2 Live Crew Readies New Album, Mannie Fresh Assists

2 Live Crew hooks up with Mannie Fresh and others in the studio for their first album since '98.

The 2 Live Crew is back in the studio, ready to release their album in over twelve years - and have brought producer Mannie Fresh along for the ride.

The Miami, Florida rap group has tapped the former Cash Money producer, in addition to former Slip-N-Slide producer Funk Boogie.

The album, titled Just Wanna Be Heard, is set to be released on Nu Focuz Entertainment/Lil Joe Records this August, and will feature guest appearances from Too $hort, E-40 and the Insane Clown Posse.

"We’ve been away for so long. The album states where Marquis and I are coming from,” said member Fresh Kid Ice to AllHipHop.com. “We want to be back on the scene and with a lot of things going on. Music is like the same right now when you listen to a lot of different groups and so forth. So it’s our time again to be heard and we wanna be heard. So with two platinum producers and we all basically vibed on how to take 2 Live Crew to the next level instead of sounding like we did in the 80’s and 90’s."

The first single for the album will be titled "Cougar." "It’s a lot of older women with the younger men type of thing and it’s a good thing,” said Fresh Kid Ice. “Cause you gotta learn somewhere so hopefully every young man can experience a cougar and hope she don’t bite too hard."

Although the album doesn't feature original member Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell, the iconic group member will join them on select dates during a summer tour.


  • Rachael5922

    2 Live Crew, i have that banned cd and it is nasty pussy poppin ha ha ha

  • Matt513

    45 year old men rapping about OLDER women?????? WTF was she 70?

  • shone jones

    No Luke=No interest.

  • Lee-Frizzle

    who cares...phuck..them dudes

  • downSOUTHcane

    no Luke = dont care

  • sicoyall

    Fresh kid ice??Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • uzipolo-king of decatur

    @malcolmecks .. i dont think that made them pussies because overal that made them realer because instead of saying what been said for years.."we need to bring ny back or..real hip hop is back..) type of bullshit..he had the WHOLE RAP SHIT on his back and never cared about been from maimi he just faught for what he belived in and BEAT the man and this spwawed a great victory for ALL RAPPERS south west north midwest...etc.. as far as the censor thing about the pareants i mean thats cool and a smart business move lets saw you got your label, you need a distributer and you put out ..lets say 250,000 cd's all with parental advisory on them..ok they sell, the you have to re up, right so you do it again and so on and so on.... now when you add the CLEAN version to the mix now you can move ANOTHER 250,000 which reaches more audiences and increase your revenue for your record label so now all of a sudden when you look at the numbers you are certified p;atnum and gold...which i think is smart i would give that kind of marketing MORe RESPECT than what they do now at least it SAYS clean version on the cd withouth fooling the public... speaking of fooling the public this is what the industry do now first they put out a cd..then knowing that the tech age we live in, it most likely wont do that hot now..3 months later they re release the same cd, but this time you will find more songs, sometimes re mixes to the hits thats been out 3 months ago, they might even have a dvd to go along with it and or.. they might have a import version that might cost more than BOTH of the cd's then ofcourse they have the name of the cd stay the same or they might fix that up by saying...2.0..or 3.5.. or the remixes...the final destination or some bullshit like that NOW when you look at the numbers for riaa it will now increase in numbers because it will get mistaken for the re mix cd and the original cd combining the two to make you think that the cd was selling like that when actually it wasnt, the first time around it was a flop also if luke made a flop, he went straight back to the studio to produce a NEW ALBULM these cats bullshit around and get lazy and put new stuff on the remix of the albulm they had 3 months ago... hmmmm...sounds like this tactic makes them looks like pussies to me not 2 live crew says uzipolo...king of decatur

  • gtk9254

    lol wow.........all i can say is mutha fuckin wow.


    Nobody wants to hear 40 year old man rappin about getting laid ha ha..

  • timbo slice

    lol uncle lukes son used to go to my high school last year we was cool, i feel special :D:D i seen that nigga fight too lol!! and i be at that nigga barber shop too

