Pitbull Cancels Shows Due to Immigration Law

Mr. 305 protests the new controversial immigration law by canceling shows.

Miami's Pitbull is heading out on his "Mr. Worldwide's Carnaval" tour but he will not make any stops in Phoenix. The artist known as Mr. 305 will do this protest Arizona's new, controversial immigration law.

“I am canceling my concert in Phoenix on May 31... How is the country we enjoy and love bcuz of its human rights, freedom, opportunity and that has been built by immigrants, now start 2 deny them??.. It is contradicting 2 everything the USA stands 4,” he announced on his Twitter page.

He will begin this "Worldwide" tour on May 25 and it will go through the end of June.

He isn't alone in doing this. Cypress Hill and others have also canceled shows due to this law. Pitbull is prepping the release of his first Spanish-only album, Armando, a tip of the hat to his real name Armando Perez. Fans can expect that album in the summer and another album, PlanetPit, in the Fall.


  • American Nigga

    Fuckin spics always demandin shit. Fuck outta here nigga this is AMERICA! Fucking goomba doowop ass niggas.



  • Nico 3

    Big Jay- I don't think there will ever be an approriate way to profile someone. I agree that "respectable" people of any race, do not want to be profiled as a thug just because law enforcement is feeling pressure to do their job. The problem is P/O's do have the right to stop "anybody". Look at it from this perspective. If a person gets pulled over for speeding, it's routine for them to have to show their license, regardless of race, background, financial status, whatever. IMO, if all someone has to do to get a cop off their back in Arizona is to flash an ID, do it. A moment of inconvenience is better than years of regret over letting your emotions get the better of you.


    Seriously, it is so great to see the people who know nothing @ the law are boycotting AZ - thanks for not comming, next year you wont be wanted anyways. best of luck loser

  • Logical_Choice

    Having read most of the comments below, its good to see that the average persons IQ is still very low in the U.S...the only decent comments made are those commenting on the fact that Pitbull is shit lol.

  • albow71

    Wow, where do I start. First of all anyone boycotting a state that is just sick and tired of putting up with the much of the negatives of this countries Illegal Alien problem is just full of shit. I always ask this question when I'm arguing with folk who think that allowing illegals to run into this country in mass numbers is ok......Do you allow anyone to walk right into your house, go into your fridge, fix them a meal, make themselves a sleeping space on your floor & stay because they do the dishes, clean you house & car??? Of course not!!! Arizona is simply responding as they saw fit to a problem that the federal government won't respond to. When the medical bills, jail bills, etc for all of those illegals come I wish they sent directly to the Pitbulls & whoever else who bitches about enforcement against illegals as oppose to taxpayers having to pay. Do I think that Arizona went overboard, yes, somewhat but desperate times require desperate measures. Personally I see nothing wrong with everyone being required to carry I.D. that can easily be verified. With all the technology that we have available now-a-days & with most I.D.s already having barcodes on them setting cops up with equipment to quickly swipe that I.D. & verify legal status, warrants, etc. should be mandatory in every state. I'm sorry, but allowing folk to violate our immigration laws & infiltrate our country without knowing anything about them is just a plain stupid idea for anyone to support.


    AYE i seen putbull workin at a roach coach nigga you broke you aint 10% of wat da nigga gucci is go back to FADE COUNTY nigga

  • jedimasterflow

    Oh you mean he isn't gonna be doing a show in the food city parking lot again?

  • KingNick305

    I think pitbull and all these other idiots just trying to looks cool and trying to stand out protesting against this law, should actually read the law and understand what it stands for. And by canceling there shows that just proves what idiots they are and dont know what the law stands for, cause if they didnt like the law they would do twice as many shows in that state just to support the immigrants that are there. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR ACTING AGAINST BEFORE YOU RUN YOUR MOUTH.

  • KingNick305

    I think pitbull and all these other idiots just trying to looks cool and trying to stand out protesting against this law, should actually read the law and understand what it stands for. And by canceling there shows that just proves what idiots they are and dont know what the law stands for, cause if they didnt like the law they would do twice as many shows in that state just to support the immigrants that are there. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR ACTING AGAINST.

