Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 5/9/2010

Rap goes from #1 to not mentioned at all (in the Top 10), though Trina, Bone Thugs & Flying Lotus enter charts, and 8Ball & MJG sell 15k+.

After reclaiming the #1 spot last week with B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray, urban releases lost the first 10 places on the charts this week. The Atlantic Records sensation's debut even gave way (by two spots) to Usher's Raymond v. Raymond, who claimed the #10 spot. Usher's conceptual "divorce album" is marching towards platinum for the LaFace legend.

Two new Rap releases took the Top 15, both from veterans. Trina's Pop-inspired album, Amazin' sold over 30,000 first week units. The Miami mami's latest record featured Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson and Diddy, giving the Slip-N-Slide Records diamond princees a musical makeover after two dismal releases. The top-selling Rap group of all time, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony fell one spot behind, at #14, with their Warner Brothers debut. Another more Top 40-minded effort, this release, Uni5: The World's Enemy marked the full reunion with Bizzy Bone and Flesh-N-Bone rejoining the constant three members. Despite its radio intentions, the effort was largely produced by core Bone producer, DJ U-Neek.

Another Ruthless Records alumni group, The Black Eyed Peas fell to #27 with
The E.N.D. after the swarm of new album debuts.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
10 Usher Raymond v. Raymond
51,000 637,000
12 B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray
36,000 120,000
13 Trina Amazin' 32,000 32,000
14 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Uni5: The World's Enemy
29,000 30,000
27 Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. 23,000 2,499,000

Memphis veteran duo 8Ball & MJG went from working on Diddy's Bad Boy label to working on T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint with Ten Toes Down. Distributed through E1 Entertainment, the group's first official album in three years features Slim Thug, Soulja Boy, Bun B and of course T.I. The group entered the Top 40, selling over 15,000 first week units.

DXnext artist and Los Angeles-based producer Flying Lotus saw his latest release, Cosmogramma debut in the Top 100. This third LP sees work with tour buddy, Thom Yorke of Radiohead as well as frequent collaborator Laura Darlington. The Warp Records artist has previously produced for Hip Hop acts such as Detroit's Finale and others.

Cypress Hill's first group album in six years, Rise Up, fell out of the Top 100. The trio (along with percussionist Eric Bobo) released the album on the revamped Priority Records, boasting collaboration with Pete Rock and Pitbull.

Drake's So Far Gone may see a push to gold with his June release of Thank Me Later. Widely considered an EP, The Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown release cleared 450,000 units last week. Wu-Tang Clan member trio Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Raekwon's Wu-Massacre hung on to the Top 200 at #199. The critically-praised collaboration was released on the Def Jam imprint, and boasts production from Scram Jones and RZA. The work has cleared 65,000 units to date.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
36 8Ball & MJG Ten Toes Down
16,000 16,000
87 Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
6,400 6,800
105 Cypress Hill Rise Up 5,900 31,000
119 Drake So Far Gone 5,200 453,000
199 Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon Wu Massacre 2,900 67,000

Can Sage Francis' Indie Rock-supported L(i)fe put Providence, Rhode Island Hip Hop on the charts? Will Rap return to the Top 10? Stay tuned to HipHopDX to find out.


  • Drucifer1983

    Damn those numbers are pathetic


    aye where that got damn gucci joint yall forgot it i know it be #1

  • mr.trh

    "FUCK GOING TO JAIL" see the video on youtube or at myspace.com/mr.trh

  • Enigma Sept

    Honestly, I need to go buy that B.O.B album or I'll be a hypocrite. Damn you, adulthood!! Like new music? Want your voice heard? Check out the Enigma Sept Hour live tomorrow at 8 pm EST w/featured guest Brougham $wagg. R U Not Entertained?! - http://bit.ly/cOV0ka

  • Monroe

    8 ball and MJG Got some bangers on there. I been bumpin this shit since it came out. I haven't switched cds since because it hasn't got old. That Plies gonna be hard to bump next.

  • danger12

    officialyoung empire hottest group out rite na check da mixtape out on datpiff or facebook music page

  • Jonezz

    Only 58 comments? It must be because Rebirth and BISD disappeared from the charts...

  • timG

    That 8ball&Mjg aint sellin worth a shit but its so classic with the beats and shit. Our generation dont buy shit like this anymore. Im still in the slab choppin cleavers on a sunny day and Im bangin they old shit more than the new shit. This album is so reminicent of days past but that techno bullshit they can stop. Be your own judge on this one.

