Eminem's "Not Afraid" Debuts At #1 On Billboard Hot 100

Marshall Mathers achieves a feat only seen 15 times in history, as "Relapse" gives way to "Recovery."

Billboard announced this afternoon that Eminem's recent Boi-1da-produced single "Not Afraid" enters the Billboard Hot 100 at #1. The first single from next month's Recovery, is only the 16th song to ever enter the coveted single chart at the top spot. This particular chart dates back to 1958.

The feat was last achieved by formal Eminem object of ridicule, Britney Spears, who did so last fall with "3." Eminem has had two previous #1 hits in "Lose Yourself" and last year's "Crack A Bottle" .

Read the full Billboard story here.


  • DJ Game

    i cannot believe what i have been reading. there can't even be a top 10 even if i tried to make it because there arent enough mc's to name. this is a list of some of the greats. 1) Eminem (4 classic albums, the first one starting from Infinite and then all the way to the Eminem Show) 2) Notorious B.I.G. (2 classic albums, his only 2, Ready 2 Die & Life After Death) 3) Nas (2 classic albums, Illmatic & Stillmatic) 4) Big Pun (2 classic albums, last one 100% Yeah was way too commercial for my taste) 5) Big L (1 classic album, 1 classic compilation 6) Method Man (1 classic album, a few good albums as well, Tical) 7) Ghostface Killah (1 classic album, but never fell off until his last "Wizard" joint; Supreme Clientele is phenomenal) If you think 2pac, jay-z, kanye west or anything of that sort would be on my list, you have not only lost your mind, but you do not understand the essence of hip-hop music! As for groups: 1) Wu Tang Clan 2) A Tribe Called Quest 3) De La Soul 4) Eric B & Rakim 5) Gangstarr ENOUGH SAID!

    • DJ Game

      im from new york, i dont hate 2pac at all, i just feel his message and what he does is all fake. i read a few articles and did research of his so-called thug life. and to tell you the truth, he was never in trouble with the law until he sold records. his thug life tattoo does not make sense, because he did attend juliard. he was a bright man, not a thug. rick ross is not a cocaine dealer never was, but he raps about it. thats what 2pac did, he rapped about a persona that he never lived upon. thats not right. i respect ice cube. im not just a new york man, i love music in general. but there has to be substance. feel me.

    • Clipze

      Tupac has to be on the list,Your focus is obviously on being lyrical,was tupac not influential to almost every hip hop artist to grace the game?He has lived the life and did the music,He even took it to poetry,The essence of hip hop ? Pac had that in every song he has ever made, Tupac was also lyrical,while i agree biggie was more of a battle rapper hence having more lyrical content,but PAC was also and all rounder.I believe you are from the easy coast,that's the only way you would have the guts to say pac is not hip hop.

    • DJ Game

      BY THE WAY..i fell i didnt go into depth, but 2pac was the reason hip-hop started dying. with his retarded hooks, his absolute zero word play, and his fake persona. i cannot respect a man who was born in brooklyn, raised in baltimore, but claimed to be west coast and a thug. motherfucker graduated from a high school and college. please lets not. jay-z ripped big's flow and kanye west is just too much of a diva for the hip-hop scene. the truth has been spoken. deal with it. oh and lil wayne? drake? you are kidding right. everyone that i had named worked incredibly hard for their stuff. lil wayne has been signed since he was 11 he never had to work a day in his life. drake was on a television show, that was his job. so please. dont talk to me about motherfuckers who had it made and motherfuckers who made it made. feel me? good. easy!

    • DJ Game

      BY THE WAY..i fell i didnt go into depth, but 2pac was the reason hip-hop started dying. with his retarded hooks, his absolute zero word play, and his fake persona. i cannot respect a man who was born in brooklyn, raised in baltimore, but claimed to be west coast and a thug. motherfucker graduated from a high school and college. please lets not. jay-z ripped big's flow and kanye west is just too much of a diva for the hip-hop scene. the truth has been spoken. deal with it. oh and lil wayne? drake? you are kidding right. everyone that i had named worked incredibly hard for their stuff. lil wayne has been signed since he was 11 he never had to work a day in his life. drake was on a television show, that was his job. so please. dont talk to me about motherfuckers who had it made and motherfuckers who made it made. feel me? good. easy!

  • Casparcas

    Mwah it doesn't touch me this song... Eminems slimshady LP and Marshall Matters are still the best(Y)!

