Eminem Defends Rihanna, Pink Appearances On "Recovery"

Eminem explains why he chose singers Rihanna and Pink to be featured on Recovery.

In a radio interview with Paris’ Skyrock FM, rapper Eminem explained why he chose to include pop stars Pink and Rihanna on his upcoming album Recovery.

The Detroit rapper revealed that both singers seemed suitable for the songs they’re featured on.

“When I did the song that I did with Pink I laid my parts first and kind of heard her on the record,” said Eminem in his interview with Skyrock FM, reports AllHipHop.com. “I felt like she would smash this record, so I gave her a call and she was with it, so we did it. The other that I did with Rihanna is one of those tracks that I felt only she could pull it off.”

Eminem also explained that with “Both of the records, I guess you just got to hear them to know what they are.”

In his interview with Skyrock FM, Eminem also spoke on fellow rapper Lil Wayne. At one point in the interview Eminem even referred to Lil Wayne as “the greatest in the game right now.”

Recovery is expected to be released on June 22.


  • wiz

    he has to big uo rihanna pink and wayne thats his illuminati family and wayne is one of the biggest running it


    Go Cop Eminem's New Album June 22nd. That Shit Is Tough. Couple Of Stores In Flatbush Got That Shit Early, So U No Us Brooklyn Niggas Is Bumpin That Shit Right Now. He Aint Usin That Gay Voice Anymore, EMINEM IS BACK MY NIGGAS. TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE.

  • silentacapella

    so you put pink and rihanna on the album but no slaughterhouse? how did that work out,em?

    • JayLenny

      Slaughterhouse IS on the album. Apparently you bought the cheaper version and not the deluxe album. Or did you even buy at all?

    • eminemfan

      lol worked out really well because the album is fucking hot and will be the top seller of the year guarenteed. plan on having this cd in your slot all summer boy


    eminem doesnt give a fuck about lil wayne, rihanna or pinkl.... he just plays along to get that paper. the album gon be hard regardless. that joint with pink is insane, some real hardcore shit, not poppish at all


      That Shit With Pink Is The Worst Song On The Album, So Listen To The Album B4 U Start Sayin Shit U Bird Ass Nigga!

    • nicotime2000

      For the inside scoop on everything Eminem is thinking, just ask this guy.

  • 12315

    Making hits is easy. Put a famous bitch on the hook there you go with a platinum CD -NAS (Heaven)

    • Vish

      Maybe you havent heard that track.... but that songs ill whether its rihanna or the whore from hustle n flow. n this album was dope. wasnt expectin it. who knew.


    em is smart.. em needs wayne's fans to buy his new record.. applaud wayne, get more people looking for eminem.. duh.. why you think pink and rihanna on the record? duh.. more people checking for him.. for eminem to do just under 2 million.. he's trying to get that "fix" again.. get back to triple platinum or higher and he knows he needs help to do it.. not to mention changing the album name to recovery instead of relapse II.. hence the refill and drain his current strong hold fans for another 10 bucks for five songs not worth buying, otherwise put them on itunes individually, em's not stupid.. he's reeling in jay-z for the concert event in the fall.. rihanna, pink, and applauding wayne.. stacking up victories to suppor this new album.. hear him mentioning fifty? nah.. fifty's album flopped.. em knows better than to bring up failure while promoting a new album..

    • Vish

      second poster- did you read the article? it pretty clearly said eminem asked them to be on it.

    • popatop

      EMINEMFAN, yous a fuck boy. get off eminems nuts and get a real day job instead of writing essays and shit bitch.

    • eminemfan

      lmgdfao "em needs wayne's fans to buy his new record" lmao wow. I go anywhere and ask people when we are talking about music if they like eminem and people always say yes and/or how can you not like eminem. your fucking retarded i know people who dont listen to rap at ALLLLL and like eminem. Eminem sold over 3 million copies worldwide guarendamntee you not all those listeners are rap genre listeners dumbass. Rap is not the highest grossing music genre country and rock is.....But god damn Eminem was the highest selling artist of the fucking decade. So why the fuck does he need more fans????? Eminem is a house hold name everyone knows who he is. Not everyone knows who Lil Wayne is. Remember when wayne showed up at the CMT awards? People were like who the fuck is this mother fucker? Everyone knows who eminem is. you know nothing cept your dick riding "money cars hoes, bitches and uzis and lmao soulja boy tell em bullshit wack ass rap straight ghetto ass music" you know know nothing about quality taste. fuck all u haters.......just mad cuz he the best rapper. he said in the song with lil wayne called my love "why be with these rappers when i can smash these rappers" something like that but he dissed wayne on his own shit em kills everybody on their own shit. eminem didnt ask rhianna or pink to be on his shit they did. remember artists are pushed to do their very best when working with eminem becauase he is the best!!!

