Death Row Unveils Crooked I's "Hood Star" Artwork & Album Info

Exclusive: Crooked I's former label gives DX a look at the art to the June 15th album that features Juvenile, Too Short & Kurupt.

On June 15, WIDawake Entertainment/Death Row Records will release Crooked I's Hood Star. The famed label exclusively provided HipHopDX with the release's vivid artwork, designed by Urbanista Graphix.

Just weeks before Hood Star's release, WIDEawake Entertainment Group Inc President, John Payne told DX in a statement, "The WIDEawake Entertainment Group is pleased to be able to share more gems from the Death Row [Records] vault. Once again, we are able to find some great music. The good thing about the Hood Star album is its ability to stand the test of time, even after years hidden away. We are happy that the fans will get to have a chance to enjoy this Crooked I material. There is a chance it could have sat in the archive and never been released. This is another good example of the Death Row legacy. As always, we will continue to maintain the legacy with unaltered hits from the Death Row vaults."

Hood Star will feature then-Row inmates Kurupt, Ray J, Eastwood, Danny Boy and Spider Loc in addition to Too Short, Juvenile and Dru Hill's Sisqo.

Now a famed emcee within Slaughterhouse and leader of Circle of Bosses (C.O.B.), Long Beach's Crooked I spent a number of years on Death Row Records, largely during then-founder/CEO Marion "Suge" Knight's 1997-2001 incarceration. During that tenure, Crooked appeared on compilations such as Too Gangsta For Radio and Dysfunktional Family soundtrack, while appearing on albums from Ja Rule, Ashanti and Boo Ya T.R.I.B.E.

In related news, Crooked I is also set to release Mr. Pigface Weapon Waist 2 next month, a sequel to last year's self-released digital EP.

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    yo I know somenbody owe me and monsta some money we produced most of this shit I got the real unreleased tracks from death row check untouchable cali snippets up soon

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  • TLD

    hutch puttin it 2getha, gone b dope if u dont buy it ur jus dumb


    AYO CROOKED DICK PUT OUT YO ALBUM ALREADY you been talkin about it since 1992 i'm sure it's nice just put the fuckin shit out goddamn slaughterhouse+gucci = #1 single

    • Fedayeen

      ^brrr slaughterhouse would never stoop that low. go kill yourself asap

    • Fedayeen

      ^gucci maintains a subpar intelligence in his music. coon-ification of hip hop. go kill yourself as fast as possible.

    • Fedayeen

      ^gucci maintains a subpar intelligence in his music. coon-ification of hip hop. go kill yourself as fast as possible.

    • Fedayeen

      ^gucci maintains a subpar intelligence in his music. coonification of hip hop. go kill yourself as fast as possible.

    • Fedayeen

      gucci maintains a subpar intelligence in his music. its minstrel show music to be exact. go kill yourself as fast as possible.

    • BRRRR

      i know slaughterhouse aint quite on guccis level but they could make somethin work

    • curbstompa

      Slaughterhouse would never get on a song with Gucci. EVER.

  • Swamp Thang

    If Crooked ain't getting paid off this, I ain't buying SHIT!!! I'll get a bootleg copy and tell all my folks to do the same. Schiesty mu'f@$kas.........trying ta scheme and get bread off this man.

    • Mark1

      Crooked I is backing this release. He wants all the hard work he put into making these songs finally released. I heard him say so in a youtube video.

  • Elenaswan

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  • Gunn Starr

    love crooked I, if it gets released in London I'll be copping it.


    is Crooked getting paid for this project??

  • Drucifer1983

    I'm bootleggin this project, I follow crooked on twitter, dude himself said a few months ago this project isnt gonna benefit him and urged fans not to support it...... I'll save my money and Buy the next Slaughterhouse project with it

  • Gigi_bacardi

    They sure always release amazing things. like this one i found:

  • Bang^Out82

    If the dollars aint going to Crooked, This albums gettin bootlegged, fuck a nigga making a dollar of another niggas hard work.

  • Fordham Road Kingz


  • Grizzle

    This is just like when Death Row released that Dead Man Walkin' album from Snoop, when the Doggfather wasn't going see a dime from the sales. I didn't feel bad about pirating that album, and the same applies here. I know the label has a new owner now, but it's still the same bull shit.

  • Task

    Good job Death Row, using old ass pictures that have been on the net for years. That'll fool us.

  • SoCal Music Co

    !!!!!! i've been waitin along time for this and i'm glad this is finally seeing the light of day. death row did this right with the flashy artwork. this hood star looks hot to death

  • Indiemuzik

    Maybe this album is available at Crooked I's store?

  • Stay True

    if u cop this the money is not going to Crooked I.

  • kush nap

    crooked i shoulda dropped his album right after the wake up show freestyle where he said he was every nigga suge ever signed in one rapper. this nigga been in the game since 95, and hes not even the one dropping his debut solo albu, crooked i can rap but he doesnt know how to move. it took slaughterhouse to get him on the shelf, and he been grindin for 15 years. get better management bro. better yet, just drop a album. cuz this white bitch runnin death row is beating your bum ass to the punch.

  • matter of funk

    ill cop this. artwork is hella dope

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    who the fuck listen to another mixtape from this crook nigga,this nigga's album will be as wack as his mixtapes... btw it won't sell 10k first week without one and only weezy!...

  • daoneradio

    Slow news day huh. We mess wit it tho. tune in

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