  • ChronicS

    RISE UP as there CD states. ya right. more like run for the hills... Cypress Hill are a bunch of p00ntangs. biggest cop out ever. how is not showing up showing ANY support? first off i live in tucson AZ. the bill really isnt that big of a deal. people are making it way bigger than it already is. legal's have every right to sue if they feel unjustified. how is that a low blow? everyone believe too much sh-it get you OWN opinion. people, u glue your brains to pixilated lies. fu-kin disgusts me. anyways cypress hill are a bunch of p00ns. if they had any CLUE and were really trying to "voice their opinion"(because thats what artists do right?) they would come to AZ and strait protest in person! NOT run for the hills. what good is that. they should of made a huge seen down here in az. WHAT good is them going to other concerts and saying "ya we didn't go to AZ cuz the new bill YAAAA!"..... people in those states dont care as much than down here. brainwashed dumbaresses. go DO something cypress not just say fu-ck it and run from their fans who not only got them were they are today, but take heart in what cypress tells them. so much more could have been done if they came and voiced themselves..

  • YouKnowWhat?

    If this country is so horrible and racist,then just go home. Why come here? Why dry up my ss benefits when I get old? Why make me pay nearly half my check for my lil one and I to get health coverage, when you get it for free? Why get welfare, when I stand in the unemployment line? why not take chances in the penta and get a slap on the wrist and be deported and come back? Why no charge 12 an hour while everyone settles for 7-8 an hour to save their mortgage? Why work, when you can sell coke,traffic humans, and commit crimes w/o being in the DOJ system? If your country is so upset,why not have it diverge funds to usa? better yet,have it say "come here my people,no one shall starve,be profiled, or go homeless"? FYI I'm from the hood,Latino, parent came here worked ass off,applied for visa and is a citizen. SO FUCK ALL YOU CRY BABY ASS PPL. BACK IN THE DAYS WHEN MY PARENT WAS HERE PPL WAS AFRAID OF I.C.E,STAYED HOME ALL DAY AND WORKED NIGHT SHIFTS, AND GAVE BIRTH IN HOMES AND 1 OR 2 KIDS. NOT NOW...OOO NO, NOW YOU MUTHAFUCKAS HAVE 5-8,GET ON WELFARE,GET EBT, GET SECTION 8/PUBLIC HOUSING,FREE MEDI-CAL, RIDE IN NICE CARS, AND YOU ACT ARROGANT LIKE THIS COUNTRY OWE YOU SOMETHING. GUESS WHAT NIGGA?! IT DON'T OWE YOU SHIT BUT A KICK IN THE ASS BACK TO MEXICO. FYI MY PEEPS FROM NICARAGUA, WE BARELY GOT 12 MILLION PPL IN MY COUNTRY, WE A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY, AND WE GET VISAS. CUZ WE DONT SIT AT HOME FUCK ALL DAY AND DRINK BEER AND HAVE KIDS FOR THE GUB'MENT TO SUPPORT. NOW YOU KNOW WHAT BLACKS FEEL, WHEN THEY GET PROFILED FOR 100'S OF YEARS BY YOUR OWN HIS-SPANICS(SPAIN). I BEEN PULLED OVER PLENTY OF TIMES CUZ POPO WAS MAD HOW CLEAN I WAS RIDING MAN UP. OH AND I FEEL SORRY FOR THE PPL THAT WORK HARD,STAY PARTY FREE, AND TRY TO GET AN EDUCATION NO MATTER WHAT RACE THEY ARE AND ARE HERE ILLEGAL,BUT YOU MUTHAFUCKIN MEXICANS AND GUATEMALENS DRYING UP OUR RESOURCES. TAX TIME NIGGA! FEEL BAD FOR THOSE THAT TRYNA DO RIGHT, WHILE THE REST OF YOU MUFUCKAS POLLUTE WWITH COKE AND CRIME, AND WELFARE. SHIT ITS A RECESSION,IM TIRED OF SEEING PPL CRY WHILE YOU MOFOS HOG UP THE JOBS! FUCK WHO EVER DON'T FEEL ME! IM GLAD :)

    • Revolutionary Vato

      Ive NEVER expected to hear such ignorant shit, ESPECIALLY from a fellow latino. Your an idiot homie. You DO KNOW that illeagal immigrants CANT get welfare, insurance, a license, free health care or ANY of that shit that you mentioned. Free Health Care? PLEASE point me in that direction you horrible example of a latino. The ONLY ones allowed to get welfare, insurance or anything is their children if they were born here. And that is usually the case. When immigrants get a paycheck from their workplace, they get the SAME damn taxes take away that everybody else does. Only difference is that when the taxes for those SS benifits that you mentioned get taken away from their checks, THEY CANT BENIFIT FROM EM CUZ THEY ARE IMMIGRANTS. When they get in an accident, they are screwed. Cant pay their medical bills or anything. Please sir, if you are ACTUALLY a latino, GET EDUCATED on your own people. Your making yourself look like a fool....... ......Hell as for the Arizona Law i dont like it cuz i think it will create a rise in Racial profiling. Dont deny it. If this law is to target illegal immigrants, people will IMMEDIATLEY think anyone of Latino decent due to the stereotype. I actually took time to correct and educate your stupid Nicaraugan ass. You should feel special.

