50 Cent Speaks On Perceived Beef With Shyne

The G-Unit boss says Shyne's material "is not good enough" and adds that he shouldn't even be listening to him.

Shyne and 50 Cent are at odds. Lately, Shyne has taken a few shots at the G-Unit boss. During a recent interview with Streetz On Fire, 50 Cent addressed those disrespectful comments aimed at him.

"You gotta come with something. For you to even be on that radar, like Shyne when he has something to say...I'm not responding to that because it's not good enough. The material is not even good enough for me -- I would jump out there just because I felt like I was being a part of Hip Hop culture, competing but if you look at it and say who's really in a position to say something, I shouldn't even be listening to him."

Back in April, Lloyd Banks addressed Shyne's disses, saying 50 laughed about them.

"I spoke with Fif today, he just laughed about it. I heard some other things that Shyne put out and I'll be the first to tell you and the world, he's very, very wack."

Recently, Fif made the headlines for removing tattoos and losing weight for a movie role.



  • @theycallmeHOT

    50 smart not to respond.. not until Shyne come wit something harder at least. @theycallmeHOT

  • ant boi

    Shynes wack.........................................

  • Shyne it somewhere else

    Shyne had one hit in his life,Ashes to Ashes,

  • Shyne it somewhere else

    Shyne had one hit in his life,Ashes to Ashes,

  • rgegtgt

    both dem niggas can eat a diznicc. fuck a frog in his throat havin shyne and fuck a steroid abusin ass 50.

  • Aarond

    mr or ms Fuck jayz are you stupid or do u just never reserch what you are talking about b4 u say it every album game has came out with has gone platnum and now look where game is at back with aftermath why because dre know's he can bring in money that them gunit fucks can not llyode banks gold yayo gold 50 last project gold buck and game was the main things keeping gunit alive then they let them go but the main thing funnier then 50 wit his dildo colections is the fact people like u like or suport him but it shows real recognise real and one more thing about 50 then i am gone she can not even go home cause her cousin 2-5 will beat her ass lmao enjoy gunot till i die 8th world entertainment ceo signing off 8thworld.ning.com or 8thworld.webs.com or hit me 8thworld@gmail.com or find us on face book we are the nwe world to gravitate toward

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  • Fuck jayz

    First off game has flopped every album since leavin g unit nd how the fuk did ross beat 50 please let me know 50 even took his kids out shyne is jus wack tryna build hype like ross ... Fuck the officer..... Gggg gunit!! All day

  • nice...

    i think 50 now knows how jay feels and why jay don't fuck wit him, as for shyne i said it b4 and i'll say it again. he came out of jail and rapped his ass OUT of a career and out of a meal ticket. his first mistake was thinkin anybody wanted to hear him talk about 50. naw nigga get out and do you and contribute some positive shit to the music,people ain't even fuckin wit 50 like that. his second mistake was that bum ass style he adopted, or is it that he forgot how to rap? i'm not sure how to call it

  • bonney007

    what bars did officer ricky spit that ended 50 career? is his career over with a gold album? i must have missed it cuz i see 50 touring the world and i dont see ricky doin shit but dodgin the real rick ross....u people hate 50 so much u cant even believe the bullshit yall typin. As far as Shyne goes he killed hisself with his own music

  • yun swiss

    i c murder nobody fucks wit cent

  • Drucifer1983

    I hate to agree with 50 cent on anything, if said the sky was blue I'd try and find a way to say summin diffrent, but on this I have no choice but to agree with him, shyne is one of the worst rappers I have ever heard, he wasnt even that good before he went to jail but now he's literally one of the absolute worst he's on Benzino's level

    • timG

      I have to agree too. His old stuff is beasty but this new Shine material is not on the playlist. Plus why is he goin after a has been...? 50 is damn near done with rap save these few other artist and has beens who keep flashing a light into 50's dark corner.Lol

    • MAIO

      I agree with this 100"fucking" percent!!!

  • Soulful Beats

    Lol, I don't care for either but I can't front, 50 and Banks ain't lying about that. That Piggy Bank joint was back in 04 and Shyne's new shit seems worse than his old shit and 50 got a handful of dope songs though.

  • Monroe

    50 destroys everyone haha

  • audio tech

    nothin more pathetic than two has-beens goin at each other...and NO Fif's acting career dont count, im just speakin strickly on the music



    • DUBEM


  • Nico 3

    50 loves beef. Besides money, that's probably the only other thing that motivates this guy to wake up in the morning. Stop being insecure. Shyne has been in prison for how many years. He hasn't been making money. Has no hype. No guaranted future in hip hop. If he wants to talk, let him talk. 50 still has his money and can likely release more albums in the near future. What is there to beef about?


    lol @ DJ NONAME- shyne was never on to have fallen off of... real talk. anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • JemDawg151

    hanndyyyyy your a faggot, kill yourself... you'd be doing yourself a huge favor... Lil Wayne is 5'6" and sucks dick, chump

  • Dre Guevara

    50 must have a new album coming out, that seems 2 be the only time he take shots @ other rappers

    • chocboywonder

      I thought Shyne was the one that came at him...is him answering taking shots or just responding?

