50 Cent Goes Through Extreme Weight Loss For Acting Role

50 Cent loses an extraordinary amount of weight for his next movie role. PICTURES INCLUDED.

For his most recent movie role, 50 Cent went to extreme lengths to play the part.

In his upcoming movie, Things Fall Apart, 50 plays a football player diagnosed with cancer, reports ThisIs50.com.

In order to look the part, he dropped from 214 lbs to 160 with the help of a liquid diet and a three-hour-a-day treadmill walk for nine weeks.

"I was starving," said 50, who is currently on tour. "I've been eating. I'll be back in shape in no time!"

Other actors have been known for losing and gaining significant weight for their roles. One notable example is Christian Bale, who dropped to 120 lbs for 2004's The Machinist, and gained over 100 lbs for the titular role in Batman Begins.



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  • Ronald Mufuckin' Stinkmeaner

    SHIT, NIGGA! better call up ghostface, buck 50 is too tweeked to defend himself now, fuckin prison bitch. money, bling, sales, all that ain't shit in the game nigga, its all about skill. buck 50 is too soft and too bitchy. anyone that eminem exploited are bitches. and waht the fuck is up wit wannabe rap bands? hollywood undead? you kidding me? bunch of emo niggaz dressed like its halloween. asher roth? that preppy cuntbag blondie bitch is more whack than eminem, who gives a fuck about college nigga?

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Damn, that shit look like it hurtl!!

    • M.A.G.

      ...sometimes I wonder if y'all REALLY think before half that shit comes out of some y'all mouths...Grant it, half of us weren't brought up right and the other half didnt really care about school but DAMN Y'ALL CAN SAY SOME STUPID SHIT. I'm far from a dickrider and my lil bro made me involuntarily memorize a lot of 50 songs but do you think for a second w that kinda status you would get on crack and lose damn near 70-80 lbs for nothing? Think from outside of that itty-bitty box you call a brain before you set us back another 400 yrs. dummies.

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  • mello18

    Man even i wont drop that much weight to be in a movie.dats crazy wonder wat he'll do next

  • Drucifer1983

    Looking at that picture makes me wanna watch the "Starvin Marvin" episode of south park

  • G'

    yuck...nigga dont know that losing such weight so quick isn't good for your health. Damn....thats dedication and belief in your talent though.


    Yo fiddy look like he been smokin' to much crack... but i gotta say i have respect for him,ay atleast he probably doin' it for tha money. i know i would. and fuck G-Unit, srry yo,just dont like dat shit.

  • nice...

    big teeth-ed bastard!!!!!

  • ladyjack22

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  • Niggas Bleed just like Us

    Ja rule let that end his career? LMFAO

  • Rodney

    Don't like Fif as an artist, but I have respect for him as an aspiring actor. He put in alot of work to look like that. It took a lot of dedication. Respect...

  • The Azrael

    Now if only he could act....

  • Gakaveli

    Dont like 50 as a person, use to make good music, not no more, but im a decent person, i aint no hater, so fairplay to him for doing it, and ill be watching is movie

  • alski

    eat something nigga

  • Megan fox lover

    Hate it or love it, i know all you haters cant wait 4 the movie 2 drop! I know i cant!!

    • erika morgan

      I agree with you, he has made it out there in Hollywood you gotta give him credit for that....It's just a movie, and a role he is playing.

  • BluntedDaily

    Looks like a cracked out DMX...

  • Heat86

    He had make up on to look as if he were going through the late stages of cancer..... The movie has been filmed and 50 looks normal again..... Anyways 50 is taking acting very serius... I think we have all underestimated thia fella.. We are used to seeing him portray the brawny bad ass from the hood now portraying a skinny unhealthy cancer patiant... He may not be a great lyricist but noone can deny he has great talent and work ethic... He definitely knows how to break a stereotype..

  • kelli gold

    apparently 50 took the role serious and i bet you the movie is going to be fucking great

  • mcmastermind

    Looks like he hit the pipe more than anything lol. That's dedication though so nothing but love for him.

  • tek

    fuck it hes making money, he must be getting paid a lot, or this is a sign that 50 cent is willing to sacrifice to get in those big roll movies

    • DaGreenEyedBandit

      Tru dat!!! He making more money acting than he is with his sub-par albums that's for sure.


    Homie look horrible. Get yoself togetha boy.

  • spartmorris

    50 looks like a gay person dieing from aids get back into shape THAT DOESNT WORK women lie men lie money dont


      damn son you go in on yo boy......but yo money talks my nigga. true wisdowm shit right there. my money powerful nigga, i know from experiences. on some immaculate shit nigga.

  • da police

    he looks like the black powder

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    50 the realest rapper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • sun_god7

    I thought it was Dave Chappelle

  • Crispy541

    50 is doing this for nothing since he cant act for shit. the movie is going to suck just for having him in it.

  • Joe-G

    This nigga 50 cent, is on some other shit. This fool looks like a fuckin' FIEND, straight up crack shit.


