MC Eiht Details "Which Way Is West" Album With DJ Premier

Exclusive: The Comptons Most Wanted front-man says he's recorded much of his next LP in New York, and why it will go down as a classic.

MC Eiht will link with longtime friend and collaborator DJ Premier of Gang Starr to release Which Way Is West later this year. The duo has worked together on several remixes and the famous "Aiight, Chill" interlude dating back nearly 20 years. With the album reportedly due on Premier's Year Round Records imprint, Eiht was asked whether recording his first album in over three years. "I've been going back and forth," the Comptons Most Wanted front-man told HipHopDX. "I'm a true Hip Hop nigga. I might be [from] Compton, west coast, but I'm a true Hip Hop [head]. I've always been a few of New Yorkers: EPMD, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Kool Moe Dee/Treacherous Three, Afrika Bambaataa - I know what the foundation is. So when it comes to shit like that, I'll go where the flow is. Working with [DJ] Premier, I've been dealing with Premier for about the last 20 years, so I wanted to record [in HeadQcourterz Studios]." Thus, the 24-year veteran worked out of the same studio where artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Jay-Z laid down street classics.

Nearly 15 years removed from Rap's ugly memories of an east/west conflict, MC Eiht remains one of the few artists who always appeared embraced by east coast titans like Premier, Pete Rock and Wu-Tang Clan's U-God. With this collaborative album, the O.G. wanted that side to come across in the music. "I wanted to capture some of that feeling too. Everybody knows I'm west coast to the fullest, but I get love on the east too," said Eiht. "Anytime I go to New York, I walk around, 'What's up, Eiht?' Niggas recognize me, no problems. I just like to show that respect too. [DJ Premier is based in New York], that's his foundation, that's where his base is, and it's not like I'm unfamiliar with the place. It doesn't bother me with the transition, as long as the music is heated. I'm where I'm at, everywhere's home to me."

With this album being Eiht's 11th solo album, and 19th album within his catalog, the veteran was asked where it will stand within his already legendary legacy. "I think [Which Way Is West] is going to be well-accepted, and it's going to go down as one of my best records," began the 42 year-old emcee formerly signed to deals with both Mack 10 and Snoop Dogg. "I've really been puttin' my heart and soul, as far as trying to represent the west and real music is concerned. The vocal content and the lyrics have been [amazing]. Everybody always said I had nice punchlines and lyrics, or I was always a good storyteller, I just tried to advance that to the next level. So it won't just be one of those [albums] where people go, 'Oh yeah, another Eiht record, it's a gonna be a couple of dope-sales, a couple of shoot-outs...' [Which Way Is West] is really focusing on some real west coast feel-good music and some real to-the-point [music]." "With what is going on in Hip Hop right now, I think [fans and critics] will perceive this record as one of Eiht's best." Like Freeway and Jake One's The Stimulus Package or Young Jeezy's The Recession, this is album that contains commentary on today's tough economic times. "If you feel like you're stuck in the struggle and you're sick of [rappers rapping about] 'everybody's fine, we all got billions of dollars,' then come on, pick up this record."

Which Way Is West releases later this year on Year Round Records.

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  • Hen

    I've Been a fan of Eiht's for like 14 years I feel which way is west is gonna be one of the hardest albums he's done THE OGEE IZ BACC GEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

  • MIKE

    Man, all i know this is the second track off that album i have heard and they are both hot too death, all you'll front about east and west shhhh, need to let it go man, good music is good music, and right now eiht banging, and yo, you can tell a premier beat anyway, i am from the east, so which way is the west, cause i am copping this album.

  • Darius

    Damn I can't find the album in Lithuania. I guess they don't sell it here, god damn! Really nice album.

  • jakeone88

    im coppin this album . i know its gonna be dope

  • biggirl99

    cant wait to this album drops

  • aRKayeM

    to hell with him !! where in the hell is that NYGZ shit at????? shit a kool g rap & dj premier would be so much better!!! make that happen!!


    hell geeeeaah i really wanna hear this album MC Eiht is my dude

  • ccshopping

    'h tt p :// www.

  • 212diamondcity

    I heard this album was serious, gotta go cop that. WOW, Look at this black diamond chain for under $1600, you cant find that ANYWHERE else !!!! Fine men's and woman's diamond jewelry at affordable prices

  • Illa

    Damn this is whats up 2 g's from each coast bridging the gap!!! yes!

  • Eklipz77

    U left out the "G", cause the "G" aint in ya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After the diss by Quik can't take this guy serious, hahah ; )

  • hip hop beats girl

    the beat is what makes all these blow up and get that $$$.. make you sound najor straight up hit beats and be found, stand out from the crowd...

