Wale Cancels Black Pride Performance

Wale backs out of a Black Pride performance in DC amidst allegations of homophobia, while Wale responds on Twitter.

Wale has allegedly backed out of an agreement to perform at a D.C. Black Pride show on May 30 .

Reports indicate that the rapper may have backed out because the event was for a gay pride organization. Earl Fowlkes, board member and spokesperson for Black Pride, revealed that he received two emails from Wale's agent - one which said that the rapper had to cancel due to family obligations, and the second that stated Wale didn't know the event was gay-related one.

“We were clear about what kind of event this is,” explained Fowlkes. “After doing this for 20 years, we certainly don’t want to put ourselves and the artist in an uncomfortable situation by not telling them what we are.

“We’re Black Gay Pride, and the people coming out there are members of our community,” he said. “We made that very clear.”

Fowlkes says that although Wale's agent has refunded the advance fee for the show, the group is considering legal action for breach of contract.

“What was important to us on our 20th year is we really wanted to break some new ground,” said Fowlkes. “And one of the things we wanted was a male back artist. We always had female artists and we’ve never really had a male black heterosexual identified artist.”

Jeffrey Richardson, president of the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club and one of the local black LGBT leaders scheduled to be honored at this year’s Black Pride events, says that the cancellation was "pure homophobia on [Wale's] part."

Wale briefly responded to the accusations via his Twitter account (@Wale). "When me and flex was out trinidad doin the toy drive where was nbc? When me n raheem did the toy drive in pg where was thew news? the ppl aint dumb," he posted. "I'm glad yall can see what's goin on..propaganda at its finest...everything I've done for the communities. Never asked for no pub.."

More on this story as it develops.


  • Shawn Hooks

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  • sun_god7

    uh...gay ni99as got money to spend too. They should ask Nicki Manaj to perform instead.

  • stigly

    screw shit homo shit a fan is a fan aslong as they dig the music


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  • amBIG

    Um so what is your reasoning for not doing the show?

  • DookieGREEN

    Black Pride and GAY Pride are two different events. This article is titled wrong. Things have got so racist that Gay Black People must celebrate only with other Gay Black People? Funny but fucked up shit. I co-sign Wales decision!!! fuck Gay Pride from urs truely.

  • Ah Hell

    Wale isn't really that good, but his numbers don't lie. I didn't contribute to his sales though, but let Wale do what he does. As for backing out, ya I wouldn't be too fond of performing at a homosexual pride movement if I was famous. There's a thin line between sales and repuation in Hip Hop and for Wale to perform at a gay movement would almost certainly destroy his career as many have stated. It's just a fact of business/life. Some of these comments are ridiculous though. For the ones involving science with homosexuality, it is a proven fact that some are born with it. Research it before you comment against the fact.

  • Cherry123

    Damn the guys gay SHAME

  • The Real C-BO

    good point ginsumind! when u said: "the same people saying he shoulda done the show woulda DESTROYED his rep if he had done it."

  • The Real C-BO

    LOL BLACK PRIDE I'm gonna stop using the word "Pride" and use BLACK POWER INSTEAD

  • reset button

    This is sad and FUNNY at the same time. OOps, Im gay though because I disagree with Wale backing out. Let me find out eveng performing at a Gay Event makes you gay but even more so its for mostly gay blk men... damn! black people/people in general will never ever get along. K Y S!

  • kpanilaryea28

    hey them niggaz might be funny but im sure they money aint! lol if it was me i wouldnt give a good cotdamn ima perform for them niggaz! gay folk like good music too and like i said they money aint funny just them so fuck that!