  • Nico 3

    Wayne may not have Em's sales, but right now, he's easily one of the top two in hip hop in terms of popularity and awareness factor. Face it. He's on everyone's song. That has nothing to do with lyrical ability. If lyrical ability mattered, Kool G Rap CD's would be sold at Target. As for Em's guest spots, he's going for what sells. Not exactly a bold move, but since when did any of these guys really care about what fans really wanted to hear. It's a business and Em knows whose signing the checks.

  • eminemfan

    i got the album and recovery is fuckin bad ass best selling album of the year my opinion. Cold Wind Blows, On Fire are my two favorites so far. No Love is fucking bad ass too they all are........ah bumpin this shit on my dre beats headphones


      Em's New Album Goes Hard. He Wen In On "Talkin 2 Myself" He Said "This Time Around its Different, Them Last 2 Albums Didnt count, Encore I Was On Drugs, Relapse I Was Flushing Them Out". The Song With Lil Wayne "No Love" Goes Hard too. The Whole Album IS Poppin. He Is Soundin like his old self again but just spitting quicker.

  • RealDealMan

    I listened to that joint with Pink and that shit is fuckin fire. Em goes hard on that shit. Beat is also produced by DJ Khalil, so you muthafuckas better listen to the track before you make any judgments

  • JetSetterzTv


  • hiphopfan36

    ur all faggots...eminem and lil wayne are both wack (em used to be ill tho) and u throw around the term 'classic' far too much albums like, Paid In Full, OB4CL, Enter the Wu Tang, Ready2Die, Liquid Swords, Straight Outta Compton, Don Killuminati, Lifestylez ov da poor and Dangerous, The Infamous, Me Against the World, All eyez on Me, Supreme Clientelle, Illmatic, Criminal Minded, The Low End Theory are CLASSICS not the bullshit commercialised shit u all talk about

    • BrassMonk

      dude u on crack since when wasnt 2pac biggie or nwa and even wu-tang not commercial??? successful=commercial... back then the sound was just different hip hop was about the thug life and true ghetto shit... now its about club bangers and dance tunes... ur outta ur f*ckin mind tho hiphopfan no one gives a f*ck about Rakim no more! sick of dudes talkin commercial this and that...its about $$$$$$ and Em's shit is classic highest selling artist of the decade... if u wanna judge on rap skills Em is hands down the G.O.A.T just cuz he didnt rap back in the 80s 90s for Def Jam... ur the faggot son aint no one give a fuck who Big L or Q-Tip are no more get over it... rap moves on and em still spits fire!!! SMD!!!!

    • noivad12

      nigga please aint nobody worried about yo wack ass opinions talkin bout em and wayne are both trash u sound stupid as fuck..u just named 2 artist that have both sold a million records in 1 fuckin week in the past please shut tha hell up

  • mIDWEst_Mr. S

    yo em is from my city and is the best alive, wayne spits hard shit and can flow to a fuckin beat. thats what em respects about wayne. stop fuckin cryin hoes

    • staqz2high

      wen u say wayne u mean da guy wayne gets his music from right u guess hes alright if u enjoy not staying on any 1 subject and rhyming random 1 liners... ya den waynes ghost writers can flow hard.... by da way how hard does hard sound out of an 808?

