Classic Albums From Wu-Tang Clan, Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim & Boogie Down Productions To Be Performed At 2010 Rock The Bells

Breaking: Rock The Bells announces that "Criminal Minded," "Paid In Full," "Enter The 36 Chambers" & "Great Adventures..." will be this year's set.

Moments ago, at Los Angeles Rock The Bells 2010 press conference, Guerrilla Union announced that this year's summer tour lineup will be focused towards classic Rap albums, particularly of the late '80s. Emcee and freestyle champion Supernatural confirmed the following albums will be performed in their entirety this year, with potentially more:

Boogie Down Productions will perform Criminal Minded. The 1987 album made largely by BDP members KRS-One and the late Scott LaRock prompted such hits as "Poetry," "South Bronx" and "The Bridge Is Over." The famed album was originally released on B-Boy Records. There is yet to be word is the Bronx outfit will also include active Hip Hop members such as D-Nice or DJ Kenny Parker.

Slick Rick will perform his debut album, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. Released by Def Jam/Columbia Records in 1988, the archetypal storytelling album prompted the hits "Mona Lisa" and frequently interpolated "Children's Story" by the iconic emcee and Doug E. Fresh protege.

Rakim will be performing his 1987 debut album, Paid In Full. The collaborative release with producer/deejay/manager Eric B. was released on 4th & Broadway/Island Records, featuring the title track, "Eric B. Is President" and "I Ain't No Joke." There is no word yet if Rakim and Eric B will be reuniting for the performance. The duo has not worked together in almost 18 years, since 1992's Don't Sweat The Technique.

Lastly, Wu-Tang Clan will perform their acclaimed 1993 debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Released on Loud Records, the RZA-produced magnum opus prompted the careers for over half a dozen emcees within the New York collective under hits such as "C.R.E.A.M.," "Protect Ya Neck" and "Method Man." It is assumed at this time that all members will be participating in this effort.

Guerilla's CEO Chang Weisberg confirmed in the press conference that these acts will perform other songs from their respective catalogs after the albums are finished. That being said, the work is believed to appear in sequence.

Other artists on the Rock The Bells bill include The Clipse, Brother Ali, Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf, Murs & 9th Wonder, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique, Street Sweeper Social Club and Big Sean.

The trend of performing classic albums is not a new one to Rap. In the last five years, Jay-Z has performed Reasonable Doubt, GZA has performed Liquid Swords and Smif n' Wessun performed Dah Shinin'.

HipHopDX will keep you updated with further lineup details, dates and venues and more Rock The Bells information.

UPDATE: The tour will begin in San Bernardino's NOS Events Center on August 21, followed by San Francisco's Shoreline Amphitheatre on August 22.  New York will get their show on August 28 at Governer's Island and the tour will end in Washington DC on the 29th at the Merriweather Post Pavillion.

Additional Reporting by Andres Tardio.



  • N-Pha-Black

    yeah i guess this is ok. i might check it out when it comes to DC but i don't know. there's too many of the same old ass niggaz rappin tryna catch that limelight still (and no hate, i would MAYBE still do it too if I was in they shoes). but let's get real here, how many times r them niggaz still gonna push those same ass tracks over and over again. EVERYBODY (all generations) knows about this shit already and has heard it 1000000000 times already over again twice. enuff. this shit isn't even balanced out right. you want a balance in the rock the bells tour (or any tour for that matter): Dr. Dre Jay Z Scarface Kanye West Snoop Dogg The Diplomats (all of em) Outkast Eminem Game The LOX Ludacris Tech N9ne of course there's more and maybe the line up might not sync together sonically (maybe) but I could see that shit selling out or damn near close.


      you call rakim, krs one, wu tang clan and slick rick old ass niggaz?? wtf..are u crazy nigga!? this people made straight classics that made hip hop what it is today...they BUILT this shit can u be so disrespectful.... im sorry if i made some spelling mistakes, english is not my first language. But still i apreciatte real hip hop, and for sure rakim is real hip hop nigga. u fuckin crazy maderfucka


    nigga i cant wait till rock the bells 2025 when gucci does state vs radric davis shit's gon b fire cause it already is HEAVY SOMEBODY HELP ME ITS TOO HEAVY

    • Brrrrrrennan!

      I don't usually "internet hate," but I was feeling good until I read your comment. No one will remember Gucci Mane by 2025, or by 2015 for that matter. Do yourself a favor and listen to some of these albums that are going to be performed. A gained respect for the classics will help you immensely. I'm not doing the whole "golden age" vs. new school thing, I'm saying that Gucci Mane is absolutely terrible in nearly every fashion and Rakim, Ricky D, and Krs had innovative skills.

  • botch

    so nice to hear.. last year's rock the bells was such a bust. i went to the 2008, where tribe headlined and it was amazing.. but it needed to be more organized. nice to see guerrilla union back on their shit.. don't let rock the bells die.. go to this shit..!!

  • big braveheart

    No UK gigs? Especially in hard-rockin' Glasgow? What? Where is the real hip-hop when it don't play in your town? Come on y'all get over here!!!!

