Nas & Kelis Officially Divorce

After five years of marriage, Kelis and Nas officially call it quits, less than 72 hours after "Distant Relatives" dropped.

A Los Angeles judge has officially terminated the high-profile marriage between emcee Nas and songstress Kelis. reports that the announcement was made May 21, last Friday by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

The former couple remain in litigation over child support, alimony and custody rights. After paying a reported $87,000 the Queens Rap veteran recently asked for an appeal when the court concluded he earns over $150,000 a month. The rapper is said to be paying his ex-wife over $10,000 a month at present.

The couple married in January of 2005 in Atlanta, making it a five-plus-year marriage. Last summer, media rumors began, followed by legal action on Kelis' part, citing "irreconcilable differences" between the duo.

Last summer, the couple had a son, Knight, born during their early divorce proceedings.

Three days before the announcement, Nas and Damian Marley released Distant Relatives, a critically-acclaimed concept album recorded throughout the period in Nas' life.



  • CeeBee

    Keep it movin Big NAS. Sooner or later we'll all see who the prophet is, Nas is like 1/2 man 1/2 amazin!!!

  • mello18

    Nas stay focused n jus move forward.Kelis doin her thing she got a new video out right now.

  • allyfe

    keep your head up NAS...... Im sure its rough i had hoped they would work it out. Im fan of both people and love what they do creativly, and for the culture. I always thought they were a good couple.

  • hoe is trouble


  • Don...

    Kelis is a GOLD DIGGING bitch....

  • chonseyt

    i will take kelis if nas dont want her

  • kennyken

    i understand infidelity can be bad, i've gone through it as a man myself....but taking that much money from a person to me seems to be a bit harsh. women can say what they want but i'm sure nas wants to be in his son's's a sad thing.

  • Mactan2010

    Nas is bigger that this, Nas will survive. Keep your head up and progress. One day Kelis will realise her mistakes. When that happens, dont look back. Cant wait for your next album,,,I like that Street Diciple..


    Can someone please tell me the point of marriage? Why not just find a woman you'll hate it five years and give her half your shit?

    • icu ucme

      That's some funny shit. Nevertheless, a considerable amount of men get married because the woman wants it, or because of children(I would know).

  • Cherry123



    NAS has no twitter, nas has no facebook, nas aint having breakfest with the government dons, nas dusnt own no sport teams, hes just sitting quite in the jungle making traks that will burn the mic by spitting fire ! quite niggers kill, loud niggers talk shit and get killed.. Esco bless flow.. !

  • Dj NZA

    nas didnt like her milkshake

  • Young Man

    God knows I was praying for them to work it out. I thought things would turn around since they had shorty but Kelis doesn't rub me as the type to give 2nd chances. Damn...another black baby born in a bitter broken home!

  • BlockATL

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  • alborob

    my nigga nas. i love how people make a dumb name and write dumb shit here. but then again who wouldnt want to hate on the best rapper dead or alive. niggas even wrote a book just about illmatic. but anyways, fuck kelis, stupid whore. now that the bullshit is over, its time to make another classic album.

  • progression in music

    Some of you people sound real dumb and have no sense at all! Look at you broke fools behind a computer giving Nas financial advise and he has a damn near 20 year career and owns more property and investments than any of you all together! Nas is far from dumb and the fact that you losers think he is broke makes it worst...grow up and get a clue this shit is sensationalized to the tenth power because half of you are BRAINLESS!

  • Drucifer1983

    Damn shame, Nas shoulda had a Prenup worked out before he said I do, I dont care how in love you think you are, things change, Love can turn to hate before you know it, and Hate will lead people to do everything in there power to destroy you I cant even say I feel bad for him, cause at his age he shoulda known better then to allow himself to be put in this position, You think Jay and Beyonce went into the Chapel without going to the lawyers office first?? SMH...........

  • Shogun85

    Nas...keep ur head up son. Fuck that bitch Kelis.

  • Indiemuzik

    He shouldn't of made "Distant Relatives" a nonprofit album. I mean even in this music climate he still could have made enough money off of it in a matter of weeks to pay for the kid for the next 7 years. Ah well, looks like he's gonna need to start signing talented artists now...I wonder who he'll sign?



