Eminem & Jay-Z Announce Two Co-Headlining Performances

Breaking: The two "Renegades" tell ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball crew that they'll perform September 2 and 13 in New York and Detroit.

Moments ago, Jay-Z and Eminem appeared on ESPN's Wednesday Night Baseball at Detroit's Comerica Park. In game two of the day-night double-header, the duo watched the game from a private box, joined by Royce Da 5'9''. During the fourth inning, both announced to the ESPN staff that they were using the backdrop of baseball to do special performances on a co-headlining bill.

On September 2 at Yankee Stadium in New York, followed by September 13 at Comerica, Em and Jay will host co-headlining concerts. Jay will open for Eminem in Detroit, while the Shady Records founder will open for Jay-Z in New York.

Asked if the duo will make a new music collaboration since 2001's "Renegade," Jay-Z waved off the question, stating that music must come "naturally."

Additionally, the Roc Nation head spoke about his Yankees World Series performance with Alicia Keys last year, while Eminem stated that he was taking in an interest in the Detroit Tigers again after years removed from baseball.


  • thizzle dance

    Top 10 alive, no order except Nas= G.O.A.T. in my opinion Nas Black Thought AZ Eminem Andre 3K Jay Z Redman Talib Kweli Mos Def Method Man or Big Boi toss up DJ Premier = G.O.A.T. producer


    jay scared.. that's a first.. u must lost your mind.. em is still riding off previous success.. even he admitted his last album was eehhhhh.. jay is doing this for money and to show fifty that i'm a boss, em's a boss.. fif's a pawn

  • CAN'T....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    Why Jay is dick ridin Em.........nobody wanna see Jay dick ridin Em in concert the fans wanna see them get back in the booth again........Its ashame Renegades came in 2001 and they haven't spit on the same track since......Thats because Jay is scared

  • HollaLeujah

    Ofcourse Jay-Z doesnt wanna collab with Eminem. Do you remember what Em did on Renegade. That's the same reason he doesn't wanna diss rappers anymore. Remember what Nas did on Ether? But that doesn't make him a bitch, it just means he's smart. But I'm sure people who collab with Eminem alway ask him to downplay his artistic side so they don't look as bad.

  • Rachael5922

    take me out to the ball game, take me out to the ------------ buy me some candy and cracker jacks i don't care if i ---------------------------- and its root root root for the home team ----------------------------------------------- cuz its ONE TWO THREE strikes YOUR OUT in the OLD BALL GAME! America once loved Baseball like your grandma loved your cheeks i hope they bring back that feeling to a sport that upheld crowds thru some of America's greatest crisis's

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    these 2 clowns woud shit their panses if lil wayne! and 20 of his bloods jumped on the stage,gay z is a old ass nigga who suck lil wayne's! dick to save his carreer and eminem is white pussy who beg lil wayne! to protect him in the hood fuck all these gay ass niggaz lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters


      yall new to this site yall dont know dude thats what he does make people like yall mad

    • SHADY23

      lil waynes a lil bitch gettin butt raped in prison right now, Eminem is the greatest of all time

    • allyfe

      who is this dude..... you only have a lil wayne because of these dudes, and you wanna talk gay shit, i aint forget seeing wayne kiss that nigga baby calling em daddy... fuck lil wayne he the reason people hate rap. I wish real niggas a start calling out names.

    • dolo4sure

      What a bullshit comment you just made. Lil Wayne's entire style is influenced by Jay z. Lil Wayne is week. his lyrics have no depth. i would imagine you are probably a teenager because grown folks that listen to real music know Lil Wayne still has to develop past some of his verses that just don't seem to make sense. Also Drake writes Lil Waynes shit!

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  • AngryJoe

    Kill that noise about Jay being "scared." I wouldn't want to hear a half-assed, phoned-in, forced collabo just because the fans are screaming for it. The production has to be right, the concept has to be there, and the motherfuckin star have to align.

  • nastynas4life

    Revolutions Per Minute & Distant Relatives on Tuesday...shit can't wait to cop those albums!!

  • Akamu

    This is great that they're still good friends. I'd be down on witnessing history in the making. Wonder when tickets go on sale/how much?