  • Mr. Wow

    Honestly, Who cares if the crowd is gay or not? Just because you perform in front of a "Gay Crowd" don't mean u gay... If I get booked to play for a gay crowd I am gonna get paid and try to connect with some new fans. Name one venue that an artist can perform and their is not one gay person in the crowd??? U really don't know or care right? U just wanna perform, get paid, and bounce. Ya'll giving gays to much attention to put back in your and ur kids faces. Let them be. AND GAY FOLKS, stop saying ur movement is a black one cuz it ain't. Most our black gay leaders were fighting for the right to go to school and get equal opts as a minority in america not to be gay. Stop mixing apples and oranges. If we lived in a place where nobody cared about sex, It would be dope. Keep ur sex on ur own turf, don't put it in the streets and nobody complains. It's called ETHICS. Most americans don't wanna see anybody kissing anybody out in public. It's is not about gays anymore, it's about gay or straight ppl not having ETHICS when it comes to being out in public and not being show offs and swagging around town like folks care about you. WAKE THE FUCK UP. WE NEED TO THINK ABOUT OUR COMMUNITIES AND OUR KIDS NOT UR SEXLIFE.

    • Mr. Wow

      @DC RELATIVE My response was to the comments on this page not to the article. I should have made that clear, but if you read some of the comments below me maybe you would have a different perception of my comment. I'm wasn't bashing by any means but to sit there and say that some gays aren't making this a civil issue is crazy. All im saying is don't ask don't tell works. People in CA wasn't tripping on gays til they wanted folks to vote on issues and lifestyles that they didn't know or agree with. Gay is a lifestyle and everyone doesn't have to accept it. People accept genuine folks regardless of gay or not. To think that everyone has to know your preference is reckless. Nobody cares.....

    • dc relative

      you not that bright are you----were does it say anything about sex life-----why is being gay looked at only as what folks do in their bedrooms----gay---is only a sexual preference--not an act---fools the only one that mixing orange and apples are the fools reading the article----it didn't say gays were fighting for freedom---its simply talking about a performer who is unprofessional and homophobic SO if we need to think about the community-----then we need to think about gays---gays are part of the community whether folks like it or not---just like they are apart of performers fan base Wale---a talented rapper---but he knows that for by choices he made of trying to prove his self as being righteous--(describing a toy drive--big deal--i participate every year not using that for points) that he offended a group of supporters

    • realtalknigga

      word up my nigga. who gives a fuck? shit, them fags already be killin themselves stickin dat meat in each others juicy bungholes n shit, spreadin hiv. thats the cycle of nature nigga. chuuuch.

  • @CatTeezy

    Why niggas always using twitter to say something. Nigga you only got 140 characters lol.

  • getouttahere12

    good for him, no one wants to see any faggots ass niggas kissing. ruining my rep by commenting on this. time for me to go do some famous shit, no homo.

  • who who

    Guru attended this event two years ago. He reportedly had fun.


    This is a CLASSIC example of the hip-hop culture having an effect on where an emcee performs. In hip-hop you can't be openly gay, or at least that is the perception. If Wale did something like rock/alternative music then I don't see him backing out. I think his decision had more to do with how his fans, heads, and the culture will view him, rather than him actually being "homophobic".

    • reset button

      Agreed 100% percent... notice he didnt comment on that backing out part on his twtitter though...

  • ginsumind

    I dont have a problem with Wale backing out. He is an entertainer and an up and coming one. It coulda been career suicide if he had done that show. The same people saying he shoulda done the show woulda DESTROYED his rep if he had done it. Yall know I am telling the truth. His homophobic hip-hop audience woulda outcasted him. Its his career on the line potentially,respect his decision to be conscious of that woulda made him look. I dont see any of you gay-tolerant straight hollin bout yall gonna attend the Gay Black Pride event. Not a one!! Because even if u arent homophobic how many of yall would want to deal with backlash of your friends and family and co-workers hearing that YOU were at a gay pride rally. Just keep it real. Stop telling me how I should feel. I also dont appreciate the face that blacks that dont intertwine the black movement with the gay movement are leaving their gay brothas and sistas out. MY parents and grandparents were HEAVY in to the civil rights movement. I am from Birmingham,Al so I know a WHOLE helluva better than most of yall about real racism. My forefathers didn't march on Washington for gay rights. They didnt boycott buses and businesses for gay rights. They were hard core church going people who didnt respect homosexuality. All I am saying is its not fair to our civil rights forefathers that this new generation wants in align gay rights with black civil rights. Those are NOT the same movement. You fight for your rights and freedoms and will fight for mine. I dont condone hate crimes or persecution of ANYBODY based on sex orientation, but dont try to force me to see the black gay pride struggle as parallel to the struggle of the black race. Thats a HUGE slap in the face to our forefathers.