  • Hip Hop I Am

    Its funny how a quote taken out of the context of the converstation can really stir up some hits on this writers article, its bullshit I listened to the interview personally. Congratulations Danielle Harling on your hits.


    em shit finna be hot. i dont know if it will be a classic or not, nonetheless i wish niggas would just stop hating on any rapper doing they thang right now. hjow u hating on em, and this nigga is eminem. its self explanatory. how u hating on lil wayne, and that nigga is lil fucking wayne. its self explanatory. these niggas are some of the highest selling/paid musicians on earth. obviously they doing something right. get wit it, or get lost. church... anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

  • Mylie

    why the fuck is eminem praising waynes wack ass then turns and around and disses the shit outta him on Forever and Wont back down? what the fukk is he doin? only reason waynes famous is because Em was gone for 5 years white america needed someone else and in those years wayne did any kind of ramblin bullshit song and whored himself to white america who thought he was kool becuz of his dreadlocks then they forget he has barley any talent. lol FUCK WAYNE he dosn't have a classic album in his catalogue and thats the truth. what world wide hit does he have? nothing most overrated rapper in the HISTORY of hiphop.

    • Kevin Tita

      Go kill urslef Wayne has broght much to hiphop as a whole, what have u done for ur family?

    • staqz2high

      fuck r we talking bout wayne for anyway we should be praisin his ghost writers! Good thing ders a couple niggas out der whod rather rap witout the fame n jus cash da check, dey kept hip hop alive for da last couple years, and its a good thing every heterosexual left cashmoney records now dat dey dont have to pay them wayne can afford all the ghost raps he cud ever need!

    • Rob P

      Hell Naw fuck This Dee Jay MAyne. UR A Fukin Idiot dude. So u Did a little Research(wiki But research none the less)and thats wut u come up with. FUCK WEEZY dude. SO the Fuck What He put out a cd that was around the same time as Ems fukin fourth and two million fukin mixtapes that blew cock. AND The ONLY fukin "GREAT"ingle he had was LOLipop And Half the hype was that dude jus died.SO FUCK YOU


      fuck this pillow bitter DEEJAYMAYNE

    • Razza

      C/S well said.


      the dude above me just schooled yo goof ass. lol. anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

    • DeeJayMayne

      Wow....you really dont have any idea what you are talking about. Well, before I correct you on your hateful comment I think the real reason you put that on there was because you wanted to get alot of comments on it and you wanted to see how many ppl you could piss off. But anyway... ...1. Lil Wayne was famous while Eminem was in the game because in 2004 when Wayne dropped the first Carter begging the Platinum trilogue and at the same time Eminem released Encore a album that was ok but did not fufill expectations up to his other albums. You can check the chart status on wikipedia or somethin im not gonna get into that. 2. Lil Wayne did not ramble bullshit in the years that Em was gone he was putting his 110% into the game and gave us 3 excellent albums and 6 perfect mixtapes (you can get on wikipedia to look those up too) and featured on over 150 songs over half of them platinum singles because of wayne. 3. Lil wayne has 2 classic albums to his names and both were released while Eminem was gone. And everone knows his worldwide hit was Lollipop dumbass. I bet you and your girlfriend/boyfriend were jammin that shit in yo car if you have one. And plus Eminem is just givin Wayne his props for keepin the game alive while he was gone. And the sayin isnt "FUCK WAYNE" ITS "FREE WAYNE/WEEZY" SO FUCK YOU.

    • OrgyOfCritics

      You are obviously a retard

  • toronto reppin

    in general fuck lil wayne. is a pussy asss bitch that cant rap for shit. but with the help of some real og he has made some decent must. and with the help of eminem anything can happen we saw it with 50 cent back in the day look at 50 now

  • kissmyass

    didnt eminem say pink was one of the worst artist in the music industry? i swear he made a song dissin her i remember him making fun of her in one of his videos, u stay losing eminem lol.. as far as the whole Lil Wayne being the best rapper argument is concerned as bad as rebirth sucked it still went gold so no hater or even lil wayne fans that didnt like rebirth can talk he went gold in a genre that he isn't a part of, thats better numbers than what actual rockstars been sellin as far as albums go atleast from what i know cause i aint heard of no rockstar from 2000 up to now going gold then again i dont lisen 2 rock music so i mite b wrong.. as far as the whole lil wayne being a real blood its up in the air i dont even know i heard he got initiated by mack 10 when mack 10 joined cash money then i heard some other shit about his brother or close friend suposidly that is a real blood that wayne rolled with and that lil wayne is just affliated cause bloods help him out with shit take care and look after him etc.. on a lighter note plies album is gonna sell alot i'm copin goon affliated dont get it twisted he aint only rappin for the ladies alot of ladies talk that plies is so sexy plies is so hot bullshit but fellas dont sleep on algernod he making them songs for us street dudes too, its like he said his security is for them bitches he talkin about women and men bitches.. real goon or not he still street that letter to the industry is a sick track gangsters in cali are ridin 2 that song rite now he spittin that real talk on that song, copin that dipset reunion album when it drops, that Red Album droppin soon too i'm copin that, that cat menace spittin nasty. Va stand up.. Lakers 2010 Champions