  • SOFA king WE TOD DID

    everybody need to shut the fuck up about the law. why u wanna protest something that has actually helped the state? the crime rate in AZ has gone down tremendously since this law passed. yall mofuckin spics need to shut ur dirty brown beaner mouths and dry your backs, cuz the law aint goin no where especially now that its a success. fuckin chumps

    • albow71

      Hey cuz, you make a very good point when you explain how crime has been reduced since the passing of the law but when you start name calling and shit like that man you take the focus off of the facts. Here's another fact, regardless of how much the handful of supporters of the illegals bitch and moan there are way more people who actually support harder crackdowns on illegals. I say a law needs to be passed that will make it super hard for them to get jobs, super hard for them to get credit, super hard for them to get housing, and super hard for them to move around in this country. I can guarantee you that half of them will get the fuck outta here if they can't get a job, can't move around, and can't get housing.


    Mexicans don't like niggas, it's not that they don't like blacks, they just hate the ghetto ass ignorant ones. I think everybody does, not just mexicans! I work at a restaurant and hate when the ghetto ass black people come in, cause we already know, they complain alot, no manners, no respect, and shitty tips if your lucky to even get a tip.

  • dj_noname

    Maybe once the media explains this law correctly then maybe an intelligent discussion about the situation might begin. Dumbass Obama and his administration talk shit about a law that clearly none of them have read only adds to the confussion. AZ is jusdt trying to inforce the laws already established by the GOVERNMENT THAT THEY REFUSE TO ENFORCE. I grew up in El Paso, acrosds the river from the murder capitol of the world and this shit is nothing new. this has been going on as long as Ive been alive and only recently seems to have gotten national attention. rest of the country didnt care about Texas, AZ, NM and California borders until the economy started to get shitty.

    • albow71

      I agree. Obama is full of shit on this one. He's not doing anything to stop illegals from crossing into this country and I'm sick of the argument that "they just want a better life." I understand that, but should my lifestyle & the future lifestyle of my children be reduced substantially just to make someone who's in this country illegally life better. The blatant disrespect for the laws & the people of this country that these folk have is ridiculous. They have the game done like you wouldn't believe. All they have to do is get here and it's especially good for a female. Why do you think that as soon as they get here they start having kids?? They do that shit to ensure that they won't be forced to leave. Then many work under the table & get assistance from the state (welfare) because of the kids that they have. Also they carry around fake documents & identification. So how can anyone say they respect our laws?? And black folk are so stupid. We are allowing them to take over our neighborhoods & undercut us when it comes to jobs. Who do y'all think will/is suffering the most when it comes to emploment for blacks & whites because of illegals?? That's right.....blacks!!! That's why we should be the ones raising just as much hell as the white folks are!

  • E-Flo

    Before I comment I'm half mexican half white, so I see both sides of the spectrum. What people don't realize is our economy is in such bad shape and Arizona has the largest budget deficit in the country. Naturally more and more people coming into our state is making it worse on our economy and crime. Just like every other race there are the bad seeds. I can gurantee over 50% over the jail system is hispanic and the law is trying keep that number from rising. These "Pisas" come into our counrty killing, robbing, stealing etc. Not all of them of course, but why add to the problem? Why add more mouths to feed, more crime, etc. etc. As for Pitbull, if he's so concerned about it why not come to Arizona and express your concern? the only people you're hurting are your fans..Sheriff Joe and John Mccain could care less of you do a concert here

  • Supreme Murph

    He mayy not be the most relevant artist nowadays but I commend him on standing up for himself and other hispanics

  • Joe-Momma

    I've been profiled by the police before.. and I'm not even black or mexican Lol. I just happened to be wearing a black tall tee and a black fitted near the scene of a robbery in which the assailant was described as "black t shirt, black hat"

  • Swishatwista

    ya...noooooo body is going to pitbulls bull shit!!..he did AZ a favor..that dude..well he sucks...but you knew that...ohh and Cypress Hill..they did a show in Phoenix last month...what a joke!!,,they did a 8 pm show..shit was done at 10pm..wack!! martini ranch..that was the club..they won't show for this show just like there fans did not show for there last show!!!...

