Ray J Calls Out Nicki Minaj At A Lil' Kim Concert

Ray J took the stage at Lil Kim's concert and had a few things to say about Nicki Minaj.

Lil' Kim's concert in New York City's Fillmore at Irving Plaza this evening had a surprise guest when Ray J jumped on stage to perform his collaboration with Lil' Kim, "Wait a Minute." After the song - which included a stage run by Brandy when the song referenced her - Ray J took a moment to express his feelings on females in Rap, primarily DXnext alum Nicki Minaj. "I'm seeing a lot of Lil' Kim impostors," Ray J stated. "I'm not saying no names, but you know who," he continued, referencing biting Kim's style after calling Kim the greatest female rapper ever. Lil' Kim added, "We love her. We just want her to pay homage," making an obvious reference to Minaj. "If you don't pay homage then fuck you," she concluded.

Earlier in the show, during the middle of "Crush On You," Lil' Kim donning a pink wig, ripped the wig off and threw it to the crowd. "They can have it," she declared, taking a glaring shot at Nicki's knack for multi-colored wigs. "I'm onto bigger and better things." The show included men tied up in chains grinding on Lil' Kim, bundles of crying fans, and several nipple slips due to a minor wardrobe malfunction.

New York City's Fillmore at Irving Plaza date was the fourth show in Lil Kim's cross-country tour. Just two hours north of the city in Rhode Island, Nicki Minaj was performing for Rhode Island's Hip Hop station Hot 106's Hot Night 2010 and will be at New York City's Hot 97 Summer Jam this Sunday alongside Drake, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, and many others.


  • Anonymous

    man nicki is the truth kim was the greatest but her time is up i hate hatin muthafuckas kim not makin nearly as much bread as nicki have u heard monster she say "wait im the rookie when my features n my shows ten times ya pay 50 k for a verse no album out" n she aint boostin thats rich wemon life so ray jay screw yo self cause u probably a fag anywho

  • Old Dirty 2000

    Lil Kim should consider the accolades she is getting from you all wonderful. Lil Kim came out in 1996. That means she is around my age 38. Thats right almost 40. She has faced jail time and has been the fakest thing since Nikki Minaj's implants. Lil Kim cam out as a HO. Yes, HO. She bragged oof sucking and f'ing. Common decency should tell her to be classy and just relax and sweat her album sales (oops she hasnt put out an album in almost 10 years)

  • CaramelMonstuh

    Absolutely agree with the comment below me. If you listen to Lil Kim on http://www.thisis50.com/profiles/blogs/thisis50-exclusive-lil-kim-2 , all she does is disrespect nicki minaj and drake by saying " Drake is a punk pussy" yet she feels that she did no wrong at all. She repeatedly keeps saying on the radio interview that Nicki Minaj is trying to be like her over and over again it's ridiculous. So again i love and agree with the comment below me. I love Nicki Minaj for her classiness and creativity and how she spits. I know alot of people will disagree but i guarantee they will be the older ones, the old school ones, and just the closed minded ones. Go head Roman Zolanski the harajuku Barbie You keep that shit going head first ma-ma! As for lil kim, you lost all my damn respect for you.

  • Anonymous

    Okkkaayyy...wow so Nicki Minaj wears multi-colored wigs like lil kim did. yea lil kim wz the 1st to do it bt nw Nicki is&&that is the only thang yu can say Nicki is doing like she did!Nicki is wayyy more creative,,prettier,,classier..oh!&&did i say classier!!!!Nicki is ah Harajuku Barbie&&if any1 hears her say wtf that means thats why she wears alot of colors assholes!!!she is nothing like Lil kim. I like lil kim bt she just more because sumbdy is coming up in the rap game better than her ass w/ more creativity than she had!!!I'm sick of everyone tryna compare Nicki to Lil'Kim!!!Ugh...she's better get over it!!!

    • Lady K.

      I have to disagree with u, she is a Lil' Kim wannabe. She not only wears the wigs as Kim did, but her whole appearance is exactly the same. She is doing shit that has already been done, if it weren't for artist like Kim, Trina, and Foxxy (just to name a few); this trick wouldn't be shit. Its like she took all of their styles and put it into one to become who she is. I agree with Kim, she should pay homage and be respectful. OAN: Lil' Kim is the 1st, one and only Barbie. If she want a title, she needs to find another one..or better yet think of one that is her on, not one that she has to steal (like the rest of her style..LMAO)

  • Tyler-Brianna

    It's all about Eve, Trina, and Nicki Minaj. Lil Kim dont got shxt on any of dem, neither do Foxy Brown, Diamond, or Shanell aka SNL. Lil Kim shouldn't have went and gotten herself locked up. :)

  • Catwoman

    Nicki is a clone. She don't even have her own sound. She sound like a female Lil Wayne and look like Fire Marshall Bill when she rap. Plus Lil Kim is on Roc a fella now? It's a wrap for Nicki.

