40 Glocc Changes His Name To "Big Bad 40", Joins 50 Cent Tour

The controversial rapper explains his name change, jumps on tour with his friend 50, and readies a feature-heavy new album.

Inland Empire, California rapper 40 Glocc announced this morning that he will be changing his name to "Big Bad 40" (reported to be pronounced Big Bad 4-0). “In a country where freedom of speech is number one on our list of Constitutional rights, I recognize yet another clause in the system and I will not give them another opportunity to use their own laws against me. My former name was always an acronym. 40 represented the 40 acres and a mule they never gave us. Glocc represented Ghettos Legally Oppressed with Crooked Cops. A change has come so this change must be recognized,” said Big Bad 40 in a statement.

The longtime affiliate of G-Unit and Infamous Records, 40 will join his friend 50 Cent on the following tour dates:

Jun 10, 2010 - Kansas - City Midland Theater

Jun 11, 2010 - Dallas - Fairpark

Jun 12, 2010 - Houston - Arena Theater

Jun 15, 2010 - Miami - Fillmore

Jun 16, 2010 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Live

Jun 17, 2010 - Atlanta - Tabernacle

Jun 18, 2010 - Myrtle Beach - House of Blues

Jun 19, 2010 - New city / venue details forthcoming

Jun 20, 2010 - Lewiston, ME - Lewiston Urban Civic Center

Jun 22, 2010 - NYC - Hammerstein

Jun 23, 2010 - Wallingford - Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theatre

June 24, 2010 -Boston

June25, 2010 -Atlantic City

Lastly, Big Bad 40 is said to be at work on a remix to his Zoo Life-assisted N.W.A. album remix track "Welcome To California," which features MC Eiht, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Xzibit, Kurupt and Yukmouth.



  • SKK


  • rtee

    this dude is ugly and wack go to jail already

  • young smitty

    The nigga have no swag wack ass bully he gone make his self fall off no need for a diss song he already wack pay him no mind lol

  • Banym

    WHO CARES about this fake ass snitch nigga...

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    oohh, "big bad 40". iz dat suposed 2 b scary or sumthin'? no matta wut name diz queer haz, he'z still no match 4 jay-z! nether iz shitty cent. he shuld prolly change dat name 2 "big fag 40". haz diz fool even released an album yet? no? thought so. to big fag 40, don't mess wit jay-z! or u will end up like shitty cent, sellin' low numbaz. betchu da tour iz goin' 2 suck azz 2. jay! makez mo money in madison square garden dan fag 40 and shitty cent are goin' to make on diz sorry azz excuse of a tour. jay-z! iz da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERZ AND FUCK HANDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY! IT'Z MANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP IN DIZ BITCH! REMEMBER DA NAME!

  • Htt20

    "Big Bad 40"??? REALLY?! I fucking hate rappers.

  • hatin' ass nigga

    fuck outta here with this bullshit. this idiot is as ignorant and as childish as they come but he wants to start talking politics and shit? yeah right. whatever.

  • militarydater

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  • MJSF x TBF

    Figures this dude would do this since he aint even from my city(Los Angeles).

  • rickreserve

    showcase these niggas doin gangsta shit by they self and then u tellin me something.when a nigga talks about get my goons this get my gangstas that,all that nigga is tellin u is he aint a man.you dont have to jeprodize another mans life or lively hood on some shit u can handle on your own.plies,lil wayne,game whoever the fuck. aint no nigga above the grave.i never got the chance to hear 40 glock didnt know he was with g unit.i heard about that stunt he pulled on wayne in cali but that dont suprise me cause lil wayne is not geting ready to do any thing he raps about but get money,sip drank,smoke, not kill,rob,sell keys hes not its entertainment.whosoever believes that these niggas are gonna do anything man to man be ready to do everything they say in rap is fuckin soft and poo butt. the end lol

  • King Rick

    Wack rapper changes his wack name to a even wacker name...

  • HilariousSHit

    Fuckin cartoon characters...



  • Twinblades

    What dumb name change why rapper gotta turn there name inti somthin stupid when the first was better smh!!!! Big bad 4-0=faggit name change!!

  • gaetarick

    Nigga please ... (ODB)

  • gaetarick

    Nigga please ... (ODB)

  • Megan fox lover

    I respect this coz i also changed my image today. I shaved my head, Jordan style. I feel pretty good about myself. Pliz follow me on twitter. ;-)

  • JasonCTown

    Shoulda stuck with the 1st monicker.