    "I NEVER KNEW THE NIGGA DID MORE DOPE THAN B.G." really tho 50 what the fuck black magic aye down herrre we'll put that black STEEL to your dome and pop off like it's NOTHIN nigga

  • da_lost

    i thought it was dmx.....



  • big braveheart

    Well Fif definitely seems to be making an effort in the stakes of method acting, it's also quite dangerous to mess with your metabolism, which Bale did to startling effect in The Machinist, which was a superb film, and Bobby De Niro put loads of weight on for Raging Bull and won the Oscar. I'm not saying 50's gonna be up for awards but it's quite something to see somebody put such an effort into being the real thing for a role, besides cancer patients suffer so to experience a bit of that for a role is a big sacrifice for somebody like 50. It makes you think what real people have to go through.

  • DetroithotHeadzzzzzzzzzz

    yo it aint that bad, he lost a friend to cancer so he wanted to do part to the bone. its just for this picture he did it on purpose with that dead look like help me son im starvin and make up he got on makes look extra sick ,there are new pics on sohh.com n he looks notthin like this .this just one of fiddys plans to get u nigguz talkin bout him till his new shit black magic drop.


    Buck 50 is, has, and will always be a punk rat bitch. I will admit the massive weight change is pretty brutal, should be easier for Kimbo Slice to snap his fuckin' neck. Now that would be brutal. "Tomahawk, Wisconsin, it's way more brutal. At least we get crystal meth." - Pickles the Drummer


    I wonder if he got Strawberry Quick. That shit will make ya look worse than Roseanne after a liposuction.

  • Nico 3

    He needs to start drinking some of that vitamin water. Whatever this movie is it'll flop. I'm just surprised Ray Liotta agreed to be in it. He can't field a better offer than this?

  • Henny813

    Hybrid between DMX and Dave Chappelle.

  • Ah Hell

    Damn I just saw the picture right now, looks like he just escaped Roswell New Mexico. Holy shit, DMX gotta twin now.

  • Two Arz

    what happened to his tattoos??? something is funny about this..

  • cp3nando

    that's that broke look son

    • notagoodlook

      dis nigga look like a certified crackhead... u know the type thats suckin sausages for crack... not a good look my nigg

  • Johnnie at GentlemanREDUX

    @Slava - you may want to show everyone the picturs from this Huffington Post article of what 50 actually looks like without the weight. Looks scary: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/26/50-cent-loses-a-lot-of-we_n_591102.html


    i signed to aftermath and will work with dr dre and will push out an album in the next 14 years...eminem and me and fifty r the future


    i signed to aftermath and will work with dr dre and will push out an album in the next 14 years...eminem and me and fifty r the future

  • Ah Hell

    50 sucks at acting seriously. For him to dedicate himself to the weight drop like this hahaha wow, I sure hope he pulls off the stunt in the movie. "Nigga using that muscle enhancement, all I need is a couple dumbbells and a sandwich!" -Game (before his bipolar killed his reputation).

  • monef

    I dont get how him music career is dead.... he is still out selling all the rappers out now except maybe 6... If his career is dead and he should quit as you all say then the following below should quit as well... ludacris (dope) lupe fiasco (dope) Rick Ross (average) Nas (dope) Triple Cs (Trash..lol) Nelly (dope) busta rhymes (dope) Reakwon (dope) Fabolous (dope) Just to name a few... When these guys quit then yall can holla at FIFTY lol

    • BRRRR

      a nigga's record sales dont mean shit son it dont mean he's hot and it don't even mean he seein that money that shit dont mean shit only shit that matters is how the man rips apart the beat and that shit is personal perference to begin with nigga of course there's a few undisputed greats, biggie, gucci, pac, em but sriously get a fuckin clue dog

    • I_Am_Beast

      Nelly is not dope. Dude spits nursery rhymes, he may be marketable but the words "Nelly" and "dope" should never be used in the same sentence.

  • Horse D

    shit is goin str8 to dvd n e ways

  • humblemumble

    once again yall, connecting sales to skills means nothing. if it does, then Vanilla Ice and Hammer dont get enough respect. and Nelly, who sold 9 million on his debut.

    • Heat86

      You retards will never get it...... Nobody is connecting sales to skills... Or money to skills for that matter...... But they are connecting sales to RELEVANCE! You and NUC are slow............... And no 50 Cent is not even in the top 20 lyrically..

    • nuc

      exactly,, its sad that the bitter bublegum fans still use numbers as the go to..... sales dont mean shit,,,, loook at the top 40,, WACK.

  • Elenaswan

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    I have to disagree with some of the comments I finally got BISD yesterday and that shit was waaaay better than the Massacre & Curtis. I think 50's been too over the top and too successful that this time around people just slept on his shit but it was a good album.

    • DetroithotHeadzzzzzzzzzz

      damn u been livin in a cave son

    • kasssss

      Massacre was better in my opinion. But BISD was a really dope album. Much better than Curtis. I dont know why all these cats hate on 50.

    • bonney007

      i think all of the albums are good but i like the massacre the most...it jus got the most bangers overall....

