Apathy & Diabolic Join Forces As Sleeper Cell

Exclusive: The Army of The Pharaohs/Get Busy Committee emcee/producer links with Viper Records' Diabolic for a new group.

This evening, veteran emcee/producer Apathy of Demigodz/Army of the Pharaohs/Get Busy Committee told HipHopDX that he will be adding another group to his extensive resume. The Connecticut artist will be joining Diabolic, a longtime collaborator and Viper Records artist with Immortal Technique.

"I've been a huge fan of Diabolic since I first heard his freestyles on YouTube," said Apathy to DX. "I've always wanted to do a track, and we've both equally been getting hit up by fans, requesting us to work together."

Diabolic, who recently released his Liar & A Thief album, added, :We both respect each other's talent and share a similar outlook on the industry so it comes natural to work together.  More importantly, Hip Hop needs this."

Asked if Apathy will be lending his production talents to the Sleeper Cell outfit, he revealed, "I'll be doing some of the production, but we'll definitely be reaching out to some legends and heavyweights for beats."

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  • Seamus203

    This fool supposedly been hot for so long, yet all his shit sounds the same. Dissing cats, acting hard, meanwhile ducking madd fools in CT because he owes cats duckets, popped some bullshit and is too bitch made to ever see someone head up. If I catch this bitch slippin' in New Haven, Imma pull his bitch ass card. Imma see you without your dick rider crew, Ap.

  • JTD

    Copywrite would be dope on a track with him also. Hell how about this super group of white emcees!?!? A White Wu-Tang if you will. Diabolic, ILL Bill, Copywrite, Slaine, Apathy, RA the Rugged Man, Brother Ali, and Slug. I mean that's a pretty nice collective group of emcee's when you look at them bringing their A game. Am I wrong?

  • JTD

    Slaine would be nice with them also. I'd like to see a TON of nice cats on there that don't really have a name to 90% of the masses: Juice, Louis Logic, Elzhi, One Be Lo, Fashawn, Sean Price, Crooked I/Royce (now known more with slaughterhouse and royce back in bad meets evil days with Em), Planet Asia (known more in west only for the most part again by non hip hop heads which it sounds like SOME ppl on here are not REAL hip hop heads if they think Diabolic is "ok" or "ehhhh". Say it's not my steez, don't say ehhhh, b-c it's really undeniable that he's a dope lyricist) to name a few. Hopefully they get solid production even if not obvious amazing dudes like Primo, Rza, Dre, Alchemist, 9th Wonda, Pete Rock, Jus Blaze, Kanye and ppl like that. Dudes like Stoupe from Jedi would be sick, Jake One, Black Milk (from Mich who rocks with Elzhi on DOPE Pre-Face album), DJ Babu, Snowgoons, Engineer (not as good, but decent on Bolic's album on at least half the tracks), and ppl like that. Def lookin forward to this album. PLEASE god let it have good to great production on most of it b-c if it does, NO DOUBT it will be FIRE. I would of LOVED to see a 98-2003 Eminem be on a track with Bolic. God damn that would of been in ill. Don't get me wrong I'm still HOPEFUL for Recovery and Em is still better than 99% of the radio (which isn't saying much in 2010), but any non stan will agree 98-2003 Em (top 5 of all time em) is better than 2004-2010 Em (yes some dope verses and songs here and there to prove he's still one of the best but first 3 albums and 8 mile along with EVERYTHING else dope he dropped to murder ppl and random tracks compared to Encore/Relapse really is a fall off as much as I hate to admit it. Was not to pleased with the tracklisting either, but hoping for at least his best album since Eminem Show). My bad on that tangent. I'm really hopeful diabolic can get signed by someone big b-c dude is raw as sh!t, but again I wanted the same thing for Juice 6 years ago, Louis Logic, ILL Bill, Crooked I, Royce (could finally if Shady deal FINALLY comes through along w/ Crooked I who is UNREAL in his own right bar for bar....would love to see he and Bolic on an album), One Be Lo, Elzhi and dudes like that. Let's face it's almost impossible for the AMAZING underground emcees to blow up these days with what Clear Channel's of the world are FORCE FEEDING radio stations and even Hip Hop DX! Remember when Hip Hop DX was 85% underground hard sh!t!?!? Those were the good ole days. Not anymore. There's a better site for UNDERGROUND HIP HOP (clue right there :) ) that focuses on UNDERGROUND emcees. "Yo I think about HIP HOP and how they just take it away, Cause I grew up when Wu-Tang got Rotational Radio Play" -Diabolic on ILL track "Reasons"

