Tracklisting For Slum Village's "Villa Manifesto" Revealed

J Dilla will produce/feature on five tracks from Slum Village's July album, and Black Milk's tracklisting also surfaces.

Presently due for July 29 release on E1 Records, an official tracklisting for Slum Village's Villa Manifesto LP has been made available to HipHopDX. The revolutionary Detroit Hip Hop outfit will see their sixth official album celebrate the group's founding member J Dilla.

Dilla is slated (at present) to appear on five songs. There is no word at this time on how involved late founding Slum member Baatin was with Villa Manifesto, before his death last summer. Longtime producer after Dilla's early '00s departure from the group, Young RJ, is also on board. Phife and De La Soul appear alongside the S.V. on "Scheming," while Little Brother, a group deeply influenced by Slum, will  appear on "Where Do We Go From Here."


1. Bare Witness

2. Lock It Down [Prod. by J Dilla]

3. Earl Flin (feat. J Dilla)

4. Scheming (feat. J Dilla, De La Soul & Phife) [Prod. by Young RJ]

5. Faster (feat. Colin Munroe) [Prod. by Young RJ]

6. 2000 Beyond (feat. J Dilla)

7. Stereo (feat. J Dilla)

8. Don’t Fight The Feeling (feat. Dwele) [Prod. by Mr. Porter]

9. Dance

10. Um Um

11. The Set Up

12. Where Do We Go From Here (feat. Little Brother)

13. We’ll Show You

Due just a week later on July 27, Black Milk's upcoming Album of the Year's tracklisting released last week. The emcee/producer who was once partners with Young RJ (as BR Gunna), and worked on several Slum Village projects, will feature numerous Michigan acts on his new album, including Elzhi, as well Royce Da 5'9", Mr. Porter and DXnext alum Danny Brown.

1. 365

2. Welcome (Gotta Go)

3. Keep Going

4. Oh Girl (feat. AB)

5. Deadly Medley (feat. Royce Da 5’9” & Elzhi)

6. Distortion (feat. Melanie Rutherford)

7. Over Again (feat. Monica Blaire)

8. Black And Brown (feat. Danny Brown)

9. Round Of Applause

10. Warning (Keep Bouncing)

11. Gospel Psychedelic Rock

12. Closed Chapter (feat. Mr. Porter)


  • SM-god damn-H

    just heard the SLUM VILLAGE album... DON"T BUT IT!!!!!!!!! Elzhi is only on 4 songs?!?!?!?! Dilla is really only rapping on 1 song and is doing just the hook on 2 songs. Illa J SUCKS!!!!!!!! The beats are the only thing great about theis album, as far as the chemistry that SV once had, IT IS GONE!!!!!!! It seems more like T3 was to Villa Manifesto as if Q-Tip was to The Love Movement. you thought LITTLE BROTHER GetBack was a disappointment?????? THIS ALBUM IS WORSE!!!!!! SM-god damn-H

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  • HMM

    who says they're "Cashing In" on Dilla. You think this music actually sells? Nope.

  • Chuck Nitty

    Detroit stand up! big ups to SV and Black Milk doin their thing

  • aliciasw

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    Anybody else think T3 is in Elzhi's way?

    • Jason Ramirez

      It's SLUM VILLAGE !!! T3 and Elzhi are both dope , i see them on the same level , its SV baby ! not T3 , or Elzhi !!

    • MattV

      lol nah, T3 is dope but he can't help the fact Elzhi is a natural beast when it comes to rhymin. It's good to see them continuingDilla's legacy with the real hip hop they bring consistently

  • stl_will

    Black Milk is one of the best Rapper/Producers of all time, right up there with Danny! and Kanye when he was real. If you've been sleeping on him, wake the fuck up and get Tronic.

    • youcan'tbeserious

      did you really just say Danny! is one of the best rapper/producers of all time? one yourself.

    • youcan'tbeserious

      did you really just say Danny! is one of the best rapper/producers of all time? one yourself.

  • okay-player

    Who said they eating off of Dilla? They started with him. they lost Baatin also, these dudes go back farther thatn yo mommas hairline. This is real hip hop, music made not for the dumbed down clowns in the teen clubs, but for grown men who know a lil something about life and their surroundings. GET IT ST8. And if you keep lifting the Gucci fag up on news blogs like SV, I'll beat him up at his next performance. He just a lil commercial new comer. Like Snoop said, he just an inmate.

  • tek

    this album is going to fail hard...

  • CM36

    these albums will be the hottest shit out this year, FUCK what anyone thinks, these albums gonna be better then anyone else's shit. Certified classic before its even out. These cats been making real good music for a minute and they know how to satisfy fans.

  • sicky

    PAY JAY, J DILLA, JAY DEE, DILLA DAWG, J DEEZY, JAMES YANCEY, DEE JAY - KING OF THE BEATS. Both albums gonna be the best releases of the year!


    these niggas make me sick cashin in on dilla's legacy gucci would blast these fuckin assholes someone do a gucci/dilla blend tape it would be hotter than 567 slum village joints

    • BudIce40

      brrr, u make me sick. obviously you do not know anything REAL hip hop. gucci/dilla tape will never happen. take your gucci and shove it up your coochi haHA

    • pete2345

      SV cashin in on dilla's legacy? smh.. Gucci's fans should've been locked up along with him... FOR LIFE!

    • restless_438

      co-signed SIRENS... seriously.. dont make a comment unless you know what you're talking about (i guess at the same time thats what these "replies" are for... people who dont know).... Dilla is an original/former member of SV


      @BRRRR you gotta be kidding.. Dilla's best stuff is with SV, he's was with them since high school, its not like they're pulling a Charles Hamilton and lying about knowing the guy. & Gucci Mane!?!?! That dude is an abomination to this thing we call hip hop. fuck outta here w/ that comment yo

  • wutang fan #1

    villa manifesto drops on my birthday !!!!!!!

  • nastynas4life

    DAAAMNNN...i can't wait!

  • Ace.^

    shit i can't wait to hear that deadly meadly track

  • dapluva!

    slum villa been da shit

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