LL Cool J Plans Follow-Up To "Exit 13"

The legendary Queens emcee says he plans to record a follow-up to "Exit 13," his final album with longtime home Def Jam.

In a recent interview with ITN about his self-help book titled LL Cool J's Platinum 360 Lifestyle and Diet: A Full-Circle Guide to Developing Your Mind, Body, and Soul, the groundbreaking Queen emcee hinted at a possible follow-up to '08s Exit 13. The album marked his thirteenth release, and his final one with longtime label Def Jam. Although he did not mention any specifics about the release date or label which it would be released, he did say he would take however much time it would take to make and it would aptly reflect his current mindframe. 

"I will take my time, and if it takes two more years, it will take two more years," he said. "But it will be relevant for who I am at this point in my life as a human being. And those who want to hear it will be able to live with it and love it and those who can’t appreciate it because it doesn’t sound ‘pop’ enough, can absolutely ignore it. And I’m comfortable with that."

The full interview can be seen in the video below.


  • BK5

    I think he should take time...if it takes 4,5 years and drop a classic like Mama Said...or The G.O.A.T. ...anyway looking forward to this album...He's a LEGEND


    Let's not and say you did.

  • lankaistai

    Uncle L, this album must be better than Exit 13 and that awful Todd Smith Album.........Exit 13 was not a well balanced album,even though its better than some of the garbage that was out in 2008.Do your Thang, make some good music and i will continue supporting you, you are still and will always be a legend


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  • dallascmr


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  • shone jones

    Unless LL had already re-upped with Def Jam, which label is gonna sign him?

  • ASEE

    Respect. I think LL is typically pretty wack these days but respect is due where it's due. The guy released some of the best music that this genre has ever seen (and probably ever will). I hope he takes his time---I mean, I don't care if it takes him FIVE years, as long as it sounds nothing like the shit he's been releasing ever since the late nineties. He's been too obsessed with fame and money to release quality and timeless music.

  • hypestyles

    Suggested producers: Rick Rubin Rick Rubin Rick Rubin also DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff, Dr. Dre', Tom Morello, No ID, Kanye West

  • Sincere7

    I can't say I'm surprised. Like he said a looong time ago, "I Can't Live Without My Radio". This is welcomed by me of course. "Exit 13" had a few faults but it was a very solid Hip-Hop L.L. "The Ripper Strikes Back" Cool J album. And I'm glad he said that he would take his time if he decided to do another album. "Reign Supreme", "It's Time For War", "Rocking With The G.O.A.T.", "Old School New School", "Speedin' Down The Highway/Exit 13", "You Better Watch Me", "This Is Ringtone Murder", "Dear Hip-Hop", "NCIS: No Crew Is Superior" and others were rather reflective of L.L.'s ability and versatility. As long as the album isn't forced and he stays within some primary boundaries of solid bangin' Hip Hop music, then L.L. Cool J is still hard as....(explosion!!!)

  • dirtydawg

    He needs get dissed badly by some new cat so he can get back in shape and lyrically kill everybody. He has it inside but it's sad to see that rappers who ruled in the early 90's just don't sell records any more. Ra,LL, even Snoop is kinda lackluster saleswise Though it's about the music and not the money...still a shame

  • lo godfather

    LL cool J.. Top dog!!

  • emann23

    Got the book and its great! im on the diet plan and im gettn pretty slim and ripped..LL is a excellent role model at this stage in his career..yea sure he did some dumb things when he was younger but haven't we all? whoever cant relate to what he is saying has not come to maturity..lets support our positive black role models who counsel us on eating better,being better and loving more....much respects to the legend in leather!

  • jesterdx

    is this gonna actually b a follo up like an exit 14... or jus a another album u never kno wiv dx they not on point but gotta luv em cos of the xclusive audios! ANYWAYS I GOT LLS BACK NO MATTER WAT!

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i think this faggot ass old nigga don't know when to quit,he made all that hype with exit 13 exit 13 and shit like he was retiring now he wanna rap more.. nigga u've been on that pop shit for 25 years and ur still nobody,who listen to these love songz just learn a lesson from lil wayne!.... i think the only solution for this shit is lil wayne! putting an (exit+number) on ur carrer,lil wayne! please put this gay ass nigga on exit... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • MalcolmLittle

      LMAO Every article this nigga Handyyyyyyyyyy's guaranteed to suck at least 2-3 more gullible fools into his web...it baffles me how niggas fall for it each and every single time too. LOL

    • DUBB PK

      You got a lot of hate in your heart bro. Cussin like LL's your absentee father... Maybe you don't know LL's catalog but he's been stompin since before you even heard of Wayne. And I'm pretty sure that Wayne's got more respect for LL than he has for his fans that are uneducated on hip hop. I mean that is what the dude gets fed with... Slow your roll go check through LL's catalog & see who he's stomped out & how many #1's hes got before you go on & trash a dude.

    • IllestyDoc

      another dumb as fuck comment from your stupid ass, lil wanyne will NEVER...EVER...EVER be considered even remotely close to bein in the same league as LL...LL is one of the most iconic people in Hip Hop and was droppin platinum albums before your lil wack ass hero wayne even knew what rapping was, he paved the way and was a TRUE original in the game...the rock the bells tour is named after one of his songs...rappers make songs for chicks now because he did it first...Def Jam as a label was built on his back...he ended careers battlin...so STFU with all your dumb shit groupie coz Waynes never gonna have a legacy like LL COOL J, shit wayne can barely fuckin rap PERIOD...

  • slim fela


  • Mark Seven

    Much respect to LL but this dude left Def Jam bcuz of Jay-Z and then Jay left so really he left for no reason... smh...

  • TYBO2020


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