  • hjr23r156r415r5

    WHAT!?!?! Yall people think nikki raps better than Kim?!?!? True kim did leave for a min went to jail or w/e, but no way in hell does nikki rap better than kim. Nikki is actually a much better singer than rapper cause ive heard her sing, and i was able to keep my lunch down. And comeon now the wigs, the makeup, the outfits?? How can yall look at nikki and say that shes not bitin off of kims old style. Yall need to get that gucci gucci brrr brrr out ya ears and hear the truth...



  • Lurk Uno

    my god...Mainstream Hip Hop is just one big circus nowadays...poor children -having to be bombarded with this bullshit... Boycott MTV...BET...etc until they start playing REAL HIP HOP again... : /

    • DJ Audio

      Thank You!!! They took off what we had left which was VH1: soul, then they wanna try and give us BET's: Centric channel to try and make up for it. I have no ear for hip-hop anymore 'cuz I don't hear it. I would like to hear music before I buy it. I can't go off of critics reviews on albums 'cuz they don't know what I like personally, but as a DJ, I'll play it for my audience.

  • LilLadyG

    i don't even know y ray-j's in this probably trying to make a come back so needs some publicity

  • LilLadyG

    first thing first....lil kim's days are over she needs to let way for Nicki, secondly Nicki isn't a wanna be "lil kim" pssshhh puhleezze y would she want to be?? nothing about her is fake..she's a natural beauty and that's because her parents are from the caribbean to be specific trinidad n she's half indian half black..she has a bangin body n all u b****es jus jealous. Nicki minaj paid her tribute to lil kim said she admired her music...she might've took the sex appeal from lil kim but she made it her own aight? While you're all hating nicki's busy makin her big money so tlk that! She's bi yes okay n so what? Minaj's lyrics are sometimes weak but she is a good rapper n lil kim ain't got nun on her...maybe eve or trina or even diamond...but not lil kim...i mean c'mon for reals yow? this is jus sad lil kim jus wants a lil noticing she's da one who's fake with her jacked up nose hm..lemme hear u haterzz!!

  • katie

    Ray Jis the biggest FAG BOY alive he is just mad that he will never be famous....His 15 min. are over. I personally think Nick Minaj is THEE best Lil Kim shouldnt have left and dissappered. She steped down and Nicki Steped Up. Maybe lil kim is just mad that she isnt the only female rapper who is noticed

  • run_4_cover

    fuck nicki minaj!!!! KIM ALL DAY

  • royce

    females cant rap...even if they can they rap about wack shit....n nicki aint goin platinum lmao at whoever thinks her shit will sale

  • fucku

    ok how bout this .... chics suck at rap. and nobody cares about a female rapper so enough about this.

    • Brown Suga

      cosign jean and if you wanna go back queen la used to kill it too as well as yo-yo. nikki is okay when shes not playing. we cant front on kim she has shown some flashes but its not consistent. there is no way nikki is killing kim they are different, but she has a strong following of kiddies who will buy her shit but sales dont make a good artist.

    • Mr.Crackee

      jean grea? lauryn hill?

  • dazim

    Nikki is better than Kim ...Foxy is weak..........Jean Grae is fire ...E.V.E...is a beast and so is Bahamadia.................................. Kim aint in the league...she was just down with BIG.....period


    meanwhile nicki minaj goes platinum ray j is a faggot

    • DJ Audio

      Ludacris went platinum, She's just a feature artist. She don't count for platinum status in that song. Luda would've went Platinum without her, he's done it before!!!

    • BRRRR

      fool it's on the front page of this website the song with luda

    • Elweezy50

      hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha Nicki wont go plat. wtf are you talkin lil boy? gtfo with that garbage. she couldnt push 250k if wayne bought 200k of them. ray j may be a faggot, but your right there with your thumb up his ass faggot.

