Lil Kim Becomes The Latest Addition To Roc Nation

Rapper Lil Kim reportedly joins Roc Nation, Jay-Z to produce her upcoming album.

According to various sources, rapper Lil Kim has become the latest artist to join Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reported the news of Lil Kim’s signing over the weekend. Perez also revealed that Jay-Z will be producing her next album.

“Although she's seen better days, Lil Kim is ready to make a musical comeback,” said Perez on his blog, “The rapper officially signed a record deal with Roc Nation. Jay-Z is even expected to produce her next album.”

An official announcement on Lil Kim joining Roc nation has yet to be made.

Lil Kim released her most recent album, The Naked Truth, almost five years ago in September 2005.


  • queenkitty12

    yo check it this is queen kitty and ill be the first ever hermaphrodite female to be in rapping history!!!and im so open about it!!! cant wait!!! im in and out of studios every other weekend me and my sister are upcomin rappers be on the look out for me queen kitty and my sister lil gatito also if anyone that deals with music!! hit me up or hit me up at 401 286 4256

  • Quest

    Dam KIM you go get em wack sweg fem em how its done!

  • problemz327

    damn kim must have given Hov the meanest head wop ever...i dunno how cause that broad look like a thundercat now..old lionel in the face ass broad..(starts humming the thundercat theme song) she's a tax write off though...and a favor to Big as well...and jean grey is dope but she is boring as hell...lyrically she is sick with it but her delivery puts me to sleep...

  • run_4_cover

    get em kimmy!!! good look these swagga jackin hoes how to do it!!

  • stigly

    this is not what i expected when i scrolled down news lmao

  • klodkgoskafd

    If you have a couple of minutes, could you do me a favor and PLEASE check out my music….. any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And feel free to scream on me if you think its ass…..haha

  • HoVa094

    Jay has better things to do rather than sign some washed up act, he needs to focus on releasing Under Pressure with Dr.Dre first!!!

  • The Kid Flames

    I've never seen so many Weezy DICK RIDERS in my entire life than on HHDX. Can we all agree that the lil' muhfucka' is OVERRATED as FUCK. Let's not front either, Drake was, and probably still is, writing dude's rhymes! Y'all are some trapeze artists on his scrotum. Hop off it already. Tweenies. SMH. Y'all kill me. Kim signing is a good look for Jay. People are waiting on her, especially with the emergence (or surfacing) of Nikki. Kim drops good albums.

    • The Kid Flames

      I agree with cats spewing Jean's name, she's bananas, no doubt -- but let's face it, ma doesn't exactly have much commercial cred. Everybody knows Jean and Rah Digga are probably the most ridiculous emcee's on the Venus side, but where's there been proof that Jay's not about MONEY? LOL! Jean's making more money as an indie anyway. Leave her be.

  • The REAL German Chocolate


  • chillin'

    Sign a real female emcee, like Jean Grae! Oh wait, I forgot...she is not a plastic barbie doll and doesn't rap about how many men she's screwed or how good she can suck dick. My bad, only people who perpetuate negative stereotypes of Black folks in the majority of their work get major label record deals. I love Jay-Z in terms of his punchlines and delivery but he's no different than a White dude/or a Jew record exec. business wise...

    • chillin'

      I'm not going to make assumptions about what you listen to, I ain't ignorant. Personally, I prefer Jean's style, delivery, chrisma and punchlines to Lil' Kim's. I agree that energy, persona can make people hype, there are a lot of factors that go into making an emcee listenable (and people put more weight on different things). I think the main point I was trying to make is that hip-hop (commercial hip-hop) is hella saturated with people saying the exact same thing and having the same personas. Most of the personas don't do anything shed light on anything positive about Black people only negative...that's what I have a problem with. The industry signs people like K'naan and Lupe (who I'm fans of)...only so that when they are called out for only pushing shit that is hell ignorant they can point to the handful (literally) of major label cats who can make an enitire album without perpetuating negative stereotypes. Black people are more than pushers and hoes. That's all I'm saying. Diversify. The problem is that Lil' Kim's all around slut-persona (which ain't any real form of female empowerment), her blonde hair and fake titties appeal to the mainstream public. The same crowd that watches half-ass shows like the "The Hills". I listen to a lot of different artists...e.g., K-Os, Freeway, Brother Ali, Pac Div, A Tribe Called Quest, P.O.S., Ice Cube, Gang Starr, Royce Da 5'9, Raekwon...etc. You might even catch me bumping some Cam'ron or some Drake from time to time. I'm all over the map, all of these artists are a hella of a lot more talented and original than Kim, in my opinion. I could name about 1000 more.

