T.I. Working With Eminem, Lady Gaga

The King is back, and he's told MTV News that he's already recorded over 80 songs, with guest features from the likes of Lady Gaga and Eminem.

Although it's been only three months since his release, T.I. has already recorded over 80 songs for his upcoming seventh album King Uncaged. MTV News reports that the Atlanta rapper has gotten into the studio with the likes of Kid Rock, The-Dream and Trey Songz, in addition to members of his Grand Hustle family like Young Dro. One artist with whom he's recently recorded that had T.I. excited was electro-pop sensation Lady Gaga. 

"[She has] phenomenal talent," he said of Gaga. "[I am] extremely proud [to work with her]. She's definitely that good. She knows what she's doing. She knows exactly what she wants people to think and say. She does everything that she needs to be done to ensure it happens. I think she's an entertainer, in all aspects of the word. She's a classic, all-around entertainer. A global star."

Another collaboration sure to garner press and fan anticipation is with avowed T.I. fan Eminem. The Detroit emcee and T.I. have already selected a beat and are hoping to record a duet sometime in the future. T.I. said that while they have yet to hit the booth, he is very excited to hear the outcome.

"It's in the making," he said. "It just hasn't been recorded yet. The song has been picked out and it's been agreed for us to do it. We're thinking a song that can definitely make its way to the club."

Although King Uncaged is slated for an August 17 release, fans can expect a new mixtape from Tip called Fuck a Mixtape with DJ Drama and DJ MLK on May 27.




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  • Kato3000

    Some people don't have the intelligence of a dead squirrel on the website. They want t.i. To rap the exact same way he did 10 years ago. And then would still talk junk then about how everything would sound the same. Do you idiots even read what you're typing. And who really gives a damn about all this gangsta trash, being hard doesn't make your music better. Some of yall have no concept of reality and believe every rap line you hear. I guess people like Jayz should still be out here selling drugs and gang banging also right

    • G'

      Internet people really do make me sick since they are the same in real life I bet. Reason why we in such shit as a country is because of the folks that you just described.

    • Mcheat

      I agree with you man,if people don't change they say they still doin the same shit and if they do change they gon say he sounds awfull and he should get his own style back but look T.I is still successful so forget about the haterz

  • garygetgone

    I think he new solo stuff has been weak to be honest. He killed the verse on hello good morning - real talk. Tip made a good edition to the song, puff & tip make a combo, hope russell brand and puff are just as good.

  • Soulful Beats

    The T.I. / Em collab should be dope, but Lady Gaga is str8 illuminati music. Glad to see T.I. still on his grizzly though.

  • Droop1

    hope ti rips em like the last joint they did together

    • Rapfan

      You mean back when em was in his slump! When I first heard that song it really sounded like em didn't want to be on it or you could really hear the depression in his voice. Em. TI and slaughterhouse are my favorite rappers in game so no hate on TI. They both should have done alot better em especially.


    yo ti holla at ya boy gucci u need his help gettin back 2 da top

  • Rachael5922

    I agree that Lady Gaga is a very sensational personality, but I read somewhere else, that you T.I. do not feel as though Prison changed you. This made me think, because, I cam imagine, many people have had friends/relatives [my father went to prison] face some time. They did not come out the same person. Could you really say in perspective it was not a lesson in any way shape or form? You did not learn how it was to not have a choice to move but only the option to stay in the same small cell day after day? This did not affect you at all? Did you not feel for the people that had similar charges and are staying in much longer? Your ego is hard to swallow for me.

    • Ron Thetruthmaster

      Jail isnt the same for rich people so of course they wont get the same effects from a prison term. He served 1 yr for a crime that a normal person would get 25-life for. The government could care less if you're rehabilitated after jail...Theyre only after your money and prison/jail is a big business.

    • nicotime2000

      lmao at you thinking TI reads this

  • P0L0_G

    Why r yall so concerned if he snitched or not? If you aint doing business with him, why does it matter.. He's a entertainer, which removes him from the streets and the codes that niggas should follow in the streets.. On top of that, all these new rappers lying bout their street cred anyway.. Take me back to the 90's when it wasn't cool to be a gangster, at least then u knew who was REAL...