  • mr.trh

    "FUCK GOING TO JAIL" see the video on youtube or at myspace.com/mr.trh

  • I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich yo

    eminem just did a song with korn! it's called next time I die!!!

  • Enigma Sept

    I'm glad Eminem's getting props for making a real song. More 8 Mile Rabbit and less Slim Shady..... The Enigma Sept Hour goes live tomorrow at 8 pm EST w/featured guest Brougham $wagg. R U Not Entertained?! - http://bit.ly/cOV0ka

  • ____--0-

    hiphop is feminine. gossiping about men and about swag and who's hot and talking about clothes all day. smh.... this black man vs. hiphop



    • rugged made

      are you kiddin me mayn shit nigga am from africa so lemme put you on hiphop from a global perspective. we all waitin for new york to come back. nothin against my southern brothers but damn, hiphop tired of candy paint., the trap and lean. you feel me negro. and oh the white boy tight.

  • Johngame1985

    1-Biggie 2-Nas 3-2pac 4-JayZ 5-Ic Cub 6-Eminem 7-SnoopDogg 8-RedMan &Methodman 9-T.I. 10-Ghost Face

  • DiVerSe S.K.E.

    eminem has passed the great biggie smalls.....well its a valid point

  • thizzle dance

    Top 10 alive, no order except Nas= G.O.A.T. in my opinion Nas Black Thought AZ Eminem Andre 3K Jay Z Redman Talib Kweli Mos Def Method Man or Big Boi toss up


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    • Dmize

      before you put another mans name in your mouth know what you speak of.. ray lewis didnt say shit about them killing anybody.. he testified he didnt see them do anything you fuckin idiot...

  • YnvE

    Enimem is a great artist and kills alot of artists and songs. Only knock on him is albums. His first two albums were great but after that shit got wack. Thats not a knock on em im just being real. I havent heard a complete album form em in years and now its to the point that im not even looking forward to anything he drops because of this. With that being said dudes abilities are off the chartsa and the hiphop missed what he brings to it. There is a place for a white rapper to go in and kill every track he touches unless its his own. I just wishe we get a clasic album from dude with all the bullshit that he puts out aside. Just go in em hip hop need that right now.

    • stephenccccc

      Are you serious the eminem show was an amazing album

    • Thizzle Dance

      his skill outweighs his ability to put together great albums. Thats why he kills muthafuckas in freestyles and features. But I can't remember the last Em album that I didn't have to skip mad songs

  • Json

    Lil Wayne sold over 3 million copies of the carter III and he's black so I'm just curious to how in the hell it is that Em only sells the amount he does because he's white? We all know that most people that purchase music is white to begin with and they be buying black rappers albums. Jay, Kanye, 50, Wayne, and the list goes on but again once it's Em it's all about color. Oh by the way I will say I can't wait to pick up Recovery because Em is white! I'm sooo excited to buy a white rapper cd because he's white.

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  • No Ceilings > Relapse


  • jcash

    Music is dead not just hip hop - the internet ruined it. If your an artist your work is leaked then every tom, rick and harry has an opinion on it before its even released. There used to be anticipation before a new project dropped - then when the whole album hit you - you were like WOW. Thats why illmatic, ready to die, dah shinin, reasonable doubt and projects pre napster stand the test of time. We judged them as a whole, not one leaked track at a time. Artists aren't motivated to WOW us because they know we lose interest before the album's dropped. Relapse was brilliant lyrically but underappreciated artistically. Joell Ortiz and Jay Electronica could captivate if we haven't heard 16 mixtapes featuring them already.

    • Thizzle Dance

      yea but some of the dopest new rappers would never have been heard of if wasn't for the internet. What you say is true, but the internet also leveled the playing field, so that a young talented artist can make a name or a buzz without having to go through old, white record label owners. it's a double edged sword.

  • yeayea

    eminem is one of the greats and will go down with biggie and pac and scarface and so on whether you like his music or not that is a fact. Relapse was dope, Refill was better (for what it was) and now Recovery is shaping up to be dope as oxycontin haha

    • dadonjuan

      RELAPSE WAS DOPE?? R U FUCKIN KIDDIN ME? THAT SHIT WAS WACK!! EVEN EMINEM SAID IT WAS WACK!! YOU HAVE TO BE A WHITE "STAN ANDROID FAN BOY". EM is a great emcee who can't make an album to save his life. with that said i still think eminem is a pop artist more than a hip hop artist. scarface is dope also. THE FIX AND THE DIARY is better than any album EMINEM has put together.

