Kid Cudi Brings Fan He Punched On Stage

Kid Cudi brings an unexpected guest out on stage as part of an apology.

The internet was buzzing last year when footage of Kid Cudi punching a fan during a concert surfaced. Now, Cudi has made amends for his actions, by bringing the fan with him on stage.

Cudi brought the young man, Michael Sharpe, onstage at the Sasquatch Music Feastival in Washington the weekend of May 30, introducing him to the crowd. "Remember that kid I punched in Vancouver? This is him. I brought him out here to hang out. It's all okay, he forgives me."

Cudi punched Sharpe in December 2009 after he mistakenly thought he threw a wallet on stage in the middle of a show. The rapper later apologized to the fan, and no charges were filed.

Below is a video of Cudi bringing Michael Sharpe on stage:


  • IronMicT

    that guy shoulda acted cool til he got on stage and then revenge-dropped cudi to the temple widda firm right hook :)

  • wef

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  • WhatDaFuck

    He shoulda brought the male fan out that kissed him on stage. Kid Cudi is one weird ass muthafucka. Hes like the pseudo "cool" black guy minglin in an all white group of people.

  • Twinblades

    The Only kid cudi news I want to see is updates on man on the moon 2. So in closing who gives a fuck about this?

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  • soulja boy himself

    kid cudi my buddy, lol snoop is one funny nigga

  • Amari Marvelous



    difference is i would like to see kid cudi do that to a real nigga and i bet the outcome would be different im a hundred percent confident in this statement a real nigga would fuck around and knock his fucking head off

    • Anonymous

      your a fucking retard


      These are real comments?? Are you all 12 years old??

    • C.

      a real head wouldn't be at a kid show in the first place.

    • jack777pot

      yes. dontcha be fuckin wit a "real nigga" mr. cudi. a real state penn "nigga" will cut you with a toothbrush fashioned into a shank. however, it is too bad most "real niggas" don't have 2% of the talent cudder has. and most "real niggas" will spend the rest of their talentless lives intimidating "fake niggas" in prison. thank god for "fake niggas" like kid cudi.

  • Megan fox lover

    Cudi is a fag. He also took that fan back 2 his hotel room and lil wayned him good.

  • mcs305

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  • wayayaya

    whatta dumbass, it coulda been payday for this son of a bitch, itnstead he rather look like a punk on stage

  • Money First

    In other words, Kid Cudi is saying, "Thank you Sir for not suing my black ass and taking the little bit of money I have made in this uncertain career path I have chosen!"

  • Sabotage

    lol that guy owes me a thank you for throwing the wallet on stage

  • Nello Gello

    That was very nice of him. See everyone Cudi is not all that bad as people say he is.


    lmao. whut, lol@ remember that kid i punched in vancouver, this him, i brought him out here to hang out, it's okay he forgives me. lmao, this is honestly the first time i heard any part of this story

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