    • Ah Hell

      BISD wasn't as good as The Massacre. Were all entitled to our opinions though.

    • Gods_Son23

      BISD is definitely better than curtis imo. and you're not alone enjoying it more than massacre either - i've seen plenty of ppl who share that view.


    its cool cause its for a role just hope it makes it to the movies and not straight to dvd

  • Blakenotdrake

    U gotta respect the guy he stays on his grind while others just talk about it

  • Drucifer1983

    Hate him or love him(lol, like how I threw that in) 50 knows what he's doing, Music money is so hard to get these days that Going into movies is the way to go, and for all ya'll who say "Uhh, they just go straight to dvd anyway", you gotta realise 50 writes, produces and stars in most of these flicks, so he's probably making more off one of them movies then he would a platinum album........ I never cared for dudes music to begin with, I bought the first one and the G unit beg for mercy CD cause I got swept up into the hype, but as a buisnessman, I respect the hell outta this dude He keeps winning and making cats madder and madder.........And he does it all with that ear to ear smile on his face.........Cant help but root for a guy like that ...........Oh, and Fif kinda look like the crypt keeper in that flick


    i use to like this niggaaa.... his lyrics dropped when he had fame then he went on and disses my nigga NAS... hes lucky he haznt been ether'd yet !

  • audio tech

    nigga Fif went on a crack diet lol nigga look like JJ "Kid Dy-noooo-mite"!!!!!

  • Cfro

    How is his music career dead? Last I checked, his last album is still on SoundScan and certified Gold. How many other rappers are selling more than him? Jay-Z, Eminem, and Ludacris. That's it. Numbers speak for themselves. I'm looking at the SoundScan right now as I write this. Not to mention that 50 has sold more albums in his career than both Jay-Z and Ludacris combined. Eminem has untouchable stats. On top of that, none of the 3 rappers above have any "crew" that is doing anything worth talking about. Lloyd Banks has a single that is being pushed independently by the record label that 50 Cent runs (G-Unit Records). To date, "Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley" has sold close to 400,000 digital downloads. If you follow the digital song sales, then you know that 400,000 is a real solid number by the major labels scale, and in this case, it's all independent! Haters hate, but rarely can back up their hate with facts. Shouts to HipHopDX. -Cfro from Hiptics.com

    • dbad-Block

      You must not be including the 5 million from beg for mercy..Another million for the GRODT soundtrack...and lets throw 8 million more just for "The Games album" in which 50 wrote hahaha we could even go out on a limb throw another 3 milli for Banks first album 2 million more for Bucks and hell lets toss another Milli on Yayos.

    • Malcolm_Ecks

      You know that mainstream artists like 50 make next to nothing on their albums right? 50 probably made $20,000 off of BISD. Most mainstream rappers make money by being in commercials and selling clothing with their name on it. And where you getting that B.S. that 50 has hold more albums then Jay-Z and Luda combined. 50 Cent-30 million Jay-Z -40 million Ludacris-17 million Last time I checked 57 million is more than 30 million. For a guy who wants to talk fact you sure tried to pull some bullshit.


      Props.. You have legit facts to back up an argument. Not just bringin emotions, like the chica who replied above me..


      quiet down nigga quiet down

  • Mikecash

    Lol @ the amount hate niggas spewin on here.. Sound like this nigga gunnin for an oscar... And lol how is his career over? Last album sold like 600,000.. if his shit over cause of that and then there should only be like 4 niggas rapping in the game.. Besides BISD was decent... But im definitely checkin this movie out.

  • crazy -d

    too bad he dont try that hard on his muisc..ha

  • dopegrease

    good to see this garbage rapper is finally over

  • Gordon

    am one of 50's biggest fans but am gutted to look at that pic for more than a second.............

    • Heat86

      LOL.. I think they used make-up to make him look like he has cancer.... The movie is about a football player with cancer...

  • Mec-One

    If he'll go through all that just for a movie role ...... it won't take much for hollywood to get his monkey ass in a dress ...... smh

  • WilliamL

    For real, 120 pounds, is Christian Bale dead? Imma need someone to read over their work

    • Dr. Deadbeat

      The Machinist was a dope movie & Christian Bale seemed to know his way around the machine shop & was quite a convincing as a drill press operator. In Rescue Dawn He lost a grip of weight too. He really looked like a P.O.W. (prisoner of war) He wasn't skinny in Harsh Times, but that movie is just raw. Peace Bless Dr. Deadbeat

    • Lima

      Yeah, now he changed it. Good job Slava kuperstein

    • BJAB

      You ever see the movie? It's crazy how sick he looks in it. Definitely worth checking out. I'm surprised he even weighed 120...

    • khordkutta

      Nah yo, check for the Movie, it is DAYUM good, and Bale look liked a holocaust survivor, his diet was coffee, cigarettes and apples.

    • Lima

      oh you didn't know? this nigga slava kuperstein don't ever proofread his work lol i been noticing that

  • d0pe

    well i guess since his music career is dead, hes makin moves in other departments. all the best to you Curtis, at least you're showing me that you have some kind of dedication to the acting art

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