  • VbReEZY


    • Swishatwista

      I bet that shit is "real gutta"..thats were Ira hayes died right?? in your "guttta"??...I think that was in AZ too!!..

  • your_educator

    Do ppl realize that this country was build on immigrants when there were oohhh say a few hundred thousand...and now its over a billion.....we dont have fuckn room...and yet you ppl bitch about the job market sucking, fuck u idiots...ey let them all i dun give a fuck. Let them destroy the economy cuz they work but dont pay taxes hahaha hope they destroy the economy even more....... NWO is what I rep and am waiting for......BTW PITBULL IS A FUCKING JOKE...does anyone even buy tickets to his shit?

    • c.lo

      Over 1 billion people in the U.S.?? really??? You need to go get YOUR_EDUCATION!!! lol

    • LouP

      Your name should be not much of an Educator cause apparently you do not realize what our tax dollars pay for Schools , Teachers and Armed Forces just to start. Without those three alone we would not be able to live the lifestyles we all have become custom-ed to. So why don't you rep your NWO in some other fuckin country because I would like to have a future for my children and there children and so on. BTW I am Italian American and proud that the majority of my people have been paying taxes since the beginning of the process to make it a better place to live. I rep if you don't pay then get the fuck out. oh yeah Pitbull is a fuckin joke and should be rid from this country for the shitty music he makes.

  • Bigjay25

    I am a hispanic man, most the you people who are talking about if you come here legally then you won't have to worry are not seeing the issue. Our issue with this law is the way they are trying to enforce it. How can you judge a hispanic person and decide whether they are an illegal or not? There's no way they can tell unless they racially profile. THAT IS WRONG! I understand that black people get racially profiled everyday, it is very unfortunate. All us minorities should realize that we are all being targeted in one way or another. We need a better way to control immigration, this is not the way. Just like black people don't like being racially profiled, we don't want to be racially profiled either....

    • Fl4k3z

      I'm a white dude, but I definitely get the reasoning behind protesting this law. It's bullshit how they're basing it on profile, the same as how somebody who looks Arabic gets stopped at the airport more than a white guy with gray hair. But you know what, it's only because there's some truth behind it. I don't mean to play out to stereotypes or nothing, but it's based on real statistics. It's different than a cop stopping a black guy in a nice neighborhood or in a nice car or things like that. That's profiling. There could still be a better way to go about it though, but unless somebody can suggest it, you got to just go hard to get stuff done.

    • LouP

      Everybody is profiled buddy and I understand it is not right and it is unfair to a lot of people especially black people, but this countries economy is in the shitter because some of those people are taking advantage of the system making it unfair for the rest of the tax paying country and that is not fair to the rest of us . I do believe that this bill in AZ is supposedly being changed to just having people carry a national ID card to say they are legal here and as long as people are not harassed I am fine with that and if you are a tax paying legal citizen you should be to peace

  • Nico 3

    First off, Pitbull, stick to the music. Nobody needs to hear your take on immigrants. What he spends on a Friday night at the club is probably what all immigrants combined make in five lifetimes. Second, it's simple. Anybody should have the right to come over here.... "IF" they're legal. If someone wants to feed their family by working at Taco Bell, that's great. Hard work is never a bad thing, but you have to be legal, or else in the longrun it only adds to the problems the U.S. already has with legal citizens committing crimes.

  • nj wellaaaa

    pitbull is garbage. illegal immigrants need to be deported. that is all

  • Pussycat

    I work with the promoter in Arizona he couldn't sell tickets in Arizona, the promoter told him he only soild 243 tickets, that it was going to embarass Pit bull big time, so he is using this issue to hide the fact, that that concert would of have to cancel due to a lack of sales, so he jumped on this issue to hide the fact, that he isn't as hot AS he thought he was


    HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS ARE DUMB! The "Mexicans" only come here because they know some AMERICAN will hire them. Point blank period. So you dumb flag waving idiots believe going after them, a group of people who have already decided to risk life and limb to get here is going to stop illegal immigration. But you say nothing about the US Gov. letting corporate America continue to break the law by hiring them. SMH.


    LOOK you people who keep defending the law, those who are opposed to it are NOT opposed to what the law is intended to do. We get that being an illegal citizen in America is against the law, hence the word ILLEGAL. The problem is as a LEGAL citizen, a cop may deem you ILLEGAL by way of looks and dress is inherently bias and racist. Most white people will NEVER understand this because they are primarily judged on their actions NOT by their looks. Illegal immigrants that look white know they have nothing to fear. It's the principle of being profiled in public when you are a true blue American that's DEGRADING. They say oh well the cops only can ask if you have committed a crime as part of their investigation, guess what, THEY ALREADY CAN DO THAT! The law is a waste time and money and only meant to garner votes for conservatives PERIOD! PLUS it won't work anyway. Going after corporate America that hires them will work 100%.