    • yozer

      Our generation dont buy shit at all, we download and spend the money on weed (which i would download 2 if i could)

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  • kjns

    Cypress are selling like shit. guess the fans didn't like it. I expected them to move at least 120,000 in the U.S all up, but no way that's going to happen now, unless they tour extensively and get the word out. The album wouldn't have been cheap to produce either, so they will lose money on it too. As for the guy that complained about the guy that complained that he spent 100 dollars on cd's last month, you telling me that every month there are more than 6 quality cd's to buy that are new, or at least recent, in hip-hop? I buy at least 6-10 cd's a month on average, but that is across 4-5 different genres. Nobody should be expected to support wack hip-hop, even for a cause.

  • InterMIlan

    Also wanted to add that having the actual CD just feels more legit. Flipping through the art and shit. I mean, I'm looking at the B.o.B. case and booklet right now and it has some great art on it.

    • yozer

      yeah i do miss opening the case and seein the art on the cd, book and inserts and shit....plus remember finding secret songs at the end of CDs? playlists kinda killed the surprise there lol

  • mother theresa

    "show em where it go, floatin on the float gettin mo dough, ground hard, go! black diamond show, watch the flame blow and how you stay grounded, cash no go and how you stay mounded, cash no flow and how you stay shinin, Bentley off the floor and how you stay high, purple pine dro diamond minks furs, February snow" -Birdman aka #1 G.O.A.T.

  • Davey Jonez

    I'm saving up for Recovery and Distant Relatives. As for the rest of these albums...to the Pirate Bay!

    • Joe-Momma

      Maybe he's a sub 13-14 year old kid?... Shit I got a $5 a week allowance till I was 14.. then it was $20 a week :D.. but only till I was 16.. :'(

    • yozer

      i think he meant he was saving his money FOR them not saving UP for them

    • kush nap

      how much of a bum you gotta be to actually SAVE money to cop 2 albums? i know who eating off the dollar menu tonight. step your game up you bitch ass nigga. you working in a sweatshop? 20 dollars is gonna put davey in financial ruin. somebody organize a fundraiser, davey needs some help.

  • MassaDonKing

    First off, the major reason that hiphop struggles is because of the divide that exists in the culture. There has been more and more division in our family because of the masses mindlessness. Most comments on here are so strong for one side or the other and filled with to much HATE. Everbody so fucking hard. First shut the fuck up. NOW listen. All rap music is GREAT. The sales seen are from old white folks in coporate america defining YOU! So what you dont like an artist. Then dont buy it. Spend more time talkin indepth about the artists that you do like. which songs and why. You people sound slow. I think Dinner and a Movie is one of the best albums out now. But I stlll bought B.O.B,*ball&MJG, will be getting Devin and the list goes on. I can go on and on about Lynch cause thats what im in the mood for. How songs like Murder over hard has some of the best wordplay and insight and is more hip hop then mainstream. But I can still respect Drake for his movement. I mean The best i ever had is a classic, Fear,etc. Although I'm tired of the constant biting ofother peoples shit. Either way I think those who say we suffer from asses not buying the actual record hurts the whole fam, I agree but also those of you who are extra extra HARD over music. Find a real cause, go get the actual record, and LOVE. (p.s. find any typos or grammar issues....kiss my ass)

  • tek

    yall cheap motherfuckers tried bone!!buy his fucken cd dickheads

    • Joe-Momma

      I'll be honest.. I'm a BTNH fan but I didn't buy their last shit.. I rather stick to that old BTNH shit like Eternal, Art of War, Creepin on a Come Up etc etc... I rather keep the memory of that old Bone that I love so much rather than tarnish it by listening to some old school cats trying to be hip and relevant.. these niggas ain't bone boys they're bone men.. time to move on. p.s. I bought: Faces of death Creepin on a come up E. 1999 Eternal The art of war Resurrection The Collection Vol 1 and 2. Bone Brothers 1, 2, 3. The Gift Thug Mentality and The Story (Bizzy is DOPE)

  • InterMIlan

    I agree with alot of the shit said on here. I always try and support the artist. Just picked up Wu Box:The Cream of the Clan, new B.o.B, and The Fix. All for about $36. Plan to pick up Distant Relatives and Wu Massacare on the 18th. The CD is like 13 bucks at Best Buy, which is bullshit. That's more than a dollar a song. I'm also repping Wu, so I support everything they put out, but come on. Like KUSH NAP said, no hiding. Put out that dope shit or step back. Also, I encourage everyone to get that Dopeman Music from Scarface.