  • Nas Esco

    Fuuuuuuck Nicki Manaj!!..lol get it Man-Aj..massive attack was wack..her Debut album whenever it drops is gonna be trash..she's a lesbo..she going to hell 4 licking couchie & that's it...I agree with everyone else Ray-J need to stick to Reality TV shows..his music carreer is over..the last big hit he made was One wish..What has he done since?? anyways Manaj can't even shake her fake plastic booty..She probably got 2 inches of hair..talking bout she beatiful..my ass she is a 6/10 average..i see girls like her all the time at the club..And i pass them right up to.. i stick to the 8-10 ratings

    • BRRRR

      nigga you stick to your fuckin couch you ain't banged a bitch since you raped that fat sleeping broad two summers ago

  • Its Um

    I think none of those bitches are good, if that bitch foxy wasn't such a trouble maker bad ass I would be saying that she has a upper hand but since I forgot how good she is, she off my radar in such things.

  • The Ooh Child

    Why is Brandy's brother trying to beef with a female. What a fag

  • deep thinkin

    can i ask u guys something? even tho this have nothing to do with lil kim hating nicki minaj.. im from norway,and i just wanna ask u something. why does it look like usa is pussywhipped by the israelis? usa are the biggest most dangerous country even tho u almost owe more money to other contries than any other country in the world,but u have an enormous military influence. why the hell do you guys let the israelis do what they want? is it because they own all your banks? is it because they run all the important things in your country? why? because we in europe know that if it was iran or afghanistan that boarded a human aid boat and killed 9 people on it,those countries would of been blowned of the map today by usa. but when the israelis do it,you dont give a fuck. its fucking terrorism. if usa and israelis keep on like this,soon its not only the muslim countries that hate u

    • Elweezy50

      ill answer your question. cus israel is the only ally the US has (besides Britain) but other than that... this gov has run its allies dry and now we gotta back everything those 2 countries do cus "Nobody wants to play with us!", it absolutely is terrorism but we call it fighting against terrorism here, its all political bullshit... and btw, hows life in norway? ive always wanted to go there

    • fucku

      that boat had no business being there... thats like if some muslim nation sailed a ship and wanted to dock in New York City. the marines would jump on that boat and destroy who ever was on it if we told them not to come. Isreal said they didn't want there help and they came anyways so they got attacked. they're defending their nation just like any other nation would

    • The Ooh Child

      Really dude? This article just talked about Lil Kim's nip slips, and this is the comment you came up with?


      its a hiphop site brah go to cnn.com or something

  • eF

    maaaan wtf is goin on with yall?! nicki minaj is fuckin garbaaaaage. i cant believe that yall REALLY think Lil Kim has comp with her, even if Kim is pushin her middle age. FUCK NICKI MINAJ foreal. fake ass bitch bring on the hate, but deep down yall know she aint shit

  • YM501tg

    kim did her thang BACK IN THE DAY.. sit yo old plastic ass down and let the torch be passed. thats the thing kim had all those awards 15yrs ago. yu put her album up next to nicki's and minaj is fin kill her. how yu almost 40yrs old but yu still wan be a sex symbol, freak this an freak that.. sit yo old ass down

  • Ronnie Guess?

    Ray-J????? I thought this was a hip-hop site!!!! it doesnt get much more fuckin gay then Ray-J!!!

  • Ronnie Guess?

    Ray-J????? I thought this was a hip-hop site!!!! it doesnt get much more fuckin gay then Ray-J!!!

  • YM501tg

    ray j is irrelevant. hoe ass nigga wana diss nicki.. first off whtever tour kim is doin wont make as much money as the few concerts that nicki is doing.. in fact if not for nicki blowin so big right now kim would be irrelevant. instead of hatin on how she jock yo style she need to be thankin her for making her a topic again. fuck all ya haters YM all day

  • BIgs

    good nicki minaj is an insult to music..lil kim should drop a diss track on her

    • DP`

      I agree, and I like Kim.... But she needs Someone guiding her. Hov ul help tho. she picks poor production too. she needs good production.

  • ty from the chi

    yall tripping kim got three multi platinum albums and 2 gold onder her belt with a shit load of hits and guest features why is yall hating on queen b if it wasent for her there would be no nikki minaj kim got all the rights to go at her she jocked kim style kim did all this shit nikki doing now back in the 90s. thats just like oficer rick ross jocking rick ross style thats just wrong..............and yall could say whatever yall want about kim but men lie woman lie but numbers dont grammys awards dont kim is the best female emce cause she took the game to another level she got the total package

  • Megan fox lover

    Fuck beef. I wanna see lil kim & nicki minaj in bed with a 14" dildo n handcuffs. Real

  • elaisa

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  • Hops

    this shit is like abbott and costello beefin with drake and josh.