    • MightyMike27

      lol Scarface? he must be your favorite rapper to be put in the category with those guys.

  • Thepro

    For some good underground Chicago shit, check out NBK's mixtape, free download for a limited time..... http://limelinx.com/files/aa6b7d9cf1c840fd79c715b486e0bc20

  • Realist Talk

    Thats because its Em, NOT because its hot because the track is just OK!

    • MightyMike27

      3am was genius. Same Song and Dance, and Stay Wide Awake... THose were the best songs from that album... No DOubt..

    • G-Unit Soldier

      I like the track, fuck the relapse cd as whole tho. Fuck 3am especially, that and we made you. Beautiful was pretty gay as well.

    • yeayea

      nah....3am didn't hit number one when it came out

  • jerz305

    Awesome single. The singing is meant to emphasize his sincerity and it did for me. To the racial comments: Your narrow-minded, self-pitying people, period. Em has probably endured more racism than any other Hip Hop artist in history before he ever made it and still does (check these comments). I've seen it first hand in NY when he was first coming up. Also, pac and biggie were both going multi-plat long before Em blew. There were millions of "white people" copping their cds. Why are those points never emphasized or even brought up? Because you are ignorant people who see the world in terms of color. Whatever oppression you face has to do with what you bring to the table financially or in terms of labor to the elite 1% that runs this little planet. This happens regardless of race and if racism is involved it is secondary. Pick up a book. Thanks. My area is primarily latino so he got love from the majority of people of all colors. I guess we latinos usually see latino as our race, not our skin color.

    • dadonjuan

      i understand what you saying but name a black artist who didn't DIE or didn't have to completely SELL OUT to pure ignorance to sell units? dude you have to listen to "WHITE AMERICA". "see the problem is, i speak to this suburban KIDS who otherwise wouldn't know this words exist, whose moms would've never gave two squirts of piss. OR "let's do the math. IF I WAS BLACK I WOULDA SOLD HALF, I AIN'T HAVE TO GRADUATE FROM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL TO KNOW THAT.

  • illchance

    come on this shit is horrible we all know the the white companies want the great white hype to be the best and us black folks see it but ignore it wake the fuck up a number one dont mean shit when there is no other rappers putting shit out so that number one is bs remember back in the day when rappers was rapping putting shit out all year aint no rappers out wacka flocka horrible gucci horrible fuck it the whole brick squad wack wack em can rap but thats where it stops he aint killing shit he just say a whole bunch of shit nigga NAS wil destroy him Busta would destroy him jigga em a rapper but never take shots at niggaz cuz they will destroy his fucking character lol pop stars is his lane and he stay in it real good he can make a good video making fun at gucci wayne T.I jigga but has he done it nope cuz he is afraid lol

    • hiphop11

      its true, nobody wants beef with em during the recession, thats career suicide. if any rapper finds himself in a beef with eminem he might as well hang up his mic and start selling dope again.

    • B_Lett

      Let's see, Eminem hits number one when no other rap is being put out. B.o.B just had the number 1 spot with his hip hop hit "Nothin On You." B.o.B's "Airplanes" is probably going to get up really high as well, as it's sitting at #5 right now. Usher and Will.I.Am had number 1 last week with OMG. Hip hop and pop has a good representation right now in the charts, not rock or country or whatever else the white man listens to. And I'm white.

    • BIG DEAL (rapper)


    • phillygirl215

      Busta tho? your whole argument is null and void if you saying Busta Rhymes is better than emimen..

    • theroach513

      u just sound real stupid right now man... lyrically em can crush any nigga in his sleep but you wanna talk shit cause he dont got beef with no one... u better turn around ur facts he aint got no beef cause none of those niggaz would ever fuck wit em on the mic get the facts right!

  • AngryJoe

    Props to Boi1da, he's producin hits for the hottest acts in the game right now.

  • JordanM91

    Lol at the haters that say, "Eminem fans are the worst"...how about this, Eminem Haters are the worst...its like ur fucking job....look at all the comments on here, anything to do with eminem is always most viewed and top rated, hes #1 on the billboards....open ur fucking eyes people, numbers dont lie...U eminem haters are the most retarted, and definitley give the most excuses. Fuck outta here

    • regular_dude

      very interesting point...i've also noticed that ANYTHING have to do with eminem gets the most views, listens, comments or whatever most of the time...and its back and forth with the stans and the haters...and this is just not on hiphopdx, this is rapradar, allhiphop, thisis50, rapbasement...all over the fucking web! lol

  • ruthless psychopath

    the track is cool if you dig it, check out Naimliss!!!

