Drake, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled Rock Hot 97's Summer Jam

70,000 show up to see NYC's Rap radio flagship annual put on with Gucci Mane, Reflection Eternal, Fabolous, & T-Pain.

Yesterday at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, New York radio station Hot 97's annual Summer Jam took place in front of a crowd of nearly 70,000. The sold out event featured numerous Hip Hop stars including Young Money's Drake and Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Cam'ron, T-Pain, Maino, DJ Khaled, Estelle, Gucci Mane and Talib Kweli.

Highlights include DJ Khaled's set, which included appearances from his Terror Squad brother Fat Joe, as well as Rick Ross, Cam'ron and Barrington Levy. Young Money's "Barbie," Nick Minaj had several mini-performances involving costume changes and various themes. The DXnext alum featured several guests in his songs, including Ludacris for "My Chick Bad."

Just over a week away from his "official" debut, Thank Me Later, Young Money's Drake came to his knees to thank fans for their support in bringing the former Degrassi actor to the ranks of one of Rap's leading stars. The Toronto native performed upcoming album cuts, as well as tracks from his nearly-gold So Far Gone retail-mixtape.

Over two dozens artists reportedly performed in total. Hot 97's own Funkmaster Flex also made an appearance.

In past years, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and The Diplomats have headlined the fame Rap gala.


  • queenkitty12

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  • dallascmr


  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Lol, who r these guyz? they're nuthin compared to jay-z! i betchu diz concert wuz azz with all those nobodys up there. jay-z! wuld've saved diz concert from bein trash if he wuz there. drake iz a ugly faggot and jay-z! killed him twice. datz right, he killed drake the fake on light up and off that. jay! made it seem like he wuznt there since flake'z azz wuz singin' too soft and gay and jay! made flake hiz background singer on flake'z own garbage album. nicki minaj iz a fake ugly plastic bitch. she will never be az beutiful az lil kim, who iz also goin to sign on jay-z!'z roc nation label, which happenz to be da best label ever, even better than garbage azz def jam. i'm glad jay! left that label. i'm not even goin' to comment on that fat fuck dj i need a salad. go eat some salad, drink two casez of slim fast and run around the world twice nigga. you'll die of exaustun' you fat azz pig. maybe you shuld've followed jay!'z lead and stayed slim. ah well! betta luck nex time, oh wait, THERE ISN'T A NEX TIME! mwahahahaha! jay-z! is da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERS! AND FUCK HANDDDDYYYYYYYYY, SUPORTIN' THAT FAGGOT WAYNE SLOBERIN' ON TURDMAN'Z LIPZ!

    • ^Retard.

      Well by ur typing i can tell ur either 6 or super cool, but whats wrong with fabolous camron fat joe and kweli? since ur so obsessed with hov im surprised you never heard swagger jacker by camron or remember when jay even said if cash were words hed be kweli..ignorance is bliss u make it fact.

  • X.

    All the people saying rock the bells is better are the people who stayed home on there computer yesterday like a bunch of cornballs. Summerjam2010 was hot if you were there like me but since your just a nerd thats on your computer all day you say otherwise.

    • JasonCTown

      If you liked it, great, but Rock the Bells certainly has more variety and a stronger guest list.

    • Indiemuzik

      Dude those tickets are sold out in like 20 minutes after the event is announced. I only know 1 dude in my neighborhood that was able to go. Well atleast I got to go to the Wu Massacre concert a few months ago, which was pretty sick. Also in July it's Nas & Damian Marley!

  • prynzcezer

    Nick Minaj had several mini-performances involving costume changes and various themes. The DXnext alum featured several guests in his songs,

  • prynzcezer

    Lmao it says Nick Minaj and he damn they called Nicki a man dats a bad hit haha I guess HipHopDX riding wit the queen bee lol Get em!!

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  • Rob Wiggz

    Summer Jam was WEAK!!I ----- Rock The Bells 3 thumbs up.

  • wiz

    rock the bells is way better

  • ty from the chi

    yeah this line up was weak its like the south just took over

    • ^Retard.

      Shit kweli fabo camron kweli and fat joe that aint bad every1 else is trash but 4 good ppl aint bad

  • JasonCTown

    Summer Jam boasts some pretty weak entertainment these days. Rock the Bells is where its at now.....

  • vargo05

    Why the F*** would Kweli and Hi-Tek agree to be on this commercialized garbage lineup? Confusing.

    • Indiemuzik

      Cause my dude Talib Kweli deserves the recognition and money that goes with it. I know he's already worth $14 million, but more people deserve to know there's other talent out there outside of the radio. Also a dude I know is interested in his music now after seeing him, so there you go, he's converted somebody to liking good hip hop.

  • shadaisha smalls shadaysmall@yahoo.com

    iiht whuhs liiiiiiiivvvvve mannn

  • shadaisha smalls

    i wish ii whuhs uhp there on that stage with trey songz...you kno 1 day iim going tuh bekome famous and sing because i think that i can siing....sooooe if yuh thiink that i can siing than hiit meh uhp on the emaiil shadaysmall@yahoo.com

  • shadaisha smalls

    i lovveeeee singerss and concerts and trey songzzzzzzz

  • INOA

    Last night must've been the worst Hot 97 Summer Jam ever. Tonight the Death of Hip Hop will air on Vh1.


    wow thats alot of southern artist on that bill could it moved to ATL or MIA in the comming years dnno

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