  • coolcat 72

    yeah i wanna see this nice collabaration

  • 757cypes

    mc eight and premo classic

  • OffMyNutz

    MC Eight was always and still is 1 of my favs from the West!do you homey!Bring the gudda back to the game.Fuck this other shit out here......


    nigga im so hyped two of my favorite niggaz in this hip hop shit workin together. damn man this shit gon be fresh as fuck

  • thekidflames

    Eiht is a legend, man. I mean, I had a looooong love affair with West Coast Hip-Hop for while there and with emerging acts like U-N-I, and my man @pumahbeats landing a track on Cube's new album, apparently I still do. It's been a major influence in my own production work as well. DJ Uneek comes to mind. Eiht won't go wrong with Premo and you know what to expect from Eiht -- he's gonna' bring it. Geah.

  • FwhatUsayin'

    How can u go wrong with Preemo ? I got Eiht's last mixtape and was really liking the direction of beats he chose.

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  • mbakee

    just 'youtube' nick javas a trck called 'opportunity knocks' or beginning to end you'll feel the fire,hip hop websites are not promoting real talent,this wacka flocka generation aint serious,hip hop saved black people and opressed people in general,it has to be preserved to continue

  • mbakee

    definite classic,mc eiht is too real man,check out this new dude signed to preemo's year round records called nick javas he's hip hop new hope another one

  • LamarMaticc

    Love Eiht, this album will be a must-hear.

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  • junMaf*ckn

    Lovin this Eiht. Sup wit Kurupt doing that album wit Pete and Premier? East and West FreshFest wordup!

  • Quinn Jones

    east coast,west coast midwest or the south, it dont matter where you atwe all in this for the love of our music and our people and culture,mc eiht i c you and that album is a picc up, keep doin your thang,everybody keep doin your thang all across this world

  • TYBO2020


  • djwy0

    I like Premiers music...its always knocking. Westcoast til i looking forward to this album. it gon have a westcoast feel or that ny shit?! can't go wrong either way..haha!

  • AAV

    WTF? Eiht & Premier? Lets see how this is gonna be.

  • big braveheart

    Geeahhh!! This is gonna be the bomb, can't wait to hear Eiht's rhymes over Premo's classic beats, it will be different but it'll be damn cool! Gang Starr 4 Life - R.I.P. Guru.

  • Frank Low

    Don't get excited everyone. Premo is not producing the whole album from what i know of. He's executive producing it with 2 or 3 beats his. If this is the case then this sucks shit. He needs to produce the whole album. Wish premo would produce more full albums like he did for Group Home or Jeru.

    • AMAru

      then look out for the NYGz album "Hustla's union: local nyg" comin this summer, entirely produced by premo check out this lil' preview as well, fuckin dope: year round records 4 life! peace

  • Ah Hell

    I didn't even know Eiht and Premier had a history like that. Fuck ya, I'm gonna check this. Geeahhhh!

    • SlashiusSlay

      Neither did I, but from taking a listen to some of the past work, it makes sense, and I ain't even realized it!

  • Articulate1

    Premo is without a doubt the greatest thing ever to happen to Hip-Hop...dispute that and your an asshole. Watch him take a technically average (but legendary status) dude like Eiht and craft another classic. I just wish he would work with more top shelf lyricists like Ghostface, Busta, Immortal Technique, Kweli and Nas again.

    • Anonymous

      Did he just say Dr. Dre is the greatest, sure he is for stealing people beats and fine tune, them, that nigga dont do jack and is own, check his Rap sheet.

    • thizzle dance

      In my opinion Premo = G.O.A.T. Producer no hesitation. But I agree he's always workin with freshmen and random rappers, which is cool, but I think the entire eastcoast would agree that we'd rather hear premo with Kweli or Nas. I also gotta cosign dude who doesn't like immortal technique tho. tech aint all that and theres 100 rappers id rather hear get w/ premo. tech can't flow anyway, premo beats would be wasted on him

    • Enlightened

      To each his own, and I respect everybody's opinion, but I can't compare Premier's contribution to Dr. Dre's. No way no how. It's not even the same level to me. Dr. Dre stands alone (historically speaking - whole body of work - not presently), and then all other hip-hop producers fight it out for all the levels under that. And I am not an asshole.

    • open ears / open mind

      can't argue with that. Look at the Group Home album Livin' Proof. Two average rappers and the album is f'n classic because of Premo's beats. You know your well respected when you can make an album with a pop star like Christina Aguilara then turn around and chop it up with a gangster rapper in MC Eight.

    • Mortal Technique

      Immortal Technique would act like he was Premier's father, and was doing Premo a favor. No good producer wants to deal with that pile of dogshit.

    • knowledge-of-self


  • DaGreenEyedBandit

    MC Eiht iz real nice wit it...I'm STILL bumpin Streiht up Menace like he put it out yesterday. Now he teamed wit (in my opinion) the greatest producer in the game, this album iz gonna be classic!!!

  • yaboymal

    im starting to get real amped for this album

  • fossie

    MC Eiht a real legend !!like all these niggaz from LA ,ABOVE THE LAW ,SPICE 1,.....and all the other veterans !This is what Ice Cube says when he talks about the new west ,they show no respect and they didn´t realize that their little buzz would be impossible without these legends!!

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