  • Norway G

    if u don't BUY Distant Relatives u just prove once again that the game of hip hop is butt fucked & raped to the fullest, real soul and feel to that album, haven't been an album that great out since i cant remember... (im blazed lol) and i wanna see how Ludacris is going, he is one of the best to still do it, but B.o.t.s sucked... give me more of theater of the mind, Ludaversal!!

  • www.212DIAMONDCITY.com

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    This just shows that you hating motherfucking gay ass bloggers need to SHUT THE FUCK UP about "real hip-hop". First ya'll cry about Drake selling 500.000 copies off a MIXTAPE that he released on retail, THEN when your precious "real" rappers like Wu Tang release an album ya'll don't even BUY THAT SHIT! FUCK ALL OF YOU! You have absolutely NO say whatsoever in what is and isn't "real" hip-hop, ya'll are just a bunch of no-life, fatass-living-in-mommas-basement, no job no girl having POSERS. None of you probably ever excelled in ANYTHING and that's why you feel the need to BITCH and MOAN just because a young jewish kid sells about 1000 times more copies OFF A MIXTAPE than your favorite rappers sells in total. YOU killed hip-hop, YOU abandoned the so called "real rappers", YOU are the reason hip-hop is looking like it does, so every single one of you bitch ass fools needs to shut the fuck up and suck it up. If you'd support the Wu Tangs and the Devin the Dudes and the Slaughterhouse, then hip-hop would STILL be alive. I see all these slaughterhouse tracks get 40-50k spins on here but they sell 10-15 thousand copies, ya'll are a bunch of posers that wouldn't know rap if it struck you dead in the face. Drakes fans are DEVOTED fans that buy his shit because they LOVE his music, even if it's just a mixtape! You are no fans, THEY are the fans. You are bitter, smelly losers, remind me of Seth in Superbad.. Full of whiney bullshit but utter losers when push comes to shove! Drake IS hip-hop because YOU made him hip-hop. You lost the retail war by shitting on every artist you love, so again, ya'll need to close your fucking mouths and SUCK IT UP, hip-hop has changed and IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    • djrkw

      i'll start buying albums again when artists start putting out more than 3 bangin tracks on their LPs. it ain't too much to ask to have at least 25% of the tracks on an album be worth listening to. i hate having to skip through most of the tracks on a new album to get to the one or two joints that are hot.

    • bigd74

      real shit real shit real shit these so called wack ass rappers are selling music lil girls buy that shit well their parents do while we me included down load or buy bootleg mixtape cds for $5 and the real true rappers starve if they dont do 10 to 20 shows a month

    • E.S.S Hip Hop

      Trying to do my part, but its hard when your broke. Did buy: Rise up, Suite#420, & Adventures of Bobby Ray Plan to buy: Wu massacre, Dinner and a movie, Uni5, & The unholy terror Waiting for: Distant relatives, Recovery, Celph Titled's (that will be fun to try and find), Scarface, Detox (if it comes out), The great escape, Slaughterhouse, to many to name.


      Im gay because Im telling the truth? Like I sad it is what it is, stop whining and crying all the fucking time when you do jack shit to "save" hip-hop in the first place. And for the dude that talked about teenagers saturating the market, are you kidding me? Teenagers have always had pop music as their primary choice so that makes NO sense, what has changed is what the average hip-hop fan invests in. The fans of so called "real" hip-hop (a pathetically stupid term IMO) have moved on from what these internet haters define "real" hip-hop as being. That 90's style, that boom-bap, that hard grimey beats and grimey lyrics aint poppin no more! That's what it is! Things move on! We went from simple rhymes in the 80's, to gangsta rap, to maffioso, to conscious, to shiney suits, to st louis hip-hop and on and on and on.. Things move and change direction, hip-hop is still hip-hop it's just that 90% of the cornballs on this site are stuck in the past. They're like an old grampa that keeps saying "it was better in the old days" with a bitter voice. Im just curious to know what the fuck they expect to happen by shouting "bring real hip-hop back".. What, we're gonna go BACK to that 90's style, and redo everything that was done? Talk about gats and murders and all that shit? ON TO THE NEXT ONE, dead it! It's gone! For anyone that thinks just THAT type of rap is "real" hip-hop, doesn't really know what hip-hop is about in the first place. Im so extremely sick and tired of no-lifers that sit on their ass doing nothing and come on hip-hop sites to talk shit about the music that is popping. GET WITH IT OR GET RAN OVER! If you don't like the current music then support the artists you love, which you ARENT doing!