  • bigsmith123

    Another think love how WHITE people are Very racist yet We cant say racial slurs. HOw many rappers say Cracker, white Folks.Yeah White have done alot of fucked up things in the past to blacks indians/mexican so with that said is are punishment have less equal rights. if we had with entertainment televison wouldnt that cause alot of shit, cause of the past different racist already dislike whtie isnt that being racist. i tried to by weed from a black guy in vegas should i hate all blacks nooo. Mexicans jumped me should i hate them no i just dislike the ones who did me wrong plain and simple

  • bigsmith123

    Im proud and love to be from AZ., I think people are blowing this out or control. i work construction and with alot of hispanics. The law is... if An immagrant black mex asian whatever voilates a law than the officer has a right to ask about the citizenship and what not. im white and a 100 % proud and 100% non racist judge by character. If we all think about this dont we have a law very similar to this about gangbangers in the hood about getting arrested for something stupid than officer can check them out (Rico Act) and arrest more for being involed. officer cant just go up to an immigrant for doing nothing sure some shitty cops will flirt with the line. but Fuck The Law. America is an immigrant contry so why dont they pay the 1000 dollars and apply,, o some probly dont have the money so sneak in here save up than do it. all the people boycotting AZ is hurting them selfs and others due to mexicans are majority so there loseing work... when immigrants dont pay taxes than AMerica everybody is loseing money, make a solution out of the problem not another problem. WHAT DO YALL THINK

  • bigsmith123

    Im proud and love to be from AZ., I think people are blowing this out or control. i work construction and with alot of hispanics. The law is... if An immagrant black mex asian whatever voilates a law than the officer has a right to ask about the citizenship and what not. im white and a 100 % proud and 100% non racist judge by character. If we all think about this dont we have a law very similar to this about gangbangers in the hood about getting arrested for something stupid than officer can check them out (Rico Act) and arrest more for being involed. officer cant just go up to an immigrant for doing nothing sure some shitty cops will flirt with the line. but Fuck The Law. America is an immigrant contry so why dont they pay the 1000 dollars and apply,, o some probly dont have the money so sneak in here save up than do it. all the people boycotting AZ is hurting them selfs and others due to mexicans are majority so there loseing work... when immigrants dont pay taxes than AMerica everybody is loseing money, make a solution out of the problem not another problem. WHAT DO YALL THINK

  • NWA

    This is really an open and shut law. First of all, I am black. I have been hassled by the police, its nothing new. So do not act like "latinos" are the only ones getting hassled. I think there is nothing wrong with the law. As said above, if you have a green card, you have nothing to worry about. They are only targeting those coming here illegally. But its not just latinos, its anyone here illegally. Latinos just happen to be the ones who come here illegally the most.

  • Edd

    Good now if only we can next work on deporting/send back all these fucking Negros here back to 'Afrika' these United State's built by White people for White people would be a much better and safer place to live in...

    • NIGGER

      FUCKIN DUMBASS EDD. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARTED? "these United State's built by White people" America was built on the backs of NIGGERS so FUCK YOU and your GODDAMN LIES YOU CRACKER!!!


      Lol the arguments EDD used to counter you were fucking ingenious. "Don't kick out black people or there won't be any sports or music" LMFAO. Im with you Edd but come on man you sound like some ignorant idiot. You could've put your foot in his ass with intelligent arguments yet you use sports and music? Fuck outta here..

    • nisey77

      You sound like a fuckin' idiot! What would you do without black people? No sports. Because we run that shit. No music, except country. Your last president fuck up the whole free world! Without black people the world would be as bland as you are. Why don't you leave? Go back to one of those european countries that you came from. But you proably don't know which one. Sucks not to have roots!

  • who who

    mexicans dont like blacks

    • Edd

      lol fucking ignorant nigger's and mexican's fighting's,both of you fucking idiot's get the fuck out of my country,nigger's always' killing raping stealing go do that back in africka you ugly looking animal's

    • Swishatwista

      thats a broad stroke.....some do...some don't!!