  • a pimp named slickback.

    The old race argument: The millions of white fans that got into hiphop cuz they could relate to Eminem do make the difference. The "He sells more than other rappers because he's white" argument is 100% valid. 13% of the U.S. population is black. sure black and white people have always been in hiphop and a lot of lyrics are universal, but more black people can relate to lyrics about black struggle etc than white people. Then out comes the first real, ill whiteboy. Millions more white people can relate to Eminem so of course he sells 10x more than everybody else in rap. I'm black and was in a mostly white school when Em came out, and let me tell you, they ate that shit up... People who never owned a rap album before dyed their hair blonde that same year. And this is no hate. I loved those albums too and I think Recovery sounds like he may be back to making good music. And I think Em would stay selling big numbers regardless of race, the boys talented. But I'm sick of people pretending that the race isn't a valid explanation of why he's top selling rapper. It is. And don't even get me started on Vibe lists or Grammy's for wack ass Relapse.

    • regular_dude

      i dunno bout that, but you're maybe right all i know is i'm mexican and in rap music, my favorites in no particular order are, dr.dre, 90's snoop, eminem, nas, and tupac and in my opinion eminem is the shit because hes got the shit so yeah you could say that eminem has sold the most because he white, but also because hes dope as fuck. he's the real deal. anyone heard of asher roth? he's white. he had a big first huge single "i love college". aren't the majority of kids that can relate to that music in collage AND white? where the fuck is he at now? yeah, i dunno either. but guess what. he maybe white, but he don't got the shit. he aint the real deal. that's why you don't hear about him anymore. you can be all the white you want, but unless you don't have the shit (asher roth, vanilla ice) you're just gonna a good 15 minutes of fame. eminem, he has the shit.

    • a pimp named slickback.

      my only point was that the people that always say that race is not the key factor in why he sells so much more than other rappers are wrong. I keep seeing posts saying that the "He sells more than other rappers because he's white" argument is untrue. but it's true.

    • Badmofo

      Whites buy albums/ Blacks buy bootlegs is another fact you forgot. Im black as well & I dont care if he is white??? Almost all white kids came out to both of Lil Wayne shows here last year 12 year old girls all ova the place. In the end they(Em & Wayne) both got money out the ass cause they know how to market well.

  • Ppapafpadspadfsp

    Dang, a number one song thats not catchy. Its just a good song. This hasn't happened in forever.

  • amelamusic

    Congrats to Em

  • mother theresa

    1. Birdman 2. Petey Pablo 3. Wayne 4. Eminem 5. Gucci 6. 2pac 7. Ron Burgundy 8. Nippsey Hu$le 9. Game 10. Nelly 11. Biggie 12. 50 13. Nicki Minaj 14. Drake 15. Rakim 16. J. Cole 17. Ja Rule 18. Plies 19. Jay-Z 20. AZ 21. Jeezy 22. Stic Man 23.LL 24.Rick Ross 25.Hurricane Chris 26. Andre 3000 27. Olivia 28. Jay Electronica 29.Jim Jones 30. Method Man Hate all you want but you know I'm right

    • mother theresa

      AGRO-MC, you are correct. my real #1 G.O.A.T = Nas I put fuckin ron burgundy in there lol

    • BIG DEAL (rapper)

      MY FAVORITES FOR ME GOES BY LYRICS DELIEVERY, FLOW 10. t.i 9. BIGGIE 8. GHOST FACE 7. ICE CUBE 6. EM 5. LUPE FIASCO 4. AZ 3. SCARFACE 2. TUPAC 1. NAS 11-20 11. KANYE WEST 12. JAY Z 13. KRS ONE 14. COMMON 15. LUDACRIS 16. jadakiss/ styles p 17. j cole 18. Bone N thugs harmony 19. devin the dude/ bun b 20. lil wayne 1. NAS

    • agro-mc

      Yo, MOTHER THERESA got the attention he/she wanted. But all of you other people who have replied , cant u see its a fucking joke list??? Why you bother making lists and convincing her/him?!