  • aliciaai

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  • JamKhalifa

    Where are this tickets gonna be on sale at? Links please!!!!

  • a pimp named slickback.

    seen most of these dudes. probably sit this one out.

    • bonghitsofbluntroaches

      fuck the shoreline amp.. that place is wack on sooo many levels...shirts are like 30 bucks wtf a rock the bells shirt at that .maybe if it was an artist i would pay 30 for a raw ass shirt but these are pretty simple maybe 4 or 5 colors bathrooms are burley last year i pissed on some dude (they got those troft like pissers were like 10 muthafuckers piss at once, anyways ass i was tappin off homie next to me was so close i got it on him) pabst blue ribbon beer was 11 bucks for 1 fuckin pbr? they say doors open at 10 they wernt open till 11 then anyone who was general addmission once they got in had to wait for lawn seets again the h.n.i.c on this one has his or her head up their ass...this place was made for the grateful dead it shouldnt be ran like a police station..i will prob be here but i got an raised eyebrow...they need to throw their fest somewhere else... like pacbell park..somewhere i dont feel like every vender is a fucking crook.. san bern is way too hot is aug. too get down like that and im a cali kid soooooooo i guess i will have to endure the BULLSHIT

  • Knowledge Seeker

    All they needed was Big Daddy Kane and/or Kool G. Rap and/or Public Enemy and/or EPMD and/or A Tribe Called Quest and/or Brand Nubiens. Still a dope show. Its gonna be live..........

  • TheVet

    On second thought. Fugg Rock The Bells... I spit on their brand. Only the West and the East? Four cities? WHy is this news?

  • curbstompa

    i feel bad for whoever is in a 6 ft. radius of me at the show.. cuz i'll be screamin every lyric to 36 Chambers and Paid in Full

  • TheVet

    Nice, but no West coast? Not even Snoop doing Doggystyle? No down South? Not even Scarface doing The Diary? Okay, well these guys will do. Where are you going? Just LA and NYC? Doh! It's cool, keep the lineup short and sweet. Rock The Bells gotta support the old school. We are the only age group who is old enough to buy liquor and at the same time willing to part with hard-earned cash to see artists with an extensive catalog in hip-hop.

  • KUT1ER

    How bout some West Coast representation as well? Rodney O and Joe Cooley, Freestyle Fellowship?

  • ladyjack

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  • bobbitto

    as one can see less cities and less performers (mayb as time passes more "special or surpises" will come up but i cant hate on the god rakim allah and uncle ricky plus the wu and the teacha, if you cant respect that go put your pop classics on like relapse(no diss/hate) this is just a real hip hop show for the true bad there arent more venues...........

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    they should all form a team and call it o.g(old gays)these washed up niggaz and their wack ass album won't stand a chance against C3...

  • Ceazar

    Nancy Grace heres how u can get rid of ur job investigate the parents going down 2 the EOC and having they lights cut off and ask them do they report them 2 the Department of Children and Family Services and the Department of Children Family Services is the reason u get them fucked up cases on ur channel, the abuse is reported the Social workers just dont give a fuck and i got proof.

  • 36 Chambers = best album ever

    I dont give a fuck where I have to travel to see this, I'm there!

  • It's_The Realness

    My young ones trip out when they hear me going word for word on 20+ year old Hip Hop tracks. That's the best way that I can explain to them how much the shit out today sucks! Had 'em going on some X-Clan Fire & Earth shit last night matter of fact. Teach the youth y'all!

  • open ears / open mind

    I've seen KRS, Wu, and Slick Rick before so I'd really like to get a chance to see Rakim live. Paid in Full changed the way emcees write lyrics. Too bad this shit won't come anywhere near me.

    • bswift77

      Yo son. Don't mean to burst your bubble but I was at the Chicago Rock the Bells in 08, which killed this RTB by far. But Rakim performed and it was trash. He put on one of the worst performances I've seen. It was boring. He stood in one spot with a towel over his head spitting a few old ryhmes. I was shocked. I couldn't believe this was the god emcee. Your not missing much.

  • Sugeknight662

    Man. That is a KILLER line up. I wish that I could attend this...

  • krime

    Man I wish this shit came from state to state... Damn this shit sounds extra hard... 36chambers live!!! fuck! Paid in full with rakin & eric. B!! oh shit! KRS up in that muthafucka!! Godamn!! Slick Rick killin shit!!

  • bswift77

    I was expecting more. I'll be honest. I would've loved to see Fashawn, Blu, J. Cole Mos Def and Little Brother but I'm down to hear the classics.

    • bswift77

      Im actually from the 30 and up set. Im well aware of the pioneers, I just want to hear more of the new fresh voices of hip hop rather than so many old voices. I expected more.

    • Rob Rush

      Fashawn, Blu and Little brother are all on tour right now. This show is pretty much one of a kind. I say you go to all the shows. Hip Hop is awesome like that.

    • khordkutta

      "One of these kids is doin his own thing" You must be from the 25 and under set. Get your mind right.

  • cjrocker

    this sounds fucking incredible

  • harris89

    awwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • harris89

    awwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • That dude named Elli

    Holy shit. That's all I can say. First

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