggaz so go drink some antifreze u pussy! jay-z! iz da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERZ AND FUCK U HANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY! IT'Z MANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP IN DIZ BITCH! REMEMBER DA NAME!

  • Dab

    Luda is going gold. Usher is obviously going platinum I disagree with the guy who says Drake will flop. He's probably the top dog right now. While we may not be the biggest Drake fans, there is no doubt the average listerner (mostly teenagers and young adults) are high on Drake. I think he's gonna be one of the few Hip Hop acts to go platinum this year.

  • marley

    good to see distant relatives sell at least 100k in the US but worldwide they sold 76k first and 39k second week hiphopdx shows just the US sales

  • adrienne23

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  • kush nap

    drakes gonna FLOP. his hype isnt real. corporate hype. sprite commericals, award show performances with no album (label money), marketing dollars, media payoffs, radio payola. hes hasnt captured the buying public like his label wants you to believe. even if he sells a good amount, say 250,000. thats gonna put him in the red. no way is that gonna cover the marketing dollars that have been pumped into him leading up to this point. if his album was undeniably good, it wouldnt matter, but the album sucks, he stuck between being a weezy clone, and male sade in autotune. i think its a good thing. these labels cant build a rap frankenstien and force feed him down the publics throat thinkin theyre gonna play right into their plans. ppl are dumb, but ppl are smarter than that. get back to hyping genuine talent, put these same dollars behind real, undeniable, talent, and give that a shot. because drake gonna satiate his young money fans, and the weezy fans, but the general public, is not gonna respond to this average material by rushing out to buy it. doesnt help that ems album leaked, and got hip hops undivided attention. shoulda dropped a year ago, before drakes fraudulence was brought light. the facade is over, he about to fade away like a fart in the wind. one and done bitch nigga, album was TRASH, softest "hip hop" album ive ever heard in my life, and i gave it a shot. if i wanna fuck a bitch to some music, im not playin drake. hes not catchin bodies lyrically either. ill stick to this sade album for now, cuz im not out here fuckin tweens. grown man shit, grown men and women buy albums. kids satisfied with a bootleg. WATCH THE FLOP and embrace it. labels can eat shit force feeding this fraud.

    • money talk

      you can hate on drake, but its not as bad on him as you think. even if ym/cm pay a sum total of $5 mil on marketing on him and he sell 10,000 copies, he doesnt have to pay that back. his music is a business, marketing gets that product out to the consumer, they dont have any control on who buys, so he isnt liable for marketing costs by companies. money he owes to the label are: advances (but he's got acting money, he may or may not even need one), recording sessions, producers, and music vidoes (which technically is marketing, but labels are claiming that videos are as necessary anymore for sells...idk, whatever) besides all that, drakes album is going to go gold, platinum even. it'll sell even if you dont like him, we all know that

    • digga

      i heard the drake album and i gotta say i liked 3 tracks on it.there's one song he does sound like sade(the resistance)the album has a lot of mood rhythms to it.to anybody who didn't listen to it,i gotta say this.the album starts off molasses slow.in fact the first three tracks aren't considered hip hop to me.it was more of a jazz feel to it(albeit not very good jazz)the album picks up but is it me or does it seems that he only talks about the same three things on the whole cd(haters,money and girls)the album,lyricwise,is very average to em.the beats were very different especially for a new artist coming on the scene.another thing is that it seems distant relatives messed me up.now everything sounds the same to me.everybody talking about the same shit....the eniem cd is a lil weak to.but i'll listen to it again though

    • freshyboi

      hahahahahahahahaha i hope you are right

    • ZRA

      I agree with you 100%, especially about the Sade/Wayne thing. The hooks were like a low budget Sade sound and he tries to sound like Wayne in his raps. That combo doesn't work, that's why his album is garbage.

  • Swamp Thang

    B.E.P.s???? Why are they on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts...........cause clearly they're not either.

    • digga

      funny thing about b.e.p. fans dissed them.they were a hip hop group.the so called hip hop fans didn't support it.now they're hot like baby shit,the so called hip hop fans mad they're on top for doing infectious pop music.....anyway,ya'll know americans love crappy stuff.that damn glee album is ibg.good music like nas/damian marley and reflection eternal is struggling.but distant relatives wasn't marketed right.the labels didn't know how to market that cd

    • r.pgh

      Because they used to be before Ferfie's fugly ass came along.


    No one is "buying" music anymore. It's a shame but that's the game.

    • r.pgh

      no one is buying good music anymore. F'n Gucci Man is at 370k in sales and Reflection Eternal can't crack 40k. Unreal.

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