    • jayyyyyy

      nas / biggie / big pun / wu tang / the lox / redman / jayz/ eminem / snoop / nwa / game / az /blackmoon / 2pac / big L/ ludacris / scarface /rakim / joe budden / joel ortiz / fabolous /dmx / fat joe / kayne west / common / mobb deep /

    • RealMusikBitches

      nah u trippin 1.2pac 2.krs one 3.nas 4.immortal technique 5.talib kweli-black star-reflection eternal 6.rakim 7.guru of gang starr 8.eminem.. 9,wu tang klan 10.sick jacken of pyscho realm ..and the list goes on and on..theres just too many dope mcs to write down..but rest a sure that my list dont have wack rappers nor backpackers...fuck wayne, drake,birdman,rick ross gucci nelly, hurriacane cris for real wtf and the rest of the gimmicks from young money ..and this list goes on and on too..trust me theres other mcs way above them that u probably never heard off..mothafuckas that keep it real that actually have lyrical skills..so turn off that bullshit..real hip hop dont get played in the radio...and I SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH BITCHES!

    • RealMusikBitches

      nah u trippin! 1.2pac 2.krsone 3.nas

    • Etherboy2323

      Oh fuck yeah, Birdman number 1? Seriously? I AM SICK OF HEARING IDIOTS LIKE THIS TYPE STUPID SHIT. In your top 10, you include Birdman, Petey Pablo, Gucci, and Nelly? Holy shit you are truly retarded. Your whole list is fucked up! Even Wayne fell off big time. My Top 10: 1. 2Pac 2. Biggie 3. Eminem 4. Nas 5. Kanye West 6. Jay-Z 7. T.I. 8. Dr. Dre 9. Snoop 10. Game Others: All of Wu Tang, Luda, the former rapper Lil Wayne, Jeezy, and whoever else other people want (as long as they know what they're talking about). You might as well put Soulja Boy as your number 1, that's how dumb you are. You have no sense of lyricism or skill. Fuck, Birdman being at number 1 is enough to show that you should find and discuss a different genre of music.

    • mother theresa

      your favorite rapper is scared to do a track w/ Birdman cuz they will get murked by the G.O.A.T

    • theoriesofthemind

      !!!!!!! G. T. F. O. H. !!!!!!!!

    • the_realest42

      oh and Hov is definately not #19 Birdman def not #1 Pac definately not below Gucci and Petey Pablo........?

    • the_realest42

      Nas isn't even in the top 30? Dre? Snoop? As Eminem would say and should be directed to you... "You were born with a dick in your brain, yeah fucked in the head"

    • mother theresa

      I speak only the truth

    • c/gaddic

      You Are a Fucking Ignorant spermsipper

    • lay

      Where's Wacka? Soulja Boy? LOL!!

    • Authority On Elevated Intelligence

      The essence of true Hip Hop is brilliantly defined in this list. Well done, sir.

  • roger that

    pass the song is ok but not a #1


      The song is an anthem for drug addicts recovering.... When is the last time your favorite rapper has spit something with that kind of content? You got all day.... That's why it's number one, man. Great content from a dope artist. It's not suppose to make you dance to the beat for a change.


    Ya need to stop actin like bitches. Some REAL shit has dubut at #1 instead of some pop, crank, drop, snappy, clone music bullshit!! Ain't this what we have been askin for from the artist as fans??!! Don't be hypocrites now! Everyone needs to follow suit and put out some real shit or continue suffering on the charts! If eminem had to change his formula up for success, then that should tell you something. People will support if your giving them quality music. Em felt it, so that's why this is a prime example. Don't give me that "it's just because it's Em" BULLSHIT, either. Em has always been REAL. 100% no frontin bullshit! There's nothing you can do about REAL, but respect it. Hence the numbers. It's very possible to be a white rapper and not get as much love at all. Maybe cuz it's not REAL and/or DOPE. You can't have one without the other to see success like this.

  • PONCHO520

    the fact is billboard is paid for by the label execs to promote whichever song they feel is the most lucrative that week. that is how a song can DEBUT at # 1. thats why took the job as def jam pres. it guaranteed his being a priority at the label till he left. the song is cool a little formulaic but eminem is a prisoner of his own success. he admitted himself if you took his body of work and put a black face on it it would not be as successful.

    • The Mic

      "the fact is billboard is paid for... to promote whichever song they feel is the most lucrative that week. that is how a song can DEBUT at # 1." This is not fact. This is your gay little opinion. A song can debut at number one, because its sales are the highest of the week. Sound obvious? That's because it is. "Not Afriad" was hyped like mad online - not by label excecutives, but fans - before its release, and the subsequent sales reflect the hype.