  • BLACK_Kiing

    This guy is a total publicity stunt gangsta. I remember guys like him from my hood. They would be kin to or friends with the real gangstas, so people didn't mess with them because of that fact. He didn't start the gang that he is in and he is just a group thug. A group thug is someone who is bad in a group and a coward by themselves. He went the wrong direction when he ran up on those vehicles he thought Lil Wayne was in. He looked like a female who was mad at her boyfriend, when he did that in the broad daylight in front of plenty of witnesses and on camera. He thought that he was being gangsta by tapping on the window and walking around the car. He said that he didn't break the glass, because it was a corporate vehicle (means he is scared of them white folks) and he didn't won't to get in trouble. When the security guy got out of the vehicle, him and his lil so called gangsta got back in their car and drovw off. If you so gangsta you should have at least got in the security guards (50 cent's old bodyguard) and swung or something. Real gangstas move in silence and not in the daylight with cameras all around. Then on top of that, he dry snitched in the media on Birdman, talking about Baby put a price on his head. So, now Baby can't get you murdered anytime soon, because he would be the prime suspect. A true gangsta would put a hit out on a person if they found out the person was trying to kill them, but 40 Glock snitched to the media (while the police was listening). 40 Glock is not a true gangsta, he is just a member of a strong group, because he can't stand alone. He bragged about confronting Plies while Plies only had 3 people with him and 40 Glock had 10 plus with him on a video set. If he would have beat Plies up in a one on one fight then that would be something to brag about. But, as I said before, 40 Glock is that type of guy who does dirt with the support of a group he belongs to. You know that coward from school who try to fight you in front of his cousins and gangsta friends, but when you caught him by himself he was scared. I recognize what type of coward 40 Glock is and I never met him. 40 Glock, you should drop the guns and gangsta homeboys and have a one on one fist fight with everyone you have beef with. Lil Wayne would beat your ass and Plies would too. You probably could beat up Tyga, but you never know. Anyways, until that happens, you will be just like TRU Life, hiding behind a group of your gangsta friends and family. P.S. I liked that song "Local Boy" until I found out it was you. 40 Glock you got talent man, but you need to leave that dissing stuff alone. 50 cent is using you as a pawn on the west coast man. Well, maybe you using him for the promotions and show money, so I guess the 2 of you are even. Interesting.

  • K.O. King

    Thiiiiis Bitch ass ,none rapping...irrelavant ass nigga. Who the fuck cares what his name is...he's still won't move units,& will only be on stage before the crowd get's there. Fuck him...Gay Unit & 5-0 Cents...wack ass bunch of bitches.

  • YoungHback

    Yea I think we can all agree that 40 Glocc is wack and irrelevant anyway LOL

  • handddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    hahahahahahahahahahaha.... the nigga is scared,after his claiming of fucking with lil wayne! and cash money,after that bitch move he made on da cameras,after getting embaressed by the one and only...he wanna change his name... nigga changing ur name won't keep u safe,i suggest u stay in ur lane nigga,couple of monthes and lil wayne! would be free..so where u gonna run at? this nigga wanna keep hismself low-profiled but DX niggaz got em,i bet he'll change his name 20 more times but still won't save it from lil wayne! wait couple of monthes till lil wayne! is back on da streets,boooooom a nigga dead...who was it? it was a nigga named 40 gloc who was fucking with one of the blood heads till he got his ass poped... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • eastside landlord

      dude wezzy is a hoe ass nigga. he flows nice lyrics are good sometimes but tht nigga aint killin shit aint lettn shit die fooly.wht abt when folks and nem had his sissy ass in the go(chicago) abt tht bread .he gone kill dem too.

    • DRamA360

      Yo son listen how long ago did that shit with wayne happen? Wayne aint do shit. shut the fuck up and get off waynes dick. i dont even like 40 but i dont like u even more. u is fuckin bird ass nigga who hides behind a computer screen suckin of a blow up doll with waynes picture on it. lil wayne! is da gayest of all da time suckin haters

  • nuc

    set this wack ish aside.

  • DaGreenEyedBandit


  • Ah Hell

    Damn that sucks, your really intimidating now, Big Bad 4-0. Wow.... SMH.

  • chonsey Thompson

    this must of been a business move Big Bad gonna fuck you niggas up ha ha ha

    • Wa-Gwan UK

      'must of been' is not how you spell it or how you pronounce Must HAVE been.... Should have Could have Would have etc etc

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