  • JTD

    I used to love Apathy back on early Jedi Mind trick stuff and on Best Friends (on LEGENDARY slept on AMAZING emcee Louis Logic's, Sin-A-Matic classic) and AOTP/Demigodz stuff. Have the Bootlegg Muthafuckas double album. Good stuff.... But I'm sorry this cat is not as dope BAR FOR BAR as Diabolic. Bolic is one of the illest dudes spitting on the planet period (when you take into account AMAZING multi-syllabic rhymes that go for days mixed with punches/metaphors internal rhymes, HUNGER, flow, and 4 deep tracks to go along with the f*ck da industry/battle/i'm dope stuff...Reasons, Behind Bars, 12 Shots, Modern Slavery and even Truth part 2, but those first 4 are all CLASSICS. Hell read an article about sleepercell and some other stuff, Apathy himself thinks Diabolic is ill as sh%t! As does Imm Tech, Canibus, Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, KOOL G RAP himself, Juice,Elzhi, One Be Lo, Sean Price, Chino XL,Reef the Lost Cause, Louis Logic, and Slaugherhouse (to name a few) who he's performed with at Rock the Bells 2009(keep in mind he's been to 25 stops on Rock the Bells last year with Techique). He SLAUGHTERED ppl on the battle scene including Jin (yes overrated as f$%k, but still in finals of a big battle) and MURDERED Rhymefest (solid emcee, but shouldn't be bigger than the LEGEND that is JUICE/JU-ICE out of Chi-town) in the finals of a 5K battle). Again their both nice, and apathy may have him on flow ONLY, but every other aspect that makes an amazing emcee, Diabolic has got him. Anyone who doesn't think Diabolic is a sick lyricist is either deaf or doesn't know what DOPE hip hop is.

    • matt

      I agree but Ap is not far behind Bolic Ap is easily one of the most skilled MC's to ever spit bars. Up there with Canibus, G Rap, RA, Paz etc. But yea Bolic is insanely consistent though kinda like Vinnie P. No one has more sheer density of rhymes than bolic. not to mention the topical focus and cleverness and relevance of wordplay.. bolic is destined to be known as one of the best if not the absolute best mc ever.

  • Weight101

    Diabolic's probably the illest bar for bar i ever heard. Ap's nice this should be a dope release.

  • celphtitled

    lets hope Ap doesnt pick the beats =)

  • west los

    Those Apathy Bootleg tapes were the shit, and Ap's verses on the new Army of the pharaohs is sick. Diabolic can come strong too. This will be on some battle,metaphors, similies type steez

  • audio tech

    no disrepect to immortal tech but when u on his label it's hard to distinguish your own self when EVERYONE asks/focused on I.T. and what he gonna do next

  • DrewDown91

    Apathy's verses on the new AOTP album are fire. His solo shit has never matched the Demigodz tracks. I hope this gets him there. What ever happened to his deal with Atlantic? Guess he got dropped.

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  • FreeDog

    Let's just hope Apathy produces only one or two tracks the most on their up coming project cuz his beats are straight booty. Apathy's latest album "Wanna Snuggle" was one of the worst produced albums ever with so much hype. Don't get me wrong Apathy can flow his ass off but leave the producing alone son! Diabolic's album has been on repeat since I got it. Word up to Blacastan! Everybody needs to get Blacastan's new album "Blac Sabbath" Now thats a Classic album

  • Vocab

    ive always though Ap was kinda corny but the kid can indeed rap so this would make for a good combo. if the beats are right this release could be serious.

  • ILL 213

    I Hope they get slaine on their album Ive always wanted to hear slaine with Diabolic

  • calibeatbox420

    Wanna Snuggle was defintely if not the most underrated album to be released in 09, I hope he reaches out to the producers on that joint, but when someone drops the term "heavyweights" I already got high hopes......Premo....Pete...Large Pro....the possibilities are endless

  • I_Am_Beast

    These dude's both have similar voices and diction, they might meld together on a track and be hard to tell apart. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it would make the project more cohesive. They both have sick lyrics, so yeah, I'll fuck with this.

  • illmathmatical

    Apathy is slept on and underrated just like Diabolic...their music is FOR THE PEOPLE. I think they would fit perfectly together on a track, definitely looking forward for the lyrical onslaught now they just need immortal technique to join nd its a wrap

  • Hector Saenz

    Free the real PHAROAH FROM HOUSTON

  • curbstompa

    WORD. they'd blend nicely... they can both rap their asses off.

  • c/gaddic

    Cool Apathy is really dropping a lot of material since recently Hope it's good and not some straight battle rap shit like That Army of Pharaohs album Diabolic is ok Ap will no doubt murk every track and leave him in a cloud of lyrical dust immTech is good though but bar for bar Ap will "reign (rain)supreme The rest will barely drizzle!"

    • Weight101

      What [lanet are you on ? Have you ever heard Diabolic rap ? That kid's bars are light years beyond Apathy.

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