  • illness personified

    success or not, this joint is fucking lame...straight up album filler garbage...

  • William Munnerlyn

    the song isn't bad but i dnt think it should be #1. this just shows how loyal eminem "stans" are.

  • ShowTimeNY

    Congrats to EM Im curuious how it debuted at #1. How do you do it..Whaat determines it. I heard it on the radio once. On Another Note Ems fans are the worst. Nas stans > Jay Stans > Em Stans The best Lyricist Ever Dead or alive ....Disgusting SMH



  • dcollin4444

    So I am assuming this is the "BIG" announcement Eminem tweeted about yesterday? And by the way, this song is amazing lyrically and production wise. I actually can't believe that such a good song is at #1 as most popular music today is garbage.

    • theoriesofthemind

      im not much of an eminem fan, but that song is good, i think its better than drake's over single. and the hook is not even bad it goes with the whole song. Big ups to eminem for the #1 single.

  • www.212DIAMONDCITY.com

    I hate to say it but EM is really fallin off hard WOW, Look at this black diamond chain for under $1600, you cant find that ANYWHERE else !!!! http://www.212diamondcity.com/item/diamond-chain/2889.html Fine men's and woman's diamond jewelry at affordable prices http://www.212diamondcity.com

    • Etherboy2323

      Your just a faggot trying to get some business. Em hasn't fell off you dip shit; it's obvious you aren't familiar with the genre. Just keep trying to sell some diamonds homo!

  • c/gaddic

    Get your facts straight and interpret my comments I'M no FUCKING RADIO DICK RIDer!!! My fav rap albums illmatic Internal affairs and Reasonable DOubt didn't get great radio play so FUCK YOU For being an ignorant prick!!! And who says typical people don't listen lyrics You are an idiot i know plenty dudes who once were in the pop shit and dropped the bullshit rappers for the better underground ones the masses aren't idiots they just have a diet for catchy hits and that's where Em and Jay have succeeded in making catchy hits with sick lyrics!

    • tdot1987

      no the big announcement is slaughterhouse/shady. which is a very big announcement if you appreciate dope lyricism.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    I was hoping this would reach #1. It's not his best song by any means, but it's good for a single, and I'm happy for him.

  • Fabo70

    Shout to the Nigga Slim Shady

  • Ceazar

    And can a Professor from Macon State College pls have dinner wit an instructor at Central Georgia Technical College and pls tell them whts going 2 happen 2 when i find that housing unit. 2day.

  • shone jones

    Congrats, Em.


    not a fan so i havent heard it but big ups to em

  • Haters

    if Drake made this song all u ppl would be on his dick...get off em's..artist of the decade...sold more than Jay...Jay got double the amount of albums as em's and em's sold more...The song is fire..u ppl bitch if hes too playful, now hes serious and uze r still bitchin...grow up

    • milehighkid303

      Dude is the man period. Lyrically NO ONE IS TOUCHING HIM DEAD OR ALIVE.

    • Hoiler than thou

      What are you talking about? This site shits on Drake more then dick ride him. (he's decent though)

    • Drucifer1983

      Its the eminem factor, People will complain no matter what the man does, yet somehow he still has the most success...... *Kanye Shrug*

  • c/gaddic

    FUCKING AMAZING REAL LYRICAL RAP MUSIC IS STILL APPRECIATED Eminem is probably the last hope for lyricists to be commercial adept without selling out their lyrical signature JAY-Z is selling out every other album Nas doesn't give a shit about radio again and caters only to true rap heads alone

    • Dab

      I honestly think the fact that he's a veteran is the reason why he's selling. There are alot of young "real rapppers" that no one gives a shit about. There is no way in hell only Eminem can get be the only popular lyrical rapper who sells. No fucking way. There is ALOT of great rap people pass up and leave bullshit comments like this. Turn off your fucking radio The simple fact is the average fan (especially women) don't give a fuck about lyrical rap. Hell I seen all types of women who would shake their asses to the nastiest shit but wouldn't even attempt to listen to something with true value. I'm not blaming only women cause alot of young people kind of fall under that category but lets be real, there are more women then men and women are being catered too in rap these days