    • yr a dumbass

      you don't know shit about shit, you dumb fuck. you ever heard of bayard rustin? he marched right next to martin luther king. look him up and go the fuck back to school you dumbass. coretta scott king said "Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood." tell me again how the two aren't the same struggle. people like you are the HUGE SLAP in the face to the people before us who worked toward equality. it's a goddamn shame somebody gave you a keyboard and an internet connection.

  • DL Dub

    Amazing. The perfect word that describes the ignorance of people these days. There are gay people in the world. Period. That's it, fuckin live with it. Gay people aren't goin around asking straight people to fuck them in the ass, Gay people arent out to rape you. They stick to their own like most other races and people in general. Let em do what the fuck they wanna do, let em live their lives Gay people! Stop demanding that people treat you the same as everyone else. People treat what they dont know like they have ebola. Been that way since the dawn of time. You have your rights already. Everyone has their own rights now, stop demanding everybody else to pay attention to you. No one cares. Live your shit. All this straights vs. gays shit is retarded. Clearly the line is there, if you dont want to fuck them, guess what? You wont fuck them. The only thing that the masses (aka conservative white people) are fuckin up is not letting gay people marry. Motha fucka if they want to marry each other, let em do it. They dont want your ass, so why are you worried about it? Marriage aint sacred these days everyone's scandalous anyway. If Wale is "homophobic" that's what he's gonna be. There's nothing anyone can do about it. There's alot of rich white people who are "negraphobic", "hispaniphobic", and any other minority phobia i can make up. Usually we call em presidents, ceo's and other high profile shit, yet somehow they still stay under the radar. Let that nigga be homophobic, then gays can do what blacks used to do and boycott his shit. Maybe it'll affect his sales, maybe it wont. But he still doesn't have to like you. Everybody just needs to pay more attention to themselves.

    • DL Dub

      I dont think in any of those paragraphs I said I was gay. Damn if you even defend gay people you're automatically labeled as a fag. People these days, dont make any damn sense. Read a book bitch

    • Ah Hell

      "They dont want your ass, so why are you worried about it? Marriage aint sacred these days everyone's scandalous anyway. " Good point. And @ this 80sBaby, you can't even do a show for straight girls who love cock I bet, your still a virgin on the corner hustling. Chances are, you get caught by police, thrown in the cage and eventually ass fucked. FOH..

    • HustlinSinceThe80sBaby

      That nigga is super gay. I don't have more than a few words to say about fags. P.S I would do a show for lesbians!

    • Hahahaha

      Homie you gay.

  • MORONS...

    I used to wonder why the quality of hip-hop has deteriorated in recent years--but the ignorance displayed here by some of its "fans" makes everything very clear to me. To the homophobes: history will leave your hateful asses behind in the dust, to be remembered by the majority only as something sinister and evil, just like it has racists and white supremacists. Respond to this with whatever idiotic and incoherent remarks you see fit.

  • Space Nigga

    Fuck Black Pride, nigga. Im a Martian! Extraterrestial space nigga shit. Fuckin hoes and harlots with my triple dick technique. Next level shit.

  • HmmReally?