    • staqz2high

      right^^ dis faggot sold 500 thousand cuz of his name and eminem obliterating drop the world wit 1 verse


      my dude, its a lot of rock stars out there that has went platinum since 2000. check your credits bro.. anywho, CHECK ME OUT. I PROMISE GREAT MUSIC. IT'S A PROMISE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdylMPXtisY

    • BRRRR

      nigga quit writin essays em has dissed everyone he even dissed you in that song where he calls out fags

  • sicoyall


    • staqz2high

      Ya well, wayne is a faggot and is as fake as ur girls moans so me and anybody else who likes to remind people and express our dislike dat one of der favorite artists is collaborating with a homosexual lying pussy we can.... get off waynes dick its only for baby

  • 456

    Put a famous bitch on the hook there you go with a platinum CD -NAS (heaven)

  • wasf

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  • da

    ahahaaa.....i've heard the interview....he didn;t said that wayne is the greatest in the game right now....he said wayne is one of the greatest.....so, stop licking wayne`s ass...

  • whity hater

    who gives a shit, em is a weird white boy who live in the hood...u should expect something like this from him

    • staqz2high

      lol shawn u sound real tough i hope he comments for the rest of the week to remind you the same way your safe to act hardcore on the internet ur also safe from being forced to follow through on a bitch ass threat like dat were anybody involved wud realize that u jus run ur mouth and cant do shit nobody dat can thinks to show their big balls online

    • Shawn Hooks

      listen you dirty piece of shit, DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS SITE ANYMORE, OR ITS YOUR ASS FAGGOT BOY.

  • dj_noname

    I love how being a fan of someone has turned into dickriding. that should go down the haters dictionary dickriding: (verb); dik-rye-dee-ing, when someone is a fan of a person that you do not like. example: You're dickriding Lebron James dog!

  • DJJ

    Weak shit. I heard the Pink record on Nahright.com and that songs chorus with pink is pure trash. Eminem's flow and lyrics are dope as ever, but fuck the R&B chorus. What is Eminem even thinking. Your already rich why do you do these radio songs? That's why I respect Brother Ali & Atmosphere the most because they always never sell out or make records I don't like. Fuck this new album...Especially with the Lil wayne feature.ICK!

  • peter cottonmouth

    Em needs to defend Rihanna and pink cause those songs suck ass.

  • Dallas tre'five-seven

    false quote....Em actually said wayne is "ONE of the greatest in the game right now."

  • handyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    who cares if em said wayne is one of the best in the game right now , you cant denhy that he isn't the hardest worker in the game,minus the sizzurp and the auto tune weezy can be back to carter 2 wayne all yall niggaz felt...yall niggaz takin everything serious these dayz

    • peter cottonmouth

      honestly how old are you? you post on every thread 15 times. you non pussy getting loser. I know vagina is different but try to experiment with it. YOU FUCKING SUCK!

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  • Justme

    I just love how many ppl ride eminem for so much stupid crap. You guys know how many ppl have worked with wayne? Q tip and sooo many others that i cant even list. Why is it a big deal that hes doing a track with pink or rhianna? He worked with dido mad long ago..dudes an artist he can and should be able to work with whoever the hell he wants to. Cant wait for this to drop and then every1s gna hear the tracks and love them and hopefully feel like an idiot for doubting em.