  • Shottaz

    Em could fart over a beat for three minutes and it would still debut at #1


    eminem is crack to rap fans.. its the initial high.. then what.. the recovery.. the downfall.. the pit.. he's only got a hand full of songs that you could put on repeat.. maybe 8.. and that's probably stretching it.. intensity, yes, fearlessness, yes.. two huge songs, yes.. only problem is, he's out of spades and spades is the name of the game.. his name will carry him for the remainder of his career, just hope he finds another "stan" or "lose yourself" in there somewhere.. and make no mistake about it, there is only one emcee on top of the game right now.. Jay-Z.. he's already home.. "i don't know who you racin', i'm already at the finish line with the flag wavin'."


      if you can put three eminem albums on repeat you need to check yourself into a clinic of some sort.. the subject matter alone would classify you in need of mental health services, no disrespect, but you need some healing of another kind instead of more of the same abuse stories and sickness.. pop music is and always will be the greatest.. niche music is not supreme.. jay-z fell into a zone on the blueprint 3 that most artists never experience.. jay crushed lyrics and gave perspective without shooting over people's heads.. just the barbershop reference in young forever is the dopest shit.. stories passed down to his sons ear, so young will get younger every year.. come on man.. the generational gaps this guy fills are rediculous.. i'm just saying em has three maybe four songs that the world can sing with him.. he's swung and missed on finding that for his last couple albums and this song isn't the one either.. em's rhyme patterns are impressive, but a whole album over done with multiple syllable rhymes gets old quick.. i hope to see them both in concert together.. will be interesting to see the crowd's response and participation.. should be amazing

    • OffMyNutz

      Dude you really need to stop buggin.he rips tracks to shreds til this day,check the stats homey!Forever he had the best verse,drop the world he had the best verse,B.O.Bs' Airplanes 2 he had the best verse.Dispicable freestyle he smashes the over beat and the Beamer benz or bentley beat,not afraid is exactly what it is#1 from the #1artist!So please check ems whole catalogue,his solo joints and his features,he kills heads on their own shit!!Ask game!Shady Baby!!!G.O.A.T!!!

    • merOCK

      I can put infinite, marshall mathers lp, and slim shady lp all on repeat. That's a bit more than a handful, and that's not including any of his recent stuff with all his colabo's.

    • kush nap

      jay-z is on top of his game commercially. but blueprint 3 is the weakest jay has ever come lyrically. by far. ems killin the charts, and satisfying the lyric lovers, all at once. jay-z is a boss, but that nigga was coasting on blueprint 3. blueprint 3 is a collection of singles, with flashes of jay-z spilling. em is goin ape shit lyrically on EVERYTHING. i dont think any emcee is seeing eminem on a technical level right now. hes spitting like unsigned hype. i wish jay went back to that.

  • iojojasd

    man eminem fell the fuck off, are you guys actually telling me that this song is anywhere near the caliber of an song on the Eminem show? Eminem forgot how to flow, his last two verses sounded mediocre at best. "lift the pub up, cuz im raising the bar" - thats a simple ass line.... go back to drugs eminem, you forgot how to flow and rhyme in rhythm man - A Real Eminem Fan

    • imeafk4

      u not a fan u just afraid of the fans reaction so u put -A real eminem Fan. U can have ur opinion though but saying Em forgot how to flow is funny enough to reply to your comment. anyway goodluck clearing up your ears and maybe one day listen carefully...

    • Some Other Guy

      I love all these songs... I might be a loser

    • kush nap

      the first 2 verses he aint even tryin to spin like that. its more the message on the first 2 verses. radio single, kids can match that cadence. verse 3 is fuckin insanity. that flow took elite breath control and the technique and rhythm is next level. moms drivin the kids to soccer aint gonna be able to go word for word on that. that 3rd verse, matches or eclipse any verse em has spit. wordplay, flow, voice, flawless. imagine that over some harder beats, and thats what im expecting on recovery. if you a real eminem fan, and were analyzing his skill set, you gotta be impressed with what hes doin now. this shit a million times better than that we made you bullshit. big fuck you to whoever thought the "pop corn single" was still the ticket for em.

    • Drucifer1983

      I been a fan sine 99 and I say this song is easily beter then alot of stuff on TES Not Afraid > Buisness Not Afraid > Say What U Say Not Afraid > Drips Not Afraid > Without Me

  • kush nap

    em is on top of the game right now. not afraid is dope. singing is whatever, beat is whatever, but marshall is spitting LIFE with style and grace. niggas always gonna have something to say. "too much killin" "too much drugs", "whats the accent?", "too much screaming", "too much singin", "too much kim and hailie drama". theres no middle ground with this guy. hes never gonna come wack, just appreciate that and let the artist be the artist. i think hes preppin to drop the most serious album of his career. he seems rejuvenated. like he seeing the booth as a whole different person. similar to what andre 3000 went through during ATLiens. the skillset was still there, but the perspective changed. growth is being documented in his music as we speak. recovery gonna be some shit. niggas still gonna try to hate, but its gonna be tough.