    It's such a shame that black folks are actively bashing gay members of our community. Classic divide and conquer. White racism has historically emasculated black men so much that we feel the need to overcompensate in ways that don't make sense and actually keep us down more. As a straight black man, i am proud to stand up for gay brothas and sistas-but its not easy cuz people just turn around and call u gay, in attempts to immediately invalidate what u have to say. All you homophobic brothas out there are either delusional, insecure, have bought into white racist hetero-patriarchal conditioning or are on the down low yourselves (in which case i dont blame you, and i suppose you are excused). Think about this tho..when history looks back on you, you are gonna seem just like the white folks throwin bricks at martin...not a good look...

  • marcesld

    wale is pretty lame for that

  • some other cat

    to all the black folks on here- you need to start standing up for the gay community. you don't get to be in a position where an obama can win without the white people that marched along side you and fought for your rights. other people recognized that the black community was facing serious injustices in america and stood tall with you when your parents and grandparents said 'no more.' now it's your turn to stand tall for your gay brothers and sisters. it's a damn shame that most of you on here and many more in the black community act just like racist rednecks when it comes to homosexuality. grow up.


      but i dont have any gay brothers or sisters soooo i'll just sit down while the rest of u can stand tall if u want. i dont give a fuck

  • vancity604

    this story is getting lotsa traction. interesting comments. as a straight dude in vancouver (a very gay friendly city) i just wanted to weigh it and actually drop some knowledge on your ignorant ass's...maybe not the best choice of words...anyways.. lotsa u guys talkin about "oh just cause i dont agree with your lifestyle blah blah". the whole gay rights thing is tricky. its a psychological difference between people but it is no different than the colour of people skin. its these right wing religious idiots who say otherwise. news flash YOU ARE BORN GAY, its not something someone chooses or adopts, that ish is just religious propaganda from bigots who usually are gay themselves. basically what im trying to say is you shouldn't say "i dont agree with their lifestyle" because A) its not a lifestyle, its the way someone was born and B) talkin shit like that makes you no different then some southern, redneck, teabagging racist. I just wanna say that this is coming from someone who used to be very intolerant until i woke the fuck up. Like i said im straight, and im not down to see two dudes showin love in public, cause that shit is unnatural to me, but i still respect them... just like i respect any other person who is born different than me.

    • Ah Hell

      Science has found evidence that some individuals are born gay in a nutshell, SOME individuals. Go google it if you have the will to learn instead of follow the ignorant side of your brains.

    • HustlinSinceThe80sBaby

      Nigga you gay... anybody that says "lotsa" is gay. What the fuck is lotsa. Sound like somethin my momma would say so u must be pussy... FAG. And anybody sayin Wale shoulda performed is gay. You take yo gay ass out there wit the homos and do a show


      wale shudnt of drop out because it was gay day if they was paying him money nigga he kno he ant gay he shud of did that shit an got him sum of them gay hoes why he was there! i dnt believe that shit born wit shit!!!!!!!!! its about yo mental mindstate cause i kno people that was gay an now straight an they personally told me that u cant be born wit that shit

    • vancity604

      science son. genetics have to do with it

    • Grizzle

      Let's see some scientific evidence to back up those statements. The "born that way" theory, is just that, a theory.

  • Apoc

    ahhhheeemmmmm...... APOC TRICK! www.reverbnation.com/apoc hottest ish you gonna hear....PEROID

  • jeremiahftw

    I'm tired of black people being hypocrites. There's no difference between the way white people discriminate against you and the way you discriminate against homosexuals. Just because a dude is gay you're going to treat him like a lesser person, even if he's respectful to you and sexuality has nothing to do with your interaction. You'll treat as if he just threw his dick in your face. That's hate. And then these same idiots will celebrate when they see 2 gay chicks parading being lesbians. Hypocrites.... Until you respect your own beliefs enough to actually follow them consistently.. shut the fuck up.\ Being anti-gay doesnt make you more manly..you won't get more pussy by pretending that everythin is gay. You'll just look like an insecure douche bag..