    • HiBy

      Who who is right. You just proved his point. Take your broke back to shitty mexico

    • Mz.G

      so untrue... people are stupid i love all races ... and can diss on any race even my own ... for one WHITE PEOPLE talk alot of shit but when it comes down to it they run cuz black people scare them, and most of them dont even have roots like the rest of the people.. but than theres the real americans who live to the fullest laugh and are by far not racist but love their country & everyone in it. BLACK PEOPLE are always so loud and can come off disrespectful, yeah they do most of the crime but it keeps this world going.. nothing is perfect! but than there are sports, music, dance, clubs, id like to see everyone dance to country.. haa on some real shit black people bring life and color to our world Asian & all that... they can be stuck up people but they are quiet repectful & very very smart we need them here.. Hispanics not everyone brown is mexican.. ummmkk they come from roots and heritage that is all over . some even from texas , california, guatemala, mexico, honduras, cuba, spain, see its funny how they do al the hard jobs. i would pay to see a white person work as hard and sweat as much as they do .. they break their backs to feed their children .fulls they love black men too... RUSSIANS they are so beautiful.. like porcelain dolls all of them. theyre dark feautures on light skin ... EXC.... NOW FUCK ALL U LAW DEFENDERS , ITS A SHAME TO SEE PEOPLE DISCRIMINATE, A DAMN SHAME .. i wish theyy ould send everyone back from where they came... lets go down a timeline.... i think we would all be surprised where we end up. i love my brown white yelow black purple blue green friends :)

    • who who

      im black dumbass

    • nisey77

      Instead of you focusing on mexicans not liking blacks; you should focus on the fact that America is trying to get rid of your ass. Also, focus on a backup plan. Obviously, mexico is not working if your so hard up to get here.

  • j sauce

    mannn pitbull need to chill the fuck out. the law passed get over it. his wack ass not doin a concert aint gonna change a thing.

  • go back to school

    fuck arizona for real. they are also looking to pass a law that will make studies of different cultures illegal as well. meaning no african american studies, no latino studies. nothing that "promotes solidarity in different ethnic groups" their words not mine. fuck arizona. racist ass motherfuckers


    Cubans think their white. He Full of shit. When it's time to get welfare, and employment tax breaks. I AM LATINO. When it's time to vote and a white woman comes around. Now I am a white man. Fuck outta here!!

  • fer

    Man yall niggas is stupid as fuck if your are latino and not standing behind mexicans in Arizona. Why the fuck do mexicans always get harrassed. Why not Chinease or Blacks or better yet Whites. People are soo fucking racist they hire illegals to work, but then they want to deport them. What makes me sick is when other races date latinas and they want to deport mexicans. Fucking hypocrites. I see what pit is doing. Latinos stand up

  • Qwon Soupman

    It's interesting that hip hop was born out of protest, yet this new generation of hip hop fans think like hillbilly rednecks. Go figure. LOL.


    Im a chicano in AZ and I'd like to thank PitBull for the support. F these racist mfas.

    • SOFA king WE TOD DID

      well if u live in AZ, then u also know I can legally carry a firearm with no problems at all, with that said, If i see ur spicness around me, i fuckin kill ya. my ak47 will hit u everywhere from the ankle up, then i take the knife off the ak and cut these beaners

    • B Johnson

      ud like to thank pitbull for NOT coming to ur state?? i agree FUK dat law, but cancelling a show isnt punishing the law makers, it only punishes the fans...

  • Daniel Herrera

    im mexican and i live in arizona... first of all pitbull has an opinion ok koo i dont agree wit the immigration law either but pitbull is an artist FIRST their main goal should b to make their fans happy how is it right that pitbull now jips his fans out of seeing him perform?!?! plus pitbull does not live in arizona technically he shouldnt have an opinion all these artists are doing is losing money and pissing their fans off! arizona government is not gonna care that artists dont wanna perform here plain n simple artists' fans should come first

    • prc772

      so once u make it into a position where u have a platform to stand up for whats right u should just shut up and make money right?i guess thats tha american way tho and its cause people that think like u that were on our way to financial and moral ruin.u probably a republican mexican.gtfoh LATINOS EVERYWHERE STAND THE F**K UP cause if it aint us now soon it will