  • Drucifer1983

    I'm gonna speak my piece before this page fills up with a bunch of Racial bickering and Stan vs Haters repeats of the same argument They've been having since 1999 Its really cool to see "Not Afraid" go #1, I been saying Em needed to kick his Silly Weird Al singles since I heard "Without Me".. The Irony of the situation is that none of them songs went #1 while Lose Yourself and Not afraid did Anyway, congrats

  • Hoiler than thou

    I'm gonna be called a hater for this...but Eminem has some extremley loyal fans. I think only lil Wayne and Eminem fans love EVERY SINGLE THING these guys do. Now I understand people have different opinions then I do, but I honestly don't see why after every song Eminem released half the people have to say "He's back!!!!1!11!" and then say his verse was the greatest thing since his last verse. Now mind you, people liking his songs are fine, but I just see so many people love anything that comes out of Em's mouth as either the funniest shit ever or the dopest shit ever I have to wonder "where does being a fan end and being a dick rider begins?" If you do not follow appeal this than I am not talking about you.

    • OhReallyNowOhYeah?

      Likening Wayne's fanbase to Eminem's is silly. Eminem is actually quite skilled. Wayne is not. And yes, as of late, everything made by him is being raved about. You know why? Because it's good. Despicable? Fucking great. If he released "Fact, part 2," I guarantee that it would not be received well, even by "stans". Eminem is currently the strongest thing going for the rap genre. You should be thankful someone who is credible is actually doing well. Jay-Z is losing his touch quickly, but Eminem appears to be getting better with each passing day.

    • hiphopjunkeeee

      Your not a hater bro, just bring up a very solid point. So many people piggyback (dickride if you will) anything Eminem does the same way they do Wayne, but even more so IMO. As to why??? I really think there are alot of factors, the biggest one in my mind is this: NOSTALGIA. Em had such success early on that he garnered millions upon millions of diverse fans across the world. One of those early fans happen to be me, and I must admit I was wayyyy too obsessed with him at one point (NO HOMO). I think in this present day, a lot of those fans are still immature and never let go to where they can't help but be obsessed. They remember the past and yearn for it like the good ol' days when Em still had a lot of shock value. Me? I simply grew up. I still dig Em, one of my favorites of all time, I just don't find myself idolizing or going crazy over him as I used to. To answer your question - Being a fan is knowing when to give props when props are deserved, and being a dickrider is blasting out one-sided opinions just to hype THEIR favorite artist(s) as being superior over any others.

  • Mr_Maja

    If I was black I won't sell half...props to Eminem though. I wish other talented (and underground) hip-hop cats could also achieve the same feats.

    • blazemm

      BOB0923 He is clearly referencing: "Let's do the math, If I was black, I woulda sold half," - Eminem, White America.

    • Just Think

      @bob0923 He was quoting Eminem. Eminem said if he was black he would've sold half. I think it's from the song White America. Quit catching feelings over the internet. He wasn't saying anything about iTunes or race just that Eminem's skin helped him attain the spot he's in...

    • Just Think

      @bob0923 He was quoting Eminem. Eminem said if he was black he would've sold half. I think it's from the song White America. Quit catching feelings over the internet. He wasn't saying anything about iTunes or race just that Eminem's skin helped him attain the spot he's in...

    • Think For A Second

      @bob0923 He was quoting Eminem. Eminem said if he was black he would've sold half. I think it's from the song White America. Quit catching feelings over the internet. He wasn't saying anything about iTunes or race just that Eminem's skin helped him attain the spot he's in

    • I Ain't Have To Graduate From Lincoln High School to Know That

      @bob0923 He was quoting Eminem. Eminem said if he was black he would've sold half. I think it's from the song White America. Quit catching feelings over the internet. He wasn't saying anything about iTunes or race just that Eminem's skin helped him attain the spot he's in.

    • bob0923

      lol ur fucking stupid. Has nothing to do with his skin color. What race holds all the itune download records fucking ignorant cunt.

  • freshyboi

    who actually likes this song? i cant get past the singing

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