  • czza

    uhh yaa t.i. did snitch he snitched on the guys that killed his home boy fuck, fuck ti once a snitch always a snitch i mean he also had alfamega in his crew and he was fuckin workin for the fbi as a informant shit now i know u mutha fuckas probb gonna say oh well if some bitch killed me homie id call the cops to tss get real u strap ur self up and u go ridin thats hows its done and thats how its been getting donee if u reall

    • BRRRR

      yall niggas keep bangin from your basements POP OFF NIGGA 4 REAL

    • wtf

      wat celeb is gon strap up and go rydn around lookn 4 sum reg mothafukas kill em and get away wit da shyt

    • goaheadthen

      Did you take any English classes? Anyway, Alfamega was in his squad until T.I. kicked him out. So it was Alfa who was the dirtball, not T.I. Also, he didn't snitch on anyone. When you make a plea bargain, it automatically becomes public information. There is nothing that says anything about snitching in there.

    • Ron Thetruthmaster

      Definitely the dumbest idea on here. I hope youre not older than 12.



    • FUCK EM

      Fuck you EM EM EM. Tryna come off as a smartass.

    • em em em

      the most ignant shit ive ever read...u probably a school drop out aintchu? em em em shame one ignant negro brings down the whole black race..i as A black man is deeply disappointed ... and dont say your a POME.. a Product Of Your Environment..bs

  • Ah Hell

    Ignorance at it's finest with these comments... T.I. is a very talented rapper. I'll support this next album if it's worth it. Drop the snitch gem already, because you guys probably never held a gun in ya life. You hear about snitching from tv and radio from these whack ass faggots and believe them. Don't know the half of life. Fuck outta here.

  • vduzen tha bad cuzzin

    http://www.myspace.com/vduzen he ain't got me on it

  • Elenaswan

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    TIP lady gaga come on brah

  • TruthSpitta

    Fuck TI. Fuckin snitch ass cake ass hoe.


    TI is a wack commercial artist. Lady Gaga? LOL Am I supposed to believe you in the trap? LOL Woo. I needed that. Shaquita can't shake her ass juice loose to no Gaga. LOL

  • TLC 1992

    Fuck the damn collaborations, T.I. should do a damn album by himself, without all the other shit. His last album suffered from all the musical guests. I buy a T.I. album to hear him, not a million other people.

  • Reese05

    First off, welcome home to the king, im glad he back and doin his damn thing, as far as his colabos, who else does he have left to work with, he is past his hunger stage of his career, he can do what he want with whoever he wants and he is the only person that can stop him, he was beefing hard with Luda then they were on eachothers albums. Lady Gaga is killin the pop world and i dont even listen to pop music so for hip-hop fan to even know who who she is says a lot about her stop hating and give credit where its due. take it back to "T.I. Vs TIP" this is his second time working with Eminem and they killed the last track now they want to do a club song so it will get radio play and prolly a video. let the king do his thing, he never let his fans down ever since "Im Serious" so be serious u clowns!!!!!!

  • odogg10

    Im not a big T.I. fan but Im tired of every callin him a snitch when he was the one who got snitched on. Look at the facts. This nigga was getting his arsenal ready 4 war. U gota undastand the feds were already watchin him. They don't come into a case out da blue. So they knew he was gettin strapped up for the shit that happened in cinci, OH. At that point there was no way possible to retaliate for his homie's murder without everything comin back on him. So he made a deal that any1 in their right mind would have done, which is take the stand against they guy who killed his homie. Also for those who watch the video, he never identified the guy who killed his friend. He just gave the events that lead to the murder. Not one time did he identify or say who killed his partner. As for the crime stoppers ad, thats was apart of his community service. At the end of the day any1 with common sense, bout they money, and got real luv for ya deceased friend the decision would have been easy. If I cant kill my enemy the next best thing is to put him in the can, especially if its a him or me situation. Most u niccas that called him a snitch aint from the streets or hood anyway. fuck niccas

    • calico2020

      thats just about the first logical T.I. post that i have read yet. . ups to odogg