  • Josh Cano

    Ok people i have read most these comments and it has made me sick to think that people actually think this way. I am a mexican american aka Chicano I was born and raised here. And im proud of it. i love my country and believe in the laws that are placed for us. yes we do have a immigration problem but its not just Mexicans. and yes Mexicans have a big crime rate but not all of it is our doing. how many black people or white people kill and steal on a daily basis. how many black people are in prison for saleing drugs raping there own women there own race. how many white people are in jail for killing and breaking the laws just as all other races do. What race is the averge serial killer if u dont kno its white. But wht i am tring to do here is not point fingers at races its to open eyes in this country people enter illegally every day and ok if u want to do something about it then do it. but the way arizona has taken action is wrong u cannont judge a person by the way they look they need to make a diff rent plan do it someother way. and yes this law is only targeting mexican so all the other races dont see it as there problem but my question to u is DO YOU ACTUALLY THINK ITS GOING TO STOP THERE?????? if we as a country let this state start discriminating mexicans by the way they look and talk then whats to say they wont start making laws to discriminate on black people or other races. whats to stop them from stoping a black guy or girl that are driving a nice car and say do u sell drugs or u must have stolen this car. whats to stop them from knocking down ur door wile u are feeding your children and say they did it because they felt tht u were doing something illegal see what im tring to say is we need to stop it wile we can before its to late. OUR FAMILIES FOUGHT THE SAME BATTLE IN THE 60'S AND 70'S FOR US TO BE FREE FROM HOW WE LOOK AND FOR US TO BE ABLE TO WALK DOWN THE STREETS WITH OUT WORRYING IF WERE GOING TO BE MESSED WITH AMERICA DO U WANT TO GO BACK TO THT TIME ARE U WILLING TO HAVE LET OUT FATHERS AND MOTHERS AND THERE MOTHERS AND FATHERS WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND WHO HAVE DIED FOR US TO BE ABLE TO BE FREE GO TO WASTE WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND WE NEED TO KEEP THIS A FREE COUNTRY my name is joshua cano and i am not going to let my freedom be taken away from me im not going to let them take away what everyone has worked so hard for us to get im not going back to letting these people stop me cause im driving a better car then they are im taking a stand and im willing to do what i think is right but thats just me

    • ListenUP

      Good points but you're wasting your time on HipHopDX because most of the posters here are way ignorant and DO NOT CARE about inherent minority issues or hip-hop for that matter. They're just the same people who populate the Youtube comment areas with hate, misinformation and low IQ statements.


      @ JOSH CANO | MAY 14, 2010 03:35 PM, get it right , Black people have been going through this shit from the jump so don't make it like we are next get it right. the minute your born black you are a case and a statistic the law sucks anyway

  • nastynas4life

    fuck Arizona...they racist to us mexicans

  • Anton Chigurh

    Word up, Pit. Good lookin out, homie.

  • Jack M.

    Good for this guy. AZ is a hellhole.

    • Jack M.

      Oh, trust me, i'll never go to Arizona again. Been there once a couple of years ago and the big bad border patrol thought he was Judge Dredd when he found a lil' grass on us. What a joke that state is. And that was before all this hunt-for-brown-people mess started up. I hope this is the nail in that state's coffin and everybody leaves until its economy dwindles down to a stub. "Then don't go" What an idiot.

    • who who

      then dont go

  • robert genius

    thats weak shit like boosie say u let hatin stop yo grind u a fool

  • robert genius

    fuck pitbull i wont be buying/listening/downloading any of his shit ever... fuckin wetback!

    • Illness:O

      cuban's still have to swim to get here...so they're still technically "wetbacks"

    • SWBRstaff

      ^ your fuckin stupid first off its people like you that have torn apart of the USA's unity by being racist. And second he isnt a wetback you ignorant motherfucker he is Cuban...

  • my god...

    oh. and i know not all minorities act this way, but enough of you do, so we can put ya'll together. stop letting your people behave like clowns and maybe you'd get some respect.

  • my god...

    look... this is what it is, and anyone who doesn't agree is an ignorant mothafucker. most of yall just like screaming racism like you like the way the word sounds or some shit.... if you come to AMERICA, do it LEGALLY. we have NO PROBLEM with other people from other countries coming here to make a living. HOWEVER, if you come here ILLEGALLY, how in the fuck do you not expect to be hassled? all the united states asks for from immigrants is some motherfucking RESPECT, if we're letting you come here for a BETTER LIFE, why would you disrespect us by sneaking across our borders? i understand it may be hard to gain citizenship...but remember, if you were denied passage to the US there's probably a good reason. so come here legally and you won't be hassled. show them your green card and shut the police up. i'm tired of minorities and immigrants talking about "oh racism this, racism that" just because they think white people are treated better or whatever. ACT LIKE A HUMAN, stop putting on a facade of you being some hardcore gangsta thug dizzle from another mizzle, or whatever it is. if you ACT like a human, you'll be TREATED like one. stop worrying about what you look like to others, and stop thinking of ways to break the laws and fuck this country up further. i could go on and on about this subject, but most people who read this will be teenagers with no direction in life, so i won't bother.