  • iceman_det

    I love how everyone wants to bitch about Em doin shit w/ Pink and Rhianna and shit...lyricaly he is the best and with this album ur getting a different Em. The reason Relapse was just ok was because it was the same shit we already heard before. So he's changing it up and doin different shit. Isn't that what we want? Thats why Tech N9ne is so good, record to record it's a lil different. He changes up his style and thats what Em is doin. Em and Tech are the best of the best....WE NEED AN EMINEM/TECH N9NE RECORD!!

  • Em

    So Thats my 2nd record i will ever skip from eminem. The other being that 'we made you' The flow is perfect but, im not feeling it.

  • illness_personified

    wow so even em is dick riding wayne now huh, thats it...hip hop is officially over...only Lupe can bring this shit back to life....

    • graysonapollo

      wayne wrote no ceilings and that shit was a banger, and he got caught with that ipod so u know he in there writing to

    • DRock067

      lil wayne would be alright if he started to write shit down again.

    • davepalzbrah

      funny how everyone says that shit bout weezy, if eminem is going to call him the best in rap, then he is DEFINATELY the best. all you haters can go jump on jayz's dick

    • milehighkid303

      Don't forget the P.L.K SON!!!!!

  • dj_noname

    From DX's own reporter posted yesterday..... During a promotional run in Europe for Recovery, Eminem stopped by Sky Rock radio in Paris yesterday and briefly spoke on the album’s guest features. As the lone rapper, Eminem explained why he chose to add Lil Wayne to his latest release. “I’ve always respected what Wayne does. Wayne to me is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now.” Concerning R&B’s biggest pop star, Eminem stated “Love The Way You Lie” is “one of those tracks that I felt like only [Rihanna] could pull it off.” While some may have been surprised by Pink making an appearance on Recovery, the Detroit emcee said her addition was made after “Won’t Back Down” was completed. “I laid my parts first and kinda heard her on the record,” he explained. “I felt like she would smash this record, so I gave her a call and she was with it, so we did it.” Recovery will be released June 22 through Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records this Harling cunt is just making shit up. who's running this place DX???? how are you going to let the same exact article posted two days in a row?????

  • lovers

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  • lovers

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  • everyone knows it

    wayne is garbage. Bizzy is tha best. Hands down. no comment

  • jack johnson

    in other words he's doing a Jay-Z, trying to get a number one single the easy way, feature Rihanna or Pink on it

  • Recovery

    you people hang on every word em says lol its kinda funny but wayne was on top for a while and did come out with alot of hot shit and now that he fell off you all say hes garbage ? cmon we all know a couple years ago he was on top of his game. Wayne was practically begging em to do a track so of course em has to say some good shit about the dude.

  • eminemfan

    Go to bestbuy's website the tracklist does not have Rhianna or Pink

  • dj_noname

    Ummm Didnt DX already post THE SAME EXACT ARTICLE YESTERDAY?????

  • Twinblades

    Okay the guy below me talkin bout the illumanati get the fuck outa here with that bullshit!!! I'm so sick of hearing all that!! Alright I listen to hip hop from around the world but mostly Japanese and I can honstly say that Wayne ain't even in the top 20 of the best mc. Quit frankly just like rebirth was a parody of rock so is his rap music. I'll admit I bump some of his shit(drop the world on fire) but that is about as much as I can take of him. He used to be good but now he don't make no sence. Wich brings me to the Japanese thing, after you here hip hop from another culture and then go back to armerican rap it don't sound as good. And Wayne is the one of the reasons why. He's become so greedy with the wealth and fame he's become lazy and predicteble. But most fan or stans(Handddddyyyyyy) don't see that and go on talkin bout how this nigga is the greatest! And knowone is better than__________ (insert name of fake rapper there.) I feel bad for you people there is way better hip hop out there to listen to shit that would blow your mind and change the way you think about music. And I'm not even talkin bout underground shit i mean mainstream shit that sounds cool and puts lol Wayne to shame. And please don't call me a hatter cuz i'm not like I said I bump a lil bit of wezzy. But I can see passed most of his new shit and see it for what it is Garbage-_- Oh and to handdddddyyyyyyy why do you all ways come on here saying Waynes the best yet you ignore all the other talent out there? It makes no sence! And even when someone bests you with some info about an artist that puts your crap to shame you just make more stupid excusses about lil Wayne and how he's the greastest. Everyone has an aritst that they feel beats all other but there's a line between praise and dickriding. Lil Wayne is good but not that great. And Em why would you praise this guy he's not even in your lain smh!! Now that my rant is over with time to listen to some Diggy-MO' lol!