    • Money First


  • Drucifer1983

    whats the big deal about Lady Gaga anyway??.....I aint a fan by any means, but her shit is harder then Lil Waynes shit, lmao, sorry but its true, That chick has bigger balls then Wayne, Drake or Kanye.......She's singing about her Pokerface while wayne sings about lollipops......... Fuckin Rhianna last record is tougher then anything I heard off drakes album so far, perfect example of this clown ass generation, The girls all think their tough and the boys all think there pretty......SMH Thank god I'm an 80's baby

  • blur

    good now maybe TI And Eminem can sing together

  • T.I. IS BACK!!!!!

    i dont know why everyone is baggin on him he did a track with rihanna whos pop and it came out good the guy is to smart to make a pop record itll be good.....but he said this album would be more like urban legend which was a classic in my eyes but lady gaga on the album automatically says right there that its not gonna be like his old stuff kinda sad but oh well ill buy it gotta support good music not that other trash like that guy who needs a funny voice to sell music (lil wayne=straight trash) and that other disgrace of an artist who always sounds like he needs to blow his nose (gucci mane) i mean come on now

  • CHERRY123

    theis song is goin 2 be bangin

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    look dummies... eminem is the 2nd choice for every rapper right now,when they need to sell their shit to wack ass white kids they go with eminem.... i bet if lil wayne! was free none of these niggaz were working with eminem,lil wayne! verse will sell 20 times better than eminem... also eminem ain't no gangsta while lil wayne! is a blood,when u need some1 to get ur back u can't call eminem to send u his fat as friends like bizarre u ask lil wayne! so he could put 20 bloods around u... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • tony brunetti

      u wayne is just a front. dude been on tv since he was lik 12 or some shit. when during that did he get down wit a gang? prolly never. and stop hatin on tip. paper trail was a hot ass cd and he couldnt talk about guns or slangin or no shit like that and still went hard

    • JaePaid

      u must of been born in 95 shut up

    • Reese05

      Im not hating on Lil Wayne, he is one of my favorite Entertainers, he hardly does any real gangsta rap anymore, not saying that he cant he just dont. on top of that he is not a real blood, me being the hip-hop fan that i am, i follow all my favorite artist Wayne being 1 of them, Gillie Da Kid exsposed him years back revealing to the world him having a blue flag in his back left pocket in the "Bring it Back" video and i know real bloods, im not 1, but i know from them that shit dont fly in the world of gangs they will kill you for that shit. Wayne is jus an image for the young people, some one who they think looks cool and want to be. Eminem however has lost his best friend because of beef, as far as i can see how he is in his music is how he is in real life every person that he has ever beefed with has not denied anything he has said, noone has exposed any thing about him and he is lyricly untouchable. Wayne himself has said he cant see Eminem in the rap game or on no beef type shit. How can we believe anything Wayne says when two of the Carter albums where not even written by him, he skilled at what he does, thats entertaing, and thats as far as it goes. Eminem on other other hand, wrote every lyric he spoke, who else thinks like that? maybe Royce Da 5'9 but they stopped fucking with eachother back around the year 2000 until recently where he signed him.

    • BGG

      your a fukin idiot em's verses sell for way more than waynes and the funniest thing about it is waynes pimp birdman gets all the money and he gets an allowance from it and if you think wayne is a real blood then u must believe in the tooth fairy as well

  • flakiito

    i am also amazed that you little children are so shocked that t.i. would work with gaga and claim it damages his credibility. please tell me how it makes him less real? bone worked with phil collins, run dmc did with aerosmith, wale worked with gaga, jay-z has worked with linkin park, performed with bono, lil wayne has worked with fall out boy, and the list goes on. stop being closed minded and appreciate music. his music matures each album. it would be dull if it was the same shit every album.

    • kjohnson

      My thoughts exactly. I also find it funny how people are calling Lady GaGa crap yet every big name wants to work with her. I don't know her music all that much, but it looks like she knows how to work the business.

  • Drucifer1983

    Eh, It doesnt bother me about Tip and Lady Gaga, its one song on the album, if it helps him move units then good for him....... Cant wait to hear a, hopefully, Decent Em/Tip track, cause touch down was awful, Maybe this time I'll get the track I was hoping for T.I has been my favorite Southern MC since U dont know Me, and Em's one of my favorites of all time so they should put summin nice 2gether, Em's in the zone right now and Tip trying to reclaim his spot as the "King Of The South"...... Looks promising

    • Ah Hell

      Co sign about Touchdown, that song was horrendous. The album was great, but that song was the weak link in it.