  • hehe

    wale is a fag and probably would have had to many boners on stage so he couldnt do it.his music sucks dick

  • Ms. Cherry

    Everyone with the "I'm not a homophobe I just don't support gays"... would it make sense if someone said "I'm not racist, I just don't support Blacks? I don't hate them, I just don't believe they don't deserve the same rights as me... why? Because they're different than I am and I don't understand it and I don't want to" Willful ignorance is not a excuse for intolerance.

    • HustlinSinceThe80sBaby

      DRUCIFER... I don't give a shit about people hatin me either (black). I bet the punk pussy muthafucka wont say it to my face. Oh and fuck fags... yeah ya'll the new retards. We point and laugh at you mutha fuckas and will say the joke loud. A nigga aint gone do a show for no boipussies! Ask JayZ if he will. I don't like him but I bet you couldn't give him 30 million to do a faggot ass nigga concert. He aint that crazy

    • Drucifer1983

      @license2illy As I said, Dont care *Takes another bite of lasagna*

    • License2Illy

      u know wat i agree with u Drucifer. I think im gonna excercise my right to be racist now ya guido ass nigga, ya wop, ya fuckin fist pumpin guinea ass nigga, ya dago ho how ya like me now hahah

    • Drucifer1983

      If someone wants to be racist they should have that right too, theres nothing wrong with someone having an opinion......At least to me, but maybe its because I'm not insecure, I could care less If somebody went On TV bashing My Race(Itallion) Religion (Catholic) or any other aspect of who I am............ This is America, feel free to have your opinion as long as you dont deny me mine. I dont support violence in any form, but forcing people to bite their tongue cause their opinion might hurt someones feelings is Unreal to me. But whatever, live your life I'l live mine........ Closing statement: I have no problem with Gay People, but when I turn on the TV and see a Parade with a guy running around in a Dress waving a rainbow flag, Damn Right I'ma have jokes, cause I find it funny.......Deal with it, or dont, I really dont care either way


      shut up sean juan u gay ass ricky martin nigga

  • Ppapafpadspadfsp

    Check out my blog hiphoproute.blogspot.com

  • Articulate1

    Sorry to say this but...fags and skinny jean rocking hipster posers have no place in Hip-Hop...period. Most of this music disses you anyways and is derived from hetero-masculine energy so why would queers want any part of it? Lady Gaga and Electro bullshit is more fitting for the fudge packin', funny style contingent. On a side note...Wale is pure hype and has nothing to offer as a rapper...the 2000 era is full of lames with no talent and nothing to say.

    • Sean Juan

      You may want to change your screen name. It doesn't describe you well. You sound like a fool.


    this articles "gay" ahahahahha shiiiiiiiiit im good

  • Gelly

    Wale knew what it was believe me if he's D.C., one of his boys probably was ribbin the fuck outta him or maybe his management made him pounder is this a good career move and he bitched out. i hope this nigga wasnt that ignorant to his own city's history by not knowing what the fuck it was cus that proves how D.C. he really is. regardless, hip-hop has a double standard when it comes to homosexuality...we except lesbians and bi-sexual women but a dude sayin he is gay time to hang this man! me i dont give a fuck anymore really if they have gay male rappers as long they respect the art form and dont have the representation of it in there videos, im cool. keep that on ur albums and mixtapes

  • Drucifer1983

    Wale shoulda performed for them.......... It aint like he has an image to uphold or nuthin, his album flopped like a fish outta water, hell, if anything doing the gay pride march might actually help him sell some records, Gay people support there own lol........ On a more serious note, how come every time you disagree with homosexuality or summin like that, people act like your bashing them.......... If I dont wanna throw my support behind your movement it doesnt mean I have a problem with You, I just dont believe in your cause, we live in America, the same Rights that give you permission to do your gay pride marches and get equal treatment in the work place, give me the right to Disagree with your lifestyle If I want to........ Gay rights groups annoy me, not Gay people, Just there Public relations groups that will march up and down the street waving a rainbow flag with Crossdressers and what not, then turn around and cry like Babies the minute you have a comment about it.........