  • uzipolo-king of decatur

    2 live crew under the label luke skywalker records was the first african american label/rappers to have a street team IN THE 80's 2 live crew are from L.A. California 2 live crew was the first rap group with swag with they first albulm cover had brother marquis with his pants hanging down with FILAS on WAAAYY Before these young studio gangstas are doing now 2 live crew was the first rap group to have a clean and a dirty version of thier cd's and tapes WAy BEFORe Walmart started doing this practice 2 live vrew was the first rap group to mix bass and r and b waay before dj magic mike did the only person they even should get credit for this as far as mixing r and b and bass music first(even though he didnt have a record label,distributer or even a group) was King DJ Edward J from atlanta ga who did this in the early - mid 80's but unlike the others he did this concept on 2 turntables not a mpc or a roland or in a studio, it was a live mix tape recording case in point that shai accapella mixed with a 122bpm(well offset, yep that was originated in atl to where the beat behind the accapella goes ahead of the voices making it seems like you messed up on purpose but still went along with the beat) or the BBD tell me when will i see you... or the boyz to men song that starts off....10..9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2............1 edward j started all this ..........not Jil Jon luke sky walker records was the first to have a afican american rapper/producer to have a independant label /distributer or/an in the south luke was the realest in all hip hop because instead of being a studio gangsta and talking shit and drinking spit he went to jail for all of us so that we could curse on records 2 live crew was the first rap act to put out a cursing live concert on vinyl 2 live crew was the first to have a live show featuring male and female hood dancers waaay before MC Hammer did this 2 live was the original name it started with 3 members out in L.A. California who were amazing vee, fresh kid ice and the trech dj mr mixx...mr mixx would go on to produce 5 of the 2 live crews first albulms which at the time a dj to do this full time and at the timeframe was unherd of in the begining the music they were focusing on was breakdancing style of music they were on fresh beat records they had underground hits with what i like .....revoulation... 2 live.... and the classic ATL favorite Beatbox they were part of the growing hip hop music in the L.A. scence in the early 80's along with king tee, mix master spade, dj pooh(yes, of fridays), unknown dj, dj aladin,arabian prince taht had a great following of this specific type of music that NY just doesnt know about but was popluar out there because the dancing style out there started way before break dancing..case in point..the robot popularized by micheal jackson got started from the kids on SOUL TRAIN in 1977-1978 and ofcourse the moonwalk which is really called the backslide who mike got this from a poplar soul train member Jeffrey daniels who taught him how to do this and went on to beome a phonemom but first, Jefffrey display the west coast dancing the pop and locking overseas with the tv show top of the pops where the world witnessed the best of west coast/breaking dance moves that was unseen anywhere 2 live crew soon migrated to maimi florida and hooked up with luke skywalker he was the groups manager at first but stepped up as the hype man then later on as the vocalist of the group as well they first albulm 2 live is what we are had one of the realest identifiable abulm covers at the time along with ice te rhyme pays and public enemy back albulm cover becase 2 live crew albul cover had them with wearing FILA shoes and starter jackets and a member of the gorup, brother marquis with his pants hanging down shwoing boxer shorts keep in mind this was way before the movement of the young gerneration is doing now and people in atlanta, florida and all sourounding southern regions indentify with because this was the style at the time 2 live crew was large in the late 80's selling out shows back to back but without conterversy because they always eithier had to end they shows or get arrested because all they did was curse on stage this was considered racist because you had rock stars all the time do WAy WORSE in they shows and never got arrested but instead of being fake and just settling luke and his group kept doing what they doing because they belived in what they were doing and had heart and wasnt just talking shit they were backing it up with they actions...which led them to court to take on the man..the AFA..but luke won the case because he was real but it was still a trip because even when 2 live crew had pareantal advisory stickers on they records, the man still wanted record stores to be fined or locked up and procecute those who were to young to buy they records anyway but not only did luke win this case he also put out a nasty version and dirty version of his records another smart moove because this now let kids enjoy it, let the man get off his back, and increase record sales because now you have a new generation that can access your songs and it would increase revenue speaking of CLEAN VERSION..if you notice lets say Throw Da Dick and the radio version it didnt have no cursing but what stole the show was the way mr.mixxx cuts it up at the end which wsa better than the regular version and also the most requested this lead to making the same formula for the song Move Something mr mixxx was no joke on the tables and let the world know you dont have to be from NY to be dope on the 1's and 2's speaking of dj's the ghetto style dj's was one of the first dj teams in the south if not the industry in the 80's with hood friends from around maimi they used to dj together and form a click for parties, concerts special events all over luke skywalker changed his name(some called him skywalker luke)because george threated to sue him he then changed his name to luke uncle luke, etc.... by stepping up as the frontman this will lead him to great success in the future from the hits..we want some pussy...to poison clans...shake what cha mama gave ya..this CHANT/STYLE rap he has popularized this and none ever so irrelevant was the song on his solo debut I Wanna Rock(some say he sampled rob base,some say he sampled bobby brown) I also heard that the break was actually done on two turntables with a dj backspining the 2 records and all they did was speed up the pitch after the recording on the master recording and if that is so that is really impressive...this sample was also the first CHIPMUNK SOUNDING Production that groups was doing 5-6 years later to be continued.... says uzipolo-king of decatur

    • MalcolmEcks

      Two Live Crew was also the first rap group to do what complaining parents said and clean up their music. Dr.Dre made a point of mentioning this in "Fuck Wit Dre Day." This kind of ended the 2 Live Crew as they looked like pussies that listened to "the man". That's why no one will care now.

  • Nu York GIANT

    Without Luke who cares????

  • bswift77

    Y do we wanna hear 2 live crew? Seriously they too old to be spitting dirty raps about sex. They gone sound like some perverted old men. LOL they probably need to take viagra now.

  • Mr.Crackee

    lol this should be interesting.

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