    • Sensaye112

      Jean Grae is pretty good lyrically, but she's just boring. It's the same as that whole crop of backpack era MCs that she came up with. Her stuff looks good on paper, but she just has no charisma or attitude. Look, I know I know I know, 'It's about lyrics blah blah blah', and to some extent I agree with that. But I also like MC's to have something else that differentiates them and gives them an edge. Lil' Kim doesn't get a lot of credit from me simply because she doesn't write her own shit, but at least she has some pizazz and some energy. Those coffee shop MCs put me to sleep. And don't respond with some short sighted comment like "I bet you're a fan of so-n-so" and "you don't know shit about Hip-Hop". I'm a straight up Hip-Hop purist, but I recognize that being an MC is not ALL about your rhymes, it's also about your presence and showmanship and all-around listenability.


    maaaan why aint gucci on the roc he more talented than all of NY put together nigga except wu tang nigga respect to wu tang

    • Twinblades

      Nigga lil Kim would pimp slap cuuchi if he so much as eve tried to get near jay hova!!! cucchi mane on the roc?! Fuck outa here with that bullshit!!

    • CB

      If you listen to Gucci, you should be shot in the fuckin face for not knowing what real music is about. Maybe I'm over-reacting, you could be autistic..

    • Ah Hell

      Probably b/c Coochie tried to be creative by labeling his jail mixtape "Burrprint". Gucci always has that face on him like he's gotta take a massive shit break. FOH...

    • jesterdx

      these posts r gettin better than haha

  • pradagod

    lil wayne is the best of all time and his biggest song is lolli pop .

  • chiroc

    stop signing people and start dropping albums!!!

    • Sensaye112

      The nigga drops an album every year. How many fuckin' albums is the guy supposed to put out?

  • Megan fox lover

    Fuckin say what you will but Lil kim is one of the greatest fem cee of All time. Notorious K.i.m =4/5 (not bad 4 a debut) Naked Truth = 5/5 (dont front that album was flawless) This is the best news ive read in a long time. Wow can u imagine Jay, j. Cole n The queen B doin an album together?? (Roc Nation Familia) =Bananaz!!!

    • jesterdx

      @megan fox lover u is a fool do ur history u didun even rate la bella mafia @khordkutta u put it straight @joe6packnc336gboro shit i ain gotta say shit cos pstyles_2000 put u straight @brrr u a funny fucker

    • BRRRR

      naked truth was about as flawless as leprosy

    • pstyles_2000

      "My niggas gone now so who's writing my shit"- Lil Kim


      biggie wrote he shit so she get no credit

    • khordkutta

      Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, "Notorious K.i.m =4/5 (not bad 4 a debut)", If not, go choke yourself, Debut? You are part of the problem with HipHop, that was not her debut. "Hardcore" dropped in 1996, Notorious dropped in 2000

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i bet she got rejected by cash money be4 going to jay..i bet she won't sell 20k without tracks from weezy! doesn't matter who u with,what counts is lil wayne! verses on ur album... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da times fuck haters

    • Bed-Stuy Lady

      Sorry but, Kim has never gone anything less than platinum and "if" this is true and her album drops it's a rap BK gonna flock and cop it. I don't even reside in NYC anymore but my fam is there and I visit all da time. I don't care what she did to her face NY loves her she is the Queen B*** of rap and people need to recognize and give her the respect due.

    • Twinblades

      So handyyyyyy how wezzy dick teast?

    • Swamp Thang

      WOW..........I didn't know d!ck ridin' could be so extreme......that is, until I read your comment.



  • twiggy 2 tone

    makes me wonder why you following a homo's blog perhiltont hmmmmm


    Why? this bitch washed up like an old towel.

  • ShowOff10

    Cant ever stop rocking the old stuff but man shit she come out wit lately straight garbage.

  • Don Digit

    Since when did Jay-Z start producing? Perez Hilton doesn't know what he is talking about.

  • freshyboi

    might have cared in the 90s

  • icu ucme

    She is arguably the best female emcee ever. Should be a good move for both.

    • Sensaye112

      I love Lil' Kim's first album, I think it's one notch below a classic, and I really like her second album, even her 3rd album was okay, but there's no way she can be rated as one of the best when it's a fact that she didn't write her own material. With that said, when you think about it, it's shocking how few dope female MC's there has been. To be honest, I don't think there's ever been a female MC who was really dope. I mean, Lauryn had her moment, Latifah had her moments, Foxy definitely had her moments but I don't think she was writin' her own shit either. Shante had niggas ghostwriting for her. That door is still open.

    • dillbot




  • Its Um

    oh-hell-naw, eject.

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