    • NY+

      Good 'ole internet thuggery. "Sensitive thugs you all need hugs", I take no offense from some dude tryna act tough. Mad because you've been confused with intellect, shame. & Nah my nigga it's just science, just uhhh, open a book! Damn you got the internet atleast, shit nigga, use it! FOH loser!


      kush nap please take a permenant nap you way cuter that way im sure. You aint hard by pretending, you obviously just oblivious to the things in front of you. Rap is by defenition gay and all the best rappers were gay 2pac included ask any real rap head. LOL GAYS IS NOT NORMAL. OK SIR


      kush nap please take a permenant nap you way cuter that way im sure. You aint hard by pretending to shit on fags you obviously just oblivious to the things in front of you. Rap is by defenition gay and all the best rappers were gay 2pac included ask any real rap head.


      @NY+ ha yeah right like im gonna believe that......loser ur probably the leader of the gays, call u "The Gay Lord". thats why u know so much about homos, cuz u are one! its takes a fagget to understand a fagget. stupid ass nigga ya dissed yaself

    • NY+

      You all sound sad. Except for Ms Cherry, that is. Y'all got to get a grip, if you really believe half the shit y'all say you mind as well believe aliens want to fuck you in the ass too. And to the guy who said there aren't any "gay" animals, no shit, they're called homosexual "gay" is a term. There are many reptiles, fish, birds, etc who have homosexual behavior, did you know chickens have been shown to show homosexual behavior? And how many people haven't eaten chicken, ever? FOH, losers.

    • NY+

      You all sound sad. Except for Ms Cherry, that is. Y'all got to get a grip, if you really believe half the shit y'all say you mind as well believe aliens want to fuck you in the ass too. And to the guy who said there aren't any "gay" animals, no shit, they're called homosexual "gay" is a term. There are many reptiles, fish, birds, etc who have homosexual behavior, did you know chickens have been shown to show homosexual behavior? And how many people haven't eaten chicken, ever? FOH, losers.

    • dat_ni99a

      stfu ms. cherry. how the fuck they fighting for equality with a gay pride parade? they are making a bold public demonstration about hwo they are "proud" and are will not bend to hate in society towards them. how the fuck does that obligate me to support bitch? are you fucking dumb? and huey newton was not gay how dare you disrespect the brother's name like that. he had a wife you jackass, that left him in 1980. how dare you. cuz he defended gays? guess what, i have 0 interest in gays. none. and i am afraid of them because if anything got insert in my bum hole i'd fuckin go out like one of those kids that spray up schools you feel me? bitch? you feel me? now stfu about your shit. no one is obligated to support your homo ass. go fend for ur fuckin self.


      alrite well if thats true then how come we dont have faggety ass animals runnin around doing each other in the butt n shit? why are humans the only ones with this so called "gay gene"? its cuz its made up, its a fuckin choice to be gay!

    • Ms. Cherry

      @COCKA BLOCKA LAME I disagree. I don't think that being gay is anymore of a choice than being straight. Even if we entertain the preposition that is, it's still hypocritical... Black people in this country owe a great deal to plenty of to the gay men and women who fought for their freedom... from Bayard Rustin to Huey Newton and Angela Davis to Barbara Jordan. We as a community uplift gay Black writers like Countee Cullen, James Baldwin, and Langston Hughes but todays Black word-smiths distance themselves from the gay community and shit on the legacy from which they were birthed. It's just shameful.


      no im sorry ur wrong ms. cherry. black people dont have a choice to be black, there born that way. gay people on the other hand are not born that way, they just lie and say they are. it is there choice whether or not to be a freak in life