    • Main Attraction

      hey faggot, you dont know if the people ur talkin to in a comment section buy albums or not. I know I buy albums all the time. And by the way, Devin the dude aint that great, slaughterhouse = overrated, but wu-tangs the real shit. And hip hop aint even dead, ya just gott look for it. Listen to Fashawn & Blu (both produced by Exile), Jay Electronica, Lupe,Game's till dope (his 1st album is a straight classic). And by the way, i have his 1st album as well as his other two, and i'll be buyin r.e.d. because I do buy the albums unlke u suggested. I also buy mostly old skool like Big daddy kane, kool genius of rap, eric b & rakim, gangstarr (r.i.p. Guru), tribe called quest, wu-tang, nice and smooth, pete rock and cl, showbiz & AG, etc. But you prolly dont know who half thoe people/groups are.

    • myothegreat813

      so that means your gay...case close


      co-sign 100% no drake fan here buying 103 i got my retail copy of suite#420 smoke to it lastnight

    • Indiemuzik

      Dude Hip hop is the way it is because of pop loving teenagers (primarlily young girls) saturating the market with crap and the corporations that pull them in. On that note my advice would be to follow the Clear Channel anti-trust suit and see where that goes cause if enough damage is done to them then it would be a step forward for hip hop. Also Slaugterhouse sold 18k units in their FIRST WEEK! This was out of the 25k units they shipped in the first place. By now those #'s are around 60k-70k units. So yes plenty of people have supported them. On the Wu, they only sold as little as they did cause the album was sub par for them (mainly in length). However Raekwon's Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 has sold hundreds of thousands of copies both in the US and worldwide. And personally I just do my part to support real hip hop by begging my friends (yes begging!) to get some good music, even if I have to lend them.

    • superhova

      I couldnt agree with you more. I saw the other day someboy whining about spending $100 on cds in a month.. Thats only 6 cds tops and your whining about the state the music is in?? And the nerve of some of you boasting about how you havent bought albums in years, your proud of that?? OK, if your under 18, i understand, 100 bucks might be hard to come by, but if you over 18 and you cant come up with that cash, Im glad you aint my friend.

  • junMaf*ckn

    I was really hoping Roc Marciano's album charted. Did that happen? He shoulda moved 5,000 units first week at LEAST!

    • kush nap

      dx aint even give son a review. distro was weak. i had to order it online. 2 k to chart if im correct, damn shame. marceberg shittin on a lot of albums right now. dx busy reviewing guccis mixtapes.

  • Fabo70

    GOD DAM hip hop is deader than a mothafucka if you not doing songs with Lil Wayne Lady Gaga Justin Bieber or Miley you are not going to sell records if you not making teeny bopper pop songs for the white kids your shit is not going to sell that's why i don't fuck with this New Rap Niggas Flex's this and all that fucking shit

  • lay

    WOW! I thought Bone Thugs and Cypress had bigger fan bases..

    • Go Kill Yo Self

      Yeah plus the new sound on their albums might turn fans off since their use to the old Cypress Hill and Bone thugs

    • Monee

      Correction: They do but a lot of people are upset, because the album only have a few songs on it, and that certain songs weren't added on the album. Also, many people did not know that Bone were dropping an album, because they didn't advertise it.....I'm going to cook now!

    • Monee

      They do but I lot of people are upset because the album only have a few songs, and that certain songs weren't put on the album. Also, many people did not know that Bone was dropping an album because they didn't advertise it.

  • wouzi


  • gargle

    This is some motherfucking bullshit..sorry for commenting!!!

  • Macerlesd

    were is luda and Monica numbers the hell? also bone thugs isnt the best selling rap group of all time.

    • Macerlesd

      um outkast is and i didn't know y'all stop posting numbers of artist after a period of time. I though you kept posting them as long as they were in the the top 200. Also you posted more than top five.