    Emenim Says Fuck Billy Kain On V103? "F*ck This Nemphus TallyWagon.

  • Da Drums

    Anybody that collabs with this clown is control by the illuminati, Eminem,Jayz and Nas are controled by them, they all think Lil Wayne is ass, but the Illuminati, told them to collab with that clown, Eminem is strange as hell these dayz, why? the illuminati. Lil Wayne does not get respect as a top MC Ever, even Nicki,Tyga,and Drake(they better then that clown) think he wack, but he the it thing right now,so they rydin his coatails.Young money album flopped and that rock album.

  • NY

    R.I.P. Eminem's career, Relapse was bad, but this interview just ended it. Including Rihanna and Pink on the album and then saying Lil Wayne is the best in the game. He obviously did relapse because he has to be high as shit to think Lil Wayne is good. Fuck Lil Wayne & Eminem. I suppport real rap. Return of the Wu. Bong Bong

  • Soulful Beats

    Am I bugging or was this article posted yesterday under a different title? Question for those saying 'so and so' is the best rapper alive. What is your definition of being the best? Popularity or skills?

    • dj_noname

      YOU ARE CORRECT SIR!!!! and in the article yesterday Eminem was quoted as saying Wayne was ONE of the best in the game today, NOT THE BEST. this Harling bitch is a Wayne fan-slut, obviouslly.

  • royce

    em's lips r stuck on waynes ass....pause

  • Gucci Manes crusty lips

    lil wayne sucks sweaty dick...that nigga cant rap 4 shit

  • Shaun Alexander

    Eminem was just saying Wayne is the best, AFTER him. No way Em can think Wayne is better than himself.

    • dj_noname

      this dumb Harling-cunt took the interview out of context.... just trying to fit into the rest of the liberal media. DX posted the same article yesterday and Em says "Wayne is one of the best in the game today"... not THE BEST.

  • J90

    WTF did Em say? best in the game right now!? haha, he's not heard Crooked then! After a statement like that I'm not sure that he's off the drugs!

  • Droopy Drake

    em has been kissin waynes ass for some reason. that doesn't change the fact that wayne is moldy garbage......

  • dcollin4444

    Lil' Wayne is the best in the game right now? Seriously??? dude must be just being nice or something...

  • shady815

    em killed drake and wayne on their own song! whose better?

    • mcgsingh

      @WTFNJ yo em didn't produce forever, boi-1da produced that beat in 2008 for kardinal offishall, the jawn was called "bring it back" - em got on the track a year after drakes verse was on record lol

    • wtfnj

      what in forever?....Em produced that song and recorded it before he even gave it to them. Of course he ripped it up


    How many of you in here can HONESTLY say Eminem is even close to what he use to be on the mic? I mean really, go listen to the Marshall Matters CD and tell me anything you've heard from Relapse or Recovery is even in the vicinity of that illness.

  • LJbigbang

    Lil Wayne the greatest!? Eminem must have fuckin' relapsed if he's saying that! Haha what a joke.


    Wayne, Drake, Jay Z, Jeezy, Kanye, J Cole, Jay Electronica got the heat. That other trash is for you NO NOTHING about good music nerds. If this was the 90's yawl would put Eminem over Nas and Biggie no matter what trash that dude puts out.

  • SDRider

    to all U eminem nut jockers, how does it feel your favorite mcee is feeling lil wayne?

    • hiphopfan2

      eminem may have said that but everybody knows what he really thinks of lil wayne, he said that he though wayne was dope so that he could make his fanbase even bigger, in won't back down ft. pink he says “Lil Wayne slurps syrup til he burps and smoke burb, does a wordsearch, gets circles rapped around him like you do when I come through I’d like you to remind yourself of what the fuck I can do when I’m on the mic" it got leaked about an hour ago, you can listen to it here - http://rapradar.com/2010/06/03/new-music-eminem-x-pink-wont-back-down/


    So far Recovery is WACK!