  • mother theresa

    1. Birdman 2. Petey Pablo 3. Wayne 4. Eminem 5. Gucci 6. 2pac 7. Ron Burgundy 8. Nippsey Hu$le 9. Game 10. Nelly 11. Biggie 12. 50 13. Nicki Minaj 14. Drake 15. Rakim 16. J. Cole 17. Ja Rule 18. Plies 19. Jay-Z 20. AZ 21. Jeezy 22. Stic Man 23.LL 24.Rick Ross 25.Hurricane Chris 26. Andre 3000 27. Olivia 28. Jay Electronica 29.Jim Jones 30. Method Man Hate all you want but you know I'm right

    • mother theresa

      cosign BLUNTEDDAILY those birdman lyrics are pretty ill though... lol

    • dolo4sure

      WOW!!! That list is the most bullshit list i've ever read. What are you Birdman's bitch! A good MC at least has to write thier own lyrics automatically dismissing the first 3 MC's!

    • ilovegirls

      birdman? you gotta be kidding me, talking about chains, his cars, his fat wallet, is that good lyricism? i place him in the same league as souljahboy,flo rida,shawty lo and oj da juiceman, shit, hurricane chris,though he is average, is way better than birdman..........what a wack list, no Big L, no Kool G Rap, WTF???????

    • Bob36

      LOL Birdman number 1....

    • BluntedDaily

      How dumb are some of yall that you can't tell the list is a joke? He added Ron fucking Burgandy in there FFS. Get a sense of humor and some common sense. Fuck.

    • that dude manny

      your retarded if you have birdman and wack ass gucci over tupac...fuckin prepubecent retard ..eat a sack of baby dicks motherfucker ahaha

    • solarwind

      just threw up in my mouth


      hahahahahahah birdman number 1 damn are your gay or just jew and wayne before Jay and B.I.G go make your bed and sleep its comin late young nigga

    • BJAB

      Your Birdman verse really isn't helping your point... Don't feel bad though. There are a lot of people out there with shitty taste, just like yours. And I agree with TRUTHBETOLD. Suicide may not be a bad choice.

    • truthbetold89

      I suggest suicide....................I mean what are you still doing alive with a list like that?

    • Chrisq09q09

      I'm Ron Burgundy?

    • mother theresa

      Yall are Haterzzz Birdman is an elite lyricist: "show em where it go, floatin on the float gettin mo dough, ground hard, go! black diamond show, watch the flame blow and how you stay grounded, cash no go and how you stay mounded, cash no flow and how you stay shinin, Bentley off the floor and how you stay high, purple pine dro diamond minks furs, February snow" "Stunna and Patty Cake the worldwide Pusha Birdman nigga leave the guns in the busher Been shittin' up bricks unload 'em to Gucci Boss of the ghetto with the round shape cookie" -Baby AKA #1 Stunna and #1 rhymesayer

    • Cos321

      hahahahah worst list

    • Justme

      lmao horrrible list honestly. No percee p? birdman #1 lmao. wheres kweli? no mos def? rick ross in anyones top 100 is seriosuly comical. The only reason im the first to comment on this is because how bad it really is.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    They should come to PNC Park so I could see it :P

  • a pimp named slickback.

    Em isn't better than everyone, but everyone is nervous about doing a track with him ha. he has a tendency to murder you on your own shit...

  • Quick Dick for your Bitch

    as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death new york to cali for the money power and respect its a journey some get left behind cuz in life you cant press rewind NAS------ strong will continue cop that DISTANT RELATIVES 5/18/2010

    • a pimp named slickback.

      speaking of huge shows, I saw Nas/Damian do some of distant relatives headlining Rock the Bells last summer. So my anticipation for this album has been growing for a year.... I've heard slightly more than half the leaked album and my expectations have been exceeded

    • a pimp named slickback.

      no doubt copping it day one. Reflection Eternal droppin the same day. doesn't sound nearly as good as Distant Relatives tho

  • curbstompa

    i'd rather go to the NY show so i can leave after Em is done.


    yea Jay-Z definitely scared lmao, of course he was the one to "waive" it off, he still think Em can take him. Personally I thought Jay could take Em a few months ago up until Em released that Over+Beemer Benz Or Bentley freestyle and his new single, now I think Shady would destroy Jay again

  • jboog61


  • Illness:O

    Jay-Z's scared to get murked on his own track again hahaha

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