    • Ms. Cherry

      "how come every time you disagree with homosexuality or summin like that, people act like your bashing them..." Well if someone felt Black people shouldn't be entitled to certain rights because of their skin color would you not expect people to take offense at that? "I just don't believe in your cause?" so... you don't believe in equality?... cause that's what the Gay Rights movement is about. Equality. What I don't understand is how people who disagree with homosexuality don't see how it might be offensive to someone that you disagree with who they are. I think it's sad that people will hear an internet rumor about a (insert white designer of the week) saying they don't want Black people to buy their clothes and people will throw a fit just on the rumor but nobody is offended by discrimination based on sexual orientation. There is no hierarchy to oppression. (

    • Drucifer1983

      @ Kush Nap If you looked at all the gay Friendly TV shows and the way its shoved in peoples faces, You'd swear we were living back in the Roman Empire Days....... And everybody knows how that ended I dont have a problem with what people wanna do, but when you tell me I'm not allowed to disagree with U, thats where I have a problem with it....

    • kush nap

      cuz the fuck tards that wanna marry they pets want kids to grow up thinkin homosexuality is completely normal. niggas cant even shit on fags in hip hop anymore without the gay and lesbian alliance lookin for a fight. thats what you get when the worlds biggest rapper is smoochin on his father. wale is a faggot though so he shoulda performed for his people. maybe mase can replace wale as a late scratch, yall know mase loves the trannys in ATL.

    • kom

      what do you expect there gay no pun intended

  • Owwo

    Would have been cool if a major hip hop star could have performed at Black Gay Pride event. But hip hop is so homophobic, what can you expect? You only need to read the ignorant comments on here to realize the bigotry gay brothers and sisters have to face when they come out.

  • Money First

    That shit is not natural. European fuckery! Never subscribe to that gay shit Wale. K.I.M. ("Keep It Movin")!!!!!!

  • mr chad

    if you know anything about wale, you can imagine why he signed up to do a show called "black pride" and thats where cancelling the show comes into play... not because its a gay show, but because its not a black pride show. some ppl swear the world revolves around them and their self-conciousness...what's a homophobe, whos actually afraid of gays? Miscommunication, get over yourselves

  • Jody One

    First please tell me somebody didn't say Wale was worried about what 50 with his lesbian momma would say? Negro are you 10? Wale from DC , this is a 20 year old event, he knew, he accepted and then he punked out.Why? Cuz you guys are stupid.

  • da police

    how is wale a homophobe , he one of the biggest homos in hip hop. Fukin fag, dudes swag is that of a fag, throw your wack ass lyrics in a bag, get some real game like wacka flacka you bitchass



  • roksteady

    ummm...didnt he rock with gaga???...so he uses gaga for her fans but wont support his own people...classic



  • Space Nigga

    Fuck Black Pride, nigga. Im a Martian! Extraterrestial space nigga shit. Fuckin hoes and harlots with my triple dick technique. Next level shit.

  • roksteady

    so he'll do a garbage song with gaga, but wont peform for his own black people..that makes sense!!

  • kush nap

    real talk wale is one of the wackest emcees EVER. no personality. no emcee credentials. no originality. no style. this nigga had jay-z gassin him up, and lady gaga (biggest artist in the world right now) on his first single, and he still flopped like a sandal. theres nothing to latch on to, cuz theres nothing there. wale is an album cover rotting on the shelf. thats it. thats all these niggas know about wale, and thats all they wanna know. give it up son, youre outta there. im not lyin when i say, nobody gives a fuck about no wale. my dogs shit in the backyard got a bigger buzz than this wack nigga. pack it in bro, you done.



  • 443

    Wale not performing at a gay pride parade may have little to do with his own personal beliefs. He might not care at all about his fans sexual preference, but the fact is, if he performed there, then it could be a misunderstanding about his own preference. That's stupid, but you know how some people think & how rumors spread. "Wale did a concert a the gay pride parade, he probably down low...", etc. That's a career killer, especially for a newer artist. He knows it & everybody should recognize that it's likely a business decision.