    • bboytre

      you crazy azz hell illsayit recovery better den relapse you gotta listen to the lerics and the message he puttin out

  • kinglio21093

    Eminem must be poppin them pills again if he thinks Wayne is the greatest in the game right now.

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    I just heard the pink joint is hot but not amazing....I like he's attacking the mic


    i see HHDX is taking a page out of sohh.com book making one damn story into two just so they can cry some damn more about wayne on the album

  • Best Rappers

    I dont care about the riri and pink on the album, im just confuse about that dude being on the album, and Em said dude was the best right now,SMH.

  • ablount

    on the real, the pink shit just leaked. it's on rap radar

  • Seeze-a-Mil

    Lil Wayne is not the best in the game. Shit he's not the best in his camp. Lil Wayne has made the most noise. So if that makes for great then i must have missed that memo. Em is evolving, he knows where he stands and thats that. List all of Wayne's albums. Some of his shit is dope but for the most part his body of work doesnt complement the greatest title. Its not hate just facts. If Lil Wayne didnt have money, he basically would be irrelevant. Jay is on another level. When your relevant for 10 yrs straight. your doing something right. Broke people hate. Hate on fellaz.

    • staqz2high

      are u fuckin smokin crack? jus cuz jays subliminals and metafores go over ur head dont trick urslef or for that matter try to trick anyone else into thinkin hes not 1 of the last great lyricist left in da game

    • Serious?

      Jay the same..aint never been a great lyricist, just made the most noise. Gotta respect the riches, but come on now.

  • Reap

    He said "one of the greatest" not "the greatest" about Wayne.

  • Grenade

    I respect Em's decision on anything music-wise, he puts alot of time into his craft. Check it: http://www.soundclick.com/TheBeatBrigade



  • bob0923

    I was really hoping that em would post something on his twitter about how he was psyching us all out. I can't believe with all the features that were supposed to be on this album....it turns out like this. Oh well, em's still my favorite so I'll go into it with an open mind.

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    That shit with Pink is Tight!!

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    what a bitter,just thank god lil wayne! has thrown u a verse,im sure u or all other old rappers won't spit on some fan's shit... he's not the greatest in the game,there's no game,he own this motherfucker he knows all tricks in the game at last he invented this gangsta rap.. white bitch,say it after me say it one more time say it again again again again again again again again: lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • staqz2high

      ur a fag so stop speaking in go suck dick for food

    • miguel Guttierres

      I laughed so hard at the second paragraph. You said there is no game and then you said he knew all the tricks in the game. So which is it? Is there a game or not? And Lil Wayne invented gangsta rap? Wow, someone needs to research some NWA or Geto Boys. I swear, every time you post, you get more and more retarded.

    • NY

      You can't read he said your boyfriend lil wayne is the greatest in the game now and you're saying fuck him, are you retarded. Oh wait you are because you think lil wayne is good.

    • Joey Blaze 313

      Look you bitch as nigga. Lil Wayne's a lifestyle theift and the FAKEST blood on the planet. And at that your boy has never recieved a publishing check for any of his albums b/c he steals so much lyrics. Tell you what, y don't you go on YOUTUBE and type in lil wayne fake blood, you'l c what i'm talkin about. He wheres the red flag on the LEFT side. C'mon, you really think he's bangin. Come holla at me cripset all day everyday.

    • Main Attraction

      lil waynes a faggot who has no musical talent. hes just a faggot lil bitch sell out and the big record labels are always lookin for sellouts to make money. and guess what, ya boy lil wayne kisses other guys. Google image 'lil wayne kissing birdman'. You'll see how gay that faggot really is. Fuck him

    • leemcc

      handy you actually have a man crush on lil wayne don't you? he's good like but your completly obsessed. You are a fucking loser.

  • imeafk23

    fuckin propaganda Em never said lil wayne is the greatest in the game right now... clear your ears up... he said ONE of the greatest... u know it has a small diference... but what could u expect from an antieminem site... FU. And dont ask me why i come to this site... i go across a lot of sites to see news from various artists.

  • hiphopfan2

    this news is 2 days old, if you want a good hip-hop site go to rapradar.com, they have everything as soon as it comes out

    • NUC

      ALLHIPHOP had this story two days ago also,,,, come dx,, going from my no.1 hiphop site to my no. 2 quickly

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    I know the Wayne haters aint to pleased with Em comments the end of this article..