  • INOA

    This nigga gonna have evryone and they moms as a feature to save his weak ass so called rap career. Once again, "Eminem is gonna murder you on your shit" about to happen. Ha, ha

    • dmize-one

      he is just a tip-hater.. if you dont like the guy cool, but come on now.. if tip doesnt have a nice music career who does?

    • dmize

      he is just a tip-hater.. if you dont like the guy cool, but come on now.. if tip doesnt have a nice music career who does??

    • dmize

      dude just hates on tip non-stop... hi hater!

    • Streets8845

      His "weak ass so called rap career"???? There's nothing so-called about it dummy. I frequently read your comments and just cant understand your point of view.

  • Twinblades

    DAMN!!!!!! Lady gaga holy shit!!!! I mean out of all the rappers in the world I would have never peged t.I. as rapper who would work with lady gaga. I think its cool though I like gaga and shit did with wale was nice so expect greatness from this colab. And to all you haters saying the song will be this pop bullshit do you realy think t.I. Would do some gay pop song that would ruine his cred? I'm pretty sure the song will at least be a banger.

  • fafa

    fuck this house nigga, he spen to long in the halfway house only got mtv fukin house nigga

  • kush nap

    yall forgot to mention who else t.i. working with.... THE POLICE t.i. = the informant, the insider, the intell t.i.p. = told inside precincts snitch ass nigga career was deaded in that walmart parking lot.

    • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      kush nap is a faggot he likes that 50 cock up in his lil fagget ass.. nigga i recommend u and all fags like u to go down south so u could get all those big ass cocks in ur asses in ur tight jeans... i bet u dream about t.i's cock lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • kush nap

      im amazed at the grown folks who think t.i. didnt snitch. yall are fuckin blind cheerleaders. he filmed a crime stoppers video. report crime, who you think asked him to do that? silencers, grenades, machine guns, as a repeat felon = football numbers unless you start singing some names out. alfamega is a snitch, t.i. runs with snitch niggas. grand jury records. thats the new shit. t.i. has paper, t.i. has celebrity, when his star is gone, the paperwork will come out, and the nigga will be buried. "im astonished"... shut the fuck up you pasty faggot, im astonished your corny ass even listens to hip hop. dont ever use that word again you corny homo. clifford is a rat, he changed his whole shit up, and he is a slave to the system. his next album is executive produced by the feds. he cant tell you why hes not in prison, and he squirms like a bitch whenever his sentencing is brought up. you can watch footage of t.i. testifying against his mans on youtube, and youre gonna tell me this nigga not a snitch? keep jocking these fraudulent bum niggas, they dont give a fuck about you or they peoples.

    • flakiito

      i'm astonished that many little kiddies call t.i. an informant when there is no proof or documentation on it. he wasn't placed in protective custody in prison and if he was a secret informant, he would be kept out of the public eye. informants are placed in protective custody, it's a must so they are not harmed. the real informant you dumb asses are really looking for is Alfamega who was an informant for the DEA and was dropped from Grand Hustle after this was brought to light.

    • Streets8845

      Kush nap you are an ignorant clown

    • jaggedraw

      INOA keep blowin Kush Naps clown ass. Time for you two to hop off the comp too. your moms is yellin dinner time.

    • INOA

      Kush Nap, tell these niggaz about this lame ass nigga TI

  • the xtc

    lady gaga is signed to a hip hop label shes more on the hip hop side den any other genre akons her boss and shes good with hooks too look at the song she did with wale so why not?

  • dat_mayne

    Lady Gaga??? seriously?

  • Gigi_bacardi

    T.I is making new moves. Hope this time it will pick up again! What's new, TI! How about a music video for the old time: http://www.oshengo.com/#page=video&id=4754

  • filthy1

    I used to love T.I. He would claim to be the realist. Now all he really cares about is making pop music. Lady Gaga??? Really man? She's good at her thing I guess, but since when was T.I. the artist of choice for hipsters and trannys? **sigh**

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