  • tonka

    i don't really know what to make of this story. what i don't understand is the word homophobia correct me if i'm wrong does phobia mean to fear or be afraid of something i don't think wale is afraid of gay people maybe like alot of us he was raised with christian values and does not fear the homo but just believes it's wrong

  • BasimTheDream

    Ok, so is anyone boycotting T.O.K. and most other reggae artist??? ALL of their sangs damn near are Gay Bashing songs???

  • Don_Don_ThaRedDotta

    i think that it would've been a bad look 4 Wale myself (and I live in PG, two minutes from DC to be exact - TEMPLE HILLS baby). Son just looked mad bcuz Wale didn't wanna fuck him. I seen that shit on News4 this morning and u could tell that that nigga who was goin' on Le' was upset about more than just that. They should've booked a GAY/LESBIAN/BI artist and not some straight Hip Hop rapper guy. How come they didn't book Snoop Pearson? Overall I think that it would've done some damage to Wale's PR, sad but true. I have nothing against faggies and gay women but at the same time I think it's a move out of jealousy rather than an understanding of the truth and respect for his wishes. They're kinda like tha 1-night stand emotional bitch u fuck tha 1st night after a couple minutes of talkin lol. Bottom line is Wale ain't got no love-loss over here, the BLACK GAY PRIDE people just need to chill and think it thru. Being a straight rapper and going thru with some gay shit is kinda like how Barack had 2 handle shit when it came to defending/speaking about Black People and Farrakkan had to have his people fall back becuz Rocko was the victim. Same with Wale, y'all can't get mad, u can only respect it. I feel 4 tha people tho (no pun intended), it's sad that gay folks still get tha same treatement they do. I don't understand the lifestyle all of the way with niggaz switchin and talkin like women and actin' all obnoxiousness and puttin dicks in your body when u have a dick and a whole rack-a uh shit but I ain't mad at em tho, especially the bi-sexual (#1) and the lesbians. lol

  • Danny J

    thought black pride is not exactly black gay pride, he probably just cut a ton of people off from liking his music because of that move. his loss through his ignorance. oh well not much talent there anyway.

    • Flawl3$$

      Not much talent? what the fuck are you smoking? Wale is one of the best young talents in rap right now. And had a great Debut album.

  • ASEE

    Never buying Wale's shit again. Hateful motherfucker.

    • booxxie

      u muz b homo

    • WOUZI


    • Flawl3$$

      whatever homo

    • Twinblades

      Woooooowwww just cuz he dosent support homosexuality come on nigga not everybody is that open. He should have handeld that better but it was his choice in the end it's w/e. Im not a homophobe but I don't support gays sooooooo... Yeah.

  • SUPPORT_4_Wale

    Black pride - according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is a slogan used to raise awareness of black racial identity, and to express solidarity. Related movements include black nationalism, not anything else. It's clear that he was duped so give him a break. For more on this visit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_pride -

  • Undecided_but_Wale_rocks

    Maybe they should have been more clear because BLACK PRIDE is a far cry from Black Gay Pride. He might have still performed had they been upfront.



    • Ms. Cherry

      Hmmm... you don't like gays but I'd bet money you're more than ok with Nicki Manaj... If you're gonna hate at least be consistent. o_O

    • WOUZI


    • WOUZI


    • franco

      Anti-gay is is new anti-black. you're the disgrace. Judgmental bastard. u aint got to aree with it to tolerate it. u just o out of your way to hate... like racist white people .

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    who needs this fat ass nigga?just cancel his extence...

    • jeremiafthw

      ^I don't agree with wale being fat... but what kind of homophobe shit is that? You gotta be gay to know if somebody is overweight? Shut the fuck up. Probably never even had pussy in your life.

    • hiphopincarnate

      And yall homos checkin wale out enough to be able to tell if he gainin or losin weight...all yall gay


      LOL. funny shit. Wale is a bit over weight

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