  • dante stone

    omg... did somebody compare jigga 2 eminem???SERIOUSLY!!??? come on, shady is the most illmatic rapper in the game... let em know.

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    as “the greatest in the game right now.” shut the fuck up lil white bitch....the greatest in the game right now...get the fuck outta here...don't talk shit about lil wayne! he's the greatest of all da time so fuck u lil hater.... lil wayne! in jail and this lil white bitch taking advantage of it...im sure lil wayne! will get u for this...just stay in ur lane wigga bloods will rape that asshole of urs... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters(including eminem)

    • staqz2high

      ur names handyyyy n ur on another page talkin bout suckin or fuckin dick.......... ur either 1 a black loser in sum suberbs thinkin his skin color mite trick sumone into thinkin hes hard 2 a white bitch dat wishes he cud be black but can atleast pretend to be online or ur lilterally lil wayne on one of da guards ipads tryin to convince sumone ur talented not homosexual and fake..... not working

    • Rob P

      U need to shut ur faggot ass mouth up an get ur shit straight. Ur a FuKIN Joke DUDE. FUCK WEEZY BAAABY. Hes got a couple jamz, and thats only because he took dope beats that other rappers flopped on so it seemed as if he killed it.EM is the dopest lyrisist of all time. Fuck wut u an all these other bitch niggas r on. This CD is gonna be as classic as any of EMs other shit I DOnt givE a FuCK WHOSE on it. EM needs to quit bein so modest an give himself the credit he deserves.

    • GETDEMDs

      I feel sorry for u I know u wish u were clever but life ain't fair sometimes Now I suggest you help yourself and put a bullet in your head That's the best thing for u to do...

    • wussupworld

      Dude, youre a Stan. Thats an Em song, and that one song is better than Waynes entire fucking album catalogue combined. Honestly though, noone can be as mentally retarded as you look right now, I think youre just here to stir shit up.

    • It'sTheTruthhh

      Handy is speaking the motherfucking truth!!! Wayne = Best of all time

    • JasonCTown

      What does it mean to be the greatest of all 'da' time?? Were you homeschooled by a preacher?

    • JasonCTown

      Read it again you ignorant fuck.

  • Gunn Starr

    No surprises there , does Eminem do anything but re- rap old shit over the same basic drum patterns and guitar rifts? Not to mention do the opposite of his highly publicized views? He did it with elton John, sasha b cohen and now he is making another god awful album which should apparently be viewed as a rebirth of sorts. Thank Fuck for the ability to flip the channel and the choice to not buy his shit

  • C.

    sounds like some one need some cold water to the face. Shake your head then close your eyes for 20 seconds & think about what your saying. then try again.

  • the real jay

    if em comes out with a great album i'll give him the tittle... hov hasn't had a great album since the black album

  • cjrocker

    http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.11375/title.dx-news-bits-eminem-travie-mccoy You literally JUST posted this exact same article, DX. Slow news day?

  • n8illson

    hahaha yupppp thats exactly what i thought tooo great...now i cant read ne more comments on this page cuz ill b to bothered by scrolling down so much thru handyyyys obnoxious and ridiculous comments

  • freshyboi

    em is supposed to be making fun of pop stars like pink and rihanna, not making songs with them.

  • calshady

    bull shit yo....this is misqouted. eminem refered to weezy as "ONE OF the greatest in the game right now" thats a huge fucking difference than sayin hes the best...

  • c/gaddic

    WORD BUT THE "CAMEL" HAS released over 10 albums with 7-8 of them being good/stellar Jigga is hiphop royalty And yes he is a better rapper than Eminem(maybe for now) despite shady being a better lyricist he needs a consistent catlogue like jiggas and longevity

    • GETDEMDs

      "he needs a consistent catalog" Yeah he just sold over 80 millions albums that ain't consistent enough

  • Twinblades

    Uh oh after reading that last part all I can say is HERE COMES HANDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • slim fela

    almost everyone..but im def gettin it

  • shadyisbetterthanthecamel

    Recovery will shit on anything else released this year.

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