    • Monee

      But Bone is one of the best selling rap groups of all time.

    • Lyrisin

      Yes, Yes they are. They have sold more than any other rap group, easily

    • DX Fam A Lam

      Who is? We post the Top 5. Monica and Ludacris were not there. We also put 5 notable releases, and both have been extensively covered the last 2 months.

    • YungRich

      Who is, Outkast? I was thinking the same thing but hell maybe they are and idk.

  • hhat

    Damn... 8Ball & J sold way more than Devin The Dude, who actually made a GOOD record. The power of T.I. I guess?

  • INOA

    Hip Hop Is Dead. Get that "Distant Relatives" yall.


    SO FAR SO GONE doing 5K?!! Damn, i mean, people are ACTUALLY going out and buying that crap! Of course I sound like a typical hater when i call it 'crap' coz its going towards gold! I'm certainly not a Drake fan, i mean, his flow is obvious and he spits a couple punchlines, big deal! What amazes me is that the mixtape was first given away free. Then after a while, they put that shit on retail and people actually BUY it! Talk about mass appeal. Damn!


    this just sad 103 my next album to buy suite420 was my last bout to go eat lunch

  • Norway G

    where are ludas numbers ??? i dont give a fuck about B.E.P. or Flying lotus (wtf?)

  • wolfman

    Prediction: Nas and Damian Marley do 200,000K first week.

    • Streets8845

      @ open ears/ open mind..... Didnt realize that was the price. Still think they should've put more effort into it though.

    • Sid Mack

      Distant Relatives will sell if it gets the exposure, its one hella of an album. Nas and Marley at their best

    • open ears / open mind

      @ Streets8845 I see your point about the CD being short as hell, which was pretty disappointing (the first 4 tracks were a total of 7 minutes), but at the same time it was priced the same as an EP. I think I bought it for $8 or $9.

    • buss

      I see Distant Relatives going GOLD in the first week - Hip hop needs a breath of fresh air!

    • Streets8845

      In response to INOA..... Your gonna get pissed off cause people arent purchasing Wu- Massacre?? I've been a Wu Tang fan from '93 but come on, you cant expect people to buy that and I'll tell you why.. You've got arguably the 3 top artists in Wu on one album and yet they can only put together 35 minutes of content??? Thats an insult to their fans. Im not saying the 35 minutes wasnt good ( it wasnt great either) but come on, lets put a little effort. Its not like they rushed this album into stores, it took a while to put out. It is mind boggling how they can expect people to go out and drop hard earned money on a project the length of a sitcom. What makes it worse is that it is showcasing 3 emcees.

    • miguel Guttierres

      Well Untitled did sell around 180K first week without a huge hit, but we'll see what happens. My guess is 150K. Go out and buy the album, people!

    • INOA

      Come on WolfMan. You know real hip hop dont sell. Thats why these bloggers on here piss me off. Always talking that "support real hip hop shit", but never support nothing. Look at Wu Massacre. Case & point


      not even 100k

    • andrewsassmic

      That's wishfull thinking.

    • freshyboi

      seems unlikely

  • aoandsmith.com

    A.O. & Smith www.aoandsmith.com "The Best Rappers Under 30"


    Why the fuck MONICA not mention one time. WHAT THE FUCK Hip Hop DX...

  • bobbymcferrin

    wot bout em, hes on top of singles chart wit not afraid, 380,000 in first week!

  • kush nap

    bone thugs lucky they did that. album fuckin sucked. shit sounded like it was executive produced by ZOOG DISNEY. cotton candy soft, no heart, soulless crap. stick a fork in them. they dont give a fuck anymore. that ball and mjg deserved to flop. weak as fuck. you get what you put in. no effort = no support. no more hiding behind the single, if the album sucks, we know before it drops. step your game up or retire.

    • Monee

      Never, I love the new Bone Thugs album, can't stop listening to it. When I first listened to it, I was like, it sounds ok, but after listening to and paying close attention to the lyrics after the second time, I was like wow and got hooked. I mean their raps have so much meaning to it. You have to have common sense to understand the songs. It sounds a lot better than a lot of the music that is being played on the radio these days. I mean darn it, why must radio stations continue playing the same mess over and over again, like as if it is all that. But then to a lot of garbage sells these days.

    • knowledge-of-self

      Hater! But i respect ur opinion.





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