Flavor Flav Hosts WWE Monday Night Raw

Flavor Flav showed up in the ring to promote his upcoming horror television show, "Nite Tales: The Series."

On Monday night Flavor Flav guest hosted a particularly strange episode of WWE Raw with veteran rocker Meat Loaf. The appearance helped to promote his upcoming television show "Nite Tales: The Series," which Flav described as somewhere between the Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt. The new series is an adaptation of 2008's "Nite Tales" film, which also featured Flavor Flav.

Flav shared the WWE stage with rapping wrestler R-Truth, and held down the wrestler's corner during the match with British competitor William Regal. Later, the rapper took part in a comedic segment with wrestlers Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, who refused a suggestion to get in the ring with Flav.

It is not clear when "Nite Tales" will premiere, but it is reported that it will air on Friday nights on WGN America.



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  • Suga No Milk

    i agree. WWE nowadays is painful to watch. I Stopped watching WWE in 2005. Since then id only watch the occasional Shawn Michaels match, or a Wrestlemania just to get interested again but every time i try to get into WWE, it bores me to death. Only wrestling i watch nowadays is ROH. From a hiphop stand point, ROH is where its at. I think at one time, i heard one of the wrestlers use Beanie Siegel's "The Truth" as their entrance theme. Here is how i would describe ROH. ROH is like "Eminem/Nas/ Wutang" Hiphop. WWE is like, "Gucci Mane/Soulja Boy/Shawty Lo" HipHop.

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  • MightyMike27

    Yeah Wrestling nowadays is just horrible. Horrible and embarrassing. I think from 92 to 2003 was Wrestling's time. It was the biggest fucking thing in the country. Everyone watched it, entertainers, athletes all resighting "If Ya Smelll What The Rock Is Cooking!"... Once Brock and The Rock left, that's when it went downhill. Man I feel bad for these kids nowadays, They probably don't even know who Bret Hart is.. Shyt some of them don't even know who The Rock was... Raw only has guest hosts to cop more viewers..

  • Hoiler than thou

    Man no one cared about WWE since 2001

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      I thought it was still hanging on until directly after Wrestlemania XX (one of the best Wrestlemania's of all time), since then it's just been a sh!tfest, I watched Raw a couple weeks ago and turned it off after 20 minutes, just horrible.

    • nuc

      since 95 for me personallly,, once the warrior was gone,, i was no longer interested,,,, nwo brought my attention back to wrestling for a couple of years,,,,,,

  • freshyboi

    anyone over the age of 15 that still watches wrestling needs to go listen to lil b or maybe just kill yo self

    • Sasori

      @ Franco You need to check out Kofi Kingston. He's pretty damn good and he's no dancing fool or criminal either.

    • Wu-Tang Forever


    • franco

      Get off your pedestal you judgmental douche. I just wanna know why are all the black wrestlers are always either dancing fools or criminals. But always monkeys!

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  • ASEE

    hahahaha. i love news about Flava. motherfucker's always doing crazy and unexpected shit. His new show sounds awesome too. I mean, he's a mere shadow of what he used to be (politically, socially, and talent-wise), but who cares, really. Nothing comes from bitching except being a bitch.

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