Lineup For 2010 Rock The Bells Includes Clipse, Wiz Khalifa & More

UPDATE: Guerilla Union Confirms Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Premier and Snoop Dogg additions to 2010 "Rock The Bells" lineup.

Minutes ago, Guerrilla Union announced more information on their 2010 Rock The Bells lineup.

In addition to album-based performances by Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS-One and Wu-Tang, a slew of other artists are on the festival bill.

To be headlined by former Fugees songstress/emcee Lauryn Hill, the famed summer Hip Hop festival will also feature such as Virginia veterans The Clipse, Pittsburgh's Wiz Khalifa (DXnext alum), Alabama's Yelawolf (DXnext alum), Minneapolis' Brother Ali, Paid Dues founder Murs and partner 9th Wonder, as well as Harlem's Immortal Technique, Philadelphia's Jedi Mind Tricks and the Bay-meets-Los Angeles Street Sweeper Social Club, led by Boots Riley of The Coup. G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam's Big Sean will also be performing.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Hip Hop For Haiti, a charity established to provide earthquake relief from this year's tragedy.

UPDATE #3: Weeks after Guerilla Union founder/CEO Chang Weisberglater said that Lauryn Hill will not be listed on the bill and urged fans and rumor mongers to "stay tuned," a press release was issued saying Hill would perform selections from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The elusive Hill will perform at the Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. venues.

In addition to Hill's performances, Snoop Dogg will also serve as a headlining performer at the San Francisco, New York and Washington D.C. venues. Snoop and A Tribe Called Quest will continue this year's theme of paying tribute to classic albums by performing Doggystyle and Midnight Marauders respectively. Award-winning producer, deejay and founding Gangstarr member, DJ Premier rounds out the list of new additions to this year's Rock The Bells series.

HipHopDX will keep you updated with further lineup details, dates and venues and more Rock The Bells information.


  • Patti

    Society HAE and Guerilla Union have teamed up for you to be at Rock the Bells NYC 2010!! WIN tix to see Lauryn, Snoop, A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim + more. Head here now –> to find out more and win!!

  • ibar

  • MightyMike27

    Man I've been wanting to take my girl to see Lauryn Hill for years. She finally comes back but is only going to be in LA, Washington and San Fransisco?? Wtf :( Come to Chicago Lauryn!!! Please.. Not that big a fan of Slick, The Wu! Or K.R.S. but I would still love to see KRS rock the stage.. I would go for Technique and Murs.. Sux that Tribe's not gonna be in Chi-Town either.. WTF!!

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  • CM36

    the headlines are sick but the others not digging at all, who they needed to fill that is little brother, slum village, royce da 5'9, boot camp click, skyzoo, kids in the hall, whole duck down should i say, reflection eternal, black star, common, etc.

  • alteredscience


  • I'm at work and bored

    Shiet, L Boogie performing Miseducation, Tribe performing Midnight and Wu performing 36 chambers? I might have to go to this

  • riot

    How the FUCK is there any hate going on towards this lineup? Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking ignorant hip-hop fans...Wu-Tang? The Tribe? The Teacha? This show is going to be CRAZY!

  • Twinblades

    Don't realy care about the others on this list that much. But then again I didn't grow up with this kinde of music in the house when I was young so w/e. It be cool to see whiz in concert though.

  • cjrocker

    I just want to hear treat em like a prostitute live.

  • aliciasw

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  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    wut da fuck? no jay-z!? diz concert iz goin' 2 be shit. get all those borin' azz rappaz outta there. there dog shit compared 2 jay-z! jay! performin' empire state of mind wuld smash all those weak songz from slick dick, gaykim, krs-gay and poop-tang combined! did ne of those songs reach #1? NO, but jay! did wit empire state of mind. jay-z! iz da greatest of all time! FUCK HATERZ AND FUCK HANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY! IT'Z MANDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY UP IN DIZ BITCH! REMEMBER DA NAME!

    • Butteryassfriday

      GayZ diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick rida

    • CM36

      FUCK JAY-Z mangayyyyyyyyy

    • eastside landlord

      your a dummy. everyone who u jus dis jay-z dick rode allof them and i bet he kows all their rhymes too.if no krs or rakim or the slick one no jay z stupid. they paved the way for him ,like hes doin for the nxt to come alone niggaz been falln off every since reasonable doubt.then he stole young chris style and wanna claim it as him own

    • alteredscience

      usually i don't repsond to morons on here....but you must be the dumbest,most ignorant minded know nothing about true school hip-hop i'm guessing,and i'm also guessing your probably about 17 or younger. this the future of our culture?.....we're doomed. Learn your history young buck......and don't speak while grown folks are talking.

    • Swamp Thang

      Handddddyyyyyyyyyy, Manddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy and Randdddddyyyyyyyyyyy must all go to the same School of Cock Suckin'. I've never seen so much d!ck ridin' in my life.