  • ANDRE187

    Nicki Minaj is wack and makes up words to try an rap and uses manly voices to try an rap while still tryna jock Lil Kim style. Kim is old news, though she the queen b she old news and so is Ray J. Nicki Minaj is worst female rapper to getta record deal ive heard. Even when she has a good verse she fuck it all up perfect example is Lil Freak. Everybody throwing up these non heard of female rappers what about Trina, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliiot, Eve?? And Keyz tore up Nicki in that freestyle...

  • J-Sno

    Yah Lil' Kim was the best when Biggie was writing all of her shyt. Biggie is long gone so Lil' Kim has forever been trash. Ray J talkin shyt too he needs to get slapped. The highlight of his career was the fact that he fucked Kim Kardashian and he couldn't even keep that on lock.

  • chonsey Thompson

    ray j a clown lil kim trash fake ass barbie nicki minaj is the greatest and she the baddest bitch in the game hands down

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    So what..

  • Nike Champ 718

    Wack rapper beef is always great. I'd like to see Kim and Minaj get on stage, someone throw on an instrumental, and tell these broads to freestyle. A REAL freestyle, not some sh*t they wrote down and memorized. I'm pretty sure both of them would be standing there, stuck on stupid. Kim doesn't write. If Minaj writes, she's extra trash with it. Both of them need to shut the f*ck up before Shante makes a comeback and calls both of them out.

  • Cbee

    why r people still going to concerts, yet alone a lik kim/ray-j/brandy concert????? this aint the 90s they are all washed up...stop supporting them financially

    • kpanilaryea28

      aye mane does it really matter if they was hot in the 90's or not? shyt the roots been performin since 94 and krs since the mid 80's and both of them can rock the mufuggin house. to be honest krs is the best performer i seen live this nigga come out wit a mic and kenny parker wit the turntable turntable and rocks that biiatch better then puffy and all these other niggaz wit they props and shyt!

  • kpanilaryea28

    nicki minaj is still wack as fuck though... lets not forget that everybody. that chick keys gonna serve her ass up for breakfast lunch and dinner.


    beef just to sale records

  • torg26

    ray j needs to stop dick riding

  • Johnnie at GentlemanREDUX

    It's always sad to see people who can't pass a torch to a new generation of up an coming acts. Kim had her day, I liked her music and style so I won't knock her - just sucks she can't accept that time has pretty much passed. She'll have to eat off the love of her die hards and call it a day. *Huff* Hiphop can be so "flavor of the month"-ish...

  • Mos256

    When you need Ray-J help to get on somebody, you're in trouble. Fact: Minaj is performing at Summer Jam. Where will KIm be?

  • Cuttboy

    "I put it on tape,then I sell it like Ray J"

  • wasf

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  • blackone

    yeah ray-j is dumb. we all know lauryn hill is greatest female rapper of all time... 2nd is MC lyte

  • skoolboi85

    Who cares about Kim or Ray J, or Brandy, all them washed up lol who the fun goes to a lil Kim concert in 2010? News Flash - Kim, Ray J its over! Keep that bullshit on VH1.

  • Shawn Hooks

    lil kim a top 3 MC EVER MALE or BITCH. SHE GOTS delivery , flow, all that shit, she FFFIIIRRRREEEE

    • fuck hiphopdx.com

      you MUST be smokin crack.. top3 ever?? male or female?? i got 3 for 20 my man.. 3 for 20...

  • cjrocker

    This is the most random shit I've ever read on this website.

  • Twinblades

    Boy i was just thinking who gives a fuck!!!

  • ts500

    lil kim is just mad cause nicki minaj is the hottest female rapper right now and nobody cares about her no more

  • peter cottonmouth

    finally a good battle nicki minaj verse Ray J.

  • nastynas4life

    i said this last week on one of her songs on here..Nicki minaji is a wannabe Lil Kim.

    • PrinceMAl

      Everybody knows that for a fact that she emulates Lil Kim, both of them are freaks, and cut up cosmetically. Barbie and her little sister Kelly.

  • lboogie718

    was @ the show it was out of control brandy came out too.. got the video of ray goin in & more.. itll be you youtube.com/waterblocktv by 2morrow


    My Cock Aches For Minaj, Kim not so much

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