  • K-Cadence

    @ImFromDaSouth how did 50 lose???? he destroyed ross's credibility

  • Bob36

    Shyne never was that good anyway. Shyne spent so much time in jail that he didn't see the world evolve. Why is this nigga takin shot at Fif in 2010. It's like if dude is stuck on PS1 and did not realize yet that the PS3 is out for years lol. Fif ain't good either.

  • wrongsideofthatracks

    SHyne fell off.. nobody wants to hear him anymore... where is 50's lead single for (BLack Magic)?

  • RC1625

    Both them mother fuckers is wack...Llyod banks is tight tho.

  • Mr. Mogul

    He's right. Shyne's new material was trash. I've heard better songs recorded out of people's basements.

  • dapluva

    50 cent wack ole mumble mouth muthafukka gay boule azz nigga

  • datboibige

    50 cent voice; 2 scoops of butta doing gay porn wit my gunit brothas

  • chonsey Thompson

    shyne came out of prison with some garbage that niggas cant even respond to

  • icu ucme

    I guess 50 is dong to Shyne, what Jay did to him.

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    it doesn't matter wtf the beef is on or between who...all that matter is whom lil wayne! would side with.... if it's with 50,shyne is dead...if it's shyne,that mean 50 is dead... LIL WAYNE! IS DA GREATEST OF ALL DA TIME FUCK HATERS

    • Rob P

      Ya u faggot ass nigga and you need to stay N the FUKIN souTH.R U Slow Or juSt a FUkin Retard. FIRST off DID u even fukin read wut u wrote. GAME JADA And Fat Ass RICky FUKIN Ross. FUCK YOU DUDE! The Game iS fukin Garbage an if i was From the West COast iD Ride on that Nigga like YUKMOUTh. His Disses werent shit compared to Wut FIF Did to his ass. ANd JADA.HA did u even fukin hear Piggy Bank. He mURDEred All three of them faggot ass niggas in one song. STRaight Clownd um But ya Jada Had Checkmate and Fukin Shots fired. AND fat ass titties. FUNeral Music, or TIA TOld Me, not to mention humiliating him due to his baby mama. Ya but FiF lost. The only Real thang u said is bout bUck. Buck was the hardest in the Unit, droppin him was a big mistake.

    • Dre Guevara

      handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy IS DA GREATEST LIL WAYNE DICKRIDER OF ALL DA TIME FUCK HATERS

    • afgan

      all u niggers up there are some real corn ballz!!!

    • Mr.Crackee


    • Mr.Crackee

      lil wayne had to have jay give him the co sign to be famous wayne had to wait till 08 to drop C3 cuz jay wasnt dropping an album, he knew he couldnt compete wit hov jay gave wayne a spot on american gangster outta sympathay lil wayne doesnt sell out as many tours as jay lil wayne wont be relevant in 4 years but jay will, he'll always be relevant jay has more grammys than wayne! JAY-Z IS DA GREATEST OF ALL TIME FUCK HATERS

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      @ROB P 50 lost against Game and still loosing 50 lost against JADA, after Jada went in, didn't hear shit else from 50 50 lost against ROSS.. Banks killed Ross with Officer down, that''s about it. All the lil cartoon/slash pimpn curly skits was funny but other than that Boss lyrically did him in. He has yet to say ne thing to Buck, he don't even wanna see Buck believe it or not and he know that.. Other than that GRODT is a CLASSIC!! "REALESTNIGGA-NDA-ROOM 239/404"

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      That damn HANDYYYY is a funny dude!! LOL!! The killa part u niggas being hollern like a hit dog everytime he post something lol!!! "REALESTNIGGA-NDA-ROOM 239/404"

    • Rob P

      I dont give a fuck if Wayne Sided with Shyne, when it comes to beefin, SHADY Aftermath Camp is the all time fukin greatest. EM an FIF Both are undisputed champs that nobody even came close to touchin. Little Side note I hope that Weezy Takes that new Eminem Song with P!nk were he says that shit about him the worst way he could and starts beefin with EM so EM FUKIN MURDERS his punk ass. N E 1 Who Nos N E Thang Nos how that'll play out.

    • chonsey Thompson

      lil wayne is trash he scared of fifty so him and shyne teaming up aint gonna hurt fifty fuck outta here with dat fifty bodies lil wayne ha ha ha


    he got a point

    • Sabotage

      @IMFROMDASOUTH 239/404 at that time though Shyne was the shit, I remember he was everywhere, so if Shyne threw a shot at 50 during that time, 50 felt Shyne was big enough to respond to. And a lot of peeps actually liked that shit back then, but about 90% of the hip hop community hates the new style and I guess Fif thinks that hate is enough for Shyne to embarrass himself. Personally, I don't give a fuck about Shyne, and I'll occasionally listen to 50.


      i like maybe one or two songs of shyne my g thats it gone!

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Shit man, I'm feeln Shyne new style dogg.. He spittin some shit to.. Alot of niggas just aint feeln that voice I guess. Didn't Fif take shots at this nigga while he was locked down, but now 50 saying he aint responding cause Shyne aint got nothing to say?

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