    • krime

      Say that to the young teens GRADUATING from high school only to find out that they cant do SHIT in this country. The ones who were raised american just like YOU & ME but are considered "illegal" because their parents decided to bring them here when they were minors... im talking about people who were BROUGHT here as infants & raised practically american. They DID NOT "sneak across the border", because THEY HAD NO CHOICE!!! Most of these young immigrants speak better english than spanish! They wouldn't last a day in mexico! Oh but thats right, they're CRIMINALS in your book, right? Let me guess, if you want to travel mexico then you just need to go downtown & pay for a visa & thats it. Do you think it is that easy in mexico too?? Before you start talking about immigration then you're gonna have too look at EVERY SINGLE DETAIL & how it affects the people involved. You cant simply say "well thats too bad. They're still illegal." It's racism when you can look at a young person in these circumstances & just say "too bad. go back to your country. you're an immigrant" Thats bullshit.

    • Illness:O

      ^This comment ftw. Co-sign.

    • JRod502

      co-mother fucking-sign sir ... the greatest ignorance by our fellow americans is believing that illegal and legal are the same concepts .. how is denying illegal immigrants racist ... smh to all the uneducated .. and smh to those who hating on the country we live in .... dont like it, move the fuck out ... we need some respect as Americans, we're the land of the free, but we also need our own identity.. We're not a betty ford clinic and just allow everyone to come in.

  • Luke Knocks

    ya'll dont feel it cuz you aint livin here in AZ, there pullin people over here now just for lookin brown...yea they say the law applies to anyone and they can question anyone they want but why would they pull over a white or black person and ask for theyre papers??? cops is hella janky ouy here

    • krime

      what two-tone???? that aint happenin at all?? thats just cause youre 1 of the ladder... & you probably live in scottsdale. The Phoenix Pilice Department is 80% white & is SUPER racist... So STFU!

    • Two-Tone

      U lying out yo ass right now!! I live in AZ and all these u speaking on ain't happening at all!

  • hdottyslicksta

    I like how Pit is doing this to bring more attention to the matter.

  • nugz

    the usa doesnt stand for illegal immigrants coming through here illegaly stealing the benefits and jobs of actual citizens. were already in a rough economic time and they are bring more and more crime with them. they can kill a man and just get deported. THEY DO NOT CARe. i am in no way racist, but i fully support nthat law. they arizona government has had enough of all the crime, especially crimes commited by people who legally dont even belong here. if you get a green card and do whatecver it is you have to do to live here, then by all means, do it. quit coming here and bringing all that havoc with you.

  • kush nap

    i hope pitbull gets deported for being a wack nigga. who goin to see pitbull perform? go watch paint dry or something.

  • Semp Rok

    I feel you. If anything they'd prefer us minorities not there to begin with. But I support what Pit and Cypress are doing whether or not the heads of Phoenix care.

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Shit aint gone prove nothing.. White folks gone do what they want to do regardless. You think they care about rappers not showing up, hell they look at that as less violence for the weekend.. I c it like this regardless if it was build by immigrations or not, they still gotta have them papers to be here legally. It's like this you got some who come over here to make a better life for themselves and their families but you got some who come here with other intentions. Some come here to work some come here to make that easy money just like some of the non working citizens thats already here. Then what comes with that crime and killings. Once they kill a few legal citizens then they want to up and run back home without a trace, fuck that. Atleast the killers over here are in already in the system somehow hell. I aint aiming this at Mexicans only either because it's more than just them over here illegal, shit u got all types of races over here illegal. This law just seems to be aimed at Latinos though. Shit we can't leave the country without our passports, we have to have our passports on us at all times when we visiting other countries right, it's our ID. We have to have ID on us at all times here and we citizens hell. I see it like this if you let motha fuckas come and go as they please, it will be all types of crime and terrorist acts over here..

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      Yeah, by da way, my ole lady is Puerto Rican.. I got a lil boy by another PR woman to.

    • NiggFRMCA

      Amen to that my nigga. I live in California and my GF is latina but you are so right. these motherfuckas, not only from Mexico but from other places come and do all the shit they want then kill some people then run back to Mexico or Armenia or wherever the fuck they come from and don't got worry bout that shit. Shit is wack. Get yo ass here legally so if you do kill someone, we know who you are. BTW Pitbull is garbage who goin listen to this nigga.

  • patrick Dunn

    im glad he isnt performing because no one should have to listen to his wack shit

  • Hrmm

    I respect Pitbull. He losin' money to prove a point. Him and David Banner are so real.

  • AYS

    what exactly will that do??

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