    • akknelle

      You, my friend, are a RETARD. End of post.

    • bonghitsofbluntroaches

      get out of the box

    • eL Tu

      nobody wants to see jay-z at rock the bells

    • beamin

      dude jay never at rock the bells. he wouldnt make enough money. how stupid can u b?

    • stefano andolini

      Ricky Dee(the ruler) - Rakim(god m.c.) - krs (the teacher)...i'm sure you dont know nothing about these 3 real storyteller,cause you are a ''little young'' like Ace and Ed said. jay-z is a cock suckin commercial pop new m.c.... learn your hip hop history, young mandyyyyyyyyy ''O''

  • freshyboi

    how the fuck do you have wiz khalifa's name in the title of this when snoop, atcq, and dj premier are also playing

  • Capitan Kush

    Son Wiz is The Man "Killin These Blogs".... but i just hope ESCO Comes Back or they get a Dope Headliner but either way im in there like swim Ware

  • Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop

    How is Slick Rick, Wu Tang, KRS- one, Murs, 9th, Jedi, immortal, and RAKIM THE FUCKING GOD , a wack line up? Do you really listen to music or do you just skim through it? haha If you think the line up is bad, then your opinion on hip hop is no longer valid. I'm pulling your card.

  • Harmony Media Team

    To the many fans of Ms. Lauryn Hill who were hoping to see her perform soon, Like you, we were really excited to hear that Ms. Hill might be appearing at the prestigious Rock The Bells 2010 festival. But as quickly as she was "announced", they retracted her confirmation and now it seems to be just another internet rumor. But she WILL be making a special headline appearance at our 32nd Annual Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) CA this June 13 (the 3-day festival runs June 11, 12, 13 and tickets are available now). We hope her fans will consider coming to show their support of her and her music at our festival, which is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in the San Francisco North Bay. Other performers include Slightly Stoopid, Steele Pulse, Galactic, Zappa Plays Zappa, Rebultion, and many more, plus keynote Speakers, the Eco Rally! Sports Zone, Eco Village, 300+ global marketplace, camping, and fun for the whole family! More information can be found here: In harmony, The 32nd annual Harmony Festival Family Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and most other social networks

  • ctrujillo84

    WTF!? No Denver?? Wiz is tha shit! OJ kush presciption keep me way over tha buildin

  • nasty_jerm

    i'm hoping they add more dates. seen all these acts before, but my friends planned on visiting chicago this summer hadnt seen all of them. lets hope for more dates added

  • Boogie B

    Yo, this line up is fucking wack. Murs and 9th the hottest on it. Immortal tech. and Jedi Mind Tricks aint bad neither. And don't let them get you gassed up, Lauryn Hill will not be there. The first year was the best. Tribe, Nas, Mos, Meth, Red, Rae, Ghost, De La Soul, Immortal Tech, Dead Prez, Cool Kids, Kidz In The Hall, B-Real, Supernatural, And Pharcyde. All these other rock the bells dont hold a flame to the first one.

    • nicotime2000

      Everybody got something to say these days. Even when they have nothing to say. If you're gonna bitch about shit all day, at least have the decency to know what the fuck u are talking about.

    • tell me why

      first of all the line up you named was not the first year of rock the bells...second if you've seen Murs once you've seen murs every other time he performs. also immortal technique is not a very enjoyable show, all dude does is yell and bring down the vibe. can't speak on JMT. Can agree that this years line up is pretty weak besides the whole album concept from wu, krs, rakim, and rick the ruler. should have tried to mirror the paid dues fest a bit more.

  • themighty

    I'll go this year, the line up aint really bad at all imo

  • Beasley

    So far this lineup is NO COMPARISON to the past couple years WTF. Looks like I'll be skipping out this year!

  • Twinblades

    Wiz is cool that deal or no deal album was not bad hope the best for him. Taylor gang or suck gucci manes dick and get anal raped by Wayne

  • verz1

    dude what the fuck 4 cities? no way. i just started bumpin khalifa and there is no denver show what the fuck mayne. they better add more cities to that there list


    What are the dates for this? please!

  • sufi

    wtf? lauryn hill wasn't announced i'm at the launch party right now fam

  • bswift77

    I was expecting more. Really wanted to see Fashawn and Blu on this one but L boogie should be nice. I just hope she not on some far out shit.

  • garygetgone

    I'm thinking big things for lauren hill on this tour, this is monumental, bringing back the 90s vibe. I'm surprised they didn't try to bring some 90s bad boy onto this cuz that's the vibe on here. Puff just different now, movie star get him to the greek, lol

  • Assassin221

    Not the best lineup they've ever had but I wouldn't pass it up if they came close to where I'm at. I'll never forget the first time I went in 2006 when Lauryn was the surprise guest and damn near got booed off stage by a crowd tired of waiting for Wu-Tang. Hope it goes better for her this time around.

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