DX News Bits: DJ Z-Trip, David E. Beats, Black Sheep

The legendary Z-Trip calls out Jersey Shore's Pauly D, David E Beats latest music video gets shine, and Black Sheep's classic is up for free download.

With over two decades of experience and voted the number one deejay in America for 2009, it’s safe to say DJ Z-Trip’s opinion holds some significance in the deejay world. Recently, he called out Jersey Shore’s own Pauly D for being included on the “America’s Best DJ 2010” list.

“Being last years winner, I have 2 say, it's a bit of a knock 2 all the OG's 2 include Pauly D on Americas Best DJ 2010 ballot,” he said via his Twitter account. “While I respect his hustle to get over on people, I personally don't feel he's done the work needed to be included on the list…2 me, he is on that list based mostly off of the show, not his skill level. I'm hoping people vote 4 the right DJ's based on skill, not fame."

He continued, “Again, Pauly, get yours in this world. But if you win, I can't help but feel let down. U R no Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Craze, etc. Not yet anyway. Keep practicing, like the rest of us, let UR skills rise. If U keep at it, eventually U can earn it. But nobody knew who U were b4 the show.”

The nominees for “America’s Best DJ 2010” are listed here.

In other news, DXnext alum David E Beats latest music video “Maybe Tomorrow” has been included in MTVu’s The Freshman Contest, which highlights five rising stars' videos with a chance to be added to the channels regular rotation across the nation.

Fans of the New York by-way-of Washington, D.C. artist can vote for him here starting Monday (6/7) up until June 18.

Finally, Kia Motors and MTV are offering a free download of Black Sheep's 1991 record "The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)." As one of Black Sheeps most recognizable tracks, the song is also being used in a new commercial to promote Kia's latest car, the Kia Soul.

You can download the track here.


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