  • I'm at work and bored

    Than, Than, Than. Anotha One Bites The Dust Good luck to him. What, like 18 years of Child support? Good luck with that. Can't rap forever and he ain't got no label or nothing.

    • I'm at work and bored

      yeah, I heard of Ill Will records. Only problem is he aint got no artist signed to label. Just because you have a logo don't mean you got a label

    • sean w

      that shows how you talk out your ass....Nas has an imprint named after his fallen friend Ill Will. Hopefully your cum stained ass never becomes a journalist.

  • AJP

    I know it's popular to hate on Kelis, but fuck it, I'm fans of both. Always hoped they'd work it out for their son. Sad to see at the end of the day.

    • C-ARSON

      thats way to mature for a blog on here. That bitch should be beat with a burlap bag of kittens.

  • Sub

    Everything comes to an end!

  • MuthafuckaCantbeserious

    Just wait till the next trick ass whore comes along to get a piece of Nas cash. Yo boy Nasir dumb like dat.

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i knew this nigga nas was gay from the begining,just look at the way he dressed up in hate me now video,he's like kylie minoque in her song can't get u out of my head... i know there has been many things going down between nas and damian,and i've explained before...nas teaming up with damian+kelis asking for divorce asap with all her rights.. i think everything is clear this nigga nas is also was hunging around superhead who's a certified devil and u know what im saying... anybody supporting nas is supporting gay movement and he should be called fag for being a fag fan... now how does it feel when ur favorite rapper is fucking gay with 99% proofs?question for all nas fans...

    • Rigyyfred44

      Cezar/Handyyyyy wrote all that shit to get a reaction and yall gave him one. Guy above even sat down and wrote a paragraph for this bum. Then he'll do it again for the next article. And yall will give him another reaction. Yall are just as stupid as he is, if not more so.

    • Twinblades

      Sigh...... Handy look... I know your gay for Wayne everyone on hiphopdx knows this. So now that we've gotten that out of the way I just want to say how did you come to the idea that nas is gay? I mean realy everything you used to back up what you were saying just sounded like stupid bullshit!!! I just don't get it lord how do you go about makeing stupid fucks like this guy I just don't get it! Oh and handy I had a talk with wezzy f baby (cuz I know him like that lol) and I told him about how much you love him and you know what he said to me? He said *in wezzy voice* huh this nigga sound gay shiiiiiit fuck this nigga I don't need no nigga named handyyyyyy on my team hell no!!!!! So there you have it wezzy thinks handyyyyyy is gay he's wrong about nas and god made a mistake when he created you. And I'm out... woosh!

    • bballa69

      dude you are the biggest, dumbest piece of shit i kno. if your calling nas a faggot then maybe you should take a look in the mirror you chicken shit. you probably havent even heard nas rhyme. he is one of the best lyrical artists to ever walk the planet. and there hasnt been a gay rapper yet so by calling nas gay is straight up ignorant. you a dumb ass pussy bitch who has nothing better to do then hate on great artist such as nas. go fuck your self.

    • Shogun85


    • Branson

      LMAO!!!!... WTF!?!?!?.... This Nigga Hannddddyyyyy Is Literally Retarded... Handdddyyyyyy Short 4 Handi-capped.... Get That "Distant Relatives"-Nas & Damian Marley... Fuck Kelis... & Fuck Solar... LoL

    • Ah Hell

      Hahaha, explain Lil Wayne kissing Baby before you put allegations about Nas being gay first please. Really....

  • problemz327

    She isn't a songstress..she's a one hit wonder who trades pussy for industry gain...her claim to fame is her brains(and i don't mean smarts either) Nas is one of the greatest mc's ever but he took an L with this broad and he brung it upon himself..u don't make a hoe a housewife...

  • jayyy

    nas has noone 2 blame but him.. she looks like a gold diggin smut bag even known for gettin around n he married her n had a kid.. check and check mate.. blame urself after all those raps he made bout not trustin a bitch he trusted her outta all ppl lmao..blame urself n learn

  • Ah Hell

    I hope Nas is able to get this overpaid money in Alimony back somehow. That is just a ridiculous price to pay for alimony.

  • nastynas4life

    damn...thats sad.

  • Lima

    Damn, this is not good news. I feel bad for both of them really

  • INOA

    I was always rooting for them to have a happy marriage.

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